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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Evolution of Our Very Own JUDAS ISCARIOT (2007-08)

Raila Odinga asked: "I am sure even Jesus Christ and his disciples would not have sat in a committee chaired by Judas Iscariot."

Former Law Society of Kenya chairman Ahmednasir Abdulahi on Kalonzo Musyoka's candidacy: “It (presidential bid) is not driven by any belief or principle. It is the most naked attempt to catapult an average individual to the political elite of the presidential candidacy based on nothing other than the token numbers of his ethnic group."

Now read and listen to the man himself: Kenyan Vice President, brother-in-Christ, aka miracle, aka wiper, Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka……

“In London, we will sit and compare notes because all of us have campaigned far and wide. We will identify our weak points and improve on them.” March 2007 before the abortive ODM-K London trip. Kalonzo did not travel to London.

"What has happened today demonstrates leadership. By shifting to this alliance, we have shown the resolve to strengthen ODM Kenya. Remember that at the formation of ODM, I said the future is Orange. I want to repeat today that the future is Orange. Those who have been going around saying that Kalonzo has plan 'A' or Plan 'B' have been proven wrong. As you can see, it is Orange and ODM Kenya." 15 July 2007, after ‘defecting’ from LDP to LPK within ODM-K.

"Our destiny was linked together following the 2002 road accident after the campaign in my constituency, and that is why I stood by you through the election despite pressure from your predecessor (former President Moi)". Hata kama utaendelea kwa kipindi kingine, nakuomba uhakikishe usawa. (If you are given another chance, I urge you to ensure equity prevails)." 17 July 2007, during a rally attended by President Kibaki in Mwingi District.

“This is the dawn of the miracle! President Kibaki and ODM candidate Raila Odinga should know that we are roaring to State House. We need inspirational leadership and not politics of hate.”15 October 2007 Daily Nation

“Kibaki is not a man of his words. He promised to serve only one term and requested that we should not put it down because he was a man of his word. Kibaki should hand over power to a younger generation and join Moi in retirement". At the launch of his manifesto last year (2007)

“I am the only presidential candidate who can fight corruption if elected. Presidential candidates who refuse to declare their wealth are saying that they are ashamed of what they own and know it is immoral. I therefore urge Kenyans to reject candidates who have not publicly declared their wealth as they could have obtained this wealth by corrupt means.” November 2007 while on the campaign trail in Makutano (North Rift).

“Kenyans will not accept a rigged poll. It can be terrible as the world is watching Kenyans to set an example." 3 December 2007, after attending church service.

"Fighting corruption must start from the top and the top is you. That is why I challenge Kibaki and Raila to declare their wealth and how they acquired it. If they are unable, they should not get any votes.” 24 December 2007 Nairobi

"The presidential votes tallying is not conclusive yet, nothing is done until the figures are finally done by the ECK, but I am not discouraged in any way and will respect the wishes of the people." 29 December 2007, on being asked if he was discouraged by initial presidential results showing him trailing a distant third behind Kibaki and Raila.

"My focus at the moment is to see the country remain united, with no further incidences of the anarchy threatening to tear our nation apart. It is meaningless for me to accept the (VP’s) slot when the country was in chaos. If I have to negotiate with President Kibaki over the position, I will make it open (sic). We must face the reality that the nation first needs healing and not pursuit of positions."
5 January 2008 in an interview with the Standard Newspaper.

“I am greatly honoured (sic) by the (VP’s) appointment and I thank the President on behalf of ODM-K. I am intensely aware that the appointment comes at a very difficult time when the country is going through very painful moments.” 9 January 2008, on being appointed as Kenya’s VP.

“I not surprised by the appointment, we have been consulting with PNU before the announcement was made.” 9 January 2008, responding to journalists who wanted to know if he was surprised by the appointment as Kenya’s VP


Anonymous said...

If you were to analyse Judas Iscariot`s phases of Character while with Jesus and other disciples Kalonzo is a trator. I dont what we will say next when he is moved out of VP post and Uhuru Kinyatta takes over.

One think is clear though he is not a presidential material.He is a pretender and inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

This is the stupidest ever living idiot in Kenyan politics. I understand Uhuru move to join Kibaki because he had to secure his position as an MP in his constituency. Hadn’t he done that, he was surely going to loose. But here we have an idiot who ran around Kenya criticizing Kibaki and his cronies just to stop short and take up that illegal post. What a miserable scavenger. I wish he goes to hell the same way as Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo'a appointment was a hasty one, with the sole intention of whipping ODM-K troop to vote or the speaker. When that did not succeed, he is of no value to PNU. Wait till the full cabinet is constituted and ODM-K will cry foul and a fall out will follow. I do not even see the point of mass action. This government will just self-destruct.

Mkosa Kabila said...

This is one of the most inconsistent political whores in Kenya. Kalonzo is so naive politically mpaka I feel pity for him.

Kalonzo should have shown some leadership, waited for the two front runners to reach out to each other and then joined either one of them at a later stage. Thats what real leadership is about. Hata Mulu Mutisya was a better leader than this man.

Where is the political acumen: Hata kalembe ndile is a better leader.

BTW: Before Kalonzo went with PNU, apparently he had approached the ODM folks and they Timuad him, so he decided to rush to PNU.

There is no way he can lead. Compare him to Ngilu, Musikari or Raila. Kalonzo is very weak - mentally and politically. Ngilu, Musikari and Raila - built a political base and negotiated from a higher level.

He really needs to get a focus - and most of all he failed to deliver the parliament, which is the main reason PNU pulled him in for. They wanted him to help win the speaker post.

Poor Kalonzo - There goes another ambitious but Naive politian.
Anyway - only the strong survive in this game.

Mkenya Halisi said...

Kalonzo just signed his political orbituary by accepting the position.

Of course he proves everyone right that he actually was offered billions to step down for Kibaki on his Dec 24th Rally. Raila beat him to the punch when he burst the plan wide open.

Plan B was to help Kibaki rig enough in Eastern. Kalonzo know this 800000+ people reported to have voted for him are fabrication to give people the impression that he is just as strong to trully make Kibaki king.

The Kibaki/Kalonzo circle know that if elections were held right now run by an independent body they would both be sent back to Othaya and Mwingi resp.

Kalonzo has also started talking about ODM going to court, and ODM being losers who don't deserve negotiation, pretty much catching up with the GEMA talk. If these people are that confident that Kalonzo saved their day, they should be more than happy to call for an election between Raila and Kibaki NOW.

Truth is that even the people who supported Kibaki's PNU in areas other than his stronghold, trully believe Kibaki is a good person who meant well. After the elections, there is an obvious shift in opinion.

They say," Yes I voted for Kibaki, that was my right, but by forcing himself in, he also violated my rights. He are now using guns to kill Kenyans, hoping to silence them, in the 21st Century".

Kalonzo's VPcy is a waste to PNU. Heard Mutula lately?

The beating they endured in Parliament should be another lesson that if transparency prevailed, they stand to lose and time of day.

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