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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Noose Tightens Around Fraudulent Kibaki Regime As EU Bluntly Says Polls Were Rigged

...As security tightens around City Mortuary

In an well attended press conference in Nairobi that ended a few minutes ago, the EU has bluntly said that the just concluded general elections were rigged.

Led by EU Chief observer, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff the EU team told journalists at the Intercontinental Hotel that the exercise fell short of the UN Charter on Civil and Political Rights which Kenya is a signatory to. They recommnded that an independent audit be done of the presidential election results.

Clearly the preassure on the frausulent Mwizi Kibaki government has rapidly been increasing over the last few hours. With Britain and the United States not on their side now, it is only a matter of time now. Kibaki and his hawks could of course prolong the painful process for as long as they want, but the conclusion will be the same. This government will not survive.

Read Daily Nation report of the EU press conference.

Meanwhile there is something really evil going on in Kenya as heavy GSU presence is maintained at the City Mortuary. Dead bodies being guarded from looters?

Or does this have something to do with reports that hundreds of people have been killed countrywide but somebody somewhere is very determined to keep the real figures secret?


Kumekucha rarely quotes other newspapers but this one from the Telegraph in Britain is a gem;

What is shocking about the rigged poll is not the fact of electoral manipulation, but its blatancy. President Kibaki's partisans barely troubled to cover their tracks.

In one instance, observers saw one total being recorded at a local polling station, and a different one reported to the national electoral commission.

Government supporters would have us believe that Kenyans voted decisively against the ruling party's parliamentary candidates, that they turfed out the vice-president, but that they then split their tickets to return Mr Kibaki.

...Commonwealth leaders should suspend Kenya from their ranks and retain the option of further sanctions unless the election is re-run. If the Commonwealth fails, all Africa will fail with it.

Read the complete article.

This election prophecy given early last year predicted bloodshed. Look at the other amazing things said. Who is the leader plotting to shed blood for example?


Phil said...

Chris, thanks for posting this.
The security around city mortuary is to prevent KNCHR and other civil society officials from visiting the morgue.

Not only have the police murdered thousands of innocent citizens, most of the victims were summarily executed - evident from bullet holes in their heads. Is this how to handle highhly aggrieved but peaceful demostrators?

To make matters worse, plans are underway to bury these dead bodies in a concrete covered mass grave under the pretext that they were unclaimed!


Anonymous said...

Before election "results" were annouced, riot police were already outside the city mortuary. This speaks volumes of the character of the usurpers. Dawa ya moto itakua..?

Anonymous said...

In a civilized country, the fake president could have resigned immediately.

Kibaki has been considered to be a gentleman of Kenyan politics. But today we know that the man who is fond of using the word pumbavu is not only corrupt but also cold-blooded.

This man is ashaming us. He should resign immediately.

Hellen Okello said...

My God! How can Kibaki sit back and watch this. 40-45 women and children burning after being torched where they were seeking refuge. My Kyuk brothers, sisters, call Kibaki and tell him to step aside. He's killing all Kenyans indiscriminately.

Democrat said...

Could somebody tell me why Mwizi Kibaki met with Yower Museveni of Uganda at midnight.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I love that we have started the blame shifting game. How does everyone feel about a vote recount of the entire country or a run-off? That's solve the problem, right?

Anonymous said...

Exactly proud Kik, a vote recount.But I would prefer calling for a new general election. And let us see if Kibaki can have 23 Mps out of 220 and win in 2 province and can still be the President.

ati what said...

there should be either a genuine recount disqualifying fradulent documents or a fresh run off. After which for the sake of peace Kibaki, rather obviously after all the death and suffering of people will lose, should leave the country for a little while and go underground. Our innocent kikuyu brothers sisters and children are getting killed. unfortunately the other tribesmen due to ignorance and sheer frustration are letting it out on the innocent. It is not acceptable behaviour but I can understand how they feel. Most of these guys are living in poverty and undergo a great deal of suffering on the daily. I wish I had the abilty to eradicate poverty in kenya

Anonymous said...

A vote recount will not work. Vote tallies could have been further altered in the intervening days to conform to ECK's annoucements.

I suggest a fresh presidential election nationwide.

Anonymous said...

bwani kibaki is killing his fellow kikuyus by klinging on to power,it is his choice kikuyu die or resign.Kenya just concluded a general election in which they voted overwhelmingly for ODM MPs.Do you think that kenyans only saw good in MPS not ODM presidential candidate.Are majority of kenyans stupid or is it the electrol commision and mwai kibaki who are stupid?

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