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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kibaki's Beautiful Monster for Kenya

How do you contain a revolt you have unwittingly help create? Or better still, how do you stop a monster you have propped up gobbling you up? Kibaki’s prescription for Kenya’s present political problem amounts to offering a placebo to cure a malignant cancer. And hell hath no furry than a citizenry scorned.

It takes wheels of steel to weather a political storm especially a self-minted one under influence from cronies with selfish interests to protect. What was crafted to look like a Kikuyu-Luo conflict has gained a life of its own and the resultant ogre will no doubt not spare her creators.

Brinkmanship and bravado exhibited by Kibaki’s henchmen is only succeeding in fuelling the inferno. His apologists may spin all the much they care by painting Raila red with sin (rightly or otherwise) but the buck stops with Kibaki, period. Kenya is in flames fuelled by blood and only Kibaki has his hands on the fire extinguisher. Will he press? Your guess is as good as mine.

It is the height unparalleled naivety and selfishness to jump into a political bed without any pretence to the requisite foreplay. No amount of washy-washing or pussyfooting will wash. Desperate situations call for desperate measures. All the political unions hurriedly crafted to prop up ILLEGITIMATE regime is a killer slap on the collective cheeks of Kenyans. You can launder and sanitize illegitimacy but the smell of illegality wont vanish, never.

It is obtusely insensitive to assault our ears with songs on economic loss and call for peace without acknowledging the root cause of the present political fraud. The stolen elections are REAL and the resulting sustained pain has galvanised Kenyans to rise up in revolt against a tyrannical government. Disgusted Kenyans won’t listen until they reclaim their country back. Yapping about ruined economy is to play a stuck record.

With the present level of tension founded on disgust, it does not matter what the news media say. The pain is both personal and communal. The regime’s apologist can transform their cheap escapist sermons into kites and fly them since they have the whole sky for free. The Rwanda genocide that they shamelessly bandy around was not instigated in a vacuum.

Smart thieves and tyres
When Kenya’s history is written, Kibaki will take more than a chapter. And it won’t be rosy. His contempt of Kenyans in stealing their votes is both evil and unforgivable. Mwai Kibaki has not only concocted KENYA’S GENOCIDE RECIPE, but he is busy serving it oblivious of hundreds of necks being severed. Even the devil in his schemes would have better strategies. Revolutions are driven by widespread pain, suffering and disgust besides leaving trails of (human) collateral its wake.

Kenya belongs to all of us and the supremacists would better relocate. There is no free lunch and change is priceless. Already close to 1000 Kenyans have paid the ultimate price with their lives. It must have been the height of FOLLY to imagine that Kenyans will retreat to their hovels after a flawed election. SCOUNDRELS!

Smart thieves steal but they remain alive to the fact that tyre-necklace (or its derivatives) is an apt reward for their profession. Kenyans demand unadulterated justice. Nothing more nothing less. No matter how long it takes, it will and must be realized. Blood is only useful in our veins and not flooding the streets.


Phil said...

Taabu, thank YOU.

I wouldnt put it better myself

Anonymous said...

watching televised proceedings of parliament yesterday, i could only but smile helplessley as i stared at the faces of the 207 men and women who are holding the lives of all 34 million of us to ransom. Watching learned and distinguised friends take to the podium one after another to wax lyrical in their maiden speeches i marvelled at the irony of life that a whole nation can be prisoners and captives of a room full of fathers and mothers with children watching their clown monkey antics through the television-are these the leaders of our great country? are these the best of Kenya representing the few at the highest levels of governance and democracy? how low we must think of ourselves if this bunch of unsung showstoppers is the best we could find to manage our affairs as a republic

Taabu said...

Luka what a sight of grown ups out-doing each other with plenty of heat and no light? Leaves you asking do you expect an angel from a pregnancy conceived with Lucifer? Scoundrels for lack of better word.

Tamtam said...


Great post. You have your finger on the pulse.

The day of reckoning is around the corner.

I am a pessimist, but I believe that things will happen, that put the situation in order.

Counting the days.

Anonymous said...

Kib.. pumbavu

Frank said...

Never justify genocide.

Anonymous said...

Of the600 souls that have perished in this senseless wave of killing the state of Kibakistan has murdered 237 Kalenjiin who died of bullet wounds. Take your poor calculation and tell the world, where is massacre?

Charge the State with massacre of innocent lives

Anonymous said...

I doubt there is Justice being fought for. No politician is worth the death of a civilian. Not Raila, not Kibaki. They are all scoundrels as you like to call them. I haven't seen Castro Odinga on the street, and he is not a less offended Kenyan. Equally, Taabu and Phil can only be happy when lives are being lost, consoling themselves that 'there is a course being fought for', that of justice. Taabu, and you Phil, will only make sense if you join the protestors in the field. Otherwise what you are writing is just CRAP. Pure Crap. Nonsense. How can you justify loss of lives to fighting for 'justice'? I think that is why Kibaki calls your like Mavi ya Kuku for lack of better word.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is dying in a few days

Anonymous said...

I hope this Shetani called Kibaki dies sooner than later. Kibaki ni shetani ashidwee!! Thieft, murderer!

Atis Nyakenya said...

Say it...Shout it! Again and Again! Never tire Taabu, never. MWIZI KIBAKI ALIIBA KURA! No matter how gracefully the PNUists dress the fact through double page paid up adverts in the press (I suspect its not for us, but rather just to remind The Baks that they fought and are still fighting for him so he should nominate them or give them ministries...go figure!)we shall not be moved away from that knowledge. Kibaki Stole. Period. Say it Taabu...again and again!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki should form a coalition with Raila as the vice president.Then we pay a suicide bomber to kill Kibaki.Raila will automatically become the president.
This is the only was to minimize losses

5th estate said...

Way to go, PERIOD !

Ken said...

Kibaki should step down honourably and let the opposition take over the government.

BUT i don`t whether Kenya will be better or Raila will turn around like Idi Amin.

He is not a leader as well but an inciter and Big Mouth.

15 years as MP for Kibera and the slums are the poorest after Bangladesh. And the Man drives a Hummer. It`s a shame.

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