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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shots Run High Above Demonstrators

Demonstrations planned for 30 cities and towns across Kenya by ODM to protest last month's FLAWED elections are on. True to expectation, the police have backed their refusal to allow the same by not only terming the demos "inappropriate" but firing shots at demonstrators.

While electing Hon Kenneth Marende House Speaker yesterday was expected to take off some political heat and tension off Kenya's warring parties, the fires appear to have been given a new lease of life. Speaker Marende has told the BBC that the ODM had the constitutional right to begin three days of protests against the election of President Mwai Kibaki.

We aren't out of political woods yet. Not only have we lost more than 600 Kenyans and displaced a tidy fraction of a million but our scoundrels for politicians appear to be all smiles in this absurd drama.

No free lunch
With live bullets fired above demonstrators in Kisumu and skirmishes in Mombasa and Eldoret, yesterday's theatrics may have provided the perfect rehearsal for the gloomy times ahead. But as Bob Marley aptly captured it 'YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOMETIME BUT NOT ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME'.

Perpetrators of December 27 elections grossly underestimated the collective intelligence of Kenyans. Scare mongering and insensitivity while mouthing and abusing Rwanda genocide won't wash. Kenyans must emancipate themselves from these scoundrels once and for all.

Apologists may spin all the much they care but Kenya will never be the same unless the root cause of present tension is squarely addressed. You can dress the festering wound as immaculately as you can with exotic bandages but if you loathe amputation then you better seek treatment first. Justice, period.


Anonymous said...

The western city of Eldoret was also quiet, protesters there erected several makeshift roadblocks on the outskirts of town. On one, a dead dog was draped over a pile of rocks with a sign that said "Kibaki Death."

Phil said...

Taabu, YET AGAIN police brutality at its best. Live gunfire on unarmed civilians!

3 people have reportedly been shot and one has already succumbed to gun shot injuries in Kibera. They were among white-cloth waving peaceful demonstrators....!

Meanwhile unconfirmed reports say aggrieved youth are on the way to the Nairobi ASK Show "to petrol bomb the arena where Kibera refugees took cover". Apparently, there seem to be accusations of tribalism in the refugee camp where certain communities are being denied food and clothing because they voted ODM!

When will this so-called government understand that this is NO CHILD'S PLAY? I concur Taabu. Give the Kenyan people justice the peace that everyone cherishes will come.

FYI, ever since Kivuiti made that cock-up of declaring Kibaki president, most parts of Rift Valley, Nyanza, Western are now literally under civilian rule with complete toll/tax stations along the way. Who the hell is in charge?

Anonymous said...

Knyans are fighting for the rights they are yearning for and which Kibaki has denied them. Let the fire burn and we will only stop when he stands up to the demands of the people.

Anonymous said...

One thing I have always wondered.

Arent these police not worried about the future of their children....dont they have relatives?

coz im sure that they are not all Kibaki's tribesmen.Anyway im sure they need to keep a job.But they will suffer like the rest of us as a result of what Kibaki has done.

Tamtam said...


I hope and think that circumstances will force Kibaki and co to change tack.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Taabu. I agree with all the sentiments. This is a different Kenya; no longer one where people put their heads down and go on with life while silently grumbling. Can someone tell these folks that the wanton shooting of civilians, peacefully demonstrating stokes the eye of the lion? BBC had a clip yesterday of the demonstrators chanting we want peace and they were still teargased, shots rang in the air, etc. They will have to change their strategy and come to terms that there is a SERIOUS problem that cannot be willed away.

As said above, justice served and then peace will follow.

Mkenya said...

Why are kenyans fighting so hard for our politicians careers? I also have a career ahead of me. who gives a sh*t about mine? I would be happy to see the waheshimiwas kids and wifes on the streets but for the rest of us just cool off.

Shughulikia your own career. Waheshimiwa washughulikie yao. I am not going to help them by voting them in alafu I go ahead and die for them later. Hell hapana. Kila mtu abebe mzigo wake sasa! I did mybest to vote for you idiot now do the rest!

Vikii said...

It is "justice" you asked for and it is justice you will get, and I am nobody's "apologist". I wish you get it now and not tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering: Why is there a ban on demonstrations? Since the government's position is that it's a few people causing the "skirmishes" and most Kenyans are happy with the result, why not let the "few, bitter losers" demonstrate? They may then realize that they are in the minority and quietly retreat, right? ROTFLMAO!

On another note, Moi must be laughing himself silly because the events of the last two weeks have redeemed his legacy....if you know what I mean. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Someone said that you don’t win elections by shouting or rioting.

You win elections by having the majority votes.

If ODMorons think they worn why have they not asked the law courts of Kenya to nullify the election.

Josua Amallo Raila Odinga knows that he has some skeletons he would not want you to know.

Shouting the loudest only gets you attention, look who is sending the MPS home and calling them to parliament at his wish.

Kibaki has 5 more years.

And since we have seen what ODM in the form of Mr Genocide had for the rest of Kenyans, no one in ODM will ever make it back to parliament let alone statehouse.

Anonymous said...

Crazy heads think that Kibaki will bow to some silly protesters. Let them die fighting for 'justice', while taabu and phil protest on the blog. *hit.

Anonymous said...

This thing is SIMPLE. Kibaki will not relinquish the Presidency at any cost. The LOGICAL thing is for Raila to EAT humble pies. If he continues to call for rallies, I have no apologies for those 'protestors' who are fired at, coz Taabu and Phil will not go anywhere near Uhuru Park to protest. It is the idiots who do so, so let them die as they seek 'Justice'. I have no apologies for DOMers.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is not in flames, DOMers are flaming themselves up. Kenya is not equal to DOMers.

Anonymous said...

Nyinyi watu wa Panua ni Pumbavu sana mavi ya kuku.
You think Kibaki is gaining by sticking his head in the sand while he sends Gema police and NRA to massacre Luos??
Blood is not shed for nothing, his day will come.
And by the way why cant he create the republic of GEMA and govern so u pple can appoint him as yr king?

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:49 - 10:04....Dudes are u for real!!!!

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