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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kenya Parliament: On Your Marks.....Get Set....

Emuhaya MP-elect Kenneth Marende (right) is sworn is as Speaker of the 10th Parliament by National Assembly Clerk Samuel Ndindiri after he defeated Mr Francis Kaparo by 105 votes to 101 during third round of balloting. Photo/PETERSON GITHAIGA (NMG)

The newly elected speaker of the national assembly Hon Kenneth Marende last night survived a baptism of fire. Or so it seems?

Close political observers who have followed Marende's political career since his days as an advocate to an Rainbow/LDP activist and finally as rookie NARC MP for Emuhaya in the 9th parliament agree that Marende has what can be called smooth political career. This is mostly attributed to two facts. The first is that Marende publicly shunned spirited attempts by Kijana Wamalwa and Musikari Kombo to lure him to FORD-K when the party was being touted as the party to unite all Luhya's after Musalia Mudavadi re-defected back to KANU. Marende's second luck seem to stem from another angle. His close relationship with Musalia Mudavadi who incidently enjoys even closer relations with ODM kingpin Raila Odinga have also worked in Marende's favour.

The questions that quickly comes to mind is: Why did the ODM pentagon back the nomination of Marende, already an MP-elect, as Speaker ahead of other worthy and highly experienced candidates who had also expressed an interest within ODM like Martin Shikuku and Oloo Aringo? In a national assembly where close numbers will determine the direction of most business, it is telling that ODM sacrificed one of their own, and a rookie at that, to be elected Speaker of the house and in the process automatically relinquish his parliamentary seat. Indeed, Speaker Marende did not participate in the voting of Farah Maalim (also nominated by ODM) as Deputy Speaker, which means ODM have already lost one vote.

As thrilling events unraveled in parliament late into this morning, another critical unanswered question that kept coming up was that what (if any) agreement did the ODM pentagon have with the new Speaker? The answer may be found in an interview ODM pentagon member Najib Balala had with foreign media a day before the Speaker's election. Balala said: "With PNU 'controlling' the executive and judiciary arms of government, the ODM will 'control' the legislative arm and use it to reclaim what was stolen from the people of Kenya." As if to confirm this, the new Speaker himself in his inaugural speech indicated that "parliament must be taken back to the people." Does the Balala's prophecy spell doom for PNU and its affiliates now that the Speaker and his deputy originate from ODM stables? Incidentally, Balala swore his allegiance to the presidency (urais in swahili) rather than the president (rais). Raila on the other hand, swore his allegiance to "the country of Kenya."

It took the Speaker's ruling to stop the PNU further embarrassment from a barrage of loaded Points of Order by lawyers Orengo, Namwamba and Nyongo as regards the "open" secret balloting as well as the oath of allegiance. Opinion is divided but the entire PNU side led by Kalonzo Musyoka all seemed content hiding behind the wits (skirt?) of Gichugu MP Martha Karua. At one point, President Mwai Kibaki seemed ready to give up and walk out of the chambers after enduring a barrage of scathing attacks from Orengo, Namwamba, Ruto and Nyongo. It took several comforting handshakes from ministers Karua, Michuki and Wetangula for Kibaki to recover his composure.

At one point, before the election of the speaker, Kalonzo said: "We cannot participate in a flawed process in front of international media. Proceedings should be adjourned altogether." Nyongo retorted: "You (Kalonzo) accepted being a Vice-President in a flawed process. Stop being involved in contradictions. Be clear in your mind!" What a blast! It took Kalonzo at least four hours to recover and stand up to "empty" talk on another point of order. Empty because he had attempted to lecture the house on the need to uphold "traditions" but then again Nyongo silenced poor Kalonzo by asking where he was when the former president and MP for Othaya did not "respect tradition" when appointing ECK commissioners in total disregard to IPPG agreements of 1997! Luckily for Kalonzo, Martha Karua was always coming to the rescue of the Leader of Government Business.

Kenya's parliament is in for interesting times. Meanwhile ODM's press conference this morning will give the general direction which the party will embark on.

Watch this space!


Joe said...

"Mr Marende said he was proud of winning honourably, saying that is how democracy should be carried out."

Anonymous said...

Bwana Phil,
Why do you fail to recognize that in all the objections that ODM was bringing to the house, none so the light of day. Other than theatrics (domo), the ODM side according to me was suffering from intellectual deficiency.
Mr. Orengo tried so much to have the oath of office changed but to no avail.
It was interesting to note that in overruling the ODM, the speaker was using the very same words used by Kiraitu, Karua and Mutula.
You can shout all you can but the rule of law has to be adhered to.
I support PNU but going by what i saw yesterday, I believe Marende will not be partisan as ODMers expect.

Anonymous said...

I like the comment of PNU- hiding behind Martha's Skirts, he he!
Halleluya God says do not steal!
And all things done in the cover of darkness shall be brought to light, may God almighty punish the people who went against his will and working with Satan to visit death to our country.
Washindwe na waremember malipo ni hapa hpa duniani.

Joe said...

A must read...

M-Pesa said...

PNU accepted that Marende had won and all who spoke did congratulate him. The new Speaker knows very well that he's there for all Kenyans and not just ODM.

Imanyara was did the House proud by conceding defeat thus sparing the House more agony.

Unlike the puppets in Pentagon who dance on Raila's thumb, we hope Marende will be neutral and won't be intimidated being the 3rd most powerful person in the republic.

And what was that silly grin on over-excited Ababu Namwamba's face? The kid needs to cool down and stop turning the August House into a Florida Mad House with his foolish antics.

He must appreciate the fact that it's Hon Kibaki since he was elected Othaya MP and not Mr Kibaki as he rudely kept bleating. A little respect goes a long way Bwana Namwamba. Stop being cocky and wipe that horrible grin on your face.

Namwamba should also change his horrible hairstyle since "box" belongs to the 80's and MC Hammer has since retired!


mike said...

Anonymous 1:06 a.m, Marende was not partisan as it was his first ruling and all satanic eyes like yours mostly from PANUA side were on him. Let me remind you also that most major local government authorities (mayors, deputy mayors, e.t.c)like Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Kakamega, Mandera, Bungoma, Kitale,Garissa,Lodwar, Kajiado, Voi, Malindi e.t.c will be under the control of ODM. PNU will get nothing like yesterday in parliament.Watch this space!!!

kube said...

hey guys its better to be civil in words when we debate,

kube said...

if all the guys could just take a minute and reflect on the realities on the ground,then some comments could not even be worth reading.
all of us must accept that there was tallying problems,we must accept that a thief is a thief whether he is ua brother.
does it mean that if i steal, then the fact that we are friends, then u hide without even pointing to me that this is wrong.
we can only take our country on the right step when we become sober.
why do we think police refuse to licence rallies?
i believe the govt plus its supporters do not want to see a entire country rooting for the oppostion and not the reason of security

kube said...

what all kenyans must accept this elections have been to flawed to an extent that its shame even to be called a prezo under such circunstances.
i really understand why ODM MPs were showing their colleagues how they voted, they were with ple inside known for inflating figures, so thats why it wud have been worth by even using mlolongo.
what kenyans have to ask themselves, if these guys stole this election, what crimes did they commit that they did not want to be found?
can we trust them with our money?if they can steal election in front of the entire world(all diplomats agree, except uganda, then what about public funds under their watch?
thats why all kenyans must leave their confort and confront the reality.
even during moi time, we used to watch balanced ktn, what has happened during kibaki must be challenged by all peace loving kenyans

Anonymous said...

Those people who think that Marende will not be partisan should think ahain! P.N.U. are in for a rough ride. Marende was not fronted for nothing. His neutral stance yesterday should not hoodwink you that he will not be partisan! Watch this space! Why do you think O.D.M. didn't go with seasoned people like Shikuku or Aringo? Something is brewing and I know P.N.U. are being led into a trap. They will only realise when they're in.

What happened to Mutula's raves and rants about them having the numbers? What happened to S.P.P.G.? Is their loosely cobbled up coalition already crumbling on day one? Nominations are also an issue (in O.D.M.too). I was surprised when another 5 M.P.s voted for Farah instead of Imanyara! Maybe Kibaki should make all of them Ministers and Assistant Ministers! After all, it's his last term and he doesn't have to face Kenyans in another campaign.


Anonymous said...

"There is a general risk that those who flock together, on the Internet or elsewhere, will end up both confident and wrong"

Anonymous said...

Yea Marende is not partisan and thats how it should be until we remove that coward kegwoya constitutionally not unconstitutional the way they did at the KICC.

Mike, tell them that there will no Tigania, Meru, Molo and Igembe in all those local authority so they must know it from now that the legitimate government is in place.

Anonymous said...

I come from the lake region and i bet ODM deserves the best. All the lawyers except Namwamba were great listening too. Namwamba has a great future but should control emotions and over - excitement. He is young and with promise. He is soon going to be a hawk if yesterday is anything to go by. He was an embarassment. Fight hardd but be abit civil especiall when camera are on you and your political future has just started. Just a though

Anonymous said...

The ODM members were intimidated. Kabando is on record for having said that some members had been threatened with violence if they dont conform.
Please ponder upon this, why were their mobile phones taken away from them while in Karen?
Two, why did they arrive in parliament in 3 buses instead of their personal fuel guzzlers?
The ODM was in great fear that some of their members would "betray" them.
Talk of democrazy.

Anonymous said...

Money came from government, each of the SPPG MPS got a downpayment of 10M. After the job they wre to pocket a further 10M. Karua at one time asked for the PNU nominated members to be sneaked in to rig the vote since Muttu could not come and do the job. PNU should brace itself for hell. You can break into and rob banks but robbing the presidency is inviting a curse.

mike said...

Anonymous 3:07 a.m you are just one of the idle and experienced hecklers. Can you shut your long and ugly bick. Period!

Anonymous said...

The problem with PNU spin doctors they are lame ducks that is why they had to patch up something for Kibaki called PNU in 5 secs, they also thought ah well ok Strategy is Livondo.
Then all of a sudden oh my God oh my god what should we do? Then come Karua and Michuli lets just add votes and scribble in pencil wata do nini??
The arrogance, the foolishness and the incompetence of these people makes you wonder how they run our govt. Now ODM wame wa show dust with Marende so Kimunya says oh they locked people up and threatened them. Pulizzz my **!
The thing is PNU is strategy less all they have in their mind is the Safaricom IPO and other state corporations.
They invoke the name of the common Mwananchi, saying oh we are selling to you etc! What a load of rubbish, you take a 50k loan from equity and get a dividend of 1000sh yearly on Mumias shares while your repayment is much more??
Kenyan pple need to wake up and see these thugs and pretenders to the throne for who they are.

Common thieves- this is what they trully are.
As a christian we all know the devil comes to Steal, to Kill and to Destroy. So far this iswhat Mwizi Kibaki and his 40 thieves are doing.
The solution lies with us and God is on our side we'll overcome this Petty thieves!

Atis Nyakenya said...

After watching PANUA chaps jana, I finally understood where Ruto Bashing on K24 (Responsible media?!!!!!!) is coming from. They are so anxious to insulate themselves from their screaming consciences that they will do anything even isolating one visionary leader and stacking (topping up ha ha haaa!) all the blame for violence at his doorstep. Phooooeeyyy! It wont work. Even my 8year old daughter knows it is wrong to steal and one Kibaki has stolen! Talk about a legacy!

Anonymous said...

It's not a win or loss to those shouting about 'winning the Speaker's seat. The Speaker MODERATES the going-ons at the National Assembly and the only time his powers would come to play r when the President & VP resign. These again he holds ONLY for 90 days, so I don't get it when people shout themselves hoarse till morning come.
On another note, remember a nursery rhyme that used to go like;...6 green bottles standing on the wall X2 & if one green bottle should accidentally fall....(ever think of that ODM Pentagon ?) Again it's just a thought !

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of PNU....and its suppoters, yesterday Kenyans were united pple were going outside there houses to hug their neighbours.

All this violence and tension is as a result of the greed of a few pple who wanted the presidency at any cost.

And their supporters should heed the warning that amongst ordinary men, if you shield a thief u become a thief.

Stupid simple said...

if all goes well,the prior stupidity by nyayo and kibaki will not be seen anymore in parliament.
It was a shocker to me that Marende won,knowing how hungry kenyans are for money.I wonder what happended to the bribes offered by PNU,were they accepted but never implemented? who knows!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon @4.38pm - you dont understand. A simple example: Kibaki cannot appoint ODM MPs to the cabinet as he did freely in his last term. They will be deemed to have resigned. Kaparo at that time loosely interpreted to mean the member has to send resignation letters. Interpretation of standing orders which sometimes can go either way will unlikely benefit PNU now.

Anonymous said...

Finally, we are all glad to see that ODM has accepted the reality, they are the OFFICIAL OPPOSITION.
Raila Amollo, on the other hand, is the Leader of the Official Opposition. Now he is empowered to create a SHADOW government.
Will ODM be there by 2009? Raila is not running again, this was the chance of the lifetime and therein lies all the troubles, he needs to put the wishes of kenya before his personal ambitions just like those of his father, only his father was wiser and Moi was more ruthless!

vbkenya said...

The new speaker is a worthy irrespective of whether he was fronted by ODM. His election and the swearing in process, however, threw a lot of light on the immaturity of some of the ODM members. Despite winning the speaker's seat, they actually did not 'win' any of the arguments they had advanced and should have known better. If what I saw yesterday is an indication of what ODM has in their arsenal then they will not go very far in their quest to unseat Kibaki. Granted, the elections were flawed but ODM has to come up with a better strategy than mass civil disobedience and theatrics.

Anonymous said...


Man said...

It is not that ODM or anybody wants Marende to be Partisan, infact being partisan will be a great diservice to the people of Kenya. Clinching the Speaker and Deputy Speaker was just a lesson to these PNU people. At the beginning of the 7th parliament in 1992 there was much heat in the election of Xavier Kaparo simply because he was a Kanu nominee and anything Kanu was not truste at that time. Kaparo suprised everyone and had a splendid performance in the 7th parliament. During the hotly contested election of 1997, the partisan emotions were still very high in parliaments. Come the election of the Speaker of the 8th parliaments and the entirre oppossition shunne one Njehu Gatabaki and voted for Xaveir Kaparo and true to the standard he set in the previous parliament, Kaparo did not disappoint. It therefore came as not suprise when he was the natural choice in the transitioinal 9th parliament in 2002. But unlike the previous 2 terms, Kaparo was a pale shadow of himself. He looked the other way as Kibaki poached MPs to keep the government going. Infact it is Kaparo who helped Kibaki survive by not enforcing a lot of parliamentary standing orders. So when Kalonzo and Mutula were talking about a neutral speaker in Kaparo that was just hogwash. PNU badly needed Kaparo in this parliament and it did not happen. Let us wait ans see what desparate move they will pull. Marende was not elected to take sides in the House but to do what it is a speaker should do, that is the least we expect from him.

Anonymous said...

President Mwai Kibaki has prorogued parliament.....Wow! Stress is starting to show on his part.

Vikii said...

Interseting. So Ababu Namwamba and Jim Orengo have overnight become better lawyers than Mutula Kilonzo and Kiraitu Murungi? Wasnt it the same Ababu who Martha regretted was doing worse than Dr. Khalwale on the legal front?

And someone says Anyang Nyong'o is now a lawyer?Talking about the Vice Presidency and IPPG is trully legal stuff, I get it.
You do not appear intellectual by raising a hundred and one points of order. It is what you say and Ababu should be listening.

Anonymous said...

Vikii kindly shut the hell up. Who is to say that they ar enot better lawyers than kilonzo or Murungi? Kilonzo has benefitted from protecting Moi from being convicted for the numerous crimes he's committed regardless if he was ever found guilty. Vikii I thought you were supposed to confer with Kalonzo on how to suck dick properly?

Vikii said...

Which school did you attend, sir? Just incase you ever did?

Anonymous said...

I am reading with great concern some comments better insults made here.

Are you not aware of the fact that this blog is read all over the world and not only by Kenyans who might be used to such a dirty language.

Why do you have to become personal and offensive using all these dirty words. Why can none of you accept and listen to the other and his maybe different opinion.

If this is what Kenya is today and the personal attacks in this blog represent a true picture of the Kenyan society, then I must agree with some commentators around the world that Kenya has reached a very low point if not the lowest point in its whole history.

You all seem to have some education or at least that's what I read from some of your comments - but then, as soon as somebody does not agree, all your intelligence seems to get lost.

You use words which should never be published - you talk even about the President and other politicians, your own elected Members of Parliament like they are criminals, murderers, prostitutes etc., of course only the ones who do not belong to your party of choice disregarding the fact that all of them have been elected in a democratic way.

I have followed the Elections and the discussion about it with keen interest.

Something went wrong. That's clear. But as everybody says, this only refers to the Presidency, not to the Parliament.

So why don't you use or talk to your respective Members of Parliament to use all the demaocratic tools your Constitution allows to change what went wrong.

But without force, without destroying and definitely without killing each other.

Learn to be more civilized. Learn to respect each other and mostly, learn to live with each other as you did before all this started.

Otherwise you are loosing much more, something you will never be able to regain: your own self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

My self esteem is high, and words ard nothing more than words, if it is too hot for you then get out of the kitchen. Blogs are a place where people can speak freely, this is not parliament where a certain kind of couth is required. I do admit I've use foul language but Vikii and other simple minded people cause that response. Vikii I hold a Bachelors degree in Political Science and a Masters' degree in International Relations. Forgive my natural inclination towards diplomacy and kindly go suck a dick!!

Anonymous said...

This reply is exactly what I mean: all your socalled education is only artificial - deep down you are still the same primitive person you must have been before your parents wasted their hard-earned money to try to put some sense into your empty head.

But a vacuum is a vacuum and remains that. And your mouth is where your brains should be - but maybe you're only able to think with a certain part of your body like some others in this blog.

I guess you have to pretend to be decent in your daily job and now you enjoy being able to use all those words and offenses you are not allowed to use when dealing with your bosses and family.

Poor man - I almost feel sorry for you. But only almost.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:25am Don't feel sorry for me and I speak how I want at home as well as at work, becuase I happen to be a VP at a very respectable International Organization. Do you want me to say that people like Vikii are foolish cock suckers in a more sophisticated way? would this vindicate you in your mind. I don't have to pretend that i'm anything but what I am and what I am is a person who has been blessed to be in a position to take care of my family as well as donate close to 10% of my wages to various charitable organizations as well as my church. I also know that blogs are one of the few places where people can speak how they truly feel, save that bullshit your talking for your next job interview and if you need help with getting a job, our concierge is going on leave in 3 weeks and you might be able to fill in temporarily. I am also an agry Kenyan who witnessed emilio placed in the statehouse under dubious circumstances and like the majority of Kenyans I know that the Raila Odinga won the election only that emilio was scared of the beating lucy would give him if he accepted the truth. In closing you and Vikii can go suck a dick becuase you sound like a miserable cock sucker complaining about my use of foul language on a blog.

Taabu said...

Vikii, BB here. Stop and no more because it is not worth the keyboard you are hitting. Please do something else na tutafute omo tugawe for people's mouth for free, au sio?

Vikii said...

Why waste time on you? If all of us were to list our degrees here, then this would be like a pub in Kisumu. I will not tell you what my degrees are, coz I do not think that is necessary. You obviously consider a bachelors degree in political science and a masters in IR a major achievement. Well, you are entited to that kind of view. What I can assure you is that I have never beeen in a social Sciences class and I am not planning to do that coz there are newspapers and story books all over. I can read those and still be better than your professor. There is nothing to learn there, friend.

But wait a minute, to every rule there is an exception. I may consider taking law so I can be like Ababu Namwamba, the best lawyer in the country. May be, may be not!

Anonymous said...

Vikii you would have to leave your profession of sucking dick before you could get a degree. I know you have a PHD in Deep Throating, but than has only endeared you to Kalonzo and the likes. Kindly carry on sucking dick, you silly cunt!!

Taabu said...

Vikii BB again. Please stop lest you get roped into this murk. Already you may be antagonizing so many by you 'Ksm pub' refrence. How do you know and what is the frame of your reference? Sush 'innocent' inference is akin to Kimunya's fish market. You get my drift bro, don't you? One more foe is just one too many, STOP please, won't you?

Vikii said...

You guys have a nice day. I think our worldview is just irreconcilably different.

Anonymous said...

Vikii you silly transvestite why don't cunts like you ever shut up?

Anonymous said...

Vikii was actually born intersex that's why he doesn't use Victor(like Cal/Calliope in the book Middlesex). He fled Kenya soon after the mess in Kenya and filed for asylum claiming discrimination against his kind. He will soon undergo gender reassignment surgery. However he is a little confused because he wants the benefits of deep throating and getting rammed by Kalonzo, Mutula and the rest of his contacts. Now that he's outside Kenya, he's also found out that he can make more money here providing (to pay for the surgery and buy a flat in Riverside or some other area convenient to his clients) these services so he's really torn right now. Good luck and be well. Hopefully, you'll emerge from the surgery transformed and with a diminished sense of bigotry and hatred for some Kenyans. Happy healing!

Senalsesi said...

PNU is trying so hard to consolidate illegitimate power that they cannot see the games that ODM are playing on them. Everything that happened on the floor of the house was well ochestrated. You dont have to win a war that you start.Many other tiny victories were scored by ODM, but PNU is so blind they cant see it even when it is stuck under their noses. Who doesn't know that an oath cannot be changed by ruling of the speaker?
Same case as for the protest rallies. What marks the success of a protest? You have been fooled that ODM are serious about marching to Uhuru park.By virtue of people leiving their day to day activities to protest, that is a success. The GSU guys should guard everyones door step if you dont want protests.
Open your eyes PNU. You are in for a very rough ride.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Vikii has given up...I hope he has left the blog for good..>For this blog does not need his kind.....Bon Voyage Vikii

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