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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kibaki Succession Rages as Kenya Burns

With Stanley Murage fired from State House, the Kibaki succession is ragging oblivious of the national haemorrhage. The daggers are menacingly drawn as Muhoho warms himself to succeed Murage. Other predators think that Uhuru will gain undue advantage to prey Kenya from his uncle.

Well, scavengers are strategically circling carcass Kenya. Woe unto those cheap schemers wo think that either George Kiarie Kinuthia Muthengi (aka) Saitoti or Martha Karua are church ministers and flower girls respectively from Matasia Ngong and Gichugu.

In by the sword out by the same blade. Murage filled the void left by Kireri and before he could say Artur he is out of favour. Granted, his intentions to patch a ceasefire document using Collin Bruce may have been honest and noble. But a time comes when costly political sacrifices must be made and his head fell on the chopping block.

Mutahi Ngunyi saw it as early as December 2003 if we thought Moi was the political devil incarnate then we haven't seen the mother of all evil in Kibaki. Using the ordinary Kikuyu to pamper their political egos, Kibaki's cronies are busy scheming on the scramble and partitioning of Kenya (ala Bismark) as blood rains on our streets and villages.

While Nakuru smolders, Kibaki's apologists may thumb their chests in self-delusion that it is a square deal. Well, we haven't seen anything yet from the Wanjohi-Muhoho-Wanjui troika. To these leeches Kenyans are nothing but guard flies who cannot and will NEVER stop them from their selfish schemes. But wait a minute! This is the 21st Century and Kenyans far smarter than these Makerere dinosaurs with their sole agenda of domination. Never, not again. Na bado.


Ken Otieno said...

The citizens of Africa have been dirt poor and abused for centuries. When people are poor and hungry it is easy to get them to join a gang. Africans cannot govern themselves they cannot overcome government corruption and ruthlessness. No one respects or trust any government in Africa. Unfortunately many tribes and race will become extinct in Africa. It is a sad situation in many African countries unfortunately there is no solution to their problems. Every possible solutiion on this continent depends on local governments. The system is beyond repair and I feel bad for the people there. There are no more Mandela's in Africa, Africans are influenced the most by Western Images than Nelson Mandela. Once again Africa is arming itself and God help us if they get nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

Have we all run mad? "While Nakuru smolders," as you aptly put it, these people are actually doing this? I just read in the New York Times that, "On Saturday, hundreds of men prowled a section of the city [Nakuru] with six-foot iron bars, poisoned swords, clubs, knives and crude circumcision tools. Boys carried gladiator-style shields and women strutted around with sharpened sticks." SHAME ON THOSE JACKALS YOU ARE DENOUNCING!!!

Anonymous said...

Jaluo are Jaluos. Period. Kibaki has to resign.

Anonymous said...

Those who climb to the top using a ladder shall come down by the same. Those who kill by the sword shall die by the same.Those who slap others under the bed shall be slapped on the roof tops.

Phil said...

Taabu, the person to watch in the Kibaki succession battle is Iron Lady - Martha Karua.

The lady from Kirinyagah already announced her intention to go for the big seat when Kibaki completes his second term. However, I do not think she is eyeing 2012, may be 2017. If she decides to back Uhuru (unlikely) or Saitoti (unlikely) or Kalonzo (likely) in 2012, then she will have set up herself for a VP's posting. As things stand, Kibaki and his entire regime CANNOT survive a week without her. All the 'men' in Kibaki's government rely on her for political and intellectual direction. It is a pity because, both Uhuru and Saitoti are being played in this game. Kombo is dead and buried.

Above notwithstanding, the Kibaki regime will NOT complete its term. ODM has yet to exhaust its options.

mntui said...

Scavengers are strategically circling carcass Kenya.
Kibaki should resign now and go back to Nyeri to look aftre after goats and cows, and by the way Lucy will be slaping the naughty goats.

If hell break loose they can call Moi, Ruto Or Kosgey.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this. I wonder if it is TRUE. I have known this site to be truthful and I hope to God that this is truly TRUE. If it is then I have 2 things to say about;
1. It's the best news this year.
2. Good riddance to HAwkish Kikuyus. One down how may to go? Kibaki should have gone himself. Has Murage been sacked because he help rig stupidly? They left their finger prints and even their images on the loot! These guys were novices.
By the way there is something that seems to have passed without any Newspapers in Kenya publishing! The latest police reshuffles! Did anyone realise that the murderous Ms Grace Kaindi of Shot-to-Kill has been promoted to Director of Complaints and police HQ. How can she be inchage of complaints while is the one we should be complaining about? She order the masacre of Kenyans in Kisumu then she is the one to receive our complaints? What an absurd and stupid situation!
If anyone doubts me please read the police website on
On the same site I realise that the director of Police Operation One Mr. Kimaiyo has been sacked! Why? Was he a stumbling block to Ali-KAindi murder plans?
Isn't this one of Kalenjins complaints about Kibaki regime? Sacking senior Kales?

Anonymous said...

Here is truth in black and white.

Read it


Anonymous said...

brothers and sisters - please be agents of peace. Why do you preach hate? Its time for kikuyu to suffer today but also remember the other side of the coin. No one so daft today to start thinking succession.Be kenyans and not luos in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Sahau Valentine as violence spreads to maua town .... it's just a matter matter of days before it re-ignites in Nairobi

Fighting has erupted in Naivasha

Reports suggest at least nine people have been killed in brutal inter-tribal bloodshed in Naivasha. Gangs of youths blocked the main road. The town is about 60km (37 miles) south of Nakuru - also the scene of recent fighting - and sits on the main road between Nakuru and the capital Nairobi.

The fighting in Naivasha is thought to have broken out late on Saturday, says the BBC's Adam Mynott in Nairobi. Reports are confused but he says at least nine people are feared dead - hacked to death by mobs with machetes. Vehicles and buildings have been set on fire.

Police fired over the heads of youths blocking the main road. Some of those fleeing the violence have taken shelter in some of the horticultural farms around Naivasha, our correspondent says.

The area's huge horticulture and flower-growing industry employs more than 20,000 people, and supplies a third of Europe's cut flowers. Further north, Kenya's fourth biggest city Nakuru has also been the scene of deadly violence between rival Luo and Kikuyu communities.

Anonymous said...

The amazing thing about the Nakuru and Naivasha unrest is the police policy. While they adopted a shoot-to-kill policy in Kisumu and parts of Nairobi, in Nakuru and Naivasha they fire in the air to disperse the crowds.

Could the sizeable numbers GEMA tribes-people in Nakuru and Naivasha have something to do with their change of heart?

So obvious is the change of policy, that machete welding gangs in Nakuru could be heard taunting the police that they were told, that the police had orders not to fire on them! Who told them? The GEMA gang masters? The local PNU bigwigs?

Fave of BG said...

I always preach peace, and most importantly I am in a peaceful place. I want every Kenyan to experience that. I can understand the anguish of a war. Growing up next to the Uganda border in the early and mid eighties, I experienced first hand the effect of war. Secondly, I was raised by a Ugandan maid who had lost her entire family, Horrible things she had to say about war.
However, the conduct of the government since the entire civil coup started has led me to one conclusion. I advise the rest of Kenyans to know that the government is not out to help them but it wants them finished, trampled on and most importantly s#!T out of luck and done with.
The police watched idly as gangs rampaged, pillaged and killed people in Naivasha and Nakuru. Yet the same police in Kisumu had to shot and kill because they were overwhelmed. Well, it seems if you are from anywhere but central you will be shot... by the police... or be killed as police watch. At least the tragic Eldoret church burning did not occur in the presence of police. not consolation, I know, but at least the government was not there to protect anyone.
Kibaki will not have it easy. When the refugee crisis hits home hard then he will know how to negotiate. So, as I watch my country burn, as, I know that in the next few months I might have to apply for refugee status. I tell all Kenyans, to apply my Law of Karma, do not throw the first punch, but always throw all the punches after that.
The first punch, which was also a brazen, ethnocentric act of violence was the stolen elections.
So, once more lets not kill fellow Kenyans, but, defend yourself. At least I know we never did start the fire.

Anonymous said...

what routes are still open out of nairobi? it seems that namanga is also experiencing problems with the need to armed escort if leaving by that route. coast is obviously a way, but much longer. moyale, well! narok is closed, so that leaves magadi?
it seems nairobi is becoming a virtual island. anybody with suggestions of who might offer armed escorts to get out? it can only be a matter of time now before expats start packing and better to go with them?

sorry, but naivasha is REALLY close. just imagine if the army actually went in in nairobi - that would be the end of it as obviously it would split up?

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