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Monday, January 14, 2008

If Raila Were the President

EXCLUSIVE: Kirui the Whistleblower Exposes How They Stole the Presidency

A Christian newspaper in Tanzania, Mwamini Mungu, yesterday alleged that Kenya would be ruled by Sharia Law if Raila were the president. In fact, this was the lead story in the newspaper.

It continued to say that the arsonists who torched churches in some parts of the country were in fact venting their hatred and ire for failing to achieve their goal of turning Kenya into a Muslim state. The nitty gritty of how this would have been accomplished was set in a secret meeting that was held on 29th August, 2007 in Mombasa between Raila and a cross section of Muslim leaders.

The fact that only churches, and not Mosques, were targeted is reason enough to believe the crisis in Kenya is not only fuelled by political reasons but also by religious fanaticism.

One of the reasons that was tendered to prove this claim was the secret MOU which was signed between ODM‘s Raila Odinga and the chairman of the board of Islamic leaders in Kenya Sheikh Abdullah Abdi.

This MOU said in part that once Raila took the helm he would acknowledge Islam and accord it special treatment.

Another politician who is believed to be party to the secret MOU, which the paper claims to have a copy of, was Najib Balala (a Muslim and a leader who is very popular at the Coast especially in Mombasa).

Among the ‘demands’ tabled by the Muslims in the event that ODM won the presidency was a change to the laws of the land to set apart Coast and North Eastern Provinces for Muslims. Muslims would have complete control of the regions’ religious matters.

The Council of Muslims would be responsible to go through requests to start religions other than Islam in these regions. They would have the final say whether to accept or reject the requests. This would be for the purposes of rooting out any “imani potofu” and Satan worship.

Within six months of the ODM in power, a new constitution would be drawn. This new constitution would embrace Islamic laws (Sharia Law) to be at work in the regions set apart for Muslims.

The ODM government would sack the Police Commissioner with immediate effect. It would also ‘break’ the special Force that deals with terrorism (ATPU) which is believed to be ferrying some Kenyans( mostly Muslims) who are suspected to be terrorists to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Raila, it is said, agreed to the creation of Kadhi Courts in each and every District in the republic when he ascended to the highest office in the land. Madrasa classes (classes where Islam is taught to children) would also be incorporated in the school system. Each and every primary school would have Madrasa for the Muslim students. Religious open air meetings (such as crusades) would not be allowed in the Coast and North Eastern Provinces.

The MOU also stipulated that all areas where 40% of the people are Muslims, alcohol would not be allowed to be sold. Also preaching that is accompanied by signs and wonders of miraculous healing would be illegal in such areas.


Anonymous said...

There we go again, another PNU propaganda to justify their "illegal" occupation of the SH. They can throw all sorts of analogy to justify their actions, it ain't going to work. Kenyans are not stupid to fall for this non-sense!

Disappointed Kenyan Christian said...

An alleged Christian paper peddling falsehoods? At this rate will 'heaven' ever have any East African? I doubt, they're either stealing our taxes, our votes or drinking our blood. Hypocrites worse than those who can be salvaged.

-Disappointed Kenyan Christian-

Phil said...

Ritch, arent you (and the TZ press) aware that both Raila and NAMLEF published the real MOU that had been subject of PNU propaganda last year?

Your post is a weka attempt to hide behind an article in the TZ newspaper but it in real sense, I guess you know exactly what you are doing. Why not provide a link to the story, Ritch?

Or is Kibaki planning to call snap elections so the propaganda has to re-started all over again??

ritch said...

You know, when I saw the paper at the vendor's something snapped within me. I tended to believe everything in it coz this is a christian paper we are talking about. But then...(I am not a naive fellow. Neither am I gullible. I take things with a pinch of salt). You catch the drift!

ritch said...

Phil. The paper does not have online presence just yet.

Anonymous said...

Psalms 46:1
God is our refuge and strength,a very present help in trouble.

Many are the plans of men but only the plans of the Lord prevail.

I call on all christians to pray without ceasing.It is only the Lord that knows the heart of men.

Kenya was founded as a Christian Nation(refer to the National Anthem) and that is how its going to be unless we as Christians do not pray in spirit and in truth. Kenya needs to be a trully christian Nation.Because as you can see we need salvation from Tribalism,Hatred,lying and may God have mercy on our Politicians who hold up the Bible and lie.

We must pray for a turely christian Nation where we love for real and have the fear of God.Where we can not find it so easy to lift up our hand and Kill each other dispite how much we disagree.

Let us not mistake religion for Christianity.


Anonymous said...

Surely Ritch, why are you giving us information from a nondescript TANZANIAN paper when our own which are more credible and on the ground are available with related info? Of course any Christian congregation must be alarmed when they hear that someone has made an MOU with a Muslim group. Muslims would react the same. If you are in Kenya, you yourself know that the Church was burnt down in Eldoret to kill the Kikuyus that were in it just as they raided Kachi Bora Police Station in Kitale. I am very sure that if the Kikuyus had gone to a mosque the same would have happened there. May I ask, of what interest was a Tanzanian paper giving info' about Raila of Kenya with Kenyan Muslims? Very wild conclusions are usually made when they are based on very little information. My take is that the Tanzanian paper was basing its report on the fake PNU-sponsored MOU that was circulating prior to the elections. The same propaganda said that Raila has no religious leanings, yet we now see him in more Christian gatherings than his nemesis who told us that we could trust him because he was religious. Haaaaaa!

Optimist against poll theft said...

1. Where are Kenya's Christians in this time when thieves are Lording over us with impunity courtesy of a stolen poll?

2. Sample this: Christians in Nyanza/Rift Valley pray thus "Kibaki na wizi wa kura washindwe!", while those in Central Kenya pray thus "Bwana mmpe Raila roho ya nyama, ili aweze kuamini kwamba WEWE ndiye unayechagua viongozi". Question is this, which prayer is God listening to?

3. When the poll rigging was going on, the Catholic Church even with a possible Papal candidate went dead. Were it Moi's Kenya, we'd have seen the Wamugundas and Njues on the streets. What happened to the Church?

4. Talk of genocide and ethnic cleansing and you see the 'church' going ballistic while they closed their eyes to the poll theft which is the genesis of the whole problem.

I regret to see my boyhood folk displaced from their homes in the Rift Valley. That is their home and to ask them to go back to Kiambu or Nyeri is to try and re-invent Kenya. By voting for their candidate, they were exercising their demographic right.

It is NOT the voting that Kenyans have a problem with, it is the RIGGING. The longterm effect is that Kenyans have lost faith in their ability to choose who should lead them. Will they ever see the need to turn out and vote again? I don't know, but the damage that has been done to their confidence in the ballot is there for all to see. How will that confidence be revived.

Abass said...

Hey hey guys listen. I am a Muslim from Mandera, North Eastern province. I was and am supporting for Raila and I never had any idea and don't believe that Raila will bring sharia law to our provinces (NEP and Coast)but I support him for different reasons prime being the desire for change and my wish to free ourselves from the shackles that these old guard hold us in. But I firmly believe we have every right to have sharia law in our provinces. Isn't that what freedom of religion is? If Muslims in NEP and Coast want sharia law, then they have every right to have it. And one thing that you need to know is that sharia law will only be applied in Muslim provinces and on Muslims. And having Sharia law has nothing to do with being against Christians. In fact, Muslims do recognise Christianity as a religion and we do love Jesus and respect him as the prophet of God and not God's son. I think it is stupid and naive for some of these 'Christians' to try to create a fuss out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

Abass...can u explain the Raila connection with power barons in Dumbai and Mumbai who are rumored to be connected with some not so nice groups?
Abass...Raila Ujinga is a mkosa dini, what you would call Kafiri...he is not a christian, just look at his name, which christian is called Raila A-Liar Ujinga?

Taabu said...

With due respect chaps, please keep your high school CU summons to yourself. There are no monos here at Kumekucha to prey on their insecurities. God gave you the brains to save you from being cheap and whatever you choose to do with it is upto you. don't rope us in your inadequecies. Preach if you must but don't attempt the scriptures on the converted.

What purporse does it serve to call God's name in vail while swimming in blood that you have limbs and faculties to stop flowing yourself? That is basic hypocracy if you ask me. Religion has its place in our individual peace but peddling it at any slight opporunity is the height of both naivity and opportunism. Leave God alone for he is needed gravely in Baghdad. And that is not blasphemy unless you want to go religiously bigotic and hysterical. If so keep it within your own skin again.

Anonymous said...

It is true, If Raila is elected as president Sharia law will be the order of the day. My agents on the ground have gathered the follwing information: It simply syas the 90% of the population of kenya, whom are christians will be directed to sharia laW. Have a look:-

Anonymous said...

These thieves spinning the propaganda are so desperate that they are now urging the USA to withdraw from Kenya! This is Museveni's plan to bring Kenya down so that he may rule East Africa, just like he tried to grab Rwanda.

All the PNU MPs who are trying to ensure that our kids don't go to school have already sent their own kids to study out of the country...

Whatever you say, the world knows the truth! RAILA WON!

As for Kikuyus supporting Kibaki, having only 3 Kikuyus (Gichongo, Mutahi Ngunyi and Maina Kiayi) and 5 Million other real Kenyans in heaven should be bothering you if you are thinking of preserving your Kikuyu language/culture (and i'm not talking about stealing)...

Anonymous said...

it is very true, this MOU was signed behind closed doors in the presence of NAJIB BALALA. A BBC coast provice correspodence confirmed it yesterday through an interview with a BBC newsman. Tthe correspondence who was from a muslim background confirmed that IF Raila was to be president muslim seeking Kenyand nationality and illegal muslims already living in kenya will be awarded citizenship status and that coats province will be adminitsterd under muslim guidelines as they make up most of the population. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO OUR TOURIST INDUSTRY????

Abass said...

anon @ 9:54. So what? What problem do you have with Muslims?

Anonymous said...

this proves that RAILA is going to take us to the dogs and he really doesn't care about kenyans.

Abass said...

anon @ 9:36. To be honest, I believe all this are just nonesense created by politicians to smear their 'enemies'. The funny thing is that this article and all these things seem to be a new thing to many. Where were you when some of these propaganda were broadcast on private media before the election?

Anonymous said...

abass, this is very true, i will post you the edited version of yersteday BBC interview with this coast proviNCE correspondence:
here is the complete version of the leaked MEMO SIGNED BY RAILA FOR THE MUSLIM VOTE AGAIN:

Abass said...

Look. NEITHER Raila NOR Kibaki will take you to paradise. NEITHER Sharia law nor secular law or whatever law will take you to paradise. God gave you all brain, you know what is right and wrong. All religions almost agree more or less that all evils are wrong and shoudl be avoided and that we should do what is right. And this whole issue is no longer news, we have being hearing it all the time. The MoU was made public, if you didn't believe it then pray that Raila becomes president so that we all will be able to know whether he was lying or not.

Abass said...

anon 10:07, thanks for posting that. But I still don't understand. Is it that you are against Muslims having sharia laws in NEP and Coast or what? Pr are you against the 'lies' by Raila and the other Muslims who produced an 'edited' version? Or what?

Sam Okello said...

About that TZ newspaper, all I can say is...I know crap when I see it.

Anonymous said...

The mou that was made public is genuine, I do not disagree. It is however, been worded broadly and if you read it again you will notice that it raises a lot of questions.
It is simple, but lacks clarity. This was purposely done to avoid public backlash. Here is the public version:
Here are some of the details that were not released by the public version, although broadly stated:
Most of the pledges couldn't be met by any presidential candidate as they are inherently unconstitutional and would mightily annoy the non-Muslim majority in Kenya.
A close reading of the purported "MOU" reveals that its pledges could not realistically have been expected to be met by the MOU's other purported party "The Leadership" of Muslims.
Examples of impossible pledges in Clause V of the MOU: (note to repeal constitutional clauses requires a positive vote at a referendum of all registered voters and more than 2 thirds positive vote of the entire Parliament (never been done before in respect to a controversial proposal):
Clause V(a) - an autonomous Jimbo La Pwani as soon as Raila is elected with full autonomy apart from diplomatic relations and defence. Unconstitutional: Article 1 of the Constitution of Kenya states that "Kenya is a sovereign Republic." Kenya not being made up of constituent Jimbo's is a unitary indivisible sovereign Republic unless and until this article of our present Constituion is changed. Who will do so? Who will have the numbers? The MOU pledge is laughable and implausible. It plays only to fears of a crescent state, an unlikely proposition to be dismissed.
Clause V(b) - within 6 months to change the Constitution to "recognise Shariah as the only true law." Again fantasist. To effect such a constitutional change would require the repeal of article 3 of the Constitution of Kenya Clause which state that "This Constitution is the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya and shall have force of law throughout Kenya and subject to section 47, if any other law is inconsistent with this Constitution, this Constitution shall prevail and the other law shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.<94> In other words, the only true law in Kenya is the Constititon of Kenya.
Clause V(j)- outlaw gospel programs (preaching, purported faith healing etc) on the National Broadcaster; the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). Even President Kibaki would have no power to deliver on this pledge because the KBC is a public institution and bound to enhance constitutional freedoms of all Kenyans because we maintain it through our taxes. This pledge would offend against Article 78 of the Constitution which secures freedom of conscience and further prohibits the establishment of state religion, preference for one religion over another anywhere in Kenya, or legislated religious injunction. It states <93>Except with his own consent no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his freedom of conscience, and for the purposes of this section that freedom includes freedom of thought and of religion, freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom either alone or in community with others, and both in public and in private, to manifest and propagate his religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance.<94> Kenya is a secular state, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
Clause V(k) - close down the Farmer's Choice (pork factory) in Jimbo La Pwani. No President is allowed under our Constitution to interfere with private property which Farmer's Choice is. Section 75 prohibits taking of private property unless a process known as compulsory acquisition in the public interest is followed and prompt and full payment is made for the property taken. Unlikely - Leave this one to the market.
All said and done, the purported "MOU" is not worth the paper it is written on. I believe its a smear - and not a good one at that.
The idea behind the smear is to turn a fairly large and committed evangelical Christian block against poor Raila, who is often accused of ambivalent religious allegiance much unlike Kibaki who is Catholic and attends Mass often, even though he is in all but name a bigamist.
Candidates' religion has never been a factor in a Kenyan presidential election. Our first President Jomo Kenyatta was never asked who or what he worshipped; and noone really knew or cared what was his religion. Daniel Arap Moi on the other hand wore his Christianity on his sleeve (and during weekly Sunday broadcasts on KBC) throughout his 24 year dictatorship and looting spree.

Taabu said...

Abass you have made your point and the anons are busy splitting hairs. Please stop because you are slowly sliding into the ditch they have for you. This cheap religious pitch MUST stop. Just like most Kenyans in the diaspora suffer from village baggage clothed in stereotypes they trivialize christianity to the level of cheap and hysterical CU sermons.

I repeat, keep your religion to yourself please because it is nothing but OPIUM of the people meant to be smoked while preying on people's insecurities. Remove want and see religion for the facade it is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ASK YOURSELF THIS ODM'ers, who will suffer after the dust settles? we are all kenyans, let us speak in the smae language. muslim or non-muslims.

rhyymemaster said...

All of you here know that the MoU that is being talked about in the newspaper is a bygone issue. They tried to spin this in their favor but failed. To me the Christian paper is living in the past. This is not the issue here.

BTW guys this thing seems to be infiltrating the US and might "taint" Barack's campaign. The Republicans have started collecting data on Raila (much of which will be fabricated) to use in the event that Barack wins the democratic ticket.

Check it out:

Abass said...

10:20. Exactly anon, being a Muslim or a Christian is one thing and being good is another. But you know Sharia law is not what it is purpoted to be. And I believe applying sharia law will not mean having another constituion... it will be more or less like the Kadhi courts which existed since independence. And to be honest, I would rather have the 'less religious' Raila as he is than the thief 'Catholic' who has proved that he never cares about the life of the innocent Kenyans.

Abass said...

anon 10:35, that link ain't working, could you try it again? Thanks.

rhyymemaster said...

If it can't open here is the link:

Tamtam said...

Michuki says that there is no need for mediation, and that Kofi annan is not coming at the government's invitation.

The mind boggles!

Anonymous said...

My friends, usually, when it comes to this time of the year, erections are a very hard thing to conduct. The people of kenya, thru their joint and general erection, have come to see that it was stolen away, again, erections are very hard.

rhyymemaster said...

Anon @ 11.04, Shut the F*** up if you have nothing to say. Don't insult our intelligence.

Abdi said...

Abass, I would advise you to ignore these as they don't understand sharia law anyway.

The point is Raila never made any such deal as per the publicly availed MOU and that this is just another PNU propaganda. For example they say churches were burnt by muslims, when we know it is upset Kales in Eldoret. Even the Kiks know that.

I personally supported Raila as I believe he is a social democrat, who would have made equitable distribution of the "national cake".

I find it interesting that the US based International Republican Institute never realized this exit poll that showed Raila won by 8%.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Abdi! I was just about to post the same story. Kibak's days in office are numbered.

mswahili said...

Salaaalaaa!!!I can't believe that Muslims have been drawn again into this!
I am appalled and disgusted that people are actually drawing religion into the turmoil in Kenya!!
Is it not enough that tribalism is at its worst point ever?
Is it not enough that hundreds of Kenyans have died?
Is it not enough that we'll soon have epidemics and more people will die?

Let us not be drawn into the Western drama where it is so easy to say a Muslim did it and everyone is happy!!

I am a Muslim,a proud one too.BUT you know what I am Kenyan!!

Changamkeni waKenya,musichukuliwe for a ride.A TZ newspaper is the worst to be relied on(no offense to Tanzanian bros/sis.

PEACE kwa wote

Anonymous said...

What a stupid contribution. Raila respects the rights of ALL Kenyans, unlike the pagans who misuse Christianity to steal.


Kim said...

Anon@11.04, thats very very funny. Ati ERECTIONS are very hard!hehehehe. That is so true, even Kenyans realized that theirs was hard!. Raila and Kibaki definitely know that erections are hard!


Islam has been a religion in Kenya since 1st century and they have never made any attempt to impose their religion on anyone. Christianity was brought to Kenya in the 19th century for colonization purposes.

If the muslims wanted to rule Kenya by force, they did not have to wait until the Kenyan 2007 (21st century) elections or Odinga to realize that goal. This is one of the most stupid PROPAGANDA shit that only a stupid person can whip of his/her ass and hope that some stupid person will buy into it. The level of desperation is just out of this world!!!!!!!!

Nice try!

Anonymous said...


Mon, 14 Jan 2008 10:15:06 +0000 (GMT)

Attention all Kenyans!! Uganda soldiers are now in Kenya under the protection of our own armed forces. And do you know that all non-GEMA Kenya Army soldiers are being sent on compulsory leave as we speak?. Pray for our country and people

Anonymous said...

ODM and PNU MP elects are locked up in different locations strategizing about the election of a speaker.

PNU, ODM-Kenya and small parties are at Simba lodge in Naivasha strategizing what they call their parliamentary agenda starting with the election of a speaker.

Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka is leading the meetings at naivasha where reports indicate Njoki Ndungu has been offered a nomination and suport for deputy speaker to step down in the race for speaker.

At KCB Management Karen ODM MPs were relieved of their phones and movements out of the Management centre were curtialed only Chris Okemo was allowed out to pick their entry cards from Parliament.

The idea we learnt was to block wooing communication from PNU.

The stakes for the speaker seat are high.

Anonymous said...

This was a rumour started by a rightwing and very racist US blogger only a few nights ago and its grown legs! Someone tried to post it on my blog so I checked it out to see where it came from. The site is known among the anti-war faction for spreading hate across the internet directed at Muslims and Arabs. It spread misinformation during the Israeli attack on Lebanon two years back. If you believe that story, come see me, cos I have a watch to sell you.

The story was concocted to smear Obama here ->

Wanyama said...

Islam and Muslims lived and existed in Kenya 1000 years before Christianity came and the local population were bought with candies and blankets so that the White man steals our land and colonises us. The home guards that they have created by then like Michuku and Nyachae are the ones who are biting us till today. It was Desmond Tutu whop said: “When missionaries came to South Africa, we had the land, they had the Bible. Then they told us, 'Let's close our eyes and pray.' When we opened our eyes we saw that we have the Bible, they have the land." Did the Muslims need 2000 years to “capture” Kenya? This hatred to Islam is misguided. Ask yourself, have you ever been hurt, harmed or harassed by a Muslim in Kenya? I live in Bungoma and cross border business in Uganda and Tanzania and the best neighbours I have are Muslims. If Shariah is bad, do you think all of them (Muslims) are silly and shit not to understand it? Do you say that the 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide are stupid? Muslims don’t eat religion and they need justice like the Christian Luo, Kalenjin, Embu or Teso needs justice.

This non-descript 3 sheet Tanzanian gutter press that concocted this shit about Raila should be asking itself one question since it hates Islam and Muslims. What do you do about Tanzania which has a Muslim President (Jakaya Kikwete) who is an observant Muslim so much so that he collapsed during his campaigns due to hunger and thirst since he couldn’t eat as he was fasting? Tanzania at the same time has a Muslim Vice-President (Ali Mohamed Shein). Do they hurt non-Muslims in Tanzania? And how comes they won 90% of the vote? Look at Zanzibar which is a federation with Tanzania, President, VP and Parliament speaker like Tanzania are all Muslims. Yet, they have no problem. We don’t need religious bigotry and hatred in Kenya; we have already enough tribal hatred and injustice. The fact that Kibaki and his sidekicks may be spreading religious bigotry and hatred will not make us hate our fellow Muslim citizens.

A Muslim neighbour living in Bungoma gave me the capital to start my business. What do you tell me? Neither my Christian relatives nor my Christian John Njue would have given me that support. In fact, John Njue is a fraudster and that’s why he is supporting oppression, hatred and rigging. The good thing is that as a Catholic, I have my direct relation with God and not through fraudsters and tribal demagogues like Njue. ODM has the largest majority of Christian clergies as a party. Look at PNU and Standard today, Mutava Musyimi is the one who is championing oppression today and he will tell you about Christianity. Boys and girls, get awaken and decide your destiny. Never ever accept the religious face of any Kenyan politician. Oh, I have forgotten, Kibaki was a “good Christian” who loves his “neighbours, justice, equality and human brotherhood.” Hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

More Evidence of Rigging

Anonymous said...

Kile kilicho na mwanzo LAZIMA kiwe na mwisho.

Anonymous said...

If sharia law is adopted...we will have fewer thieves, less imoral men and women...What abt that
Anon 9:36 what is Dumbai?

I want to think that it is just a crap of nonsense to divert the attention of people...Would Raila be making noise for all these years so that he can make Kenya an Islamic state and for your information the 4.3m voters who voted for RAO trust me ..there were some who were born again christians not just people followers like Njue who are religious but do not have a relationship with God.

The Rendezvous said...

I am a Muslim and a Kenyan.

These PNU propaganda assisted by the Americans will NEVER help heal the wounds Gikuyus think they can go away with.

First it was Gikuyu-Luo affair.Now PNU-ODM, Muslims against Christians.

Raila and Muslims have all the time said, their main signing of MOU was that MUSLIMS should be treated "fairly" like other Kenyans.

The Muslims who were taken to Guantanamo and Ethiopia by PNU will be brought back with or without PNU and americans.

Anonymous said...

Sasa confirmed shoga kama Balala anaweza kuishi na Sharia kweli?

The Rendezvous said...

Why do u feel BAD that Balala has done well and they won the "erections" you are refusing kenyans to enjoy.

Infact Balala has a wife and family.

Sio kama wale wagikuyu "malaya" everywhere.

Soga wewe.No matter you are posting like anonymous.

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