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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hanging on a String and Barely Holding On

There are so many people who've gone through this patch in their lives. And they can associate with what is encapsulated in the poem below – a feeling of dejection, utter loneliness and guilt. If you know people who are going through such a rough patch, talk to them and try to show them love. I promise you, they need it 'badly' and urgently…

Hanging on a String
Constrict my heart,
With every thought,
My heart pains.

Of what I didn't do,
And should have,
Always stalk me.

Of what I did,
And should not have,
Smile at me.

Of a beloved friend,
Who passed away,
Grin at me.

Thoughts, come and go,
Of an intimate friend,
Who said enough's enough,
And took her leave.

These thoughts,
Take me down,
Deep down,
To a place of no return,

I'm left,
Gasping for breath,
Gasping for air,
That really isn't there.

These thoughts, like acid,
Eat at my heart,
They eat and eat and eat,
And leave horrid, gaping holes.

These holes wear out my heart,
And with every thought added,
I do say, verily,
My life is hanging on a string.

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Pea said...

So you feel it, too?
That pain in your heart,
That threatens to tear
Your soul apart?

So you think them, too?
Those thoughts of regret –
Of mistakes that you made
And now cannot forget?

So you feel it, too?
That endless pain,
And the conviction that no death
Should ever be in vain?

So you’re sinking, too?
To bottomless pits,
In agony as your heart’s
Shredded to bits?

So you’re clutching, too?
To a thin little string...
And wondering what all this
Heartache will bring?

It is only during
The blackest nights
That our hearts are trained
To scale great heights.

It is only when
The room is pitch dark
That the photo emerges,
Its beauty stark.

It is only when
She has suffered long
That the African woman
Can find her song.

That African warrior
Do you think he got
His great reputation
Before he fought?

We cannot go up
Unless we are down first.
We cannot seek to be quenched
Unless first we thirst.

Let your heart feel the pain,
But one day, it will end.
And those aching, gaping holes?
One day, they will mend.

If you’re hanging on a string,
Then hold on tight.
If you’re struggling for air,
Don’t give up the fight.

There is One Who repays,
Rewards, restores…
He it is, Who avenges
And opens closed doors.

He is closest when His silver
Is in the fire,
And He rescues His children
From the deepest mire.

One day soon
It will all be a memory,
In the pages of Kenya’s
Dark history.

For now, I urge you
To hold on tight,
And begin to sing
With all your might.

This is definitely not
The end of the story
When it is all over,
God will get all the glory.

ritch said...

Thanx, Pea...

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