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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

ECK Chairman Kivuitu Now Admits That He Was Under Pressure To Announce Suspect Results

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It seems that the truth about what happened in Kenya on 30th December is now unfolding at break-neck speed.

Barely a day after 4 ECK commissioners boldly told the world that the 2007 presidential elections were rigged, the ECK chairman Samuel Kivuitu himself has come out to admit that he was under intense pressure form PNU and ODM-K to announce suspect results.

Phil said in an earlier comment:

Yes, I confirm Sam and others, Kivuitu appeared on prime time news this evening saying he read the results under extreme duress. Pressure was from PNU/ODM-K, and heavily armed government agents were slave-driving around.. Others like Maina Kiai pleaded with him to defer announcing presidential poll. He offers very little comfort when he suggests ODM seeks legal redress. But then, everyone knows he had no choice. He was a HOSTAGE and even now, I doubt whether he is free because he spoke at a room that resembles a hospital bed and he was dressed in some sort of pyjama uniform without any vests....

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Anonymous said...

Kivuitu ought to have resigned at KICC infront of the press. He says he did not want to look like a coward but to many he is now a traitor.

Anonymous said...

The violence that has followed Kivuitu's annoucement is sickening. The Red Cross believes many parts of Kenya are now on the verge of humanitarian disaster (Reuters). How long before we begin to hear about Kenyan refugees?

Anonymous said...

I am truly tired. The govt. spokesman is making inflamatory statements (BBC Africa)and no non-ODM, non-PNU politican has come up with a formidable solution to the way forward.

Kenyans are being failed by their politicians.

wajohi said...

kibaki needs to step down..for the sake of peace

Atherere said...

It is better for one to resign infront of all observers and say that his, and may be his family are captive and in danger than saying it now. Better for the PNU and ODM-K to order the police to shoot him on stage than rig elections and come out later to say this. He is supossed to be a wise old man his age dictates and not behave as if he is a teenager. It is clear that he knew what he was throwing the country into than accepting the Ksh.242milion he was promised. The whole world is dissappointed and he should know that this is his creation.

Anonymous said...

Chris or Phil is it true that there is no electricity in Kisumu?

atherere said...

Ksh.242 millon and the lives being lost, which is more important for Kivuitu? The reed in him to get even richer has the country bleeding now.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that anything could have happened to Kivuitu if he had put his foot down and refused to proclaim Kibaki winner.

He could have indeed said that his life was in danger in front of the media. Local journalists may have been prevented from airing the footage but international journalists were present in large numbers.

tnk said...

i agree,

he had an opporunity in time when he would have shown brilliance, tact and resolve. His action and that of other ECK officials (presiding officers, clerks and commissioners) is what has led to the bloodshed. THey are just as responsible and accountable for the 100s of deaths.

Rumor has it that presiding officers are being called to KICC to sign (purportedly forged) 16A

Cant these people understand they are killing Kenyans.

Chris/Phil use your resources to publish the full list of presiding officers and their polling stations. these people have to be exposed, if they have nothing to hide, then they have nothing to fear. they should not hide behind a faceless ECK

Anonymous said...

The ECK as it exists now cannot be trusted by Kenyans.

Before 2012:

a) The current commission should be dissolved.

b) Legislative safeguards should be put in place to outline how commissioners will be appointed in the future (criteria etc.) and to prevent incumbents from stacking ECK with their cronies.

Anonymous said...

How are Kenyans supposed to wait for 2012 for action? ECK must be restructured to give us a reason to go the polling stations in 5 years time.

I am not ready to vote only to be slapped across the face by a rigging government.

Anonymous said...

Kivuitu at State House apparently did not look like a man under seige. He was laughing and joking.

Kenyans do not take him too seriously. This is a man trying to clean up his legacy. Unfortunately for him, what is done is done. History will punish him with an ugly legacy.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki should just go home. Period.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what Moi must be thinking? He is the one person who was not expected to pack his bags peacefully - but he of course did.

Abdi said...

I honestly don't understand Kivuiti.
He seems to suggest that he feared being labeled coward had he resigned, yet he was coward to announce rigged results.

Either he wants to play both sides (pleasing PNU/ODM by announcing their candidate and coming out to make ODM "happy") or the deal went sour.

May be the 280 million or whatever didn't materialize like the MOU or the 1997 IPPG rules now ignored by Kibaki. Thats just my own analysis, otherwise why would he come to the public now.

Why not resign or even better tell this to the media at KICC at the time? If he is not sure whether Kibaki is the president, why declare him the winner as he says "I don't know whether Kibaki is the president".

Is this guy normal? Is he mature enough? Or he is intoxicated? I don't know. I am just surprised at his late admission, when he would have been a national hero had he resigned or even fled the country like John Githongo.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kibaki should go home. How on this earth does he expect to govern this country?

I guess he will be content with circulating in central Kenya, living in State House and taking his pay cheques home.

Anonymous said...

Kivuitu has shown his true colours. He is a weak, incompetent fellow who even at this stage has not announced his resignation.

What the hell is he thinking?

Anonymous said...

The blood of thousands of Kenyans is on your hands Mr. Kivuitu. You had us fooled when you said that your are also a Kenyan and that you will perish with the country. Even after Kwach and the rest pleaded with you, telling you that it was a matter of life and death you went on to announce fake results. Sorry, it's too little, too late. What you need to do now is to resign and give us the names of the PNU/ODM-K thugs.

Anonymous said...

This it the winner of the Jurist of the Year Award. Remember he promised not to let down those who had presented the award to him. Need I say more!

Hellen Okello said...

And Martha Karua says Kibaki cannot step down. ODM ought to seek legal redress.

She is a shame!

Anonymous said...

Hellen Okello: Martha Karua is one of the most divisive politicians in Kenya today. She called BBC Africa to make some really alarming, non-reconciliatory statements.

In the meantime, some Kenyans have not slept in days for fear of their lives.

Anonymous said...

I am alarmed at what tnk said that presiding officers are being taken to KICC to sign forged A16 forms. Can someone educate me here? Do party agents not remain with a carbon copy of this vital form that coroborates the acutual number of votes tallied or cast?

Anonymous said...

I still blame everything on Kibaki etal , kivuitu was just a pawn in the game .I suspect that they might have threatened the life of his family , he was under duress during the ktn interview and even talked about people who should have never been born, who are these people?.Chris if you can get the footage of the kivuitu interview we can all play it and try to make sense out of it.

To let this go is to allow an illegal government to rule us for five years , we must pressure the international and local community until Kibaki subdues otherwise they will rig uhuru in in 2012 or michuki or whoever they want to for that matter.

Iam sure they are not sitting and waiting for an independent inquiry, they can easily clean their tracks by the following measures
1.Go back and add marked ballot in the presidential boxes to tally up the inflated figures
2.Fill new form 16A's and forge signatures.

The only solution is to compare figures that the media announced with that of party agents other than pnu in these contentious areas.I hope the independent commowealth observers have numbers too.Video footage is precious we should guard KTN and Nation librarie because theirin lies the evidence.

Anonymous said...

"I did not want to look like a coward, so I accepted the rigged votes".
This is pretty much what the brave Mr. Kivuitu is telling Kenyans. I hope he has been given some "award" for his act of heroism!!!!

I gathered he will be going to South Africa soon to join the Boers who are now governing Kenya behind the scenes by using our so called powerful elites. All African ruling elites are like curtains hiding what is happening inside the house which is full of their bosses, the foreign investors. Other than filling their pockets with bribes and handing out Kenya's treasures, these elites have nothing to give their citizens except set GSU on them.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kivuitu has been used as a scapegoat by all the presidential candidates in an attempt to distruct us from their own actions that led to the highly disputed election results

Election disputes happen ! ODM propaganda would have us believe that it is because kibaki was declared the winner that we have riots Let me remind you all that riots in kisumu and kibera began well before kibaki was elected . Riots broke out because the electoral commission was taking longer than expected to announce the winner Kivuitu explained that they were verifying what they had received but odm insisted that results be announced so save us the propaganda

Are this the first disputed election in kenya or the world ? Did kenyans loot and burn houses in 92 or do other countries with disputes do the same ? ODM had planned and organized this all along so as to bring us to where we are today This riots were well planned so that raila can have his orange revolution .

1.ODM had a determined effort to decide that any result that did not have them winning both State House and Parliament had been arrived at by a nefarious rigging scheme. This crusade was so determined and nothing it seems was too large a stretch for it.

2.The idea, that ODM already had the election sewn up and that the government was planning to rig it out of its legitimate victory was repeated so often, and given such prominence by the ODM friendly East African Standard, and the party’s top officials that it was accepted in many quarters as truth.

3.These and other odm fantasies,were reported unhindered by a media that has totally abdicated its role as public watchman.

4.These imaginings were and continue to be a political ploy, straight out of the perpetual victim philosophy that has caused Raila the candidate to repeatedly allege that the State had hired assassins to finish him off. So should we pay him any mind? Yes, Raila’s cries must not be ignored because they influence many Kenyans perception and are from his lips a powerful cudgel, as dishonest and irritating as they may be.

5.It is clear what the ODM parties are trying to do. Their employment of the talents of American spin master d. Morris evinced this desire to win at all costs, fair or foul and it is a strategy that Kenya is paying for today . **** Morris, for those Kenyans who may have forgotten is particularly famous for his involvement in the ‘revolution’ of the Ukraine where his strategy was to flood the streets with flag-carrying protesters after the election, thereby creating the perception of a defeated government that had rigged itself back into office. Just like in the Ukraine, it is clear that in Kenya, an opposition win is the desired result for both the British and European governments. These governments then went on to underwrite the sustained effort of the demonstrations and its international portrayal as a display of democratic will, against an unpopular government never mind that half the country supported the incumbent. The international media are already being alerted to the role they will be required to play in this coup, a make-believe spontaneous ‘Orange Revolution’ coming to our streets if Raila and his shadowy allies are not pleased with the election result.

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