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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

PNU's Dirty Games

As the ODM prepares a comprehensive report on election malpractices and presidential vote count escalation in favour of Kibaki, media got hold of this hand written ballot paper summary for the Langa Langa polling station in Nakuru Town constituency.

It is obvious even to most illiterate eye, that "0" was added by Kibaki supporters to inflate his vote from 79 to 790 and thus earn him an extra seven hundred dishonest votes. Obviously, with these sort of mischievious games, PNU's Kinyanjui Lee Maiyani emerged the winner.

This reminds me the Kisauni by-elections petition case which has been proven several times over was stolen by Anania Mwaboza from LDP's Ali Hassan Joho. Another example is the Magarini by-elections a few months ago which were a BIG FRAUD. Where is Hon Kombe today?

Because of this open fraud the country continues to burn and innocent Kenyans continue to die.


Anonymous said...

Phil or whoever

I have just seen this in BBC and u have just posted it!I wonder if you are in Kenya or just one of the people overseas behind their computer typing anything

Anonymous said...

As a former Kibaki supporter, I will always insist that there will no peace, love, co-exsistence, trust and nationhood as long as Kibaki occupies the State House in which he was sworn without the National Anthem. There is no one who loves injustice. As much as have would like Kibaki to win, I put myself in the shoes of his competitors. I have never been taught that theft and stealing is an honour and geniusness. Serve justice and you will see how Luos love Kikuyus, how Maasais Love Mbeeres, how Kikuyus love Kalenjins. Without justice, there will be no be peace. It is your conscience to dictate to you.

Phil said...

Anon or whoever

Does it change its validity if its on bbc, voa aljazeera or wherever?

What I have in my possession is worse and would put your candidate to shame. Its ODM's evidence against ECK and PNU. As soon as they are done, we shall upload it here. You will be shocked!

I am in Kenya and a registered voter in langata. Right now, I am posting this from Kangemi in westlands. (Does it matter where I am or are you NSIS trying to locate my and chris' exact position?)

Anonymous said...

Phil, thanks for this great job. But I wanna bring to your attention something someone pointed out. If you look at the footage on NTV which shows the swearing in of Kibaki (originally taken from KBC obviously), it looks as though it is day and it looks very bright as in broad daylight. Could this mean that he was 'sworn in' even before he was declared as the 'president' since the time Kivuitu was on KBC reading those 'results', it was already dark in Kenya, around 6 P:M:, I guess?

Anonymous said...

What were ODM doing with ballot papers in their possession? This is pure proof that ODM was engaged in massive rigging in its constituencies and forged some ballot papers so as to bolster their argument that the election was rigged.

Tamtam said...


I so agree with you, I feel very strongly about injustice.

The sad thing is Kibaki clearly does not have a conscience.

His actions demonstrate that he does not have the capacity, to reflect in the way that you suggest.

He is a Catholic ,too. I wonder what he takes to confession.

Whoever is giving the man spiritual direction, needs their head examined.

Very disturbing, is all I can say.

Adam said...

Phil, Chris and every other contributor to this blog. It seems this forum and many others like it have become a forum for many people to express their views, anger, disappointments and whatever other feelings we might all be having after this election.

At this moment, lets forget about Kibaki, Raila, ODM, PNU and any other political affiliations we might have.

Am not sure how viable this is BUT if (by any off chance) it thinking WE (Kenyans) should hold our own march (remember like the one where guys held hands outside parliament) independent of any political inclinations. Show our solidarity and denounce all this unnecessary killings.

Some of us here have more influence than others...and are at a better position to make this possible.

For those of you who agree with me...IF OUR LEADERS CANT MAKE THIS WORK LET US MAKE THIS WORK!!

anaweza said...

anon at 9:18am: It is my understanding that every party who participated in the election had should have had an agent who was required to sign the form 16A election return before it was sent to ECK. Therefore it means that they should all have access to the signed returns. It would be interesting to see what ODM has, what PNU has, what the returning officers have, and what the election observers have.

The only way to resolve the current situation is to make all this information available publicly and allow us all to make our own judgments as to the truth of what happened during this election.

Anonymous said...

The ECKs incompetence is alarming. I bet that was the trick with picking new commissioners close to the election date, though still this doesn’t explain it as we have had elections in the past... Any moron could easily borrow from what banks do with regards to cheques, where amounts in figures have to have corresponding entries in words. An additional column should have been provided for this.

Phil said...

Thanks ANON 2

Intelligence Information.
Kivuitu was driven, under armed guard, to KBC Studios after the press briefing broke down and he read the results at KBC. He was then taken, again under armed guard, to state house to deliver the nomination certificate. KBC misled us that he was at his KICC office when he read the results. His present whereabouts, even when his colleagues disown ECK results, remains unknown. There are no commissioners at ECK offices and it is impossible to seek any redress with them because apparently "they are legally impotent"

Actually, a lot of evidence being put together shows - votes were not just stolen, but the winner was known before the campaign period started. What I will post here in the weeks to come will shock many Kenyans. Poleni, but we have a duty to publish the truth.

deroo said...

These are what are inflaming the violence. Can you kindly, for heaven's sake stop it. You people are not even addressing the fact that all these fracas.

You are not even addressing a fact that Musalia Mudavadi was the first person to declare Raila Odinga president. You are not addressing a fact that none of the politicians is calling for peace.

You are not addressing such issues such as Kikuyu ni adui yetu. You are not addressing issues like the levelel of tribalism comments made during the lection.

For heaven's sake, let us seek a better way of calling for people to meet while this condition remains tense. Please avoid this.


Tamtam said...


Mambo bado. I respect your duty to publish the truth.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Wow, Phil, thanks! That's an eye opener. I know Nakuru very well, but I am shocked that Kalonzo did not get even a single vote. And the sheet is blank on the # of registered voters, total # of valid voters etc. Call me a Kibaki apologist, but I'm sure I'm not alone that anyone with a computer, a printer a digital cam or scanner can pull that. Can't wait for you to 'put together' all the evidence.

Anonymous said...

Could someone confirm that the 'swearing in' ceremony on KBC was apparently done in broad daylight. The footage, which have seen from NTV, looks as though it was recorded in broad daylight. We all know the results were released around 6 so that means the swearing in ceremony was done before even the 'results' were announced?

deroo said...

Whether ECK read the statement, was Kivuitu the chairman or not. Kivuitu could not read the statement because the KICC Media Centre had been invaded by many people. There was heckling in the room and he could not do it in a quiet place.

The bottonline is that Kivuiti annouced the winner and it ends there. Let those people calling for a million people to martch to Uhuru Park stop it.

Raila cannot govern the country from Orange House abd it will never happen. He cannot set a condition, as a citizen to call of the president to resign for them to talk.

After all, that is equally the incitement a section of the populatoon are now being treated to.

Raila should kindly stop making those statements. Whatever is in the prersidency that others want!


Anonymous said...

My take

1.Kibaki will never finish his stolen 5 years.
2.Kivuitu will not finish this year.
3.Kibaki will have difficulty in naming a CABINET. HE NEEDS 70 MPS FOR THE 35 MINISTRIES BOTH full and Assists.
4.Unrest will always remain high.
5.No free secondary education from Day 1.
6.No change in Constitution.

deroo said...

Anon, the swearing in was done and was broadcast LIVE on KBC and KTN. PLease stop falling into the catergory of liars if you are not one. Kibaki was sworn in, Kibaki signed the forms infront of Justice Gicheru and for your infomation, can you kindly stop saying things that you imagine.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dero, face it. Kikuyus si adui wetu BUT you are not helping yourselves with what Kibaki is doing. Youa re alienating yourselves from Kenyans, proving the famous stereotypes that the confirmatory test for a Kikuyu's death is throwing a coin. Trust me, many people will hate you and rescind you for they feel you betrayed them and that is clearly what Kibaki did to Kenyans. Why do you only talk about Raila and people to preach peace? Can't you see the man who is the 'president' doing nothing? I never thought Kibaki was this bad before and I am afraid he made me a bit cautious about that whole community, sadly. I know this is stupid but sadly, he isn't helping.

Anonymous said...

Phil, Chris I have just received 411 stating that soldiers from the Kikuyu community have been sent to the troubled spots dressed in civilian attire to protect the Kikuyu. Can you confirm or disprove this, anyone? AAAARGH stupid media blackout fanning panic!!

Anonymous said...

Phil and your team thank you for all your efforts. With the likes of "Proud Kikuyu Woman" in State House Kenya is headed for many dark days.

They are uncompromising and in a state of denial that the best mental hospital in the world cannot cure.

Anonymous said...

The ilk of Derek are Stone Age tribal pussyfooters who fell behind the human race's journey to move ahead. Give him peace. He is in Persistent Vegetative State (PVS)

Anonymous said...

Dero, I am not imagining. I watched that footage on NTV (see the link here
and it seems as though it is done in abroad daylight. Please note that I am not saying this is the case but that it looks that way. We will know it with time.

Anonymous said...

Adding to Anon's remarks - TO FUTURE CABINET MINISTERS:

a) Kenyans are waiting to see if you accept your posts; POLITICAL DEATH IS SURE TO FOLLOW THOSE WHO TAKE PART IN A GOVT. OF THIEVES.

b) Kalonzo Musyoka: You have failed to make use of this opportunity to show us you deserved to finish better than a distant third. We want you to clearly state where you stand on this matter.

c)Note that the days of appeasing Kenyans regionally with cabinet posts are over.

tnk said...

i think first things first.
those directly responsible for the mess should be named starting with where things went wrong i.e provide list of all ECK officials including the names of the presiding officers, the supervisors and commissioners and the designated duty stations they were responsible for. These are public servants and therefore are answerable to the public. We do not want kangaroo courts but they should be immediately be required to appear before commission of local and international observers and confirm, validate or clarify the anomalies reported. They should also be made to understand that their decisions/indecision collusion/honesty or incompetence/professionalism is the reason Kenyans (men, women and children) from poor and modest backgrounds are now being killed. If they have any compassion at all for society to stand up and tell the truth.

deroo said...

Anon with your 411. You are not helping the situation. There can be nothing like that. the country is in a high security aleart and Raila declaring that he is the president is just one way of trying to whip sympathy from his commyunity and those who voted for him.

There is only one president in Kenya and that is Mwai Kibaki. Phill producing a copy of a documnet purpotedly retrieved from the ECK os just another way to justify the problem that the country held phony elections.

As PKW says, Phil, Do you believe that what you have just show us here is true. If you believe it is true and as you like branding people lesser wise, look at yourself in the mirror and reflect on your inner being.

What do you see yourself as, a Kenyan, a tribalist, a liar, an inciter or just a Luo, out to prove that Raila Odinga won the elections.

MY advice. Kindly stop that.


Anonymous said...

@anaweza we will eagerly await any information Phil has to toboa. As it is I'm also curious to understand how 100+ percent turnouts occured in some ODM constituencies. Perhaps Phil can help us understand how both PNU and ODM managed to rig this election where they saw fit.

deroo said...

Anon, you watched the NTV youtube link, then I wish, from wherever you were, you could have watched it LIVE on Africasat. There is a KTN link and it costs $6 for a day and you could have followed the events sequentially from the time William Ruto raised a query, to the time GSU flooded the KICC Centre, to the time Samuel Kivuitu announced the president and it even allowed you to watch Francis Muthaura calling on Kuvuitu to present the certificate to the president.

So, you are DEAD WRONG. POle bwana!


Anonymous said...

Deroo or what you call yourself, can you repeat what you wrote to yourself?

Why should we believe what Phil is not true and what do you see yourself first? Kenyan, then (insert tribe) because the question is whether the conduct of Mwizi Kibaki is right - he is not a president of mine because of how shady he conducted himself. And am neither Luo or Kikuyu.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Vikii, Taabu, Sue, Lucas, heck, at this point even Kioko where art thou?

Patriot said...

In the interests of preserving peace in Kenya we need to move past the questions of whether this election was rigged, which it clearly was, to the unfolding constitutional crisis in Kenya. A Sysco Exec just gave a great interview to BBC World, the jist of which is now on my blog at

Anonymous said...

I am not A luo Iam an agrieved Kenyan. Period. Derek u should burn in hell.

deroo said...

I am Kenyan and very proud to be one. I believe in justice, fairness and respect of human life. I would hate to see one lie, like Phil, presnting the above document which people take to be Gospel truth. If you ;look at that, kindly, does it mean that there were only two people running for the presidency.

In Langas, Nakuru, I have worked there and conducted a case study there, does it mean that Kenneth Matiba failed to get a single vote.

Does it mean that Kalonzo Musyoka who had an agent there never gannered a single vote.

When I talk about Phil, I talk of someone, who before the elections broughta document purpotedly relaesed by a group of Kalenjins in the Rift Valley, talking of how they will damage Raila's image in the Rift, I am taliking about a man who wrote a statement of how the Muthaiga Club met to discuss the take over (mid you the ARISTOCRATIC Muthaiga). Not the Golf Club, and he had quotes of how Ndia wa referred to as toilet cleaners and many more.

I am taling of things I know. Like the above, is beyond human reasoning!


deroo said...

Kioko, can you wake up. Thank you for reminding us PKW. Where is our Kioko, or the ODM wave washed him away. Where is our Kioko? BC? Where? Uko Wapi?


Anonymous said...

If Kibaki thinks he has mandate I challenge him to get out of state house, go to the streets and calm people down...afterall he has all the security he needs...coward!!

tnk said...

to add on to my previous comment

if a govt can deply thousands of troops to kill and maim hundreds of kenyans, i suggest the first process even before starting off with truth and reconciliation is assemble all the agents and ECK officers and a count verification/validation process be established. commission reads out the numbers aloud for each polling station. have the ECK presiding officer display a YES , NO, NOT SURE or whatever, then move on to PNU, ODM, ODM-K agents etc. this is not a court process just validation. where there are no anomalies or numbers errors are less than 2.5% for the polling station can be discarded. This not about about engaging in a shouting match, just identify where the anomalies appear. compile list where gross anomalies reported. and start from there. lets not try to make this rocket science. its a minor logistical process that can be quickly achieved

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Guys rather than keep exchanging blows here and fanning the animosity, check out for updates on the progress. (she sounded empathetic to ODM's struggle before the so called elections but she does sound impartial now and more true to the course now).

Yeah,guys, there IS PROGRESS TO PEACE! Just read from her 4.30pm EAT time that the international community is pressing for a recount to be done in presence of the media and to be broadcast live as a way out of impasse. Former president of Sierra Leone being brought in to talk to Kibaki.

deroo said...

He cannot. There is heightened security in the country. Kibaki will not cow to intimidation. Even from America and EU. They are all in the country to serve their interests.

Kibaki is right staying away. Politics ended on December 27 2007. Now we are in January 2008. Kazi wacha iendelee.


anaweza said...

My position is this:
1. all the 16A forms (and relevant supporting documents) or other evidence of the electoral returns needs to be made public.
2. All returning officers need to publicly affirm the that these 16A forms are what they signed and submitted to the ECK.
3. All party agents who signed the 16A forms need to publicly affirm the validity of these forms (and produce any supporting documentation that they have).
4. All election observers who were present at the different polling stations (not sure if they are required to sign anything) need to publicly affirm the validity of those returns.
5. All ECK commissioners need to individually affirm in public that the returns they have signed and announced were the true and accurate returns as reflected in the forms 16A - and explain any discrepancies that may be evident from steps 1 - 4 or face legal consequences.
6. All this needs to happen in public, live and broadcast by all independent media.
7. The public will be free to draw their own conclusions about those who are unwilling to participate in this exercise and will also be able to determine for themselves the truthfulness of those who do.

I am open to any suggestions or adaptations to improve on this position.

Anonymous said...

lol this is a joke. Derek, you believe in justice? Oh, right. Even Bush believes in freedom and justice. Ok, let us get over this: Dereek, I am afraid we need to disregard your kinds for the sake of moving ahead, you are purely a waste of time, the best way to deal with an ignorant is ignoring him/her. For those who are saying there was more than 100% turnout in ODM strongholds,, can I have a link or source that proves that there was more than a 100% turnout in ODM strongholds? Thanks.

anaweza said...

TNK: it appears that you and I are thinking along the same lines.

Anonymous said...

Surely dear Kenyans, let us just use pure common sense here. ODM wins huge majority in parliament its presidential candidate loses. PNU sufferes humiliating defeats and gets a very small number of sits, its candidate wins. Unless Im stupid... I think we should stop wasting out time with people like Derek. Theres no excuse for such people.

Anonymous said...

phil,dero,pkw,chris and the rest their is no reason to argue like interlects when we clearly see in justice fraud and killing as a way of leadership.I have seen very disturbing images of dead people and i now have changed my stand of violence.All i ask is for is the immediate resignation of that mwai.
my solution kikuyus are not team players and should be given their central kenya to govern themselves and leave as dammies alone.We are better of as dammies than with old gaurd dictators.

Anonymous said...

Kivuitu has admitted on KTN he announced the results after a lot of undue pressure from the PNU. Can PNU apologists now speak up!

Anonymous said...

Jesus!!! Kivuitu spills the beans. Can anyone who watched this on TV post more details - I just got an SMS to that effect

- Matogo

tnk said...

Anaweza, thanks, yours deals with the specifics more clearly. I don't understand why these guys are mystifying such a basic validation process and there is certainly no shortage of manpower. We do not need to engage in shouting matches, just a simple YES its correct or NO or OBJECTION to begin with and if possible a quick query if its resolvable turn to YES or NO if not leave at NO and move on to the next. then compile list with issues questions, tally those without and statistically determine how to proceed further.

thats where the problem and root cause is. everything else in this blog sadly is diligently hacking away at symptoms and side effects.

deroo said...

The PNU candidate was more pupolar than the party he stood on. Does it answer a question? Kibaki was elected by people in every province in the country.

When Daniel Moi ran in 1992 and 1997, he was totally rejected in Nyanza, and Central and parts of the Rift Valley and he won the elections.

Did Moi not run the country for two terms to add to the dictatorship tally that he had.

If someone says that people are calling for vote TALLYING, they will be tallied in December 2012. It is not a long time off anyway, Kibaki will not be there to rig the votes.


Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To those of you wondering where Kalonzo Musyoka stands on the matter now you know.

It seems ODM-K and PNU have made a power sharing arrangement.

Anonymous said...

anon @10:31p as early as Saturday morning ODM leaders namely Ruto, Nyagah, Balala were camped at KICC demanding that Kivuitu declare their candidate the President, the sword cuts both ways, plain and simple. On the same day ODM held a press conference which declared Raila was the President, Kivuitu responded by asking Raila to go on to State House. Who was pressuring who...its pretty obvious, one does not have be a PNU supporter to see what ODM was doing from the word go, before the elections and after the elections.

Anonymous said...

Derek, u fucking twat! Are you forgetting that Moi usually won because there were too many opposition parties that devided amongst them the majority opposition vote? What is wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

ON BREAKING NEWS: I am the ANON. who posted the message above.

Kivuitu is referring to the pressure that was mounted on him following the overnight meeting. As 4 other commissioners have already come out and said, during that meeting it was evident to them that the final figures they had arrived at were disputable (evidence of tampering).

However, Kivuitu was pressured to announce them anyway.

deroo said...

But he was totally rejected by the Luo, Kikuyu, half the Luhya and the Kisii. So whats the probelm now.

Moi never won a majority of seats in Nairobi and virtually all the major towns. So what is strange now, when Kibaki wins from those regions.

For those saying that Kivuitu was forced, whether he is right or not, the decision has been made and will not be reversed. In the interest of Kenya and Kenyans, ODM-K fpund it necesarry to urge Kivuitu to end the stalemate. No strings attached anyway.

ODM-K were just sympathetic of the situation and possible, you never know, Kibaki might have some of their own in his cabinet. If they toe the line. Mambo siyo mbaya.

I am only worried that human life that most of you currently writing here valued has been reduced to nothing.


Anonymous said...

ON BREAKING NEWS; Apparently, Kivuitu was under considerable pressure to announce the results even though he had reservations.

M. Kiai of the Kenya Human Rights Commission amongst others tried to intervene in the final moments before the announcement but failed.

kalamari said...

Shame on you Derek. How can you uphold results delivered with a gun to the head. Shame on you....times ten.

tnk said...

sad but achieves nothing the news that Kivuitu was under pressure to announce/release results. he had vowed and forcefully asserted that it didn't matter whether ODM, PNU and others threw tantrums or people rioted. he would only announce when he was ready. it certainly does no absolve him from this mess. regardless, his statement achieves nothing legally and falls in the category of too little too late

The Rendezvous said...

I wonder and ask Myself, How Emilio Mwai Kibaki won Kenya's election while Raila Odinga got more votes than him in Kenya's 6 provinces and Over 100 ODM elected MP's.

Three quarter of Kibaki's cabinet Ministers have been shown the door together with all MOI's sons.The majority of those who voted for Kibaki were Only His Gikuyu, Meru and Embus (GEMA)

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious that, Kibaki stole the elections. But when 50 innocent lives are snuffed out like that, this is when I would appeal to Raila and the pentagon members to take the higher road and be statesmen. I know our courts cannot be trusted to resolve this, I know Michuki is intent on having Kibaki lead at all costs, but there has got to be a more reasonable way for Raila to make his case heard. He should come out with a STRONG statement to end the killing

Anonymous said...

Please right thinking Kenyans, could you ignore Derek? The best way to deal with an ignorant person is by ignoring him. By replying to him, we are valuing him as someone worth debating with.

Sam Okello said...

Phil or Chris,

Can you confirm that Kivuiti said what's been purported here?

deroo said...

Last week, people were all over me that ODM will win. Now, that PNU has won. People are rebuking me. I did not do anything wrong. I only said, at the beginning of this particular debate that the phony evidence availed by Phil is not in order.

Like the athuri story he game us sometimes back, it does not hald any water. Kibaki was elected by people who in the pastr have voted for him. Honestly, Kibaki has his strongholds and Kalamai can testify, that I said, KIBAKI WILL GET A HIGHER PERCENTAGE IN CENTRAL AND EASTERN, AND MOP THE REST FROM RIFT VALLEY AND SHARE NORTH EASTERN WITH ODM.

Just put emotions aside and look at the wider picture. Apart from the shock Kalenjin vote in the Rift Valley, everything else went to script.

I knew Kibaki will not get much in Nyanza. But in a province with half what Kibaki's home-turf of Central can give, is there a problem with that.

By the way, for those of you who think I am ignorant, I am not. I am well informed and if being a supporter of my Kibaki equals to being ignorant, then we have 4.5 million Kenyans who are ignorant.

Meanwhile, as I leave you guys in the LORD'S eace for the time being, Kazi iendelee


deroo said...

can you people preach peace and make sure that the working nation resumes tomorrow. I am preparing to go to work in the morning. So, please lets meet in two hours time. I hope you shall all have called on brothers from all over the country to embrace peace and avoid going to Uhuru park on Thursday.

KIKOSI BALAA (GSU) are already on the ground. Please lets avoid tribal, provocative sentiments that make us all look ignorant.



Sam Okello said...


The end is soon coming for Kibaki. The nation's healing starts in just a few days. But if you don't go to Uhuru Park, you'll forever remember that when your nation called on you, you said no.

mswahili said...

PEACE TO ALL,is it true that Kivuitu has just spoken from the hospital bed?Please clarify

tnk said...

i never thought this is how the world would describe kenyans;_ylt=Agi.U.bcE3e507ApdMskARG96Q8F

Phil said...

Derek & PKW - You sarcastically question why only Kibaki and Raila appear on this summary from Langa Langa? Are you aware none of the presidential candidates got a vote in ALL polling stations of Kenya, including your despot President?

Yes, I confirm Sam and others, Kivuitu appeared on prime time news this evening saying he read the results under extreme duress. Pressure was from PNU/ODM-K, and heavily armed government agents were slave-driving around.. Others like Maina Kiai pleaded with him to defer announcing presidential poll. He offers very little comfort when he suggests ODM seeks legal redress. But then, everyone knows he had no choice. He was a HOSTAGE and even now, I doubt whether he is free because he spoke at a room that resembles a hospital bed and he was dressed in some sort of pyjama uniform without any vests....

anaweza said...

Kibaki wants to lead - by only basis for this is that his proxies appear to be working hard to ensure that he remains president even as the country burns. Yet where is he? Why is he silent in the face of the deaths of so many of his citizens? Why has he hidden from public view except through taped messages that are completely divorced from the reality (e.g. his inauguration and his new years speech)? Again I ask, where is Kibaki?

Anonymous said...

The violence towards inosent Kenyans is totally discusting. The eck and pnu are responsible yet odm has excited the violence.
If Kibaki and Raila feel that the cost of inosent Kenyans lives dictate leadership, why not put them in the ring. 12 round boxing match, winner takes all. Don King to promote it! The global TV rights alone would be worth atleast 1 billion USD, that money could rehabitate all the slums in Kenya. The average Kenyan would be so much better off no matter who wins. Atleast it cant be rigged with the whole world watching.

Anonymous said...

can you write english please

Silaha said...

I agree with Anaweza.

At this stage I have little faith in Kibaki. He swore himself in, so he should act like a President. We don't need an invisible President in times of crisis. Why are we hearing from Raila, Haji and others and not Kibaki? Even Kimunya was on the Net. Is he really in control or is he a captive of the "wazees"?


Sam Okello said...

The time is coming. The hour is apparoaching. Those who thought they could subvert our democracy are on the run. The forces of good will prevail over evil. Always has. Let's keep up the good fight!

David Kiilu said...


You have really outdone yourself this time by bringing forth this "evidence". If you give me a computer, printer, and a scanner and 15 minutes, I can also create my own "evidence" to suppot any argument. The sad thing about this is that when innocent kenyans are burning, you have chosen to pour petrol into the fire instead of fighting the fire. I want to leave you with this:-

Lord, make us an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury,pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that we may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I'm going to try and sleep. The images coming from Kenya look like they are from a horror movie.

Anonymous said...

Oh men, hawa watu hawajui ku-forge. Look at the space between the 7 and the 9, enough to put in any digit, even another 9. That person really struggled to place a 0 where-it is not supposed to be. He must have been a retard or this is the making of some propagandist! After all, it was sent to BBC by an ODM supporter!.Lost all credibility. Plus as someone stated where are th other candidates, i mean akina Muiru and the rest? Or was this only between the horses. Even the donkey did not register even one vote. This does not add up Kumekucha! Good luck with fooling people!

Sam Okello said...

Have a good night, PKW.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is a single Kenyan who is happy with the violence.

Let us just have a fresh presidential election across all 8 provinces with the necessary precautions.

ATI WHAT said...


Anonymous said...

Raila is to tour the flashpoint areas in Eldoret, Kisumu and Kakamega to call for calm and restraint.

That is the leadership Kenya needs at this moment not hotel briefings from a government minion like Alfred Mutua or faceless press statements from State House.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, it is now impossible to buy Safaricom airtime in Kenya. Why is that happening?

Also, are Celtel consumers experiencing the same difficulties?

kenyaone said...

PKW. am here but silent. Waiting. Wondering shell shocked. I just want to ask the guys posting here, especially those with legal minds a few questions. But even before that. I now really wish I had voted for Kalonzo and all Kenyans had done the same. Just before the elections i was in a discussion with a bunch of friends from all over the political divide. Our final conclusion was that pound for pound. Kalonzo would be the best candidate to lead kenya forward. But at the same time it became apparent that none of us (except the Kambas) were going to vote for him because we all had our own parochial interests. Sad isnt it. Were blaming our leaders but how much of this chaos is our own...voters fault. How many of you Luo's voted for ODM because Raila is a Luo, How many Kikuyu voted for the baks for the same reason. How many people voted for Raila not because they really wanted him but because they wanted to hit out at the current Government and or the Kikuyu as a tribe. Its so easy to point fingers at whose to blame but how much do we look at ourselves and the reason we as individuals voted. Food for thought.
Anyway. Assuming that Kivuitu has agreed he was pressured. Where does that leave us. Was he pressured to announce before he was sure...or in the knowledge that Raila had won? Also does that exonerate him and the ECK from blame? What is the course of action if it becomes clear that the wrong person has been sworn into state house. Should Kibaki then walk out of state house and hand over to Raila? how many think this will ever happen? If the choice is made to re tally the presidential votes. With all that has already been done and the complicity of the ECK. How can we be sure we will get the correct answer? Who has the ballot papers now? I believe they are in GOK custody. All that needs to happen is people take the disputed ballots and destroy them or add or subtract where neccessary? Really Im trying first and foremost to find a middleground so that the killing stops. then move on to a process where Kenyans can find out exactly how rigging was done and to what extent and how much it affected the outcome. But the bottom line is this. If Kibaki has already been sworn in according to the constitutional legal instruments and Raila is found to have won....Then what. What is the way forward?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon. for updating us on Raila's efforts. I actually believe Kibaki's hands off management practices are a cover for senility and general ill health.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

not everybody votes along tribal lines. I refuse to agree that because I wasnt kikuyu when i voted for kibaki in 02. neither was luhya when i voted for matiba.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki was voted into office with countrywide support IN 2002. THE VERY LEAST HE COULD DO IS ASK WHY THAT SUPPORT HAS EVAPORATED.

Abdi said...

kivuiti now admits he was pressured to take the certificate to state house, where he met the chief justice already ready to swear Kibaki--read the standard!!!.

"I do not know whether Kibaki is the president" he said. He claims that he had considered resigning.

So the people's president was definetly denied a chance by this pressure. However, lets give peace a chance please. Demonstrate peacefully. Can't we be mature to be peaceful while we vent our anger?

Anonymous said...

ABDI: Thank you for confirming my remarks above on Kivuitu.

I too want peace but venting anger in mature manner is surely the way to go but it is not enough. We need to have a fresh presidential election.

kenyaone said...

If there is a repeat of the presidential election across nationally then what time frame should we be looking at. As it is there must be a period of rest and recuperation. We must allow for a time of healing for the nation and a process for encouraging the same. Kenyans cannot live on politics. Too soon will also be detrimental to the economy.

Secondly, who would be in charge of the process? Surely not the same ECK? Will Kenyans trust them? If the ECK is overhauled then new officers must be trained properly. Ideas?

Anonymous said...

Is Kenya still in the stone age?
How many first world nations are tribal. Move on! If a presidental desion was judged on tribalism alone Kibaki would win with accurate numbers as the Kikuyu
tribe is the largest

Champagnee said...

Sam Okello read this!
Mobs have been forcefully circumcising people. Latest counts indicate about 20 people have suffered that fate. (NB circumcision is generally not practiced by the Luo community)
5 people have bled to death after forceful circumcision

Anonymous said...

Kivuitu would have being a true patriot as he claimed if he had resigned.

Anonymous said...

Kenyaone, I agree with you! Who could trust the ECK after what happened. If there was a second election. Why not get Pricewaterhousecoopers to control it. An inderpendent body is the only answer!

Anonymous said...

A second presidential election is desirable but the ECK is definitely not trustworthy.

As for Kivuitu he really ought to have RESIGNED. He says he did not want to look like a coward but that is a lame excuse.

Kenyans returned all the M.P.s who resigned from Kibaki's govt. to paliarment.

Abdi said...

I hear South Africa has dispatched their ECK to Kenya, but surely we cannot trust a foreign ECK either.

May be the best way to have a full recount in full view of the media and the world, not a re-run of the election.I think the election was pretty free and fair until the last minute. The media already have most o the tallies. Lets get the form 16a and use that.

Peaceful demo please, no violence. I personally hate violence. If they can have a peaceful orange revolution in Ukraine, why not Kenya. why the killings? why the violence? why the hatred? please lets be peaceful.

Anonymous said...

ABDI: A re-count will not do. Those documents have already been tampered with. Consider:

a) Fox News reported that one candidate allegedly ran away with ballot papers to disrupt counting.

b) Kenyans do not trust ECK. Who is to say that the forms have not been tampered with further in the intervening days to conform with the Kibaki figure?

kenyaone said...

thats true. but how embarassing for kenya to have a private entity supervise a national election. I guess this is merely a symptom of a greater problem affecting kenya. This is that institutions are not independent enough to carry out their proper functions and that the publics faith in the private sector is generally greater than their faith in their own government, which I might add they voted for. well maybe not this time

RG said...

I want to point out two things about this returns:
1. Total "original votes" = 317
Is it possible that in populous Nakuru, in an election with such a high turn out that less than 320 people went to vote at this station???
2. Kalonzo did not receive even 1 vote?

Am sure there are such "documents" Floating around FROM both sides.
Don't believe everything you see or hear, FROM both sides.

Anonymous said...

Some polling stations are in less demographically dense areas of urban centers.

Davis said...

Kivuitu was pressured into announcing results, how is that evidence oF rigging? PNU and ODM were at an all night tallying IF PNU were Found to have won then it is quite logical that they wanted their candidate pronounced the winner without delay. And truly that is ECK's job to announce results impartially and looking into the numerous irregularities that are coming up From both sides is not their jurisdiction.
The results that Kivuitu announced is what was counted and what he was required to announce, what else was he supposed to do with the results? Consult ODM? ODM-K? His mandate IS TO ANNOUNCE results and let people Fight it out elsewhere. So whether he was inder pressure or not has no bearing whatsoever in the Fact that the tallying, counting were done and the ECK had the results and by law they needed to be announced. His job is not to speculate whether those are rigged or valid results.

tnk said...

the chaos is not ODMs fault. its Kivuitu and the ECK staff who should technically go round the country appeasing people.
Why should Raila go round teh country cleaning up Kivuitu’s Michuki’s, Kibaki’s mess ups.

I appreciate that ODM pentagon members are taking the intitiative to calm people down. We need immediate action on an illegitimate govt and not long winded commissions taking months.

its easy to present vote tallies in a forum and identify where in the electoral process the breakdowns occurred. also identify presiding officers that deliberately circumvented ECK procedures of vote tallying. the mistakes happened with specific presiding officers and also much later in the main ECK control center. Find those specific people and publish their names, they should not hide behind a faceless ECK. If they have nothing to hide, then they have nothing to fear

Anonymous said...

I acted under a pressure, says Kivuitu

The Standard, January 2, 2008

By Isaac Ongiri

On Tuesday night, Mr Samuel Kivuitu made a damning admission that he announced results of the fiercely contested presidential election under pressure.

The announcement plunged the country into a post-election violence of a scale never witnessed before.

The magnitude of the Electoral Commission chairman’s admission and the further dent on the credibility of the election was captured in his answer when asked if indeed President Kibaki won the elections: "I do not know whether Kibaki won the election".

Kivuitu continued with his stunning revelations when he said he took the presidential election winner’s certificate to State House, Nairobi, after "some people threatened to collect it while I’m the one mandated by law to do so".

"I arrived at State House to take the certificate and I found the Chief Justice there, ready to swear-in Kibaki," Kivuitu said.

On claims that he was under undue pressure to declare results, Kivuitu said: "Some PNU (Party of National Unity) and ODM-Kenya leaders put me under pressure by calling me frequently, asking me to announce the results immediately".

President Kibaki ran for re-election on a Party of National Unity ticket, while Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, made his bid on an ODM-Kenya ticket. Mr Raila Odinga, who has said he was robbed of victory, ran on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket.

On Tuesday, Kivuitu said the alleged pressure to declare results came in the wake of parallel pressure from a number of ambassadors from the European Union countries and Mr Maina Kiai of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights not to announce the results until complaints, which arose, were addressed.

"I had thought of resigning, but thought against it because I don’t want people to say I’m a coward," he said. The embattled ECK chairman made the revelations shortly after meeting with 22 ECK commissioners.

On Tuesday, Kivuitu conceded that matters that arose from the poll results were so urgent that they should be taken to court, and the ruling done with minimum delay to ease national tension.

Court settlement

"If this matter is finally taken to court, the ruling should be made urgently so that if it were decided that Raila is the President, so be it. If it is Kibaki, so be it," he added.

Kivuitu said he made the decision, whose far-reaching implications are now being felt across the country. He said he announced the results because the commission had no legal mandate to investigate complaints raised by the opposition immediately.

Kivuitu fell short of naming the individuals from the two parties — PNU and ODM-Kenya — who coerced him to announce the disputed poll outcome, but went on to announce that the commission was consulting eminent lawyers over the next course of action "so that its actions remain within the law".

The EU observer team has discredited the poll results and urged for an independent audit.

On his part, Kivuitu said he backed independent investigation into what may have happened, but added that this would be only if the law would provide for it.

"We are culprits as a commission. We have to leave it to an independent group to investigate what actually went wrong," the chairman said, stunning local and international journalists, who had gathered at his Nairobi residence.

It has also emerged that some countries concerned with the poll outcome, like South Africa, had sent in their electoral officials to the country.

Kivuitu said the officials would be arriving on Wednesday "to look into the matter".

On Tuesday, Kivuitu was in a meeting with his 22 commissioners, which his deputy, Mr Kihara Muttu, described as "a house-keeping meeting".

In a signed statement, the 22 commissioners condemned the violence, which up to last night had claimed the lives of about 300 people.

Hellen Okello said...

It's sad that our brothers and sisters from the Mt. Kenya region should be holding new year festivities when our countrymen are being killed by this irrelevant gov't.

Guys, it's a matter of time before good prevails.

Tamtam said...

Mswahili, and anyone else,

Could you please provide a link, where Kivuitu, said he was forced, earlier today.

I spoke to the folks an hour ago, and they claim he was in his pajamas when he said this, on TV.

Is this true?

Anonymous said...

Davis, the key words here are Kivuitu's response when asked if indeed Kibaki won the election: "I do not know whether Kibaki won the election".

Anonymous said...


Go to

Tamtam said...


I have read on other Kenyan blogs, that it is business as usual for people in Central Province.

Yet Kisumu is under curfew, and on shoot to kill orders.

However, as we know some Kikuyus have died, as other tribes are dying too, so everyone is affected whether they like it or not.

Let those who are celebrating continue.

We wait to see what will emerge.

This is no time for celebration.

Anonymous said...

Investigations can only take place after Mr Kibaki will have voluntarily resigned. This is a serious matter indeed. Mr Kibaki took the presidency forcefully. He should be taken to court and charged for robbery (of votes).

Hellen Okello said...

Kivuitu should narrate his story to the birds.

PKW, do you still support MEK?

And Mugane, you say luos should find a president who's electable, I thought the voters decided Odinga was their man?

Or could you be upto something? Tell us!

Davis said...

Davis, the key words here are Kivuitu's response when asked if indeed Kibaki won the election: "I do not know whether Kibaki won the election".

That does not invalidate the results, in an earlier broadcast he had said that he is aware oF some irregular things going on FROM BOTH sides. He started voicing these doubts on Friday about these irregularities.

Hellen Okello said...


Standard confirmed this. The guy was meeting the 22 commissioners at his residence when he made these disturbing revelations.

Mr. Odinga, Mr. Ruto, Mr. Balala, Mrs. Ngilu, and Mr. Nyagah, guys don't let us down. Keep fighting for the people's rights!

Don't let this illegal gov't hoodwink you to a power-sharing deal.

madaboutlisa said...

"By the way, for those of you who think I am ignorant, I am not. I am well informed and if being a supporter of my Kibaki equals to being ignorant, then we have 4.5 million Kenyans who are ignorant."
- derek

BTW, the 4.5 million Kenyans is the bone of contention so don't use it as a bragging platform.

Tamtam, I saw the pyjama-d ECK chief make the confessions while KTN showed a placard on his hospital/'whaterver' room prominently worded 'Jesus'. I'm sure footage will soon be available online.

Thought: If this was Moi's era, it would have just been rumors and nothing more that rigging had taken place. Mwizi Kibaki is headed down the same path only that he chose a time when Kenyans are better armed. He should have taken remedial classes from Moi.

Kemilio, just in case you read this, you lost your chance at an honorable discharge.

- Madaboutlisa

Anonymous said...

DOHH Derek u r the most stupid guy in this whole forum - pls sleep n ask some1 to examine yr head!!

Opiyo S. said...

We as Luos are ashamed of Raila Odinga, we are very very ashamed of what Raila is doing. We dont want to go down on the history as stubborn foolish luos. We are the one suffering, look at Kibera, look at Kisumu dala, we are very ashamed.

Raila, as Luos, we are very ashamed of you.

madaboutlisa said...

As sure as Kemilio won the elections, the Opiyo S. post is from a Luo!

- Madaboutlisa

Hellen Okello said...

Opiyo s., are you speaking for you? Or for me? My friend, could you do us a favour and just shut up!. If you have nothing to offer log off.

What's your motive?

Should the democratic gains we've achieved for the last 40yrs ride to hell?

Are you sane?

Do you know what Kenyans are fighting for?

My friend, Kenya is not a police state.

Anonymous said...

Civil disobedience, boycotting Kikuyu bussinesses without violence would help to resolve the problem peacefully. The corrupt Kibaki would be forced to resign within two weeks by the very tribal kinsmen who assisted him.


But dont use violent please. Slowly those thick heads like Mugane and PKW will realize what it is to be a Kikuyu. They will at last learn to be civilized Kenyans (And not Mingikis and Ngorokos)


The Patriot said...

The partriot.
I have just read the standard article on what kivuitu said. I’m stunned what he said. Anybody with an IQ slightly higher than that of a sheep will arrive at the following conclusions:
1. When he was asked whether he believes that kibaki won the election and his answer being that he didn’t know, it implies that the Kivuitu who announced the results is different from the one who was responded to that question. I thus liken him to a warthog. I’m told that when warthogs are being chased by an enemy and they have just outrun the enemy after a short while, they forget that the enemy is still at their heels hence stops oblivious of everything only to be punced on a moments later. Kivuitu is forgetting that three days ago, he firmly declared that kibaki as the president. Its insane to now say that he doesn’t know.
2. He claims that some people threatened to come and get the certificate from him if he did not take it to state house. If he didn’t know who the legitimate president was or did not concur with what he just announced, he would have just refused to hand over the certificate, let the people who threatened him pick it up. That way, he would have exonerated himself from blame. By handing it over to kibaki, it implies that he acknowledged that Kibaki was the winner. He thus acts like a kid. Have you ever seen two babies fighting and one of them hits the other. The aggrieved starts crying, the culprit realizing that he has done a mistake starts crying too. In the end, he also gets some sympathy.
3. When he said that he was under pressure from PNU and ODM-K to announce the results, it shows that he is a coward. I therefore conclude that he is not the same Kivuitu who was caught no camera telling ODM supporters that nobody can intimidate him. If indeed he was under pressure from anybody, he should have just said that in public with the media present instead of announcing the result - nobody would have dared touch him.
4. When he says that he did not resign because people would think that he is a coward, I think he is out of brains completely- to be forced to announce the results by PNU and ODM-K and bow to their demand is not an act of bravely. If indeed he weren’t a coward, which he is, he would have resigned in public. That would have made him a man of valor.
5. He claims that his team his consulting with lawyers to find a way forward if “its within the law”. This is an acknowledgment that the commission rigged in Kibaki. ECK would be arrested since we have a confession from them and be charged with election fraud and treason. Moreover, some of its members have disowned the results. I therefore wonder if indeed they ever met and decided on this. In fact he accepts that they are culprits. - He should be sentenced immediately at his own admission.
6. He claims that he backs an independent authority to look into the results. This is an admission that ECK was partisan. In other words he is admitting that they favored Kibaki. Therefore, he fell short of saying that kibaki is not the winner of the elections. He is being clever when he further says that this can only happen if the law allow, he is acknowledging that he knows nothing about law more specially to that deals with elections. He is worked in ECK for long and by now, laws that govern elections in Kenya should be at his fingertips. He was bragging that he has monitored elections in many countries and has a lot of experience. I think the experience he is talking about is that of rigging elections in the animal kingdom- not human beings. He therefore doesn’t deserve to be in charge of elections whereby voters are sober human beings. Let him get fired immediately.

My conclusion is that kivuitu knew what he was doing and he should be held responsible. He is trying to exonerate himself from blame because he wasn’t anticipating that Kenyans would react like this. He thought Kenyans are still stupid. He should be held responsible for installing an illegitimate president and instigating chaos all over Kenya. This is treason and should be taken seriously. I knew this would happen when he started saying that he remembers kibaki calling people pumbavu back in makerere. This only tells us that he admires him and its no news that he rigged him in.
There was an article in standard a few days ago titled “how to rig an election” in the east African. The author outlined the events that were to occur the way they have occurred until I started thinking that this author had some inside information. I Urge you Kenyans to find it and read it. It’s exactly what has happened.

Abdi said...

I still don't understand why we are playing the luo-kikuyu card.

I think we should talk as kenyans. Future elections may result in a kikuyu being rigged out. Would you then support it?

Hellen Okello said...

Anon, that's beside the point.

All of us are Kenyans to begin with.

With civil disobedience, all Kenyans should participate so this irrelevant gov't can be on it's knees.

I hope no one will send their kids to school...

I hope all civil servants will stay home...

I hope all roads leading to any city will have roadblocks.

We need to cripple this illegal gov't.

rhyymemaster said...

My take on the Kenyan election. What happened was very evident. Firstly Kibaki appointed friendly commissioners who he knew would screw up this election. That he will be beaten was a messeage he had known all along so this was plan B. He also knows so well that interests must be protected selfishly even if it means Kenyans dieing. He has BIG shots whose riches is questionable and these guys will do all that it takes for Raila to be beaten. They also had checked the whole electoral process and seen that the only way to still this election is by delaying the count and later screwing the tallying. BTW if done transparently the electoral process is quite efficient. Case in point 2002. But they underestimated the will of the people. It's quite evident that ECK chairman was under undu duress, we watched it live on KTN via Africast. That ODM-K was also responsible for this mess is undeniable, I watched in horror at the statement made by Mutula Kilonzo and later by Musyoka. These were Moi projects all along. So, they screwed up the process and knew the people will retaliate, they now use Michuki and Njenga Karume to unleash the paramillitary on the people. Some people think this will be the, no...never. My verdict; due to international pressure, internal aggression, and military Kibaki will yield and resign. An independent commission will be constituted to look into the malpractices of the electoral process and anybody who participated will be unmasked. You will be shocked at the faces behind this mess. These guys will be charged with criminal acts and will go behind bars even the ECK commisioners (that is hy they now are pasing back the blame)....under ODM government. This is just the beginning of a just and equitable Kenya. All these have been foretold. Also, anyone who ever stole from Kenya will be made to account. Long live Kenya, God bless Kenya.

Anonymous said...

OPiyo or whoever you are, you are definately not a luo. You rob somebody and expect the victim to apologise.

rhyymemaster said...

My take on the Kenyan election. What happened was very evident. Firstly Kibaki appointed friendly commissioners who he knew would screw up this election. That he will be beaten was a messeage he had known all along so this was plan B. He also knows so well that interests must be protected selfishly even if it means Kenyans dieing. He has BIG shots whose riches is questionable and these guys will do all that it takes for Raila to be beaten. They also had checked the whole electoral process and seen that the only way to still this election is by delaying the count and later screwing the tallying. BTW if done transparently the electoral process is quite efficient. Case in point 2002. But they underestimated the will of the people. It's quite evident that ECK chairman was under undu duress, we watched it live on KTN via Africast. That ODM-K was also responsible for this mess is undeniable, I watched in horror at the statement made by Mutula Kilonzo and later by Musyoka. These were Moi projects all along. So, they screwed up the process and knew the people will retaliate, they now use Michuki and Njenga Karume to unleash the paramillitary on the people. Some people think this will be the, no...never. My verdict; due to international pressure, internal aggression, and military Kibaki will yield and resign. An independent commission will be constituted to look into the malpractices of the electoral process and anybody who participated will be unmasked. You will be shocked at the faces behind this mess. These guys will be charged with criminal acts and will go behind bars even the ECK commisioners (that is hy they now are pasing back the blame)....under ODM government. This is just the beginning of a just and equitable Kenya. All these have been foretold. Also, anyone who ever stole from Kenya will be made to account. Long live Kenya, God bless Kenya.

Ahmed said...


You are stupid Stone Age tribal pussyfooter from a known region. Why should pretend to be a Luo you crude and uncultivated creature? Raila is not about Luos and neither did Kenyans elect a Luo. Someone sought Kenyans permission to lead as a Kenyan and the millions who voted from in the 6 provinces that he has led voted for him based on ODM's manifesto. You are stupid Stone Age tribalist who is using a name to vomit on here people here. Silly.

Tamtam said...


I do not know how what you are saying will work. I spoke to my folks this evening.

They live in an area where Kikuyus own most of the shops.

Those shops are closed at the moment, and have been closed since all this kicked off.

People are starving. No shops, no food.

Who is going to fight on an empty stomach?

What is the answer?

I do not like what has happened at all, and yet I wonder what the way forward is.

Mwizi Kibaki will not step down, and will not admit that he stole. Raila will not enter a dialogue with him, if he does not acknowledge this.

The rivers of blood have started to flow.

It is the guys in the Kawangware, Kibera and Mathare etc who are really really feeling it, more than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Abdi: You are right. Some of our people can not think beyond Karatina. I am a Kikuyu myself and understand that our successful bussiness everywhere in Kenya needs peace, trust and democracy.

I would not let anybody to rig the elections simply because he from my tribe. Only a stupid being and less developed minds would think like this. And it seems to me that there are still many in Kikuyuland, inspite degrees.

Lets condemn what is bad for ALL of us (And Kibaki's coup d' Etat against Kenyan's will is bad).


Hellen Okello said...

Mr. ECK Chairman, Kalonzo, Kilonzo and all the 21 Commissioners should be frog-marched to the Hague!.

Vikii, where are you?
Your Mr. Clean(Kalonzo) has betrayed you big time!

Kibaki, please vacate the people's house!

Tamtam said...

The Patriot,

I am still laughing at your comment.

Who knows, maybe Kivuitu suffers from some split personality psychiatric disorder.

Were there any psychiatrists at his bedside, to make an assessment, when he released the statement this evening?

I think that as he was under so much pressure, we do not know what happened to his ability to function normally at that moment.

The situation he describes is enough to send anyone into some sort of psychological disturbance.

I have a hunch barrels of guns were involved.

What do you think?

Thank you for the Warthog analogy.

Silaha said...

@anon 2:24PM & @abdi.

You're both right. I firmly believe that if there is a corrupted electoral process we are all disenfranchised, even those whose candidate "won".

When talking to some PNUers today I said that if they had only worked diligently to reduce presidential powers after the 2002 election, they would not be so afraid of an ODM government. We desperately need independent capable institutions in Kenya e.g. judiciary, electoral & human rights commissions, central bank etc.

You should all be aware that there are some GEMA folks who are "digging in their heels", the parallels between current events and those after the assassination of Tom Mboya are too close. I am afraid that there will be oathing in Othaya next.

Silaha said...


Before you get carried away e.g. "Kibaki vacate the people's house" remember that Kivuitu said "I don't know if Kibaki won the election" not that Raila won.

Hellen Okello said...

Breaking News:

Ugandan forces are in Kisumu terrorizing our residents!

Hellen Okello said...

Kenyans, lets make an urgent appeal to the UN to deploy their troops to Nyanza! A foreign nation has invaded our land!

Sam Okello said...

Where are the Central Province leaders when the nation needs them? I've not even heard any pastor or bishop condemn the way Kibaki cheated Kenyans of their democratic right. Can somebody ask the bishops there what their thoughts are?

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello wrote:

Where are the Central Province leaders when the nation needs them? I've not even heard any pastor or bishop condemn the way Kibaki cheated Kenyans of their democratic right. Can somebody ask the bishops there what their thoughts are?

I think Rasnah Warah answered your question when she wrote in the Nation last week that the Central church doesn't condemn the political greed of its elite. Read the Nation of last Monday/Tuesday (opinion).

Anonymous said...

Hellen and Sam,

You guys are too hot to handle. Can you use your influence to call for peace in Kenya?

Sam Okello said...

I have called for peace, as soon as the democratically elected president of Kenya is sworn in.

Silaha said...


Hold on a second. Catherine Omondy on says: "As you will see on satellite television, the men are not talking whilst beating up and shooting people, this will give them away as not being Kenyans."

Forgive me for saying this, but "not talking while beating" does not prove that troops are not from Kenya. In any case, they speak English in Uganda.

Where are the sober minds?


Hellen Okello said...

I have called for my democratic right in all my posts!

Kibaki,give me my rights and my freedom or let the masses rule Kenya.

Atherere said...

First of all, I would like to tell Phill and the others that you need to be keen on who wants to know your whereabouts. These people are capable of doing anything as has been demonstrated by human genocide going on in Kenya using UGANDAN FORCES.

Secondly, Nobody in their normal sense should come out and surpport kibaki with all that the UGANDAN FORCES ARE DOING CURRENTLY IN KENYA. This is already a civil war where Kikuyus and UGANDA are fighting against the rest of the democratic Kenyans. All tactics have to be changed and they need to show the Ugandans that this is kenyan affair not Museveni's. Who tells museveni that He will be the president of EA community if they block Raila out. Why does he fear Raila? Museveni is as a dictator as Kibaki and would not want any democratic stable country near them. Sorry to say, but what is wrong with us that we cant act responsibly in power? We are just ashsming ourselves. Kibaki needs to do the honourable thing. Museveni is now busy laughing at Kibaki's stupidity as Museveni helps him destroy the country.

Hellen Okello said...

Silaha, I want Kibaki to give me back my freedom.

Is that too much to ask?

Hellen Okello said...

atherere, that's my point.

Give me freedom if not I'd rather die!

rhyymemaster said...

Guys read this, perhaps you will understand why UGANDA might have invaded Kenya. If so, it's Kibaki who has requested his friend Museveni.

Why East Africa Roots for an Opposition Win in Kenya
Posted on Monday 24 December 2007 - 17:02
A majority of the polity in the two senior East African Community countries of Uganda and Tanzania seem to be rooting for a win by ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga. In both countries ruled under a militarized authoritarian regime and a dominant one party system respectively, Kenya is admired for its high level of democratisation and vibrant political environment. In spite of Tanzania’s hesitation regarding the fast tracking of the East African political federation, many citizens across the region increasingly see themselves as sharing not only a common historical legacy, but inevitably, a common destiny. Hence the great interest with which the political contest in Kenya is being followed beyond borders.

An informal survey across both countries reveals deep rooted dissatisfaction with the status quo within their own countries. An opposition win in Kenya is therefore likely to be celebrated vicariously. Both countries have been ruled by the same party for more than twenty years, Tanzania by an overwhelmingly strong CCM (and its predecessor TANU) since independence in 1961, while Museveni and his NRM has ruled Uganda with an iron fist since 1986.

Tanzanian media is rife with widespread public disenchantment against President Kikwete’s administration on grounds of grand high-level corruption, abuse of office and failure to deliver on his 2005 election pledges. Uganda’s opposition, media, civil society and academic elite are increasingly critical of President Museveni’s authoritarianism and micro-management of every aspect the country’s affairs to the detriment of true democracy and institutionalism.

Just as the 2002 resounding defeat of KANU by NARC was an inspiration to a repressed and harassed opposition in Uganda where political parties were still banned, an ODM win is to them a beacon of hope that come 2011, the electorate can be emboldened to turn tables against incumbent president Yoweri Museveni. Opposition parties in Tanzania have sent some of their representatives to understudy opposition campaign strategies in Kenya ahead of the next election in 2010. Raila’s casting himself as the people’s president resonates with a majority of the citizenry across the borders that see the stewardship of their countries’ destiny as having been captured by a political elite intent only on entrenching themselves in power and enriching themselves at the expense of the masses.

Makerere University lecturer Dr. Oloka Onyango, currently the Director of the Human Rights and Peace Centre (HURIPEC) and former Dean of Law and his Political Science counterpart Dr. Ssali Simba concur that president Museveni is the one single impediment to real democracy in Uganda. Current Makerere law faculty dean Dr. Sylvia Tamale is emphatic that only a revolution that will change the status quo against Museveni’s clique can save the country. One of Museveni’s most strident critics, journalist Andrew Mwenda is categorical that the only way to root out the entrenched channels of corruption, state patronage and militarism that sustains Museveni in power is regime change. These sentiments are pervasive throughout Ugandan society including among vibrant and politically conscious youth associations such as the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) and the apolitical National Youth Council. Even NRM party officials secretly concur that corruption in government goes right to the top.

In Tanzania, a large majority of its citizenry, both urban and especially rural are increasingly discarding their long held unquestioning belief, inculcated through many years of socialism, that the party and government is the benefactor that has their best interests at heart. In its accelerated privatization programme and opening up of its mining and natural resources sector for exploitation, revelations of massive corruption involving cabinet ministers and cronies of President Kikwete, questionable mining contracts and associated kickbacks have the citizenry up in arms. This has emboldened the four main opposition parties to form a coalition that has taken the government to task.

The government in Dar is hard pressed to justify itself and a recent November opinion poll by the University of Dar es Salaam shows the popularity of both the president and the government has plunged significantly since his more than 80 percent landslide victory and high confidence rating in 2005. Consequently, all these groups in both countries favour an opposition win in Kenya to both embolden the citizenry and the especially the opposition as well as to serve notice to the incumbent that he could be dealt the same card come the next election time.

On the other side of the coin, the political establishment in both countries feels very jittery about an opposition win in Kenya for the very same reasons and more. According to Dr. Simba, Kenya’s relatively weak foreign policy during the Kibaki administration gave an opening to Museveni to step in as the preferred regional partner on security and counter-terrorism, thus raising his stature significantly. Uganda’s hosting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit, its posting of Troops to Somalia and Museveni’s assumption of the Chair of the Commonwealth are testimony to his continued standing as one of a new breed of African leaders. Unlike Kibaki, Raila on the other hand has cast himself as a Pan-Africanist with a strong preference for closer and stronger regional integration.

A Raila administration is likely to have a more proactive foreign policy and with its stronger economy and influential track record in brokering the Somali and Sudan peace accords, Museveni’s position seems quite shaky. The Tanzanian government is likely to recoil further on the prospect of a Raila win in view of its reluctance regarding the fast-tracking of regional integration.

From a more ideological standpoint, for most of those at the forefront of the fight for political pluralism, social and economic liberation and generational change in the region, Raila represents the vanguard force that fought for the second liberation in Africa. For them, the true leaders of the second liberation, the likes of Martin Shikuku, James Orengo, Paul Muite, Gobson Kamau Kuria, Charles Rubia, Kenneth Matiba and Raila’s own father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga to name but a few were cheated of their rightful place when the current holders of state power in Kenya usurped the fruits of their struggle just as the colonial collaborators reaped the fruits of the Mau Mau fighters, leaving the true heroes of independence languishing to date.

Dar es Salaam university law professors Dr. John Palamagambe Kabudi and Dr Sengondo Mvungi therefore see a Raila win righting history. They recall the repressive days of the Moi regime when they gave shelter and safe passage to those that were branded dissidents and hunted down by the dictatorial KANU regime. Most of the so called Mwakenya sympathizers, many of them University dons and intellectuals such as Koigi wa Wamwere found their way out through Uganda or Tanzania, harboured by their counterparts in Makerere or the University of Dar es Salaam.

Renowned Tanzanian Professor T.L Malyamkono for instance proudly displays in his office a photo of him and Raila, next to one of him and Mandela and is proud to call Raila his personal friend. To such and many more across the region, its time that the true soldiers of the second struggle, those who truly paid a price for their convictions and understand the birth pangs of democracy, it is time that they earned their rightful place in leadership and charting the future course, not only of Kenya, but the entire region, and its only a matter of time before the other countries, in their own way follow suit.

Silaha said...


I am right there with you.

I too am disenfranchised. I too want my president to be duly elected according to the our electoral rules.

I too am not confident that our current president (Kibaki) was fairly elected.

However, I do not condone burning 50 women and children refugees in a church in Eldoret simply because they are Okuche.

I do not condone the orgy of looting, maiming, raping and killing carried out by ODM supporters.

I similarly do not condone senseless acts of genital mutilation done by Kikuyu/Mungiki thugs on Luo men.

That said, I do support a massive, peaceful (Million Man March?) demonstration by Raila supporters on January 3rd.

I am right there with you calling for the annulment of these fraudulent election results.

But...I am not driven to emotional flights of fantasy.


Hellen Okello said...

Martha Karua tells ODM to seek legal redress and that nothing can be done at this point to undo the results.

Well, Ms. Karua, I called you and you refused to answer your cell. I got news for you, stop playing with my democratic right.

What do you wanna tell me 5yrs from now when you rig in another of your candidate? Uh! I seek legal redress?

Lady, we are intelligent! Don't take us for granted.

You are not taking my God-given right from me. I REFUSE!

Peace4Kenya said...

Please sign in in this Peace campaign for our beloved Kenya.

I have just visited GoPetition and found the following page very interesting:


anaweza said...

Do we have definitive evidence that Ugandan soldiers are in Kisumu? Let us be careful with what we say before we make this into a regional war. There has already been too much war in Eastern and Central Africa, and I for one would prefer to see the armies of all countries (including Kenya) stay out of this. There is still a chance to step away from the brink of a full-fledged civil war. Once the armies are involved, then we lose all control of the situation.

Hellen Okello said...

Silaha, I don't condone violence of any sort.

The matter before us ain't a child's play.
If we buckle today, five years from now, what's the point of voting?

Anonymous said...

Today I sat back and tried to take in all the events of the last few days. Finally, in a painstakingly way I concluded, that it may be time for my family to leave Kenya. I love Kenya, but I love my family more. How I have fought the opinions of so many others who have tried to repeatedly tell me over the years that Kenya was a basket case. But I have finally come to agree, the politicians don't simply care about the people. It is the necessity to meet their needs that is important. I think this is and will be one of the saddest day's of my life.

Anonymous said...

The only solution. Split Kenya into two. The United People Republic of Kenya (Nyanza, Western, RV, Coast, Nairobi and North Eastern) to be headed by the peoples president, and GEMA republic to be headed by the power greedy Kibaki

anaweza said...

anon @3.54pm: I am not questioning your right to take your family out of Kenya. We all do what we feel in necessary to protect our loved ones. But what of those who cannot leave? Where will they go? Take a look at the countries around us, there are over 500,000 refugees living in Kenya so where will people go if we allow Kenya to collapse?

My siblings are all in Nairobi, all have valid current passports and all have the financial resources to fly out to other countries. But then I start thinking of my grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins and others where will they go? What alternatives exist for them?

Silaha said...

@Hellen, We cannot buckle. Here's some food for thought.

“Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you.”

Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790

@Anon 4:01 Kenya will NEVER and should never be divided. We'll find a way to get along. We'll establish institutions.

All politicians are "power hungry" we need to set up the appropriate checks and balances to ensure that the ultimate power remains with the people in their votes.

mkosti said...

here's the video of kivuiti's damning admission

3 min into clip..

Anonymous said...


We should not pretend that there is no tension. It was a time before it over boils and I am sure when the pressure really rise, we shall be headed for a total melt down. The only solution is to build walls while the tides are still far.

My voters card is totally worthless... worthless piece of paper... i don't even know why i still have it when the power that bee continues to fraudulently award themselves votes.

I think we should just throw the damn things away and wait for the next coup, at least we shall save our time rather than queue for hours thinking that our voters can make a differences. They are pure worthless... we do not have any power of the vote... Democracy is just a sham.

tnk said...

ktn video kivuitu/interview

MistaT said...

I have never believed in Stalin and other dictators but now know he mearnt when he said 'The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do.' Kivuitu and his bunch of Kibaki sympathisers were the people who eventually decided who for over 9 million Kenyans who their next president would be.

I am ashamed of being a Kenyan. I am ashamed of the fact that I thought I can be the change through the power of the vote. I am ashamed that the president of my country has been proven to be a thief, trickster and a fraudsters. It is just a shame being a Kenyan.

Anonymous said...


The sad truth is that blood has always been lost for change throughout our history.

Those who want the ODMers to keep quiet: I am sure people will rest once we are certain that elections in 2012 will be free and fair.

Anonymous said...

I am continue to be baffled by the sheer blindness of people like PKW and her ilk. Is it that you are just too tribal to see the obvious. This election was stolen, and yet you defend the thieves to the hilt. Is it just a lack or morals, or could you be among the thieves I am talking about.

A True Patriot said...

The Kenyan people lets keep the faith. Lets never tire as we claim what is rightfully ours. We owe it to the future generation

Anonymous said...

KISUMU BLACKOUT: According to "Kenyan Pundit" Kisumu has been plunged into darkness and now people cannot charge cell phones. Obviously they also cannot keep up with the news.

Our dictatorial regime is trying to isolate Kisumu from the rest of Kenya and the world.

Anonymous said...

Some horrifying pictures here:

Anonymous said...

MY PEOPLE, WE ARE TRULY FAR AWAY FROM RECONCILIATION: Govt. spokesman Alfred Mutua called BBC World Service and heaped all the blame on Odinga's supporters for the violence that has occurred.

Govt.'s myopia is preventing it from seeing that the rape of democracy caused the violence.

There is a close link between dictatorships and violence. To solve the latter, you have to deal with the former.

Anything short of that is a band aid solution that will only delay gangrine.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I am not surprised that the voters card has being rendered worthless by this now illegal regime. Remember, it is not the first legal document to be rendered worthless. Remember the infamous words of Amos Kimunya while he was the lands minister that title deeds are a 'mere piece of paper' so just add the voters card to the list.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't this website getting updated? What happened to Phil and Chris?

Pensive said...

I don't see how eitehr Kibaki or Odinga can rule after this huge trauma and infraction of our country. The wounds are too deep.
As a people, we need to honestly and critically examine oursleves. We typify a society/culture of double standards. Poor moral fiber, dishonesty, theft, greed and fraud abound. Our identity is decadence and social decay. We are accepting of all things vile .. tribalism, nepotism, immorality, corruption, arrogance and entitlement with impunity.
It has brought us to where we are now. It is said that a nation deservves its leaders.
The scars and losses this leaves are indelible, irrevocable and tremendous, experienced by all and sundry. There is no winner in this ...
Lessons to be taken and incorporated in our future must include equity, accountabilty, social responsibility and true democracy to be etched clearly in our constitution.
Please let go of the primal insticts that continue, exercise restraint and pray to your God for help.

Anonymous said...

For those without access to Al-Jazeera (apparently they have outclassed BBC and CNN on local coverage) you could visit Reuters Africa for fresh updates. There is also a link to narrow down your searches to Kenyan post-election news.

Anonymous said...

PENSIVE: Thanks for your sincereity. I am despairing myself. At this rate, there will soon be Kenyan refugees pouring into Uganda and Tanzania.

The Red Cross says many Kenyan areas are now on the verge of humanitarian disaster. They had plans for post-election problems but did not envision the scale of violence that has followed (Reuters).

anaweza said...

anon @ 5:31PM: I believe Phil and Chris are in Kenya. So I hope they are getting some much needed sleep right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just to remind you that Aljazeera english was set up to report from Africa extensively more than the western media. It has always being like that only that us Kenyans have realised it now that we need news from Kenya. Anyway, for those of you who need to watch aljazeerA online, there is this very helpful site by a Kenyan where you can watch aljazeera live. After the site comes up, just click on the 'watch live tv' link on the right side and wait for a few seconds of buffering and watch aljazeera LIVE for the latest and most detailed report about Kenya.This is the site:

g girl said...

here is some great economic news for kenya. personally i can't wait for the NSE to open so that I can cash out all my will definitely take a long time to restore investor confidence after this disaster...

Hellen Okello said...

Kibaki can deny my nation electricity...still, my God-given right shall prevail.

Anonymous said...

deroo really you are just annoying!!!!!

Mali from Rwanda said...

KENYANS, Please do NOT forget ODM members are the same OLD KANU Crooks that Kibaki Government is dealing with at the moment who have been in power for 24 years.
5 Yrs of Kibaki Administration is not enough to eradicate them.Most of their corruption cases i hear are pending and that`s why they are angered. Like Ruto`s.But the common man has been confused by Elections.
This fracas have nothing to do with elections. It`s basically, tribalism and jealousy. PERIOD..!

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