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Friday, January 25, 2008

The dawning of a new day

Kenya, Sleepy giant,
You've been resting awhile.
Now I see the thunder,
And the lightning,
In yor smile.
Now I see the storm clouds,
In yor waking eyes:
The thunder,
The wonder,
And the new surprise.
Your every step reveals,
The new stride,
In your thighs.

These are the very eloquent words of the master poet, Langston Hughes.(But I have changed his original Africa to read Kenya)
The words there-in hold true to us today. With the fall of every word the walls in the room reverberate and the din rises to fever-pitch crescendo.

Kenya, we've been somnolent and sleepy for far too long. We've been reluctant to rise above our lot.
We've been known as non-starters and non-proactive. The world has always seen Kenya as a country replete with problems: all manner of ills and inefficiency to boot!
Political turbulence; ethnic clashes; economic instabilities; famine and drought - and a host many more!

Kenyans, it's time to kick all these out and turn over a new leaf. Let's put the red herrings aside and pursue matters of import. Matters that will help us rise out of the miry bog of complacency and compromise.
We've the potential to change our 'countenance' in the public eye nationally and internationally.
We've just to set the records straight and do what we must: institute mechanisms to put things in proper perspective.
We don't have to swallow notions and ideas pushed down our throats about the incapacities in our dear, beloved country.

There's still a chink in the wall.
Where there's a will there's a way.
We must endeavour to rise above our condemning environment and embrace the dawning of a new day.
Kenya, this is our time. Climb up that mountain. GO FOR IT!!

1 comment:

luke said...

hear hear Bw. Ritch-there are those of us (who happen to be the majority) who hold on and refuse to let go of the belief that Kenya will rise up again twice as strong and twice as fast as she was before and nobly reclaim her rightful place in history when the roll-call of proud nations of the world that overcame is given
Asante for inspiring

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