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Monday, January 07, 2008

Can You Handle The Truth? The Kenya Presidential Elections Were Rigged, Says America, France, Britain And Most of The World

What The Economist says about the Kenyan crisis...

No time to be nice
Initially, America, which sees Kenya as a front-line ally in a war against Islamist militias in neighbouring Somalia, made the mistake of endorsing the president's re-election. Now Britain, America and the African Union are urging Mr Odinga and Mr Kibaki to talk in an effort to stop the bloodletting. That lets Mr Kibaki off the hook far too easily. All the violence should certainly be condemned, but most of the diplomatic pressure should be exerted on Mr Kibaki's supposed new government to annul the results and organise a recount—or a new vote.

If Mr Kibaki will not do this, the rest of the world should suspend direct aid to his regime and impose a travel ban on his officials. That is the least the wretched people of Kenya have a right to expect from their friends abroad.

Read Economist article

Kenyans have a lot to learn from The Economist. This weekly has been successful because it is opinionated and many times it is bang on target. Being balanced does not mean ignoring the truth. In fact the reason why Kenya is in this mess in the first place is because we (at least most of us) ignored the simmering tribal tensions for years pretending that they did not exist. Indeed many of us are still doing that. This time the excuse is that it will heighten tribal tensions.

It is instructive that it was also The Economist that first brought to light the drunken parties that went on in State House late into the night and into the early hours of the morning. This happened in the early days of the Kibaki administration in 2003. Not many Kenyans got to read that article because somebody went round purchasing all the copies of the Economist they could find. Alas, it was an early warning signal that many missed.

This is interesting because the obvious manner in which the rigging was done this December resembles exactly what an arrogant group of drunkards would do. By the time they sobered up, Kenya was burning.

One of the mysteries Kenyans will have to solve when all this is over is who was behind the decision to do what was done. Only a mad man would have made such a call.

It seems that the rest of the world unlike most Kenyans is ready to call a spade a spade. The US assistant secretary of State Jendayi Frazer said it yesterday and the French said it. They have all said; the elections were rigged. In fact the French put it bluntly;

'Were the elections rigged or not? I think so, many think so, the Americans think so, the British think so, and they know the country well,' Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said.

Let the mediation efforts begin at that point, for the sake of Kenyans.

P.S. The ODM rallies planned for today have been called off by ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga. He gave the reason for the cancellation as the fact that he has been assured that internationally mediated talks would begin soon.

Oxford dictionary additional entries for the year

1. Kivuitu – a liar, a thief, a dubious person, an
untrustworthy individual, a person of
questionable character and/or credentials

2. Kibaki - (Same as No. 1 above) To do "a Kibaki" also means to commit suicide or a suicide bomber. Make a move that costs many lives.

3. Lucy Wambui - (Same as No. 1 & 2 above)

4. Form 16 A - (Opposite of No. 1, 2 & 3 above)


Sam Okello said...

I wish the Hon. Raila Odinga and Mr. Kibaki well as they sit down to correct the grave injustice that was visited on the Kenyan people a week ago. It is important that whatever form the discussions take, the root of the problem must be dealt with. It's my continued opinion that a way must be found for the election to be repeated. Kenyans want to know that in the future their voices will be heard...that the electoral process will retain the dignity it has over the years.

Let's vote again. We can resolve this problem just like we've done many others before. That's why we're Kenya!

Sanga said...

Sam Okello, your bias is so evident. Raila is called the Hon. while H.E President Kibaki is just Mr.Kibaki...where is fairness? at the very least they are both elected least give him that...I dont care who won or lost...but lets be fair. I also read your article on teh way forward...and I think Mazrui has way better ideas than yours...but atleast your tried. be seen as the voice of reason you always promote yourself to be, be fair.

PS: You still running for president in 2012?

Anonymous said...

The tribal tensions that have been with us for long but we've choose to sweep under the carpet are some of the issues that were to be sorted out by a Raila government using th e truth and justice commision which was to look into past injustices and seemly forgotten tribal problems

Anonymous said...

Is Michuki still muzzling the press? is it also happening here at Mzalendo? Chris, why did you delete the post about Raila and ODM strategy on Anti-Kikuyu sentiments? Shame on you...if u want, delete this as well, but know that u r no different from Michuki...u r also muzzling free expression.
Link is here

Anonymous said...

I think your blog is biased. You are obviously against Kibaki from reading the many articles that have been posted here.

Truth and Justice as you call it does not mean only negatives; it also involves being fair in reporting issues and stating thema as they are whether positive or negative.

Have you ever wondered that:

1. ODM might have also stolen votes in Nyanza? Or you just choose to ignore that possibility?
2. That what we are experienceing is actually not demos against the elections but acts of lawlessness?

Although it is common knowledge that during campaigns, ODM preached hate and raised tribla emotins against Kikuyus wherever they went. Why in all fairness did your blog raise and fight for an end to this injustice?

For heavens sake be fair, otherwise i think your blog is one big biased site.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

This is typical of the breathless ignorance of a large number of Kenyans who think that having their views endorsed by equally ignorant Western Newspaper Journalists amounts to being awarded a medal of honour. The Economist and their supporters can shout until the cows come home, but Kibaki is a reality in State house that will not go away anytime soon. Instead of perpetuating jealous and infantile hatred while pretending to be a paragon of political wisdom, i suggest you educate yourself and other ODM supporters that the elections are now behind us, that both sides rigged massively in their strongholds, and that the more powerful group, using the power of incumbency, ended up trumps.
Your insane and obstinate intolerance of Kibaki and prejudiced view of Kikuyus in General will not change the reality that Kikuyus are Kenya citizens by rights. Kikuyus will not succumb to a wicked horde of spiteful and murderous bigots in the name of ODM, no matter how often you demonise them as having stolen Kenya's wealth. This of course, is the genesis of all the trouble we are now experiencing in Kenya. ODM succesfully ganged up other Kenya tribes against Kikuyus in the misplaced perception that Kikuyus had eaten enough, and that if you remove Kibaki from power you will also get rich. What utter rubbish! If any of the Kikuyu are wealthy, and very many are, it is because they earned it, not because you and ODM did them any favours. They have made their wealth inspite of hostility and primitive jealousy from people like you and will continue to do so, upende msipende, and if you don't like it you can go jump off a cliff.
I am very, very glad that Kibaki did what he he had to do to stop that demon called Raila from bringing back KANU looters to continue from where they left off, and also blocked what would have been an effort to bring back unwarranted British and Arab influence in our daily lives. Our very independence was at stake. Bravo Kibaki for protecting our freedom and independence.

Anonymous said...


What a bunch of baloney! THis is not about the individuals fighting for the leadership of the country. This is about the "raping" of our mother country Kenya. How can you ever accept that Kibaki was sworn in legimately. You can't allow such actions of one party to be the basis of governing the country. Democracy has a price to pay, and we wil pay for it unless some sense comes to the minds of Kibaki and his cronies.

Why don't you ask why does he need to have a ban on media once he was sworn in, and have the security appartus in place. If he has genuinely won this election, then let him show the evidence to the people of Kenya. Why does Kivuitu who has created this mess now come out saying he does not know who is the rightful winner, he has doubts of Kibaki winning!

C'mon, no one is stupid to take your arguments and live with it. We can blame Raila for alot of these things, but he has stood up for the rights of the people of Kenya before you were born, so lets not even go there!

Get over the fact that KIbaki is the legimate leader of this country, you are sorely mistaken, Kenyan people will show them the door, wait and see!!!

Sam Okello said...


Kibaki can only become a reality in the State House if we let him. I hope you've not decided that your rights can go to hell. But just in case you have, there are patriots all around you who will fight to make Kenya a place where democracy and the rule of law are upheld...then we'll invite you to enjoy the fruits of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Ms Frazer said there may have been vote-rigging by both sides and that ordinary Kenyans had been let down.BBC
Kenyan Politicians are all crooks!!! I HATE THEM ALL!!!

One picture missed in all this is that it is the poor fighting the poor, the poor killing the poor, the poor burning the houses for the poor, the poor raping the poor, the poor decapitating the poor.
The poor are waging war against their fellow poor on behalf of the wealthy, who despite ethnic differences and party affiliations, are drinking together, sleeping together, pulling business deals together, partying together and playing golf together. Macharia Gaitho

Yet you stupid KENYANS are busy killing and insulting each other, these leaders don't give a damn about any of you.
The day black people unite is the day we will excel. Till then, I hold my head in disgust.
Disgusted Me!!!

Anonymous said...

nothing your god Raila is wrong. Sure he riggs even in Nyanza and nope, you don't say a word. Thugs killed using Raila's name and nope that's not wrong. People all over the world heard people like you shout with raised pangas, no Raila no peace. Peace can not be traded for anything but peace thats the tuth. If you for once think ati the US and UK give a damn about the elections then you are again wrong.

The US only cares about war on terror, oil prices, their economy, THEIR PEOPLE and thats it. The UK and EU also care only because of their economy and people and the war on terror. So once you and your Kalenjin brothers are done killing children and women in churches, go clean the mzungu ass, then kiss it, kneel down and beg him to help you all with youR 'democracy', wait until 2012 for them to act though.

Also, Kibaki is not going anywhere. Keep on dreaming. You think some poor people in the slumbs will drive Kibaki away? You think some terrorists in coast will drive Kibaki away. You think some savages killing and terrorizing people in RV will do any harm to Kibaki?
The same people whom supported Raila are the same people whom are causing trouble in the whole country and the same people kiling in the name of Raila. IF you think that the US and UK will even get involved with your killings and remove Kibaki in power you are wrong. Its people like you that are putting Kenya down as it is. Even Gore was rigged out, did you the him asking the UK and EU for help? Did you see him killing helpless women and burning children and looting? Stop thinking like primitive people but like smart people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris i know that you are not in favour of raila but please sign this petition that kibaki must step down petition. Kibaki should know that this is a stab in the back for someone who fought and nail in december 2002 for him to be elected president. Furthermore, if he got it easy in 2002, why can't he give it easy now to the legitimate winner? What a shame! By the way the ECk commissioners have no right to complain about the irregularities now when they had all time to tell kenyans the truth before kivuitu shamelessly lied to kenyans and to the whole world on National Television.

Anonymous said...

I hope you realize just how irrelevant you are becoming. Kenya has moved on. And if any leader came out with a better chance of winning a future election, it is Kalonzo Musyoka because he showed he cared more for Kenya than for leadership. Second in line was Kibaki, because he at least tried to stop the violence by deploying security forces. As for Raila, he stoked the fires of violence with rhetoric about civil war (remember him mentioning Ivory coast et al?) and calls for demonstrations while the nation burned. Granted, ODM had a headstart in the media war in blogs like yours. But the truth is emerging slowly but surely. Furthermore, it doesn't matter what the western media writes; Kenyans know better. And like others have said above: since when did the west care about Africa's interests? You seriously need to consider reading books like How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, The Wretched of the Earth, Imperial Reckoning: The British Gulag in Kenya and biographies on great African leaders like Mandela, Kenyatta and Oginga Odinga so you can understand where we came from and how good leaders helped us negotiate the transition. If Kenya was not such a crucial part of the regional economy and the war on terror, you think anybody would be scrambling around to mediate?

Anonymous said...

Let me add my 2 cents worth of comments.
First the blame may mainly be targeted to the politicians and their ilk.
But let me just add the MEDIA ( both TV and radio & even blogs) for throwing reason out of the window and caring for the shilling. None of them were responsible enough to urge resolution before voting day but now since a number of people have died and been displaced they are shedding crocodile tears trying to make up for their blushes( remember the 'breakfasts with the Pres-in-waiting', political analysts analysing this and that province?)
We as a population are also to blame for giving the politicians stages to perform, cheering them on and now blaming them for the divisions we ourselves encouraged. I mean since when did we hear of such old narratives about prophecies made in the 1900s? Some historical digs were made all to either divide us or define which side your were on?
As for the results, whether they were rigged or not, I will still VOTE next election/referendum which ever comes first. When some politicians raised issues about the numbers on Saturday 29th of Dec, both the aggrieved parties were asked to give reps and even the NGOs observing the elections sent some of their personnel.210 files they went through without a single soul complaining on Sunday morning.
Then as it were we all waited in bated breath for the Presidential tally which mattered most. And alas some pesky activists couldn't hold their emotions anymore, prompting the sending out of all other media houses (except KBC) and also a cordon of security around KICC.
Swearing in: Now for the legality or lack of it? The political analysts commenting on Dec 30th had given us a comment saying that the President's term was coming to an end on the stroke of midnight that same day. It was there4 logical to have the ceremony done on the day but of course after announcing the results. Nowhere in our constitution does it say that the Pres shall be sworn in on the 1st of June or 13th of October....( ditto the non-logic of LSK's statement requesting for the Pres's resignation)
As for voter turn-out, let's take a constituency like Nithi that people always talk about. They had 123000 registered voters. 80% turnout records a total of 98400 voters. Given they had around 10 parliamentary candidates, they share out these votes with the winner getting around 65000-70000 odd votes. But being a PNU stronghold the voters will vote for the Presidential candidate making that approx 95000 of the 98400. The other candidates share out the 3400 or so votes.

Anonymous said...

anon@11:13 - Are you a registered voter in Kenya? If so, did you vote? How would you feel if you voted and by a stroke of a pen, the process is rendered null and void? What is the need of holding elections? If this is what you are advocating for, woe unto Kenya. It is not what UK or US think, but what we as Kenyans think about our country and democracy. If this is left unaddressed, what will prevent the next president from holding on to power regardless of who wins the election? We need to stand up and say this is wrong. If you stay in Kenya, did you notice that KBC was already displaying results before Kivuitu read them? These are the same figures Nyamweya read in an earlier pressc conference - how did he know yet tallying was still going on? If Kibaki won the election, why did he hurriedly swear hislef in without the national anthem being played? I believe he did that coz he knew what he was doing was wrong and felt guilty coz of the words of the anthem. Whichever side of the political divide you are in, we should condemn such blatant acts of corruption in the strongest way possible. How can Kibaki fight corruption after corruptly getting himself to power? We need to stop this once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Hi: every one. I thing it will hurt no one if we have a genuine discussion here that will help this country and its people. So please...let us stop behaving like tribal representatives and start discuss as Kenyans. As for me I believe we have 2 options only for Kenya now. Since the election was rigged by all parties...then let us demand for another election...if we still believe that it was not rigged then obviously I feel that we do not need any election any more therefore we go for the other option that is we change our country from republic to Kingdom and I suggest we crown Mr. D.Arab Moi as our fist KING and from there let him choose for us his heirs. In that way we shall not have any election to be rigged or a summed to be rigged ... at lest we shall have save many lives and billions of money that could have gone to adverts and election process. In a nut shell what I am suggesting is that ether we continue with the democratic reforms that we have started in the early 1990s… the days of Saba Saba, nane nane……… or we reverse to the dark all days and reopen the cells at nyayo house.

Anonymous said...

Kimi why do you insist on behaving like a foolish heffer? Your comments add no substance to this blog. All the politicians are guilty and that is why new elections should take place under the supervision of a respective international organization because our institutions have proven to be inept. Those clamouring for Kalonzo should realize he is just an opportunist, his miracle is that he comes out from all of his as a saviour, even though he is most likely in cahoots with PNU, because without them he is nothing outside Ukambani.

V.M. said...

Optional use for the word Kivuitu: Coward; Fool; Foolish Coward.

The play continues:
Enter Centre stage Kalonzo Musyoka.

Anonymous said...

Can You Handle The Truth? The Kenya Presidential Elections Were Rigged.

So the USA, Russia, France and Uganda.

Did we hear of any people in America, France, etc. killing their neighbours because of elections?

I think Luo people, Luhya`s and western should go where thy belong. In Uganda and Sudan. GO AND FIGHT AND LEAVE KENYS ALONE.

Anonymous said...

Saying you think Luo's and luhya's should go to where they are from is very primitive. I am kikuyu and they are my brothers and sisters. And if you are kenyan then it is you OBLIGATION and DUTY to think and act that way.
That said individuals need to be aware that BOTH parties rigged. It was shown in the nation newspaper. NArok (an ODM stronghold- let me not even start on Nyanza)had silly numbers like 120% (maybe the cows came out as well). And there are articles circulating the net, confidential articles, or letters from the ODM clearly stating its plan to win the election. It talks about exploiting the Anti-kikuyu sentiment, and as a LAST result ETHNIC VIOLENCE! With this in mind its a shame that this dear blooger chooses to take word for word a magazine that has been anti-kibaki from his inception in 2002. And has been known even the western world to be biased in its journalism. Get you facts right dear blogger or dont talk at all. If you are sincerely curious about what is going on in kenya, ask question. Seek out the real truth and stop your bias!

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