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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Breaking News: Violence Reported In Emali and Isinya

Just when it appeared that calm was being restored, new reports indicate that violence has broken out in Emali (on the Nairobi Mombasa highway, not far from Voi) details are still scanty from my sources but there is definitely a serious problem there. It seems that members of the Kamba community in the area have been attacked by Masais allegedly because of Kivuitu's actions on Dec 30th.

Isinya is normally a quiet sleep Masai town and latest reports are that the usual peace has been shattered and there are skirmishes there also.

Political leaders need to move fast because most ordinary folk are now getting hungry after days of unrest and the hungrier they get, the more dangerous and daring they will become.

Quotable quote from the many conversations I have had today:

"It is clear that at some point Kibaki will vacate State house but the sad thing is that by the time this man with a history of indecisiveness does that, we will not have a country left."


Anonymous said...

Kibaki has done more harm than good to Kenyans. His alleged 5% economic growth is now running to -minus10% retardation.

This man will turn to tyranny, if left to rule Kenya.

Should Kenyans suffer because one old man insists in ruling us?

The forces should stop listening to him. Kenyans, 10 million Kenyans, should risc and demonstrate against him tomorrow.


anaweza said...

Bwana Kimani: you are an optimist. For the pessimist in me economic growth of -10% will be amazing

kenyanzuri said...

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jAnaM said...

I am finding most of the international media portraying the current crisis as "a minority luos vs majority kikuyus. it is sad and pathetic and i think we need to rise up and get the truth out there to these ill-informed news organizations that, the real truth is that, its not minority luos vs majority kikuyus thing! it is a country rising up to demand her right. it cannot be so obvious. in rift valley where the church was torched. i don't think its right to say these were raila's luo who did as people are being told, but it portrays resentments by other groups too in the society tired and sick of the current situation. and by no means am i suggesting that this kind of blood letting is the right way to go . all human life is precious and nobody has a right to take it a way it by the trigger-happy gsu senselessly killing our brothers and sisters in kisumu, kibera or other places or any other group.

Sinai said...

Janam please don't pass the blood sheeding the Luo's have started on to other tribes. The Luo must carry the blood and pass it to their chidren. Those killing in other places are transported gangs paid for by Raila and Ruto.It is only the Luo's talking to the international press, have you not noticed.

Anonymous said...

It is my hope that the Kenyan community has appreciated the sneak preview of what Kenya under Raila Amolo Odinga as president would look like:

* Ethnic cleansing
* Murder of women in children in cold blood in a church compound
* Looting

What more evidence do we need to see from a man whose son’s name is Fidel Castro?
Anyone who has read Adolf Hitler’s biography cannot fail to see the parallels in the hunger for power and use of violence, inciting ethnic hatred and defiance of law and order – anything - to get power by all means. Does Raila care about the 300 people who’ve lost their lives so far? Look at what he’s been saying over the past few days as the carnage grows…...

"Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has insisted a banned mass march will go ahead in Nairobi on Thursday despite pleas for post-election unrest to stop. "

If this is the leader you believe will help bring peace, order and good governance to Kenya, then I rest my case...God bless Kenya

Anonymous said...


you sound like those booty licking homeguards who handed handed Kenya's wealth to foreign powers in exchange for peanuts (bribes) behind closed doors.

you think like an aristocrat who feels that the rest of Kenyans who are neither your tribesmen nor your foreign friends are useless vermins who needs to be exterminated using GSU.

Anonymous said...

Ruto's well financed militia is carrying out genocide against innocent wananchi as part of an ethnic cleansing crusade to grab power at any cost. It is only a matter of time before Kenyans find out who exactly has organized and financed these murderous militias.

Anonymous said...

@janam, don't be unrealistic, Raila's partner in crime, Ruto is behind the ethnic cleansing in Rift Valley. The world deserves to know who is behind the genocide that is being carried out by Ruto's militias. Raila knew Ruto's background when he teamed up with him, he knew Ruto was responsible for the economic decadence and out of control inflation that Kenya under went in the 1990s thanks to Ruto and Jirongo in YK92. He knew only too well that Ruto has a pending corruption case against him for over Ksh 200m, it now makes sense why Raila would like to purge the courts of judges so he can rescue his partner in crime from a certain conviction. It is too late for Raila to come out clean he is forever tainted with the blood of innocent wananchi murdered by the militias financed by a Pentagon member.

Anonymous said...

PNU is digging in its heels and so is ODM. It seems to me that things calmed down somewhat today - at least in Nairobi.

This is what I think. There will be a rally on Thursday as planned. It may lead to the last major surge in violence. After that, there will be an uneasy calm and life will pick up again. HOWEVER, the main issue will remain unresolved and the closer we get to 2012, the more turbulent Kenya will become.

Way forward: ODM should consolidate its hold as the major leading opposition party and focus on giving the Kibaki govt. parliamentary hell for the next 5 years.

Secondly, Kenyans should push to have ECK overhauled before the next election.

Lastly, we are Kenyans. Once we have attained a just electoral system, let us cherish and protect it. WE MUST NEVER RETURN TO DEC. 2007 AGAIN.

atherere said...

Kumekucha brothers and sisters, tell all the non-kikuyu people travelling to Nairobi to weigh their options as regards recurity because sources indicate that travellers are being stopped at Naivasha and being beheaded by the mungiki. Please tell all the people you can reach to weigh all options before riskimg their lives. Remember all morgues are being guarded so that nobody can tell how many are killed. Also remember the incident where the Uganda soldiers collected the youths from Kisumu and shot them at the RIAT area. Pass it to save lives!

kijana ya limo said...

mungiki is on the lose terror has been unleashed on innocent kenyan lives now..michuki will do jack, i can guarantee that..

Anonymous said...

KENYANS! KENYANS! KENYANS...we are all brothers and sisters leaving in this beloved country for God’s sake. Our character and economy is the envy of western economies and an inspiration to other African countries.
I’m sure the west will be watching and hoping that our country ends up in the dogs. We are now in the global spotlight and every soul out there is watching on how the downfall of this great nation will eventuate.
Are we going to allow this to happen to our beloved motherland? Our leaders have failed us so far. Raila is still adamant to proceed with his campaign at Uhuru Park. Will this be a venue for prayer or a venue for bloodshed and beginning of the end? Can raila and kibaki work together and show some direction? Can we us Kenyans speak the same language and call for an end to this chaos and violence?
Are we going to prove the west wrong and set an example never seen before in Africa politics? My dear Kenyans, either way, the result of this will spell the fall of Kenya from grace or the beginning of a new era not only for Kenya but for Africa. Let us be the benchmark for the not so fortunate brothers in Sudan and Somalia. Let us be their inspiration that the best can sometimes be harvested from the worst of times. i believe we are in a brink of a very significant change.

Wa-Njoki said...

I am probably one of a dozen Kikuyus who voted for ODM despite the ethnic baiting and the let's isolate kikuyus rhetoric. Let's cast votes again. This time I will not give it to Raila but Kalonzo who seems more of a statesman.

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