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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Too Little Too Late

Watching mouldy creaking KACC spring to life at the formation of a special unit to investigate voter bribery on Friday conjures up to mind images of the mythical Transylvania vampire Dracula's casket loudly squeaking open to reveal the legendary spook awakening and preparing to stalk the world of mere mortals for yet another nocturnal session of blood-sucking human flesh en masse
KACC is already on the spot for having run a huge budget and only managing to catch small fish during the past 3 years of its existence. Breathing no new life into his work, the director Aaron Ringera once again read from the same tarnished script when he faulted politicians for lacking the will to enact laws that help step up the fight against corruption
What was of interest to note was that true to form, this months general elections to held in just under 16 days have expectedly brought out the absurd in us in the theatre of political drama. Candidates have already used Ksh 900 million to bribe opium-smoking voters during recent sham of a party nominations and it is estimated that a further Ksh 890 million will not be spared in ensuring the same voters provide candidates safe passageway to the title "honourable". Baffling to hear was the fact that the source of such funds could not be explained (did someone say Anglo-leasing? i assure you such a thing has never existed please)
To hear the incumbent promise to give priority to the anti-corruption war should he be re-elected is to hear the sound of many babies crying and mistake it for waterfall because you're dying of thirst
It remains to be seen who out of the big 2 (ODM and ODM K), whichever wins the elections, will be brave enough to kill corruption monster and given Ringera reasons to show us his post-molars in genuine laughter.
Alternatively, Steadman has become the most popular presidential candidate and i wish to give him and his OPP (opinion poll party) my vote for the presidency. Their party slogan-SEE IT YOUR WAY
It's integrity not opinion stupid


Taabu said...

Luka spare Justice Ringera some tongue-lashing. You know he was meant to slay the dragon and he gave us no timeline. So may be this is the time to deliver Shakespearean miracle. Who would not make monumental motions even if bereft of real movements to justify KES 2.5m abount pay cheque? Aaron is a christian you know and besides he is away of which side of his bread is buttered and by whom. He cannot afford to laugh at you to examine his post-molars becasue KACC is 'TEETHLESS'.

Kip Nakuru said...

My fellow Kenyans,Our country is at crossroad today and its very important that you and I make a good decision in the next 20 days.Please do not allow your emotions and anger to decide for you.I trust in your wisdom.I trust in your love for peace,I do trust in the strength of our unity,in our quest for development and in our common vision to leave this country in a better shape for the coming generation.We have two choices:A humble man of development who is honest and very open.A person who despite having made mistakes here and there(Everyone of us make mistakes) has never lost focus of developing this Naton and consequently managed to turn the country in the right direction in only five years.He is also a man of fiscal responsibility-He has protected your taxes from wasteful spending.But then there is another man.Arrogant by nature.Loud mouthed.Hardened by Prison life like any other gang member,Extravangant,never admits mistake-hide them instead.Known better for destruction of basically everything ranging from political parties,people's houses,his constituency(Kibera slams grew 700% since Raila was elected its mp in 1992).You know both this Men.What they stand for.Please analyse their records and not their mouths.A vote for President Kibaki is a wisely cast vote!
May God bless Kenya

Taabu said...

Thanks Kip Nakuru for tasting your own vomit. You implore us to avoid emotions while you suffer constitpation from the same. You would have done your cause much better justice by sticking to the pluses of Emilio. But you lose it by spewing the tad street wisdom clothed as advise against his competitor.

I repeat that you do your horse no good by painting his challenge in bad light. Doing so only succeeds in base reasoning that runs on empty. Keep God out of your petiness unless you are oblivious of His wrath on the same.

Anonymous said...

Govt inaction on Kuresoi is criminal

NOBODY DISPUTES THAT THE KILLINGS AND destruction of property in Kenya’s Kuresoi division are part of the election-related violence sweeping the country. What is worrying is that the government has been palpably reluctant to deal decisively with the violence, which is likely to leave thousands of people disfranchised by disrupting voting in nearly 10 polling stations in the constituency.

Although the belated visit by Internal Security Minister John Michuki resulted in an uneasy calm after talks with local political leaders, Kuresoi is not yet out of the woods since the perpetrators of the mayhem are still at large.

It is no consolation that Kuresoi is one of the political hotbeds of the vast Rift Valley province, experiencing violence in the run-up to the 1992, 1997 and 2002 elections. Any large-scale and sustained violence in any part of the country has the potential of altering the final results of the polls and the government has no option but to act if it wants to be seen to be presiding over a free and fair election.

The violence in Kuresoi, which broke out seven weeks ago, has claimed the lives of 20 people, while more than 16,000 have been displaced. It has been difficult to figure out who to blame, between a seemingly indifferent government deploying ill-equipped and outnumbered security forces, and the local population, whose differences run deep and who have ignored all appeals for calm in favour of settling scores.

It is purely political incitement taking advantage of genuine issues about land and the haphazard manner in which previous governments — dating back to colonial times — have settled people in the area. It was common knowledge that the multiethnic area always flares up during elections.

YET, DESPITE HISTORICAL EVIDENCE THAT Kuresoi is a politically fluid area, security forces have been reluctant to restore calm, thereby contributing to a further breakdown of law and order.

It is obvious that the security forces have been overwhelmed and in some cases forced to watch helplessly as marauding raiders torch houses. Like the violence in Mt Elgon, that has now gone on for almost a whole year, the government has been inexplicably slow in reacting to the violence in Kuresoi.

In other words, it has not unequivocally shown that it is taking seriously its obligation to protect its citizens and their property. Recently, when President Mwai Kibaki visited the area on the campaign trail, he did not speak strongly enough against the bloodletting.

The failure by the security apparatus to contain the violence in Kuresoi, has turned it into a humanitarian crisis with the internally displaced currently depending on the Red Cross for food and clothing.

Experience of such politically motivated conflicts has shown that high-profile visits or evidence of unity of purpose from the political class have generally succeeded in cooling the situation down.

On the other hand, the Electoral Commission of Kenya is powerless and watches helplessly as thousands of potential voters are disfranchised. But the ECK will sooner or later have to grapple with the accusation that it sat back as election-related violence marred the integrity of the election exercise. Already, Kenyans have witnessed election-related deaths that the electoral body was unable to stop.

It is time Kenyans of goodwill force politicians to enact legislation that directly protects ordinary people from election-related violence, since the penal code has proved ineffective.

Philip Roy said...

Yesterday watching CNN "Living With Corruption" was an eye opener for me and I hope to all Kenyans who saw it.
With Kosgey ODM chairman,Raila's Kibera with a Corrupt chief " who is actually appointed by the goverment",Murungaru,Mwiraria and the rest being shown as part of the corrupt elite in Kenya.

Then there was the CNN Heroes Gala,in which two people doing humanitarian work in Kenya were awarded.Makes you ask, does the government do anything to uplift the needs of the common people?

And if the government is there what are they doing?

Then today in the Standard News paper:Justice minister Martha Karua has told the British House of Lords to keep off Kenya’s internal affairs.

LOL, makes me ask what has she ever done as minister in that ministry apart from sing Kibaki's praises.

Then there are more than 100 organizations asking for funds to help Kenya,everyday I wake up its Kenya This !!! Kenya That!!! from FOX News to CNN and in between....


Vikii said...

There is nothing like Kenyans of goodwill agitating for the legislation of anti 'election-related violence' laws Mr. Anonymous. The problem is not the inexistence of such legislations. The Kenyan constitution, starting with the bill of rights which spells out the Right to life as the most sacred right, is full of anti-crime laws. people are not being killed because we lack a clear law on this.

Our problem lies in the laughable enforcements of the beautiful pieces of legislations that we already have. our police force is a bunch of good for nothing pot-bellied fellows who have never heard of the words 'work ethics'. They have no idea of what is expected of them. Violence, be it election-related or otherwise should have no place in a civilized society.

The other big problem we have is 'US'(1st person plural, I am not talking about countries). We all know who the inciters are, dont we? Whether I live in Kuresoi or not is not the issue, I should have as much stake as those dudes down there. We all know that politicians are the financers of the chaos. We not only know of this one blanket fact but we also know the real names of those politicians. We have politicians in government who have been behind the skirmishes both in central Province and the Rift Valley. We have opposition politicians(very senior) behind the craze as well. We know their names and while i acknowledge we are not the people charged with the reponsibility of bringing them to book, I do not understand why we keep adoring them. We sing songs (very loudly)in praise of them while in their heads, a life lost is a couple thousand votes in their basket.They will 'dutifully' attend the funeral and even 'cry' as long as those damn cameras are on. We should be ready to take control of our destiny people--Put the right people in leadership. It is time we re-assesed our priorities. I have seen people right in this forum defend the nomination violence for example. Supporting the cause of a politician whose career thrives on violence is an endorsement of the violence he's gonna use his position to fan.

Ministry of National Security and Provincial Administration---why do we have it? I am imagining the kind of budget these guys have in their control and the joke that it takes them almost years to suppress clashes pitting few civillians. Something is not adding up here guys. I dont even understand why the minister himself has to touch down in Kuresoi. This is something that should have been crashed on day one with the same force the 8000 mungiki suspects that the ODMers keep lamenting about were. When all is said and done, it is the Government of Kenya that is not doing their job right. They have a duty to ensure the security of Kenyans and this is one serious bone I'll be chewing with Mwai Kibaki when I get to that booth on 12/27.

"You can get further with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone"----Al Capone

P.S Bw. Kip Nakuru, wewe ni mtu wangu.

Anonymous said...

kip nakuru,

your lot have very little intelligence. you started a good verse but pooped on it when you started naming the characters by name. you should have just ended your prose by just saying vote wisely. but again deep inside you there is a feeling that you are not making a convincing point so you have to shove the spoon inside our throats!

john oilepo.

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