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Sunday, December 09, 2007


Many people - even in some roundtable-discussions in the American TV - have asked the question 'who is this woman called Marianne Briner and what is her background?'

So I have decided to give some answers.....

I grew up in Germany in a very social and open environment - although being born in 1941 in the middle of World War II this was sometimes not easy. My father was not serving as a soldier but was belonging to a Medical Team in charge of wounded soldiers and also prisoners of war. He was a very courageous man and I admired him a lot.

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Taabu said...

Nice read that is capable of enriching anydody with knack for knowledge. Trail the blaze MB, we are ever student of life and it is never too late nor too early in life to EXPLORE. Education's purpose remains to replace and empty mind with an open one, go have your fill when still on this cruel planet.

At 67 you have seen plenty and can still do more with your life go ahead and fill your life if you can afford it. You had and may be still have plenty of privilaged many only dream of. You traits and persona may be genetical (in the blood). Thanks for sharing it with all here.

Vikii said...

Oh, I see.

Mundu Mugo said...

Hi Briner,

Fine, let us know a few things:

(a) What are your achievements in life?

(b)Assuming you have many achievements, which one do u rate as the best?

(c) What do u wanna be remembered for?

(d) What do u think people will remember you for?

Truly yours

Mundu Mugo
NB: Ignorance and prejudice are not books of reference.

deroo said...

Nazi? Born in Germany? Sorry about the tribulations. Anyway, you are a strong soul. All the best MB.


Anonymous said...

Am puzzled Mariane....I still know nothing about who YOU are. I am however suitably impressed by your upper class upbringing....that was your intention was it not?

Excuse me but I still have to ask...who is this woman, whats her connection to Moi, what role did she play in Koinanges downfall, whats her connection to Kenya, what are her value systems????????????

Incidentally, sorry to disullusion u but there is no such thing as a "good and brave Nazi". Good and brave Germans opposed the fuhrer not from within the ranks but from without. Think about it, your dad worked for a man who murdered 6 million jews and millions of other darker skinned peoples ergo ua dad WAS NOT A GOOD AND BRAVE MAN. Kenyans know historical revisionism when they hear it.

Anonymous said...

Snore snore snore. We still don't know who you are and what it is you want from Kenya. You're bashing us left right and center. Our politician, publishers, bloggers and journalists. Just leave us alone. You were born in 1941 and that makes you not too young. Take a break now. Relax and enjoy a quieter more sober life.

Anonymous said...

Listening to millions of Germans you wonder whether people who gleefully, dutifully and obediently served the Fuhrer with eager patriotism as millions of compatriots cheered were from outerspace. You may be forgiven to even think that Hitler on his own without personally herded the 6 million Jews into persecution, torture and death!

john oilepo.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

MB, see a doctor. You might be suffering from ADHD-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. No other way to explain why everything you write shouts "Me! Me! Me! Me! Look at Me!" even in the middle of the most hotly contested presidential election in the history of our country.

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