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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kenyan Pigs Grow Wings on Dec 27

As the day of political reckoning beckons on December 27, the Kenyan political landscape is souring with heat as never seen before. Swearing and sweating have taken new dimensions. Add the WAVERING opinion polls to the mix and you get a hotbed steaming with both passion and hatred.

With less than three weeks to go it is ALL SYSTEMS GO and nothing from the profane and ridiculous is spared. The ‘three’ presidential contestants have all their sight singularly fixed on the ultimate prize. The incumbent has rediscovered an aspect of his energetic self that must have hibernated only to come at the opportune time in his sunset days as he brawls in a political duel of his life.

Across the political road, the stakes has never been HIGHER for his ODM challenger. According to Raila he may be having a chance of a lifetime to prove a point and banish stereotypes. In addition he has what is kin to a political guillotine’ around his neck and he has three weeks to free himself and his pentagon or perish collectively.

Enacting miracles in hell
Meanwhile Brother Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka angles his candidacy as the middle ground paved with miracles. And there lies both his strength and Armageddon. You only resign to heavenly intervention for earthly pursuit at the risk of being called an ego rider at best or a joker at worst.

Reading the former LSK boss Ahmednasir declaring Kalonzo’s candidature as fundamentally undermined by two huge blanks in his resume: lack of a proud history identifiable with Kenya and fascination with pedestrian ideas in everything 24-hour.

But give it to Steve he has shown rear political guts espoused by few albeit betrayed by his past. The ODM-K presidential candidate is only doing what every Kenyan politician is good at and that is prey into electorate’s insecurity with a religious dose.

Granted, Ahmednasir’s is a brilliant Cornell graduate who dared take on the mighty like Justice Kwach during his LSK tenure. But his jibe that Kalonzo’s candidature is bereft of belief nor principle that only amounts to a naked attempt to catapult an average candidature to the political elite of presidential candidacy based on nothing other than the token numbers of his ethnic group definitely salts many raw wounds even here at Kumekucha.

Whipping his ethnic community’s for his presidential bid yes and why not when everybody does it? Moreover that may be our Kenyan version in the wisdom of charity beginning at home. Retreating to the shell of ethno-nationalism remains the forte of all our politicians that aptly earns them the SCOUNDRELS tag.

So will pigs fly in Kenya after December 26? Well I dare not comment lest I fall prey to cheap swearing on behalf of scoundrels who will not contribute anything to my persona. May the best candidate win, na bado


kalamari said...

When Kalonzo misleads his tribesmen by persistently lying to them that he is miraculously on the verge of a servitude presidency, he must be prepared for the inevitable backlash when people discover that his supposed miracles have all along been delivered by means of hired buses as opposed to divine intervention. The way I see it, waKamba wanagutuka polepole. They are slowly realizing that their beloved son, Stevo, is selling a magnificent pipe dream of biblical proportions. The bubble that is ODM-K in ukambani may well bust leaving Kalonzo with one obvious option.

I agree with Ahmednasir and suggest that Kalonzo abandon his fizzling presidential efforts and instead pursue a 24 hour fly-by-night strategy geared at countering the growing influence of none other than Kalembe Ndile, squatter nambari moja.

Vikii said...

This is a wonderful post about Kalonzo and the gullible Kamba community (Though I am told they are getting wiser by the day). A very beautiful assesment of the political situation this one.

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