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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why Not Make Every Constituency a District?

Freebies, domonomics and miracles aptly defines the three leading presidential candidates. The last few weeks have witnessed Kenyans subjected to political theatre of the absurd. Dolling of freebies by Kibaki leaves one wondering what the role of an administrative district is.

Kibaki's apologists will shamelessly recycle the tired and hollow line that his plastic gifts are meant to bring services closer to people. Yes cheap talk as services but expensive budgetary implementation are neat political gimmicks that are eventually very costly.

Make no mistake. Kibaki is no fool. He is cleverly stealing political thunder from his nemesis by unofficially implementing the raw version of majimbo albeit without spelling the same. The latent point in making every shopping centre a district is to leave majimbo enthusiasts with a distaste for PNU have second thoughts asking in its wake what else to scrap from ODM now that they are home and dry before elections with our district.

Podium of deceit
And if Kibaki's gimmicks make headlines then he stands on the podium of deceit hand in hand with all his other competitors who in the same breath shamelessly promise Kenyans a piece of the moon while shepherding them collectively to hell.

I cannot stop wringing my hands waiting for Thursday to put all this madness behind me at least for the next five years. Meanwhile in the political free fall we are happily enjoying the beauty of every floor oblivious of the hard pavement waiting below to crack our skulls. Poor Kenyans ridding on the back of scoundrels! Kazi iendelee meanwhile.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday evening, at about 7 PM, a group of youths, numbering 20 to 30, went on the rampage, looting from every passenger alighting or waiting to board a matatu along Langata Road and Mbagathi way. The worst places were the Madaraka Estate Bus Stage next to the Fly-over and the Stage at Jonathan Gloag Academy, Mbagathi way. The youths were from a rally at Nyayo Stadium, attended by none other than Stanley Livondo, the Langata constituency PNU aspirant. There were unconfirmed reports that one person was slashed by a panga when he refused to co-operate. I watched the scene at the Jonathan Gloag Bus stage and couldn't help but sympathize with one lady who was left clinging on to the handles of her handbag after the youths ran away with the bag. What made it even difficult for her to run after the youths is that she had a young girl aged about 6 or 7 years.

But the most surprising thing is that all this happened a few metres from some policemen who had been staged there to clear the road for the Presidential motorcade, who had by then, passed. One would argue that the policemen were stationed for a specific job, but as a law enforcer, do you turn a blind eye even when it's not your sation of work?Furthermore, there's always a road-block just at the same point not to mention the AP Station opposite the stage. (The road-block hadn't been set up then).

Back to the youths, they donned black and yellow T-Shirts with a palm at the back with the words "Kibaki Tena". They took advantage of the traffic jam created by the president's motorcade to loot then ran into all directions. Hiyo ndiyo kazi tunaambiwa iendelee, sio?

Since this will not be reported by the mainstream media, I chose to enlighten you through Kumekucha. Chris, can you please corroborate this "from your sources".

Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A. Nanga, MP.

Yvonne said...

Bringing services to the people....My foot!!!!! When Moi left we only had 70 districts, Right now the last time i counted that was on Saturday they were 147 district minus the one that Lokorio asked for on Wednesday. Just a thought was Lokorio too scared of Moi that he couldn't ask for a district during the tenure of Moi...I guess Moi is laughing in his dreams at the moment na anasema na hiyo kweli ni maendeleo. And by the way being me i really dont understand what qualifies a constituency to be a district? Are their requirements that must be met before a district is created? As i was watching news yesterday i really have a concern and pls Taabu forgive my ignorance does it mean that the govt will tax me again for this new district. You know i must know coz i was told by a dude in this forum to stop thinking that i am the only Kenyan who pays taxes.
You know i dont mind paying tax but i must see it work for me.....And that is the little economics that i was taught in Campus. LAst but not least i am just thinking that I have lived through a Kibaki presidency and just maybe ...I might survive the next five years so no big deal!!!!!!!

ODM Damu said...


Core Strategy Team:

Prof Peter A Nyongo, Secretary General ODM
Prof Edward Oyugi Akongo
Prof Patrick Wanyande
Prof Larry Gumbe
Mr Adams Oloo

1. Purpose

1.0 To ensure that the Orange Democratic Movement (hereinafter referred to as “ODM”) remains united and focused through out the national presidential campaigns period.

2.0 TO ensure that Hon Raila Amolo Odinga is elected the fourth president of the Republic of Kenya in succession to the current President Mwai Kibaki

3.0 To ensure that Hon Raila Amolo Odinga secures an absolute majority of parliamentary seats in the tenth parliament to facilitate the ease of the intended constitutional reform.

2. Preamble

2.0 The just conclude ODM Presidential nominations have ended the speculation and competition within the ODM ranks with Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga (hereinafter referred to as the Candidate”) emerging as the Party’s presidential torch bearer. The enthusiasm and overacting support extended towards the Candidate have debunked the myth that

a As a member of the Luo community Hon Raila Odinga is not electable to the
presidency in Kenya

This document is intended to provide the conceptual guidelines and roadmap for the periods leading up to the presidential elections set for December 2007. This document notes the challenges and obstacles likely to confront the Candidate. These include

· Hon Kalonzo Musyoka’s potential to play spoiler

· The involvement role of ex-President Daniel arap Moi, his financial resources country-wide political network, experience and strong following in the Rift Valley.

· Kibakis incumbency and track record

· The financial muscle of the Mt Kenya elite and their potential to play rough and dirty.

The following pages outline a strategy for overcoming the odds and delivering the presidency to Hon Raila Odinga and ODM in the December elections.

Strengthsü Hon Raila is charismatic and ambitiousü Kenyans appreciate him as a fearless crusader for truth, justice and democracyü Has no publicly debated allegations of corruptionü Great crowd puller/mobiliser/entertainerü Descends from a legendary familyü 100% devoted following of the Luo communityü Recognized as the individual best credited with the incumbent election to President in 2002ü Won the 2005 Constitution Referendumü Anchored by tribal chiefs with the potential to draw multi-regional support Weaknesses§ Limited understanding on economic matters§ Has been faulted as having exhibited a knack for political party relationship nomadism§ § Association with Communism§ Potential for linkage to the underdevelopment in Nyanza§ § The 1982 coup§ Acrimonious parting of ways with Wamalwa Kijana (Luhya Western) Moi (Kalenjin, Rift Valley) Kibaki (Gema, Mt Kenya region) and Kalonzo (Kamba , Eastern)§ Matters surrounding corruption allegations related to the molasses plant, Kisumu and implications of corruption as alleged by the Ndungu Report
Opportunitiesü Pin down Mwai Kibaki on his 2002 promise to be a one term presidentü Capitalize on matters related to the dishonoured MoU of 2002ü Take advantage of Mwai Kibakis’ Laziness and laidback attitudeü Exploit anti-Kikuyu sentimentsü Leverage the vulnerability of the Kibaki administration responses to corruption matters as the Anglo-leasing and Goldenberg scandal. Seize this opportunity to confront him with a powerful anti-corruption campaign messageü Ditto the £130b stashed away by Kanu leadersü Artur brothers and their raid to the Standard Group Threats§ The Candidates religion and perceived state of religiosity § The public’s perception of the candidate’s Communism§ Kibera in his Langata constituency is the least developed and most volatile area of Nairobi§ Damage incurred from Hon Ruto’s recorded statements on the Candidates unelectability§ The Candidates potential for ad-hoc and imrpovised statements


Based on the above SWOT

a the Candidate’s Strengths and Opportunities significantly outweigh his weaknesses.
b The Candidates/Party popularity is imminent should we recreate and maintain the euphoria achieved during the 2005 Constitutional Referendum and in the last General Election.


I The Grand Entrance

As earlier agreed in order that our candidate campaigns commence with impact, it is necessary that he exit Kenya to lay foundation for a grand home coming similar to Matibas in 1992 and Kibakis in 2002. Whereas the party has identified areas such as Nigeria and Middle East as regions of interest, it is recommended that the Candidate focus on Europe and the United States where Diaspora is active) for this purpose. A lengthy absence will starve the country of Hon Raila and stimulate an outpouring of adoration that will take us to victory.

II Kikuyu Alienation

Owing to this strategy’s success during the 2005 referendum, it is the party’s position it should be utilized once more for the General Election. There is overwhelming feeling among the non-Gema communities that the Kikuyu are selfish bigots dedicated to a tribal hegemony who will never share the spoils of government with other communities. Underpinning this strategy is the blessing that ODM campaign has able pointmen in Mudavadi, Ruto, Balala and Ntimama who can efficiently galvanize their respective communities around the anti-kikuyu initiative. Concurrently, every effort must be made to undermine Kalonzo in order to prevent him from emerging as an alternative avenue for anti-kikuyu sentiment. In this regard, particular caution should be placed on regions such as RVP where Kalonzo has the potential of attracting some of our votes. Anti-Kikuyuism must be reinforced with promises of jobs and economic gains to key players from every community supporting this initiative.

The Class Issue
It is possible to trigger a class war by painting the Kibaki Government as an insensitive, uncaring group of Muthaiga Golf clubbers. Available research also suggests that this strategy could also resonate with poor kikuyu youth who feel economically marginalized by their own government. As part of this strategy the party should seek to elevate the emotions within all youth constituents who may it successful, be willing to vote for us in the protest. Visible signs of class disparity will provide important fodder for this theme.

It is absolutely essential that through out this campaign, Raila remain aligned to the Western Countries (such as the United States) in order to take advantage of the deteriorating relationship between them and Kibaki. ODM can expect both financial and political support particularly from the United States.

Pull All Plugs
This being the contest of a lifetime, the party should employ all available means to ensure a victory. Subterranean campaigns will therefore form a critical component of our activities. Corruption in the Kibaki Government, the mess of Kibakis domestic situation and the soap opera of the Artur brothers provide ready material for this war.

The Media
Since 2005, the Orange team has maintained intimate contacts across all media. Even though a number of senior media managers are active in our campaigns, we should establish strongest Media Centre possible, manned by local and international experts. Indeed, we must approach this issue with the understanding that victory in the media war could very well mean victory at the polls.

Identify the Fixers.
There is no doubt that the key regional point men are invaluable to this campaign as without them the whole thing could tumble. In order\ to insulate the candidate from attacks on his person, not all advertising and campaign efforts should be focused on him. At the same time, all possible efforts should be used to retain discipline among the party leadership, including reminding them of their vulnerability.

Tap into pledged funding from external donors including Federal Republic of Nigeria, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Libya, The Democratic Republic of Congo as well as individual /institutional caucuses such as GTZ network, Cyril Ramaphosa, the Deya Ministries and US Republicans among others.

Below is the schedule of activities that will lead to the implementation of our strategy

Strategy Rationale How to Activate When to Activate Action By:
The Anti-Kikuyu crusade 1. This is an important wedge issue. It will help galvanise the rest of the country against a common enemy and set the overall theme of our campaign 1. Mass media (allusion to predominance of Kikuyus in public service and business2. Public Rallies3 Leaflets4 Viral e-mail and SMS Through out the campaign period, heightened activities three weeks before elections All members R.O. to lead the execution of this strategy
Uhuru Kenyatta as Kibakis Choice for 2012 1. 1. Accentuate the anti-Kikuyu sentiments.2. Cause unease within PNU ranks3. Attract Luhya vote by eliminating the belief that there will be a Luhya successor4. Communicate the intention to retain power within a select group of prominent political families (Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki) 1. Speculative newspaper articles /opeds2. Public pronouncements at all campaign rallies3. Blogs/web forums4. Leaflets, with special focus on Western Kenya and RVP Immediately, with heightened media activities end of November 1. Kipkoech Tanui & Okech Kendo.2. R.O
Majimbo 5. Majimbo present the promise to the electorate that they will retain their resources at the exclusion of foreigners particularly the Kikuyu, Akamba and the Indians. It is particularly important in galvanising the Coastal vote. 1. Public Rallies in RVP Western and Coast2. Op-Ed columns in the mainstream media3. TV/FM radio call in shows4. Public forums such as workshops with high profile personalities such as Ghai.5. Immediate heightened activities sin December Ruto to lead campaign team.
Corruption Branding the opponent as irredeemably corrupt will provide diversionary salvos and a campaign theme worth pursuing through out the electioneering period. 1. Press conferences, themed under specific premises such as Telkom and Safaricom sale.2. TV, Radio, Billboard advertising.3. Newspaper articles, radio and TV talkshows.4. Campaign Rallies5. Viral email, Mashada Blogs, You tube and SmS Through out the campaign period with heightened activities in NOV/DEC All RO to provide core leadership.
The Githongo Dossier Githongo has so far provided the most important ammunition in branding the opponent as irredeemably corrupt. He still is capable of killer blow Release more incriminating recordings from his time in Government 10 days before elections J Odindo to provide Nation forum.R.O. to release material already in custody
The Artur Brothers 6. This Saga presents unending opportunities to embarrass the Kibaki team Induce brothers to release their long awaited book at the right moment. Our media partners are waiting to serialize the contents. Two weeks before the elections R.O
The age issue Our core supporters are essentially young people whoa re angry about the domination of Kibaki politics by frail septuagenarians. Billboards and leaflets ridiculing the old people in the Kibaki team; contrast this with billboards of Hon Raila with young people- the promise of a buoyant future. immediately Communication team
Rigging 1. Prepare ground for rejection of 1. Press conferences Oct/Nov/ Dec All

Unfavourable results 2.Increase interest in monitoring activities to ensure no rigging happens3. Deflect attention from ourselves should opportunities be available to manipulate voter turnout in our green areas. 2. Op-Ed Columns3. TV/FM radio call-in shows4. Petitions to embassies and ODM- friendly NGOs’5. Public Rallies

Ethnic Tensions/Violence as a last Resort To discourage voter participation in hostile areas 1. Continue pro-Majimbo utterances2. Use ODM agents on the ground to engineer ethnic tensions in target areas3. Support Kapondi’s forces in Mt. Elgon4. Leaflets targeting the Kikuyus, Kisiis, etc Mid-Dec Bring Alexanda Sitienei

Yvonne said...

Just for laughs..I have just read the Standard Newspaper quotes: "Kijana huyu John Michuki atatuma DC wiki ijayo. Kwa hivyo kazi iendelee" translated " This young man John Michuki will send the DC next therefore let the work continue" (Emilio Mwai Kibaki) Lol...Pls you have to define my grandma, my dad first then you can give me another name:

Then Uhuru supported Mwai Kibaki out of principle...Lol give me another one. At this rate i think Kumekucha may just increase their vocabulary by giving me the meaning of the word principled. So is Moi, Pattni principled too????

Anonymous said...

Chris i'm not one of those people who says "i don't like to say i told you so" but i told you so-look at the "odm damu" commentary-these elections have been reduced to ethnicity, corruption and next week we shall see the rigging taking place
God bless(help!help!)Kenya

Vikii said...

I am telling every Kenyan in this blog to get their house rent for the month of January. There is nothing like free lunch. Those like me living in mortgaged houses in Kibera (That little braggadocio has to be there otherwise mtajuaje?)must take note that we expect them to service it as per the payment plan.

As a concerned Kenya, I am in shock when people go lying to improperly trained college graduates that they will be presidents in a week's time and bring down the price of gas. I will not call that Domonomics because i am not sure that is what they teach at campus but the truth is that gas prices even in California have sky rocketed, I mean the world over! You leave that damn car in the garage or you pay the damn market prices.

Na wasee wa mat kaa mimi, niajeni. Lazima ulipe buu flight. Hii story ya kudanganywa na wasee hawanyiti chenye wanasema(Wasee hawajui difference ya Economics na domonomics) mtatia zii. Eti Raila akikuwa prezii bus fare itaenda down. FIKIRIENI AT LEAST MARA MOJA.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

The next president should just make Kenya a district. That way, he will take credit for bringing devolution and/or federalism (whichever it is that is otherwise known as ugatuzi) to the whole country without tribalism. A sure thing to win votes for them or their successor in '12

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