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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kenya's Watergate II is back

Are the revealed findings of the publicly commissioned Ndungu report made public yesterday yet another incomplete draft maliciously leaked to the public for expedient political purposes?Nothing expedient though about the part of the report indicating Kenyans have lost more than ksh 53 billion to land grabbers in the last 10 years; however bearing in mind that the figure of ksh 53 billion is simply a tag assigned by Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), the true amount if known is probably a figure so shocking that Kenyans would be left staggering in unbelief at the sum
Politics aside, this report in particular highlights the grief that can be caused by the abuse of land, a commodity belonging to respective native communities wherever they are found. If the youth are future leaders of tomorrow, land is not to be treated with the same dishonesty. one way or another we and the next government of the day must decide once and for all and now how we are going to regulate the use of ardhi in the republic so that millions will no longer be poor because vast amounts of land is in the hands of a few who have acquired it illegally. Here again corruption monster reared its ugly head and scared off our dishonourables from making something out of numerous commissions of inquiry into the issue of land allocations
PNU or ODM, you have a royal land battle awaiting you on the other side of victory


Vikii said...

Why on earth would anyone think the revelations were leaked for 'malicious political expediency'? It is some of these spins you guys throw around your arguments especially on matters touching on some people that make me question your gramophously repated love for the country. It is just strangely weird.

My take is; If Raila Odinga and his flower boys are land grabbers, they are not fit to lead. They should surrender what they grabbed or go to jail. If Kalonzo Musyoka was aloocated land irregularly and has not surrendered it, he sould similarly do that immediately or go to jail. And if Mwai Kibaki protected Land Grabbers in his government, he should relinguish the presidency and be charged with Abuse of office.

It did not surprise me at all when The Standard decided to give this report a black out and yet they saw it appropriate to carry a headline like "Ministers Behaving Badly" the day before. It did not suprise me when Chris avoided that topic like a plague and it did not suprise me when the bulk of the Kenyan people, who are by every standard more corrupt and rotten than their leaders either went silent or adopted defence mode on behald of their "Misleaders". Maina Kiai and Paul Ndung'u are after all kikuyus(The only tribe supporting Kibaki) being used by Kibaki to "expediently" throw mud at the Orange parties.

We have a long way to go Kenyans, and that's just the truth. The lukewarm criticism if any that greeted these 'revelations' about what we have known all along erases any doubts I had about whether Kenyans really mind corrupt individuals in government. Seeing the ODM propagandist called Phil looking the other side at the adverse mention of these "innocent until proven guilty" individuals or "individuals who were allocated land by a president constitutionally empowered to do so" only serves to confirm the hallowness of the eiphoric reception of these hoods in the political arena. You question the motives these criminals have in seeking leadership and what do you see?---Some ladies of questionable intelligence reminding you that next tinme they will not be responding to your commments as if I care.

The time is now when Kenyans should say no to Corruption. Even if Ndingi Mwana'a Nzeki becomes Kenya's president today, corruption will continue to be a way of life as long as we do not change this strange notion that Corruption is only such when practised by them but 'expedient malice' when practice by us. They say fighting corruption starts from the top and that is why I continue to hope that president Kibaki forms a cabinet of men and women of integrity. The Awori, Murungi, Mwiraria, Saitotis of this world should be busy attending court sessions next year if we are to usher in any new dawn in kenya.

Taabu said...

Vikii you said

.........?---Some ladies of questionable intelligence reminding you that next tinme they will not be responding to your commments as if I care...

Well you have all the right but true to expectation I will remind you of the OBLVIOUS you can better than that. I know and you know it going personal takes the wind off your sail. Sometimes silence hurts more than a scream. Going back to that response betrays your take. It means you care and it HURT you and that is why you are still smarting from it. Address the message and avaid being personal even when other do. Walk the talk brother, ama?

deroo said...

Taabu, I did complain too that a lady/girl/woman wonders she can stoop low to answer me. I thank her very much. Now, out of the blue, Molasses PLant. She told me to move on and think of something else. Now, this is not Derek. This is someone totally not on this medium.

Ask yourself and reread the wording of the said thing. Raila, Kalonzo, Ruto GUILTY. Kibaki 'only failed to guarantee action'. Election counter? six days to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Bw.Vikii, don't you think that given the fact that the government had sat on this major land report for the better part of the year,releasing piece-meal by piece meal revelations of it thus far, what made them through KNHRC suddenly deem it prudent to reveal it further yesterday and especially during this period of election campaigns when nothing meaningfull can be done about it?
you know i don't hold brief for any of the 2 major horses in this 2 horse race but the timing stinks, especially over something as critical as the land issue which as we all know is a ticking time bomb
Bw.Phil asked a very interesting question early this week in his post " Kenya Elections: What Value Is The Blogosphere Adding?" he posed "s the establishment of a truth and reconciliation committee a worthwhile venture for the next administration to seriously consider?" that, my friends, is what i consider more troubling a question to ponder than whether or not ODM or PNU will win next week
The trouble is we want justice to be dispensed with eyes wide open when we all know that justice should be blind-but how do we bring down some people back to earth so they can be bound by the law the rest of us mere pumbavus are subject to?ponder with me and all takers are welcome-no preaching please

Majitu said...

I have always stated that anyone implicated in corruption irrespective of party affiliation should answer and either defend or confess. The difference between Raila and Kibaki (which Vikii of course avoided to mention) is that Raila responded to the accusations and declared that he will stand before the Truth commission to clear his name...indeed a couple of years ago this whole issue was in court and nothing came of it. On the other hand, it IS the governments responsibility to prosecute...NOT the opposition' the government which has all the resources should lead the way and start with Goldenberg and go all the way up...

deroo said...

About two days ago, a lady/girl/woman in the name of Yvonne took her time to 'Derekbash' me after I mentioned the Molasses plant. To me, like Kimunya (how dare he?) we should not speak about the ills that the politicians have afflicted society and Kenya to be precise.

Yvonne, who donated Sh 1 million to Raila Odinga told me to have another life, which she even claimed was low. To her, that Raila can steal a government property after canoodling with Moi is right and that this is all about TRUST this time.

Two days after she told me all that, which I have come to take with a pinch of salt, out of nowhere, the Ndungu Report surfaced. Yvonne, if you have nbot heard it, it is said that Raila Odinga's acqusition of the Molasses Plant is questionable in the Paul Ndungu Report.

Now, read spin. Are you a good political student. read the timing and the days to election time. If like you say you are at a higher pedestal than me, than you should read the wordings. Kalonzo and Raila were allocated land by Moi. Then, Kibaki's only mistake is not prosecuting. Kibaki will then, pass the buck. There is a judiciary independent of the legislature and executive.

Pole dada. Do you know Nyatanga?

Yvonne said...

I dont know Nyatanga and yes there is nothing fishy about molasses and Spectre international. To put the record straight for the likes who might decide to photocopy the KNHCR/Ndung'u report and sambaza widely to their friends to dicredit the presidential candidate:;
Fact: Spectre International bid for the plant and piece of land when it was put up for auction.

Fact: Spectre intenational were the highest bidder and declared the winner.

Fact: The land was not part of the plant and the land was transfered to Specrte international in 2003 by the Kibaki govt.

Fact: Spectre international employs the locals and the major beneficiary are the people of Kiboswa and Otonglo.
Fact. These locals happen to be luos and luhyas.

Fact: Spectre international duly pays the govt all taxes.

Fact: The owners who are the local community have a case in court at the moment against the govt for harrassment.

Fact: If Spectre is guilty of any wrong doing i dare the govt to prosecute him and his partners in a court of law and if he is found guilty then Kenyans will dare him to return the piece of land.

Ask yourself before Spectre bought the plant, who were the major beneficiary of Molases? What was happening there? NOTHING !!! And may i also submit to you the blood of many is crying on that piece of land crying for vengeance.
May i also submit to you that when this great luo men died, your prefered candidate was in govt and never said anything..At that time he was known as the great fence sitter who waited for easy things to be handed to him in a silver plate.
I haven't lived long but i have read history and apparently they can still be found in the archives. When you want to read the history of the Molasses since its inception i tell you, you will be shocked.Lives have been lost and family members are still waiting for answers.

You ask why i had to put things that are irrelevant but me they are all relevant to answers that Kenyans waant as it goes back to the days of Oginga Odinga and the Luo Thrift Company. It goes way back To the days of Robert Ouko. Deroo do you have an idea of who Horace Owiti was, Aggrey Ambala...Nuh i dont think you have an idea.So if you want us to talk abt Molasses then we will not go as far as Raila-Moi Merger but we will go way back and from there you will get your answers.

You know in another forum, someone had accused Raila of being a tribalist coz of the number of luos who are employed by Spectre, i guess now they have answers: The locals in Otonglo and Kiboswa are majorly luos and luhyas.

So if somebody is willing to talk abt Molasses let us look way back beyond KANU-NDP merger.
And by the way if anyone is to complain abt Molasses it is the luos whose land was allegedly grabbed and the money they paid to Luo Thrift Company!!!!Period.

muchindo said...

vikii, deroo and all those harping on the Kisumu Molasses Plant out of ignorance. You simply do not have the facts on this issue. Be informed that in a paid up advertisement in yesterday's Daily Nation, the full facts on the acquisiton of the Molasses plant are documented. What is even more interesting is that (the actual land transfer was effected during MK's regime when Amos Kimunya himself was Minister for lands and selttlement). It appears that this transaction was included in the Ndungu report malicioulsy as an afterthought after RO fell out with MK.

Mr Ndungu, who produced this report is a well known Kibaki government apologist. He should come out in the open and confirm or deny the truthfulness of facts as stated in the paid up advertisement. It is said that all documentation on this transactions are said to be available for the likes of vikii and deroo or anyone else for that matter, interested in the truth surrounding the Kisumu molasses plant to inspect. As majitu says, at least RO is man enough to respond to his accusers publicly. Like MK would put it, I ask: "Kwani Raila Odinga alikula mbuzi ya nani?" Ladies & Gentlement: Whose goat did Raila eat? Why all mudslinging? All are free to exercise their democratic right to state what they think about him. Personally, I think that as a Kenyan politician, he is a cut above the rest.

Yvonne said...

Huh just to clear this, which i dont think i have to justify anyway. Just for the record. Embakasi constituency is bigger than Mukuru kwa Njeng the same way Langata is bigger than Kibera. We have many millionaires in Embakasi than you can think. Just food for thought..... I'd better leave in a mortgaged house in Embakasi rather than leave in a servants quarter in south B or better still Kileleshwa

deroo said...

You ask me if I know why Horace was??? How is life unfair? I wish you knew! I knew Horace Ongili Owiti when I was a toddler and he was working for Coca Cola. I and my family know Ambalas for donkey years. If you know any of those famiies, tell me which one we can talk about! Yvonne. I am sorry I am dealing with you.

Sorry Yvonne, I thought I was talking to someone knowledgeable.

If you take that I fight Phil, you are wrong. I respect Phil, his wishes and opinions and dont billittle them. I talk POLITICS with him and any other person on this blog.

Kindly please avoid anything to do with answering my posts. Sorry Yvonne, you dont know me and neither do I know you.


deroo said...

In your last post, you talk about living in a servants quarters and I get the feel of the academic level of the person I am dealing with. NO LOVE LOST Yvonne. I will never miss you!!! Dont answer or comment on my posts. I thank God I kept my gloves on and never had bare-knuckle blows


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