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Monday, December 10, 2007

Kenya's Infant Scoundrels

Some ridiculous things can only take place in Kenya. Seeing Bishop Muiru’s pastors expediently denouncing their Boss at smacks off tactlessness without parallel. The men of God chose to join the politicians in peddling cheap lies at the alter of poltical expediency.

It makes you wonder where these pastors have been all these months since Muiru announced his presidential candidature. Maybe they know a thing we don't and they are simply escaping from a sinking sheep. Who knows whether the maximum miracles have dwindled with resources exhausted in campaign? Expect Kenyans to smell opportunities (plastic or others) miles away.

Now that they don't find Muiru qualified to lead why not denounce their faith all together. Religion is really opium of the people and as Luke wont to say Kenyans are its loyal consumers.

Legislating science
Add these developments to Henry Obwocha's directive to KEBS to legislate science and Kenya becomes a fertile ground for breeding infant scoundrels with no element of shame in mouthing ridiculous directives. How I wish they would even pretend to give these litany of goofs some resemblance of tact. But that is just a wish and no horse to ride.

You can only imagine what others in the wide world think of our leaders when they read Obwocha demanding a specific number of samples for opinion polls. Conducting a mini census defeats the premise of sampling. But this Kenya where pigs grow wings.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your logic astounds!! You think people should abandone their faith in GOD because ONE of their HUMAN leaders is discredited??! Whats one got to do with the other, pray tell??? Ohhh...n do excuse me for using that word ("pray"), I do hope it wont send you into Marxist (mis)quoting frenzy. I certainly wouldnt want to be accused of being an addict to religion.
Just an additional observation....your writing reads like you write straight out of a Thesaurus. Please use it as a REFERENCE TOOL and even then use it sparingly.

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