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Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Holidays From Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)

Dear Kumekuchans and Kenyans at large,

Here's to wishing you guys heri na fanaka kwa msimu huu wa krismasi na mwaka mpya from the man himself - Raila Amolo Odinga - Rais mtarajiwa wa Jamhuri ya Kenya.


chris said...

Thank you Hon Raila for taking the time.

Best wishes too, to you, your immediate family and the ODM family at large as we wait for the people of Kenya to speak loudly and clearly on Dec 27th.


P.S. Wouldn't it be nice to get a similar message from the PNU crowd?

Anonymous said...

I think Vikii's support for Kalonzo is a figment of her imagination created out of her embarrasment to be seen to support Kibaki. So she does it indirectly by supporting Kalonzo and hoping Kibaki wins! The more likely it looks like Raila is going to win the more venomous her attacks on Raila are! It is very unfair and irresponsible to say that Raila milked the country dry yet even Abdul Ahmednasir (former LSK Chairman and Kibaki tena 1m lunch attendee) admits in his sunday article of two weeks ago that Raila is the only candidate not directly linked to grand corruption.

Raila we also wish you the best and hope that you will celebrate your 63rd birthday as President of Kenya. Sir, many detractors have tried to label you a dictator inorder to soften you but please ignore them. For the sake of our country we are directly appealing to you to be a benevolent dictator like Mahathir of Malaysia to bring change and prosperity to our country. Sir, use the enormous mandate that we will give you to strongly and firmly deal with Anglo-leasing, Mamluki and Mungiki thieves with finality! Herald a new constitutional dispensation for our country based on the bomas draft.

Sir, after 5 years we will put you on the block again and judge you either harshly or favorably depending on your achievements!

Sam Okello said...

Nice to hear from the captain. We're standing on the shores of the Jordan. We've looked into Canaan and seen beautiful things ahead. May the coming year bring blessings to Kenyans around the world.

Vikii said...

Chris your comment looks similar to mine. Where is mine?

Anonymous said...

Raila ni baba na mama ads next?get the feeling I like am watching KBC and they are been sycohantic!And we are still to believe that this is a non-ODM blog?nway,raila will win this election on lies,false promises and anti-kikuyuism.
If he reads his blog I will ask him that after he purges the kikuyu he should at least maintain kibakis economic growth and work on roads,energy and IT.all his promises e.g electric train,free cash to the need,removal of ETRs,majimbo,etc we can do without.
Guess after the luo are disapointed we can let the luyhias be disapointed next then we can get over this crap of its our kikuyu and we have had two kikuyu presidents who have not helped the ordinary kikuyu one inch.
So when I hear princess julie's "this time its ours" song I can't help and laugh.omondi in kibera will remain there even if raila and ida r in state she just the same way kamau in mathare remained there even after kibaki n lucy moved into state house.
How I wish we could open our eyes and stop been fooled by these so called leaders.

Taabu said...

Chris what happened to Vikii's comment which appeared ahead of yours?

deroo said...

On Behalf of the Young Democrats and the PNU Team of Champions, I wish to send this heartfelt, Season Greetings to all Kenyans, wellwishers of the Development Conscious Party that has United Kenya and looks ahead to achieving even Greater Heights of Development in the coming Five Years.

I wish all of you out there the best of all wishes, celebrate carefully and remember that you mean alot for Kenya. Celebrate responsibly. In any case, the school fees are taken care of!

Personally, I call on people from all walks of life to come out in large numbers and ensure that an unprecedented 85% ballots are cast on December 27 2007.

That will mean Kazi Iendelee!!!

On behalf of Emilio Mwai Kibaki and PNU, I wish your a Gr8 2008.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of Steadman and the 3 other opinion pollsters i wish to send all Kenyans 50% heartfelt seasons greeting- and 49.1% wishes for a prosperous new happy year
Merry Christmas. We've been through alot together these past 12 months you and I, and whatever the result come 27th December, i call on all Kenyans to please- SEE IT YOUR WAY.There are no no losers or winners just opinions

chris said...


Kindly re-post your comment and get in touch with me urgently via email.


P.S. F.O.Y. Mr/Ms anonymous Vikii is a guy and NOT a chic.

Vikii said...

I am not a kid Chris. Knocking off comments critical of dictators is an enhancement of the intolerance that characterizes the ODM right from the apex down to people like you. You are just being a good student. Now what makes you think I should repost it or worse still I fancy exchanging emails?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Luke, my ribs are hurting!

Makale slim said...

Hate or love him. Agwambo tosha.This is the last X-mass he is having as an ordinary citizen.

As for the hurting ribs, may they continues hivo hivo until u don't vote.Then the outcome will be
Waiver:The rest!

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