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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Worrying Thing About Raila’s Financial Backers

Guest post by a former insider

One clarification first: I do not hold the key to a solution, but I may be able to explain where and how things went wrong .... the solution lies in the hands of each and everybody of you when you go to vote on December 27th .....

Things went wrong a long time ago but as long as a totally corrupt and surpressing Government (speak Moi) did not allow free expression of mind and controlled the press totally, many things were not known and could not be known. And if anybody dared to talk, he (she) disappeared out of public (political) life and sometimes even got killed (and I do not only talk about Dr. Ouko .....).

But now you have the possibility to know and to talk - and still, the same people who held you for ransom for so long, continue controlling your life - and that is unexcusable .... do not allow this to happen.

Although I do not see that things will change in the next 10 or so years ... Moi, Biwott and also Kibaki are too clever ....

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Phil said...

Chris, you and MB are creating unnecessary anxiety in this free flowing information blog.

Its either you release your findings of the so called

I have noticed from the numerous posts done by MB (now former insider) where she leaves gaps for readers to make their own conclusions. The same applies to Kumekucha. eg. She had promised to name Dr. Ouko's killers here, and you had promised to name TJs killers here - we are st ill waiting.

Now she is talking about Raila being personally indebted to some white South Africans, and that these debts will be settled indirectly by Kenyan tax payers. These are far fetched allegations to say the least.

As a Raila supporter, I would be keen to learn more about these deals more so because there are undecided voters who might just be the ones to tilt the balance to determine the president of kenya next year. Therefore, MB, please take note that you are playing games the intelligence of readers here while at the same time undermining the sovereignty of our country Kenya.

I do not care about your feelings for Dr. Mungai, Dr Ouko, Nicholas Biwott or Jeff Koinange, but I am kindly asking you to either tell the story as it is or keep of the affairs of this country altogether.

We are at a very critical stage of our development so this meddling must surely stop because as a non-citizen, you have no right to keep interfering but risk ending up as a pain in the butt. No wonder there has been so much drama in your life!

Phil said... called opinion poll that has had to be postponed twice because you do not want to trust your own findings!

Vikii said...

I now agree with you Phil. I am happy you at least understand something about 'sovereignity'. While it is ok for people to discuss the politics of countries other than theirs, it is an insult to lecture us day and night on the need to "wake up". Marrianne, You address Kenyans with such authority one would think either Kenyans are little children, idiots or to say the least you (Or any other Swiss for that matter)are so much smarter than them. Give us a break old lady!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

If you haven't noticed, know-it-all MB will go to any length to make herself the centre of everything. Its a little bit too sad that she has not been able to make a name for herself despite the attempts. What with all the famous people she has met, been tight personal friends with, dated, slept with (but never married) and whatever other form a male-female relationship can take. Did anyone finish the name-dropping list?

We have more important matters to discuss.I personally think that where we are and where we are headed is way more important than what went wrong. And we ourselves are better able to deal with it without outside or former insider interference.

kalamari said...

MB. Raila Odinga is a happily married man with an impeccable record of fidelity. I must therefore order you to STOP your futile attempts to lure this mighty man into your devious sticky web of luscious trickery and treachery.
You see, it is quite clear that your frivolous stories of RSA whites and oil companies are intentioned to solicit responses from Raila (who reads this blog on a daily basis). Let me assure you that your extremely cheap Swiss concocted perfume, the kind that attracts some of the shortest unkempt haired men in the total world, will not take the breath away from a virtuous man of vicarage status.

That said, do not put it upon yourself to remind us Kenyans of our history or advise us on our future through your warped Eurasian ideas brought about by your highly suspicious motives. While we continue to be immensely entertained by your third rate soap opera lifestyle, don’t confuse our loud laughter of your dark backroom shenanigans as our appreciation of your commitment to ridicule our democratic process.

Taabu said...

Chris you have been warned, STOP. MB you are better off with other things and please spare yourself further murk. It is evident from the above posts that you are almost making all and sundry mad with rage and maybe rightly so.

I sugest that you publish an autobiography and those interested in reading (hobby or otherwise) can indulge. But leave Kenya to Kenyans and whatever attachment you have do your part and shun publicity. Talk to us and not AT us please will you?

Mkenya Damu said...

Arent you too old to be doing this crap? , you are a spent force{aka zilizopendwa} and the sooner you realise this the better for all of us here at kumekucha .

Anonymous said...

I have a question for marianne brinner? How come she is always in the mix of all major incidents affecting prominent personalities in our Kenyan sphere...

madam, what do you exactly do for a living? Are you a government business consultant or political advisor or what? Am just perplexed at the level of involvement you have had in the instances you mention.

john oilepo.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

MB's is a form of colonialism we called ukoloni mkongwe back in the day. Good to note that majority of Kenyans on Kumekucha have outgrown the crap. When are you catching up, Chris? I've heard that growing old is inevitable, as in the case of one MB, but growing up is a choice.

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