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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kenya On Fire: Innocent Kikuyus Murdered In Eldoret

Impeccable sources have just informed me that in Eldoret innocent Kikuyus are being dragged out of their houses and killed even as you read this.

Kibera is predictably on fire.

I need to move now.


Sam Okello said...

Great job, Chris and Phil. I hope you guys are being extreamely careful. We have you in our prayers.

TR said...


We have been watching KTN live on Africast. News is just coming up that all live broadcasting of news is prohibited. Worse than Moi's time!

TR said...


There will be a focus on the looting events in some towns in Kenya such as Kisumu by the media and even individuals. This will be used to stereotype and label a community. This type of labelling ad stereotyping must be rejected at all costs. When New York city has a power blackout and blacks come and loot they are stereotyped by many American people. In both cases the issues are not race or in the case of Kenya tribe. It is more complex than that. One has to see such behaviour in terms of socio-economic contexts. Any attempt to misinterprete as we have already seen by the new cardinal on TV or even the PNU press statements earlier today only attest to the blindness of what really ails Kenya. While we condemn in the strongest terms looting of private property we must also extend ourselves to understand why such things happen.


Vikii said...

Why do they happen TR? I am yet to understand what you are trying to put accross.

Anonymous said...

iam going to restrain myself from telling you what i really think of you. but without saying much..i think you are one of those who has refused to use your god given brain to think rationally.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you and yoru family Chris. As a Luo, I also share TR's concern. There are riots in Mombasa and Nairobi (obviously). I hope that the media will fight the urge to stereotype. I get the feeling (as I did when I heard that 65,000 Administrative Police had been deployed all over Kenya) that we are being set up for something...possibly a genocide. I would urge all Kenyans to restrain themselves. However, the blame for all of this lies at Kibaki's doorstep. We cannot and must not forget that. There must be consequences for stealing democracy out of the grasp of Kenyans.

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