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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mwai "Stole the 2007 Election" Kibaki Declares 31st Dec A Public Holiday

Kenyans have a chance to mourn quietly at home tomorrow (if that is practical) as Emilio Mwai "Stole the 2007 presidential election" Kibaki has declared December 31st a public holiday.

One would expect this kind of behaviour from young president like president Kabila of Congo rather than from this grandfather of almost 80 years old.

I keep repeating, I am happy that all those dreamers who imagined Kibai was a good man with bad advisors surrounding him, now know the truth. The truth shall set Kenya FREE.


deroo said...

But surely Kibaki and the PNU boys. How does 5 turn into a 9. It is said, that there is a place where the only figure that changed was 5**** to 9****. Honestly, people will laugh for the next five years.

To the Kumekucha regulars. TR remember, this is just for us to talk openly about. 'Mama weka X or the Saitoti one' Cause CHAOS, the police get hold of all the ballot boxes and papers then later, there is calm and the counting continues as normal.

Or, the mobile ones in Molo. Surely. I will live to laugh another day. But the classic one was the ODM one. 'Wewe kuja hapa. Hebu tuone ID yako. Unaishi nyumba namba ngapi. Jirani wako anaitwa nani. Wewe siyo wa hii mtaa' then what follows, kicks and blows. Politics for you.

But today, I saw a shaken Kibaki. I beleive deep down in his heart, he was moody.

Constitutionally, Kenya ceased being a state for two hours before Kibaki was sworn in. Rather, his term in office ended when they were sending the journalists away. Amos Wako was in charge and that is why they hurried to do it. BUt, as a PNU man, (I will remain so) it was an amateurish show. This can pass for a comic.


Anonymous said...

To Agwambo: Resort to option 2. Now that you have the majority do the following urgently:

1. Legislate for ALL public officials to be vetted through parliament before getting appointed. The president should simply forward them but to have no authority in appointing them. Include judges, senior military officers, parastatal chiefs, provincial and district commissioners, electoral commission officers etc
2. Prepare for a vote of no confidence in Kibaki. He has been sworn in. Go to parliament and fight it out from within. You cannot fight the system from outside.

Vikii said...

Ignorance informs your opinion mr. Anonymous. A vote of no confidence, just like a constitutional ammendment requires 147 MPs. The ODM do not have that and even if they did, a vote of no confidence on the president sends all MPs home. How many (Including those in ODM) are ready to face the electorate once again?

Anonymous said...

Option 3: garner enough international pressure to oust Kibaki

Option 4, cecession, may be premature.

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