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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chaos In Mombasa As Kikuyu Shops Are Burnt To The Ground

Danlieve says that the situation is very tense in Mombasa. Shops belonging to Kikuyus are being burnt to the ground.

My source worries where they will run to. Some rich folks are headed towards Tanzania border.

Surely Mwai Kibaki, you can do something to save human life. Do the right thing, Sir.

Several Kumekuchans have fled Nairobi for unknown destinations. I am still trying to raise them on their cell phones. Networks jammed.


anaweza said...

Appealing to Kibaki's better nature will not work. By participating in that sham swearing in he has demonstrated that he holds his interests above those of his fellow kenyans. We need to appeal to our fellow kenyans and the other leaders. If we allow our country to burn, what will we have left?

Another Kenyan said...

PLease Kenyans stop the looting and burning. We should know our real enemies. They are the riggers who thieves.what will power bring them when they are living at extra time in their late 70's and 80's? Will they take power to their graves when they die in less than 5 years leaving beind a legacy of rigging and stealing from kenyans their fundamental rights?
Please Kenyans demonstrations are in order but they should be peaceful. destroying each other's property will only make us suffer more while the rich politicians will be cheering comfortably. Let's shun tribalism like Raila said, Kikuyus who voted for Kibaki exercised their constitutional rights, we should go for the riggers in peaceful demos.
Shum tribalism, only 2 tribes in kenya, the rich and the poor!
May Peace always prevail n the beloved motherland.

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