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Monday, December 03, 2007

Election Violence And The Peace Envoy To The Sudan Who Should Be Sent To The Rift Valley First

There are many posts in Kumekucha that have come back to haunt me. They have not come back to haunt me because I have been wrong, rather it is because I sincerely wish that I had been wrong.

One excellent example is this one written in 2006 about violence in Kibera.

But for today I would really like to share something very funny that is not really funny at all because innocent Kenyans are losing their lives for no good reason. Retired president Daniel Arap Moi was recently appointed Kenya’s special envoy to the Sudan where there is plenty of politically instigated violence (heard of a place called Darfur?).

Recently when Moi was in Ethiopia as part of his Sudan peace mission, two APs (since released without charge) were caught distributing hate literature in the Rift Valley. Just days before some ugly new politically instigated “land clashes” broke out in Kuresoi in the Rift Valley.

Fascinatingly part of the reason why the Rift Valley is so vulnerable to these so-called clashes is because of the settlement (mainly by members of the Kikuyu community) organized by Kenya’s first president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta in the region in the 60s and 70s. Now here is the really bizarre part. According to Hilary Ngweno’s popular documentary series; The Making Of A Nation Kenyatta used Moi (then the VP) to organize these settlements.

That would make the retired president the most qualified person on earth to end the land clashes in the Rift Valley once and for all. He would also be the most qualified to instigate the same land clashes in the region.

If the Kibaki administration is serious about ending the election violence, why not send Moi to his own backyard to end the violence first before sending him all the way to the Sudan?

Why make Kenya a laughing stock? Can you imagine what the Sudanese are whispering amongst themselves as they see Moi hovering around their country brokering peace evena as politically instigated violence rages in Kenya’s and Moi’s own Rift Valley?

But alas, I am not naïve. The politically sponsored land clashes in the Rift Valley are in the best interests of the current administration. The evidence for those who still doubted was the recent move to free those 2 APs caught red-handed distributing hate literature in the Rift Valley. The 2 cops clearly said that they received their instructions from this SSP based in the office of the president in Harambee House.

And lest you forget, the reason why the 2007 general elections are shaping up to be the most violent ever is simply because the stakes are way too high as the Mois, Kenyattas and Kibakis battle for the survival of their families. Incidentally this is a selfish, self-centred mission which many unsuspecting Kenyans have been pulled into to support. And yet this selfish initiative has no interests of the greater Kenyans anywhere near its’ agenda.

P.S. I have now established that what many readers have been trying to tell me here about Raila’s alleged initial denial of the existence of an MOU with the Muslims is true.

The facts are that Hon Raila did NOT at any time deny the existence of such an MOU in fact he is the one who brought the whole saga into the limelight for the first time during the ODM presidential nominations in his acceptance speech. I have since established that somebody playing some serious political mischief led the Daily Nation to publish a report to the effect that Raila had initially denied the existence of such an MOU. The Nation later apologized for this, but as many readers here have pointed out, it was a little too late and most of the damage had already been done.

I therefore take this opportunity to set the record straight. At no time has Raila Odinga denied the existence of the said MOU. I apologize for that error of fact in a recent post I made here.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, I have been seeing the exchanges here and I don't think it is good for Kumekucha, and by extension, Kenya. Kalamari and Vikii, I like the way you put your arguements across but please, it doesn't argur well when you go into each other's personalities. Everyone has a right to his/her(PKW)opinion. But to ridicule someone for his/her opinion, however silly it is, is simply unacceptable! That said, I remember in 2002 NARC put up an advert asking Moi to explain why even after swearing to take care and protect citizens, there were still incidences of clashes. What is happening now? Let's put our party affiliations aside and think of those who are dying due to this "politically instigated" violence.
Also, now that RAO's MOU with the Muslims is public, can Kibaki deny or confirm that he signed a similar MOU with the same group in 2002? All we hear is Raila this, Raila that! Nobody is coming out clear on the 2002 MOU.
All in all guys, "Uchakuzi ni siku mocha tu!" Kenya will still remain, and you and me will still be alive, God willing!


Chief Al Hajj Dr. M.A. Nanga, MP.

Vikii said...

The issue is no whether he denied it or not. The issue is, is it morally ethical to engage in a deal as fishy as that one? Why then do we have the constitution if conmen can just sit under some mnazi tree and purport to sign binding documents on behalf of groups? This is the worst form of corruption. Raila Odinga does not have any idea on what governance is about. We follow the constitution, not some kangaroo doctrines.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Too little too late.

John Maina said...

vikii and PKW be abit rational and stop intellectual corruption now. If kibaki has done some good he must also have done some bads which seems to be more than the former. He has done so through commission or omission. Kenya can do better and we shouldnt keep fearing the unknown.

unless one feels the side that butters their bread is threatened.

kalamari said...

Like I have been told for ages, a kangaroo court is neither a court of law nor is it populated by kangaroos. It is in fact a court of no credibility. While kangaroos are happy to abide by the laws of nature, human beings of no credibility are ecstatic to serve as lawyers and judges in kangaroo courts. You see, you will never see Bill Clinton as master of ceremony at the 'Millennium Married Family Values International Conference'. You will also never see Mandela receiving the racist of the year award at the 2007 Annual Nazi Nation Awards. This is because they are not credible members of such organizations. Why then must Kibaki appoint the whiz of land clashes to bring peace to warring land clashing jamaas? It is for this very reason that kangaroos choose to disassociate themselves with kangaroo courts and in vehement protest, refuse to walk on four feet.

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