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Monday, December 03, 2007

Leaked! PNU Post Nomination Campaign Proposal

Just a few days ago Chris had a post here at Kumekucha wherein allegations published that ODM was distributing leaflets in Rift Valley Against Its own Candidate. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Today, I am taking the liberty to publish PNU insider information that shows that PNU were not only the culprits in printing leaflets depicting Raila 'hanging' former President Moi with a sheepishly smiling Ruto watching, but PNU are blatantly committing many election malpractices.

It is shocking to see how far a government that purports to be democratic can go in order to win elections are are rigged in advance. Voter bribery, misusing provincial administration and frightening propaganda! The entire unedited dossier is re-published herebelow.

To add insult to injury, two APs who were caught red-handed distributing the foul literaure and were positively identified by the press in the presence of senior police officers have since been released without charge. The two officers were instead 're-deployed' to AP training school in Embakasi even after having confessed to have been acting on orders from Office of the President.

Where is Brigadier Ali to tell us no sacred cows will be spared? Or Derek to lament kazi iendelee?

Rift Valley Zone
Field visits and information available indicate in all the 49 constituencies in Rift Valley, the backlash/fall-out is in our favour. We should therefore seize the Opportunity to campaign at grassroots level for our candidate and to sell and Market the PNU. After the nomination, there are so many guest speakers including those who have crossed-over as the ODM euphoria wanes.

We are proposing a 3 (Three)-Pronged Strategy:-
(a) Two to three Meetings in a week at Divisional level.
(b) A Mini-Rally every week or two weeks.
(c) Constituency Rallies.

Weekly Meetings
These should target the Youth, Women and Organized Groups in all the divisions in a constituency with clear message and commitment to campaign for our candidate.

1. Prayers
2. Traditional / choir songs
These to be loaded with our candidates’ Achievements and Can-do Messages.
3. Speakers
Drilled in various Achievement Messages and local propaganda emphasize Raila is a devil worshiper out to punish Moi and other Kalenjin leaders
4. Resolution

• To support PNU and our candidate
• Commitment of each person to go and recruit 5-10 others to re-elect our candidate.
• Use the leaflets more specifically to diminish Railas image within the Kalenjin land.

Other propaganda materials to be finalized by second week of December

1. Details of Raila’s participation in the 1982 coup emphasize on how he killed kalenjins and kikuyus

2. Design another MOU between him and Ruto and emphasize on how he will not honour it by his previous record

3. Booklet of how Kikuyu will help Kalenjin owned companies and how Raila tried to snatch kalenjin wealth while he was minister of energy

Mini- Weekly Rallies
These should include two to three Divisions in the constituency held at Local strategic centres. The pattern of the program should be as above. Local Key nominated speakers should be encouraged to market our candidate and themselves in these Rallies. The Raila leaflets should be spread well in advance with supervision of provincial administration

Constituency Rallies
These should include mobilization from all the divisions within the constituency and held at strategic central places within the constituency or any historical centre within the constituency.
The program pattern should be as above but the thrust of the rallies are to support our candidate while demonizing our greatest challenger. The propaganda must be intensified and Moi has promised to finance more materials to be distributed within a span of two weeks. Local Key speakers and invited outside speakers should grace these rallies.

The 3 (Three)-Pronged Strategy can be initiated by our constituency coordinators together with their local Strategy Committees and assistance from the Secretariat.

1. Hire of halls and site venues if these were not free as well as decorating /banners.
2. Hire of Tents and a few chairs.
3. Hospitality such as water.
4. Publicity /Announcements.
5. Police Notice of the function.
6. Subsidized transport in some instances particularly if the Guest Speakers are from far.
7. Branding of traditional singers and choirs

8. Any other necessities to make the Meetings /Mini-Rallies a success.

Assistance From The Secretariat
1. Materials
Propaganda leaflets (to be financed separately)

2. Facilitation
Modest facilitation on weekly basis against well planned programs of the week.
3. National Rallies
Advanced notice of any national Rallies within 3- 4 days away in any major Regions.

ODM euphoria is waning in Rift Valley zone. We should seize the opportunity to adopt the above proposals and any other consistent with our overall objective to win re-election for our candidate. Reactivate the propaganda about Raila and ensure it penetrates to the local level. The second bunch of leaflets depicting Raila hanging Moi and Ruto must be dropped at night and not daytime as previously done.

The availability of Materials and modest facilitation, management and coordination are Key to these proposals’ success.

I attach herewith the estimates Materials and facilitations for the Rift Valley Zone.

Other Local Issues

KANU/PNU Meetings
KANU has persistently branded themselves KANU whenever they have Meetings to the exclusion of other PNU parties.

In Some parts of Rift Valley Province, where ODM euphoria had gained ground the bulk of ODM followers were infact KANU supporters. The danger in this is that these followers may continue to support ODM at the expense of PNU presidential votes.

One solution to this problem is to brand PNU all the traditional singers and choirs whenever KANU hold its Meetings. This implies that we must hold limited materials stock such as T-shirts and Caps plus posters with out constituency coordinators to enable them take the initiative to brand all Meetings and Mini-Rallies in their respective constituencies

Constituency coordinators / Provincial Administrations mobilization
There have been instances where mobilization has been done by Provincial Administration to the exclusion of our constituency coordinators or indeed involvement of non-locals particularly in Greater Kericho Districts, Greater Baringo Districts and Usain Gishu.

This is beginning to cause murmurs and resistance amongst the Chiefs’ extended families who mobilize themselves expecting hand-outs and the rest of the community. This is unnecessary and uncalled for. We are proposing that all mobilizations be harmonized between the C.C.S. and Provincial Administration and the local be involved so as to make them own the decision making process regarding theses Meetings / Rallies.

Prepared By:
Elijah Chepkwony
Rift valley Zonal Coordinator
November 26, 2007


deroo said...

Phil, Kazi iendelee! Is not a lamentation! It is our party slogan. Yenu ni kazi ianze sasa? Sasa, mambo yamestiriika na MV Kibaki ala PNU ilin’goa nanga zamani sana. Tunaelekea. Kwa ufupi, inaendelea.

First, I want to tell you that unless the insider is a daft bloke, then he is not an insider. Simple! He is not a PNU guy and will never be. Why should he deposit the document with you? For what relevance? Insiders don’t talk much. He might have been a guy lacking fare to go to town and decided to sell you a ‘dossier’ or thought that stingy Raila could offer some dough!

PNU are not committing election malpractices. ODM are, when the print posters with PNU slogans and colours, that is malpractice in election. Raila said himself that he was going to pursue Moi’s money. Then, he said and repeated this week that Moi’s crony (the Kamiti United Team) that walks around with him will be answerable for the economic crimes committed during Moi’s era. Kosgey should tell us about Kenya National Assurance and the All Africa Games cash that Dick Morris, sorry Berg cantered away in 1987.

You say that the government purports to be democratic. Was Raila Odinga, your candidate of choice not part of the government elected in 2002 and could not keep up with being told off about Joint Accountability/Responsibility of the cabinet (sorry, he had never served in a democratic cabinet in his life).

Raila is now propagating everything good about the Kibaki government, from being the man who pushed for the CDF that he used to build two toilets in Kibera, to stopping Kibaki from arresting Moi and many other things that he takes credit for.

Saying that ODM have been distributing leaflets in Rift Valley is not strange. The truth is that ODM are distributing leaflets. If they can design a PNU poster, pay for it to be hang up the pylons along Uhuru Highway, then what can stop them from printing posters of Moi being hanged to make political mileage out of it.

Furthermore, it is election time and have a read a Hitler’s Party in Germany and you will get to know how it worked before the despot rose to power.

To continue with the propaganda and the leaflets spin, you say that the APs have been redeployed to the Training School in Utawala, Embakasi. Phil hapana, these people (imaginary) have not been tried, were not under any caution and therefore do not exist to me.

The things that are true and many people will agree with me is that Raila has abandoned his team of losers (another blunder), he imported an American spin doctor who did not know about Kenyan politics (I said it) and he is living in a world of illusion.

And finally, I want to dismiss your informant with content, and call for a better way of spinning propaganda. It cannot happen that such things are documented never, never, never. Not written. Subversion and such kind of information cannot be written. I am sorry to say that even the Iraq Dossier by the UK government was more daft that this one.

Never Phil, will people planning such an issue that can bring a country to its knees have a chance to write and document their meeting before distributing to the ODM secretariat. It sounds like a Walter Mitty script or Mr Bean comedy.

Never, Phil, and the Kibaki team are not that daft to drop such leaflets ‘during the day’ and take it that it was wrong, meet and decide to drop them at night. Subversion leaflets, from campus days, are dropped at night and you only wake up to find them in the morning.

Phil, hiyo kama siyo Nyatanga Special, basi sijui. Hii ni mpya.

Tell that man, that he is not an ODM strategist and if you want to know what the Young Democrats can do, then go back to 1992 and remember the ‘Moi Cheque to Matiba’ and you will know what it means to have a team of thinkers.

Why use that method, while the incumbent still operates using the national broadcaster? If anything, if propaganda is to reach the far-flung regions of Rift Valley, it only requires Moi to be given three minutes air-time on tv to reach his people and tell them that Raila wanted to overthrow him in 1982 (he has said it), the Ndungu Report (said it again) and many others. Including: Huyu alidanganya nikampatia Molasses!

Kazi ya Kibaki iendelee! Catholic Parochial early in the morning, Kibaki, Kamanda and Kanjora. Three-piece already KKK.


deroo said...

Forgot to ask you this. There are eight candidates vying for the presidency. Why not Kalonzo and Umar who were boxed out of ODM. Why KIbaki and PNU?

Be wise bwana Phil at times. Kazi iendelee


kalamari said...

Phil pwana, kwa kusema ukweli, hii kitu umetoa wapi? The way I see it, this is an attempt by the PNU propaganda elite squad to propagandarize ODM. You see, what tricky PNU has done here is intentionally propagandarize themselves by writing propaganda that any average Joe would think is ODM produced propaganda. For lack of a better term, I call this self-propaganda. Yaani, the aim is to propagandarize the minds of voters into think that ODM also has a propaganda wing capable of coming up with anti-PNU propaganda. Hii yote ni propaganda because we all know ODM has no time for propaganda

PS. Please expect the word 'propaganda' to remain in the Kenyan lexicon for the next six to ten months.

Anonymous said...

The PNU campaign is scrapping the barrel. The other day I was watching Judy Kibaki doing her version of meals-on-wheels in Kibera. Just how stupid does this woman and her family think the Kibera residents (read Kenyans) are?

Why would more than 60% of the country so despise president who has done 'so well for us'? That's question Kibaki and his handlers need mull over. For most Kenyan the only question that's still unanswered in this campaign, "How badly?" (i.e. Kibaki's defeat will be).

Vikii said...

And how do I get to Nyatanga, as in what's the address?

Anonymous said...

This is very possible PNU propanganda. If you are a keen observer you will realise how lame these PNU guys are. Have you ever in your life heard of a slogan like ''Kazi iendelee''???
Even their Domo adverts only appeal to babies, its not quite intelligent? These people lack ideas .Even babies know RAO signed an MOU with Muslims, what fool puts out an advert showing MOU with Inzi are they calling Muslims Inzi?? What value is attacking Ngilu for instance are they nuts? Who advises these losers??
That is why they can print leaflets and distribute during the day etc.
Checki this - Martha Karua says ODM should distinguish btn govt and individuals being involved in propaganda. If a police officer is given a direct order by his superior to carry out some mission is this the govt or the idividual??
Kenyan people have you ever come across a clueless lot like this PANUA strategists!!!

Anonymous said...

Who knows where this guy lives?
Ngo aragani arap Elijah Chepkwony
Rift valley Zonal Coordinator

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