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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Does Kibaki Really Get Assaulted By Lucy?

One of the things President Kibaki’s first tem will be remembered for is that for the unprecedented admission of the President into Nairobi Hospital. Even when Presient Jomo Kenyatta’s comas became so frequent, he stil received a treatment including ICU and high dependency care within the precincts of State House. Nairobi, Mombasa and Nakuru State Houses were very well equipped to take care of the elderly president’s treatment.

Indications are that the reason for the president being admitted was to keep him away from his own wife, Lucy whose “harassment” and “pressure” was not helping the president’s recovery.

So who is Lucy? What sort of a person is she? Does she care that the famous slap she delivered on Jamuhuri day may have cost her husband many of the votes she is trying to help him win so that the first couple remain occupants of State House? Interestingly some people feel that the slap may have cost the president as much as a million votes. However what most people agree on is that the first lady’s actions on Jamuhuri day offended women voters much more than it offended the men.

Reading Sam Okello’s Her Excellency sheds a lot more light into this currently hot political topic amongst Kenyans of all walks of life as the general elections rapidly approach. Get more details by contacting Sahel Books directly using the contact info below.

Another post on Lucy Kibaki and the book that will help you get to know her better.

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MB said...

When the Okellos threatened to close down your blog, you had all the Kumekuchans on your side supporting you against this threat..... therefore you had no reason to bow down to their conditions and even now become their 'tool' to increase the sale of their books by publishing whatever they ask you to in this blog.
Can you give us a reason why you do this? What is your interest in all this?
Read the comments by your friends and you will understand that you are in danger to loose your credibility.
Are the Okellos of this world worth it?


Anonymous said...

I hate you Chris. PNU supporter.

Anonymous said...

That must be an insult to ALL Kenyans. How can one vote on the basis of Lucy slapping or not slapping? Kenyans are more intelligent than that Bwana Chris. They will analyze issues that matter and affect them like religious beliefs of the candidates, education, economy, MOUs, healthcare, corruption, tribalism, '82 coup attempt, Arturs brothers, candidates development record etc then make informed decisions on 27th. A decision they will live with for the next 5 years. Plug that book in a more better fashion for heaven's sake!


vote wisely.


Anonymous said...

The emphasis that Lucy is a factor in these eletions, with Chris saying that it has cost Kibz so many votes, is simply unfounded. Most voters know they are voting for KIBAKI and not LUCY. So spare us the post as we head for voting on 27th.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Kind request here. Please do not censor (sp) posts and comments so that we hull all that is in our hearts at this injury time.

Ndomo said...

Hey Chris, this is fake publicity. So on whose side are you on? Sam Okello or Marina Brinner?

And while we are on the topic, why Cant Sam Okello do another fake expose of the next Official Opposition Leader Riala Odininga?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

What to expect when capitalists (no dudes, its not an American or Kikuyu issue. Even Luos in America will capitalize on things they only read about online) takes root? Rot. Chris, the born-again Christian, will lie. A few relationships have to be sacrificed at the alter of money (kidogo saaaana) and 'fame' (is the said book meant for a predominantly or entirely Kenyan audience?).

MB,your frustrations are becoming too obvious, please remain the queen of cool,or keep your promise to never come back for once since I became an ardent follower of this blog. You can look for another blog to advertise your 'books', or add to your never-ending list.

Chris,I'm confused, is this the ODM blog it has been or is it becoming a 'Western Kenya' affair? I'd be cautious to advertise anything here, even for free. No, even if you paid me, I'm afraid my business might be tarnished.

Sam Okello, CEO of the Sahel Publishing Company; very, very funny. Writing and publishing your own book. From your website, you and MB are trying real hard to pull a Ngugi wa Thiong'o by rhyming fictional names with real names just like for instance, in the Wizard of the Crow. Let me know how your books -and your personal names names as in MB and SO- compare with NwT on the literary front.

I know what y'all will say, but I'm ready for the criticism!

chris said...

@ Anonymous. Don't worry, I NEVER Censor posts unless they are extremely abusive with no value added.

@PKW. I NEVER LIE. I make mistakes like everybody else. BUT I NEVER LIE. Worst of all to Kumekuchans who place so much trust in me. Whatever noise those PNU guys are making, they keep coming back here because deep inside they know that this is NOT an ODM blog and many times I am too brutally honest for my own good.


Anonymous said...

e-slap after e-slap after e-slap how much more can Chris endure?i am worried for the cheeks on the side of his face will suffer LOCK-JAW rendering it impossible for him to ever again show us his post-molars in genuine laughter
I BLEAD with you Chris - put a disclaimer that you are instate jokly concerning this matter of Lucy and the slap

Taabu said...

Suffering sour grapes has no known cure and you better understand MB for felling 'BETRAYED'. Poor MB, you must have seen it coming but surely what did you expect? Wembe ni ule ule sio kwa ubaya lakini.

It is human nature to dislike any progress on your object of hatre. But Sam Okello seems to be VERY SMART at turning fors into pals. See he is smilling all the way to Equity bank as your eyes run dry of tears. This is not meant to appear insensitive to MB but honestly take it o its own stride lest you suffer e-cardiac arrest with no cop for handcuffs. Pole.

Vikii said...

And you guys are a one bunch of very charming friends; Chris, Sam Okello, Taabu, Marianne Brinner. Why the divisions now? I want you to live together in peace, love and harmony--Sour grapes or not!

Taabu said...

Vikii next time you see a mirage reflected on a polished dance floor while holding your beau don't make the mistake of imagining that you are seeing a crack on the floor. Hope you dare not, will you?

Vikii said...

And what kind of mirage is that in a night club? Of course besides the one I am imagining? Mii humwambia avae ninii tukienda klabu.

jatinga said...

Hey Vikii, lemme educate you here, Sam Okello, I think is replacing Ngugi. Let's face it, who else has emerged on the Kenyan stage as a fearless political novelist that Ngugi once was? The answer=Sam Okello

Vikii said...

And what makes you think I care? I read very FEW Kenyan novelists and to be honest with you I hold Ngugi in very low esteem.

Thanks for the education but the truth is that I have never said a thing about Sam Okello the professional.I do not know what he writes about and I do not really care.

As far as i am concerned, Sam Okelo is a cool guy. At least that is what I have been able to gather from the little interraction we have had here. Where did that lesson come from anyway?

opande said...

Can Vikii explain why he rallies behind Kibaki with such toddler emotion. He says Raila cannot and will not be president of Kenya. Why does Vikii demean Raila? Is he afraid of the changes Raila is promising to rain on every part of Kenya? I fear Vikii must be on to something. Maybe Lucy should slap it out of him!

jatinga said...

Hey Vikii, why don't you wanna read your very own? Has the 'mzungu' brainwashed you?

Yvonne said...

You know when people discuss abt religious beliefs of the president i wonder how naive we can get. Some say Kibaki is 85% christian and Raila is 0% christian. With God it is either you are saved or not and as far as i am concerned none of the presidentail canidates is saved aka Kalonzo who picks Jesus when it is convenient and Muiru. So the issue of Kibaki going to church is a PR exercise. Did you ever see him in church before he became the president or only when he was campaigning. The other thing is i dont think when you are travelling do you wait for a matatu that is being driven by a pastor or a bishop. Nuh you get in irrespective of who is driving.
Think about this: Zambia was led by a born again christian in the name of Chiluba, can you list down his achievements. USA has a born again christian in the name of Bush and ....List his achievements so people the issue of religion does not arise here. It is an abomination as my grandma told me for a woman to slap a man and even the bible that Lucy and Kibaki reads calls for women to submit. Period. And if you want us to quote the bible more then we will, the same bible states that a man cannot lead if he cannot maintain order in his own home.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

FIY (this means 'for your information') aka stands for 'also known as'!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Sam Okello = the new Ngugi wa Thiong'o. That's a new one.I've read many books by Kenyan and other African authors but I never heard the name Sam Okello until the MB-JK saga late last year or early this year right here at Kumekucha. Now that MB is out, Chris is in, so maybe SO can ride on the blog and kazi itaendelea. It'd help to know if you want to be deemed successful on the literary front, or on the political battlefield.

jatinga said...


how about Sam Okello be deemed successful in both?

Sam Okello said...

Proud Kikuyu Woman,

I always enjoy your sense of humor. So you never heard about me until last year? Maybe that just proves that I'm not as old as some people make me out to be. To answer your question, is it your view that a writer can't be a politician? Would you not vote for me or Ngugu if either of us ran for president? What would you tell your children is your reason for not voting for us? I can just see you telling your little girl this: Bebo, I can't vote for Sam Okello because he's a writer. The girl would say, "So writers can't be politicians?" You'd say "ouch" and walk away to rethink your views.

Now, do you really think Chris and I found peace because of business? Truth is, life is easier to live when brothers live in harmony. There are people in this world that are just difficult to get along with. That's sad. For those who value and respect others, there is no reason why mutual understanding can't prevail. In my short time in this world, I've found out that it's a lot more costly to have enemies than have friends. Is that your observation too?

Hope we're on the same page, PKW.

MB said...

To be honest, I am not 'out' - on the contrary, I am very busy. I have been asked by one of the biggest Publishers to write my Autobiography - not just on Kenya although it will be the center.
But having read the reaction here in this blog, I am addressing those who are really interest to know the truth and not some 'mzungu-haters' or people inspired by the likes of Sam Okello. I know that there are others who understand why I did and still do care for Kenya and the Kenyans - people like Hellen and Sam Okello will understand this since they preferred to leave their home-country for easier and greener pastures a long time ago. They only 'become' Kenyans when it fits into their own selfish schemes. For the rest, they give a dam about the plight of the people they left behind.
So you see, I am not 'out' - on the contrary, I am very much 'in' and a big American Law Firm is already working on the files 'Sam Okello'.
I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

One advise for 'jatinga': don't hide behind a false name. Use your real one = Hellen Okello!!!

I know that a wife has to defend her husband no matter what .... so do it in open and not in hiding.

Since your comments only come up whenever you think you have to defend Sam against this 'mzungu' and her 'brainwashing' .... say it loud and clear - like this we may even listen to you and not to some 'jatinga' ........

jatinga said...

"Mzungu", don't manipulate Kenyans. You need to stay away. You said we only know "mzungu" when we want to beg. Leave our country out of your paranoia. And by the way, jatinga is not even a woman. You need to age graciously like a blogger "Taabu" advised you a while back. Jeff koinange is riding high behind a newsdesk K-24. And so is Sam Okello with Sahel. Ride your horse to hell.

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