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Friday, December 14, 2007

Crying Political Wolf Without Tears

As we enter the last week without elections the principal candidates are acting desperately to win the undecided voters. And their strategy to rehabilitate old political habits only succeeds in insulting the collective intelligence of Kenyans.

Amos Kimunya has become a serial political GOOFER. True the Finance minister wants to earn his new status as the new face of kitchen cabinet but a little bit of political tact would make him concentrate of PNU’s strengths instead of opening the stinking can of political worm that is Anglo Leasing.

By blaming Anglo Leasing on ODM, Kimunya is inadvertently prescribing the dose that multiple wrongs made a right. They had power and the law for five solid years and did nothing. One wonders whether the Githongo tapes contained recordings of ODM.

Make no mistake! ODM chaps are no saints but equally scoundrels of different shade.
But challenging their financiers while you have the entire infrastructure to frustrate them is the height of political naivety.

Smelling political blood
With all leading presidential candidates smelling political victory one is left wondering how many presidents we will have come December 28. Raila is already seeing Canaan and asking for MV voter to deliver him to that coast of honey and tapped milk. Emilio spews confidence like that of a tiger inside a chicken pen. Meanwhile political miracle awaits Kenyans when Mr. Clean makes his penultimate match to power.

Even the king of Omugusi Nyachae is not left behind in this charade of self-rediscovery. Simeon Nyachae has declared that he is in no mood to quit elective politics soon as he himself hinted sometimes back. Mwana wa Nyandusi wants to accomplished what God wanted him to. Well, God’s name is better not used in vein because He may just want your life back. But that is not for me to speculate.

Back to the new face of PNU, Kimunya has warned that campaigning against Kibaki’s Government could trigger animosity that would culminate in a war between poor and the rich. So now it is official from the Finace minister that the two official TRIBES of Kenya are the have and the havenots. I shudder to imagine a revolt by the majority among these two groups. Meanwhile kazi iendelee.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree with the sentiments of the author, same forest different monkeys! Press conferences will never curb corruption. Kimunya has insulted kenyans intelligence. Ashindwe!

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