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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two APs Caught Red-Handed Distributing Anti-Raila Hate Posters

Plus: Why are Kenyan voters so angry? What impact will this deadly emotion have on post Dec 27th activities?

With just 28 days to go to the mother of all Kenyan general elections, a dramatic and mind-numbing new twist made its’ grand entry into the unfolding drama.

A number of people including two Administration Policemen were caught red handed in Rift Valley distributing anti-Raila hate propaganda posters. And even as this bizarre incident unfolded police headquarters was busy denying that any such posters existed and said that they were unaware of any such distribution, hitting out at Prof Anyang Nyong’o for “spreading self-seeking damage control propaganda”. The folks at police headquarters have now become experts on party propaganda and publicity-seeking tactics and every single statement of denial now includes that pet subject of the police commissioner and his lieutenants at Vigilance House. It will be interesting to hear what they say in reaction to the latest arrests.

Oddly enough the APs confessed to interrogators that they had received their orders to distribute the posters from a superior, actually some SSP (senior Superintend of police) whom they even named.

Even more interesting is the fact that an anonymous reader tipped off Kenyans right here in Kumekucha about the said posters even as they were leaving Nairobi for distribution in Rift Valley...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

People are both sad and angry. When you watch a couple who do not know what to do with their son in a coma and contemplate taking him home bcoz they can no longer afford to keep him in hospital bcoz of a kshs 1.3 million bill?
On the other hand some people will not mind paying ksh1million for a plate of chips so the president can be re-elected!! Can any of these companies and individuals show some humanity and give back a little to such needy cases??
Do you know to get a million bob is not within easy reach of almost 60% or maybe more of Kenyans? If you have some third rate job earning your 30-50k you need to produce 3 months payslips, a letter from yr employer, bank statements etc etc that is if you need to get a salary loan.After all this the bank sends u a letter telling u, sorry sir you did not qualify.Then u see a group of pple raising 1 billion in a day??Plizzz how can you dance Kibaki tena to that???
At the same time , 30-50k fellow looks priviledged to that other one who has no clue what to eat for the next meal. And did u see faces of those Children from Mt. Elgon in Eldoret town and the woman who was narrating the story in tears??(KTN)
How can we smile in the midst of all that? To add insult to injury the Evangelical churches are acting really stupid why not ask Kibaki to release the 2002 MOU with muslims and end the killing of Kenyans in their xtry??

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