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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sahel CEO Says That Raila Is God's Choice

As I publish the views of this Kenyan CEO of Sahel books, let me emphasize that I will also publish any similar sentiments from PNU, ODM-K etc. This blog is not an ODM blog as some of our detractors would gleefully like to proclaim at the slightest excuse. -Kumekucha-

Ladies and gentlemen, the Hon. Odinga is God's choice to lead Kenya.

A race that started in the eighties is set to end on the 27th. The Hon. Odinga has given it all he had...and then more. If you took time to look at the way this race has been run, you'll recall the moments when it looked tough. When it was downright dishertening. When giving up seemed like the easier, sensible thing to do. But the Hon. Odinga shouldered on. His love for the nation supereceded the pull of comfort and bliss. And so as we get ready for the elections, you need to have a rationale for doing so. Here is why you'll vote for the Hon. Odinga.

1. First and foremost, the Hon. Odinga loves Kenya. Ladies and gentlemen, we're talking about a man who is an accomplished businessman, a wealthy individual who could afford to sit quietly in his Karen home and watch Kenya dwindle into total chaos. But he won't. Instead, he's been out there, through the Moi dictatorship and the Kibaki treachery, keeping Kenyans hoping for a better day. He led us to Kamukunji, to defeat the Uhuru Project, to defeat te referendum and brought us the concept of primaries. At last, that day is about to dawn on the land we all love.

2. The Hon. Odinga is a man of the people. I've personally watched how Kenyans in the diaspora...

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Phil said...

Thank you Sam.

In other words, Kibaki's main undoing is that:

- He is NOT a man of the people.
- He is dishonest and CANNOT be trusted
- His family values are questionable
- His regime is corrupt
- He has hardly any international credentials worth talking about
- He is a proven leadership failure and cannot be relied upon for another 5 years

These are some of the things we have been trying to drive into some sceptics here at Kumekucha for last 3 years. These people have mainly been dwelling on innuendos, personality and ethnicity to drive their shallow arguments. I am glad that millions of Kenyans have had foresight to place their faith on Raila as one of the few patriotic Kenyans who can bring change to this country. I can see Raila's inauguration ceremony being one of the best things ever to have happened in Kenya since independence.

Thanks for this Sam and Keep them coming.

Sue said...

Well said, Mr. Raila Amollo Odinga is the man of the people, those who don’t like it meza wembe. Ida said in a rally that Lucy did not have a predecessor to show her around State House, so she will ask Lucy to show her around state house when she gets there and just like you said we did not have a first lady during President Moi time, it was a broken house, then came Kibaki’s time there is Lucy and there is Mary that’s a confused house. So we look forward to a leadership with an organized house.

Just watch how people receive him everywhere he goes to know that he is truly a man of the people. See how many people are proud to wear his T-shirts and caps compared to other candidates. Go to Southern Sudan and some parts of E.A. Africa you would think he is running for Presidency in East Africa and not Kenya. His T-shirts and caps sell like hot cake.

Anonymous said...

Nice pitch.Raila is great. But I have a few concerns.
He should tell us EXACLTY how he acquired the molasses plant. Also, he should tell us whether we shall have a stock market come January. We should also know what he intends to do with the Jua kali sector. We should also know what he intends to do with the thieves in his ranks (Ruto, Kosgey). Let me make one thing clear here. If there is one thing that I hate about the PNU campaign it is the fact that Moi is part of it. I am ashamed of that. But the difference is this. If Kibaki is re-elected, Moi will definitely not be part of his administration. So I can still vote for him despite this flaw. Raila obviously intends to include these thieves in his administration. Knowing this, will you still vote for him? How will he treat other thieves? Maybe it will depend on whether they are singing his praises or not.I also think he is of a violent nature.I understand he once elbowed Kimunya in the ribs. Karua is also said to have known the force of the business end of his hand.These are a few points for his supporters to ponder. Now I know a few insults will be hurled at me for spoiling the nice party that was going on here. Or worse still, Chris wont publish this comment cos I know he is ODM damu. I have made my effort.

Anonymous said...

Sam should stop playing the loud ethnicity drum. Nyanza is the poorest province in Kenya, poorer than N.Eastern. This is despite the good measure of rainfall, green scenery, fertile soil and lake resources. This has been due to poor leadership and mass political hysteria. What has Raila done for his home town? Nyanza no doubt has the sharpest brains in Kenya, what have intellects like Sam done except following their demigods blindly? The point is Raila and co, should be whittled down to size. If He has done absolutely nothing for Kibera and Nyanza including campaigning against AIDS, what can he do for Kenya? You are right- absolutely nothing!

Vikii said...

I salute you, Mr. Overnight hero Sam Okello. I respect your views especially when you tell me to vote for Raila because he is married to a woman called Ida. I respect them, all six of them, but I dont agree with any of them. I will not buy a single one of those six points.

Kama ni wembe, yangu nishaameza. Can I also with utmost humility, ask those who feel that Raila Odinga is the messiah we have been waiting for to also 'meza wembe'? Call my firmly held opinions and unshakable beliefs innuedos if you must. Call me a loud mouthed know-it-all if you please but bear in mind that I am proudly so--Neither West Africans nor Britons will change me.

1.Raila Odinga doesnt love Kenya. He pretends to do. Telling me he could have stayed in his Karen home, but he opted to go to the streets to 'fight for me' is a joke taken too far. Why was Kibaki in the opposition for those ten years and he had a home in a posher suburb. That statement is crap, dont pretend not to know it. I voted NO in the referendum because there are some contents of that damn draft that I did not agree with, it had nothing to do with Raila Odinga. If the Bomas draft is subjected to a referendum, I will still vote NO because there is stuff I do not agree with in there. It dont matter who is pushing for its rejection, no. I was an active member of the LDP and before the refendum they were pushing for the referendum to be on specific issues or chapters not the whole document. I believe that should be the case.When someone says Raila Odinga introduced 'the concept of primaries', well, again that is your opinion. I wont say it is warped but I also have mine. The primaries that ODM had were not any better than Ford Asili's in 1992 (In fact these were inclusive, not some club members voting as per some script)or ODMK's a day before. Someone who commits himself to an extra-constitutional agreement with a section of Kenya to accord them preferntial treatment doesnt love Kenya, he doesnt.

2.Raila Odinga is a man of the people. Well, he is a populist just like Idd Amin and Adolf Hitler before they became presidents. Kenyans abroad have every right to embrace him. They know why they do it. They should not try to intimidate others because that's cheap.

3.Raila Odinga incorruptible? I wont open the can of worms. What I am challenging the pushers of this fallacy is to tell me how more corruptible Mwai Kibaki, Kalonzo Musyoka, Ken Matiba, Waweru ng'ethe and Pius Muiru are than Raila.
I think corruption is relative. In my opinion, he is the most corrptible presidential candidate in these years election.

4.Raila Odinga is an internationalit? This may be true. He has friends like Olesegun Obasanjo. I have my opinion on whether the kind of friends he has are the type that Kenya needs. Bill Clinton said his wish in 2003 was to meet Mwai Kibaki. Kalonzo Musyoka has also been at the centre of very crucial peace deliberations. If this is not internationalism, i am going back to my dictionary right now.

5.Raila Odinga is trustworthy? It is a pity that we are measuring trustworthiness with the number of MOUs one has honoured. Mwai Kibaki failed to honour his with the LDP. Raila is however worse because he breached his MOU with Simeon Nyachae hours after signing it, which is in my opinion very uncivil. I challenge you to deny it.

7.Raila, the family man. Like I said, I found this the most interesting. I will reserve any further comment on this.

Anonymous said...

There is a very fine fine line between loyal voter support and fanatical idol/hero worship

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Sam,welcome! Nice to notice that you've all worked out your differences with Chris and that you've transformed from the fire-breathing Kumekucha shutter-down to actually posting on the blog in the handy and trendy way these past few weeks-invoking the name of God. Its the fashionable thing to do in siasa when things get where they are. By the way, before you start preaching, did you resolve that ka-copyright theft, and greed issue MB was accusing you of? Ah, the wonders that happen simply because one is pro-RAO!

deroo said...

Philosopher Aristotle said something about 'GOLDEN MEAN'. That means that one has to live in-between frugality and excess. Today, Sam Okello aka AMBITIOUS PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL (read here) exposes his excessive side. Which side is he now.

Sue, Siasa za Salon, last week, you showed us your classical Nyatanga claws by claiming that Livondo (the academic neophyte) had been denied nomination for the Langata or Kibera seat (according to him). Some of us swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Today, you tell us that Raila sells his T-shirts in Sudan. USER. I tell you, he can sell them in Nyeri and Migwani and even in Nyaaribari Chache, that market near Nyachae's place (I think it is Keumbu if I am not wrong) and matokeo.

Now, there was an MOU, he wants to arrest Moi and his cronies (99% in ODM), he wants to construct a road in Lamu (a world historical site that should not be touched), David Morris, he of the Lewinsky fame and later roped in the same flesh peddling stuff, and the clergy, yet SAMUEL and HELEN BOOKS PUBLISHERS partner tell us so.

If Raila wins, and if Obama wins and if Lucy shows Ida around State House and if Ngilu wins in Kitui, PIGS WILL FLY.

As for Sam, please maoni ni bure bwana. Anyway, I dont want to believe that you will be milking some publicity of any future book from this forum!!! WARY JAMAA!!!


Sam Okello said...

Thank you all for an informative discussion. To you, Proud Kikuyu Woman, Chris and I found out that the tie that binds two proud Kenyans is stronger than the pride that would keep us reaching for each other's throats. Isn't common sense a great thing!

To Phil, three years! You've done a heck of a job. But keep the fire burning. Just a couple more days to go.

To Vikii, that's a great job dissecting the six points. You're great at spinning. But I ask you to give the Hon. Odinga another look. When all is said and done, we always vote for the best candidate. That's why Kenyans have decided to vote for the man that will take the nation in a different direction.

To Luke, you have to believe that a man can agree with another's policies without hero-worshipping. I don't think I was a hero worshipper when I supported Kibaki in 2002. Or was I?

Well, thank you all for a warm welcome.

Jaolu said...

Just wondering:

When the Artur's were first discovered, they mentioned that Raila had asked them for money to solve some "girlfriend problems." While this may not be true, I find it hard to believe that with all the characteristics of Raila, he doesn't play the "Bwana Mkubwa" syndrome--as in Pesa, Pombe, na Wanawake. His kids may have turned out okay, but this may have more to do with Ida than with Raila--she held the home while he chased his political dreams. So may be we should call Ida the family woman and vote for her, not her husband. If she told you her wifely tales, you'd probably wonder why she never left him. But it's rather obvious that it's difficult and foolish for a woman to leave a man worth billions just because he prefers to spend time chasing power, which eventually she will reap from.

Also, what's the difference between a man with two wives and the one with one wife but occasionally sees other women or keeps mistresses who keep his secrets? As a woman, I'd rather the one who marries the 2nd wife. The other is a user and abuser of women.

Let's not have foggy eyes Kenyans. Raila's love for our country is only as deep as that of you and I. The difference: He has money. What does a man who has enough money to live on and to feed his greatgrandchildren do with all the time in his hands? Of course chase power. When you look deep in Raila's eyes, there's little love and compassion. To him, as to other elites, the rest of us are little people/objects who give votes every five years.

Raila may very well win--but he has some serious flaws that will later manifest. Don't expect too much.

Marianne Briner said...

To Proud Kikuyu Woman..... no, Sam Okello has not settled his accounts with me nor does he see any reason why he should ..... on the contrary, he feels that having stolen the money from a White makes him an African Hero .... but I repeat: the money (at least my part) was meant to go to some Charity Organizations in Kenya and I had offered to give the signature of the accounts to Chris ..... so the 'heroes' Hellen and Sam Okello have not stolen the money from me, but from Kenyan children .....
I thought I should make this clear once and for all .....

P.S. I hope, Chris is publishing this comment although it could 'endanger' his new-found 'peace' with the Okellos......

Taabu said...

Provide a political alter and most will gleefully turn it into a sacrificial venue of any virtue. Politics, mmh, what an hydra for animal?

Anonymous said...

We cant accept the arrogance of Mungatana,Makwere, Michuki, Kiraitu, Karua and others around Kibaki for the next 5 years! What have we done to God to deserve such unfair treatment by Kibaki Administration? God have mercy on us

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