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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shocker: What The Hell Is Going In Kenya?

Special Urgent Report

Are the following chain of events a mere coincidence?

Two APs were arrested yesterday distributing anti-Raila Odinga hate flyers/posters. They said they were following orders from some SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police) based in the office of the president and even named him. This happened even as police headquarters were busy rubbishing ODM assertions about the said posters. Police headquarters has now gone “loudly” quiet and are unlikely to issue any statement explaining why they were denying something that has now been proved to be true.

Today the hate flyers have re-emerged in Eldoret. “Re-emerged” means that people were seen with them, meaning that somebody distributed them, possibly last night. My question; who has the resources and network on the ground (not to mention audacity) to dare continue the distribution of the hate literature even after people have been arrested.

At the moment President Kibaki’s campaign is concentrated in the Rift Valley (he has been there over the last few days). It is very rough going for him and he has been booed by wananchi in many areas. In a brief, heavily edited clip that KTN keep repeating the president looks visibly exhausted as he faces a hostile crowd, but most of the sound is drowned out apart from a sudden “strange” mighty roar when he asks the crowd to indicate who amongst them will vote for him. The obvious question; is there a link between the distribution of the hate literature and the current PNU campaign concentrated in the Rift Valley? Could this have been an attempted co-coordinated move that has gone badly wrong?

Retired President Moi has sworn that he will deliver the Kalenjin vote to President Mwai Kibaki come what may. By the way we are all aware of President Moi’s rather “effective” campaign tactics, are we not? If not, just do a little research on all multi-party elections involving Moi especially in 1992 and 1997.

Clashes have flared up in certain areas of the Rift Valley like Kuresoi. Crude weapons are in use. Crude weapons that look very familiar, please see the paragraph below.

A government vehicle belonging to assistant Minister and immediate former Budalangi MP Raphael Wanjala was impounded by police carrying a large volume of crude weapons. At the time the vehicle was impounded, it was in the Rift valley.

P.S. Cardinal John Njue has returned into the country this morning. But why was the crowd waiting for him singing PNU campaign songs like Ndio mana tunasema aendelee.. Wonders will never cease, will they? By the way at the airport to meet Njue was Vice President Moody Awori.

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KIOKO said...

So what is the matter if PNU supporters flock to the airport to meet the Cardinal and the Head of the Church in Kenya? PNU followers are not pagans like the ODM leader! WE are proud of both the Church as headed by Cardinal Njue and the State as headed by President Kibaki. Wacha mdomo. Kioko. BC, Canada.

Sue said...

Where is the photo?

Anonymous said...



Vikii said...

What's wrong with the Vice President meeting Njue? He is an important person in the country. That is not any different from the VP meeting the Nobel peace laurate at the JKIA.

So PNU are using violence and unpleasant propaganda? I told u. I told you to vote for Kalonzo Musyoka and ODM. I am doing it again.

Shakataa said...

This is most definately an ODM blog, no mater how much you deny it.

Anonymous said...

Pliz remind me, what's wrong with having (cheap) propaganda during elections?? Atsiii. I don't care how the propaganda gets there- as long as it gets on time.

Phil said...

Chris, do you remember my comments about a clueless regime? One that does not have any political intelligence to turn around its fortunes in the eyes of the public?

Well, I am not surprised. After distributing districts, universities, cabinet positions and what-have-you, these PANU guys have run out of ideas and are now using state security agents to do their dirty work. Its a yet another example of why we need to devolve the powers of the executive and make these officers accountable.

Moody Awori may as well take his last ride to the airport in that motorcade as he is definitely being voted out in December (not that he was ever voted in fairly before!)

As for Njue, I know he has made history as the second cardinal in Kenya, but I have a hunch he will be the first to be defrocked as soon as the pope gets first hand information about his involving the Kenyan catholic chapter in partisan and ethnic driven politics! Not to mention the sex and corruption scandals that are prevalent in the catholic church in Kenya.

How we miss Cardinal Otunga!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I've been asking myself the same question.What with RAO's team's campaign material bordering on the absurd. I mean the ones that the media houses refused to air and even ODM-friendly advertising mogul Esther Passaris agreed to pull down.I think kila upande imekosa a valid way of distributing the said material, and its Taabu-speak all systems go.
Since you guys were so good as to show us what ODM was using, why can't you extend the same hand and show us PNU's.You are also not telling the whole story about Raphael Wanjala's weapons scandal , at least not the part I heard on the ground. I was asking myself why you've not done a few posts on the same, unless you've something to hide or lose.

Mundu Mugo said...

To a Mr Kioko,

U seem to think that being a Catholic is such a big deal. Facts speak for themselves, and they do not support your ignorant views:

Just click here and read for yourself:

Yours Truly

Mundu Mugo
NB: Ignorance and prejudice are not books of reference.

kalamari said...

Abhandu, esp. PNU sympathizers, please desist from conveniently avoiding to address the evil sides of these campaigns. PKW, rather than castigate Wanjala and his 'normal rungus', you choose to cast doubt on his criminal character as widely televised by introducing some most likely non-existent 'things you heard on the ground'. Ni nini ulisikia?

Kioko, kwenyu ni kuchafu mpaka mapanya zenyu zina wear gloves, gumboots na face mask.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Moody is a faithful CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC. Kuna ubaya gani akienda airport to welcome our CARDINAL? Wacha wivu. I know many cathoilc friends and other faithfuls who were there too - both ODM and PNU supporters. case you have never read the most important book. The CHURCH is built on very SOLID GROUND. No power on earth can bring it down. Not even any scandal you care to create in your small ODM mind.

deroo said...

I have comment on two things here. What is wrong, with Moody Awori, son of Canon Awori going to meet Archbishop Njue. What did Cardinal Otungo do hat Njue has done wrong. Njue has just been apointed, and could not have been appointed while Otunga was still alive. Why and how do we miss him. s it the same Cardinal Maurice Otunga who stopped along Koinange Street, not knowing what goes around City Hall. Was he that detached from his flock? Njue is now being 'hated' because the clergy have made their thoughts known about the MOU and secondly and I strongly say so, because he is from a region (not his choice to be born there) in Kenya.

And anon after Sue's comment, you are the same people I condemn to get a barage of sarcastic attacks which make my day. You are the same people I say and repeat now, make Raila Odinga swim in propaganda murk with silly tribal comments like saying that somebody from Central Kenya (read Kikuyu, where his son is marrying from)is changing the voters roll at the ECK.

In communication this is called URBAN MYTH. "Something told to me by my friend who works at Nyatanga, who was told by a friend who sells mitumba, whose customer heard it at Nyatanga, whose husband works at the ODM headquarters, whose sister was told when she spent eight hours having her hair done at Nyatanga and the chain enlongates"

You cannot string or chain the story and attribute it to anyone. Urban Myth. ECK does not employ Kikuyus alone. Period. What is great about travelling to London or Belgium?


Vikii said...

Exactly two days ago, I said the ODm has to blame someone when things dont go as per dreams. I said now it is steadman who are taking the heat but in a months time it will be Kivuitu and the ECK. For that one statement , I was called names by one of those hard core ODM supporters who has been in a state of denial since the creation of earth. Well, I talked of a month, little did I know the mother propagandist, Raila Odinga was to start it immediately. I am told he is preaching anti- Kivuitu sentiments at the coast. Wasnt he the one who shouted loudest about Kivuitu being the only one in Kenya with the 'institutional memory' (whatever it means) to oversee the polls? Apart from changing fortunes on the ground, what else has changed the last one month?

These are some of the things that make us mind readers unapologetic rattlers who are always pis-happy. Mara Waititu, mara Lucy, mara Moi, mara Commissioner Ali, mara Kivuitu--come on, some litle intelligence please!

Mbaya said...

What I know is that PNU n Kibaki Tena is the winners on 27th Dec.

This Blog Is Full Of ODM pessimists. Raila is Loosing this election and then he retires offially from kenyan politicks thats why he is too Hungry for votes to sign a damagimg MoU with muslims.

Kibaki is Final Ndio Maana Tunasema Aendelee

Anonymous said...


for more. and why is Raila critising kivuitu while he praised him just two weeks ago. Pumbavu Yeye. let him go back to South Africa For more black Magic

Anonymous said...

Even Rakaras have to shout with RAO's name.When he is president on Dec 28th mta do??

John Maina said...

these are just amongst many other reasons that Kibaki must be sent packing as he has failed what he stated on his inaguration speech which is best yardstick of judging him.

Anonymous said...

Raila will either sink compelety or go down and shoot up like never before...which is his trait.

Lets wait and see.

Patriot said...

Noticed how PANUA activist conveniently desisted to comment on the main issue here, the brutal PANUA leaflets being distributed by police in R Valley.

Wish as they may, this story is not going away, just like the Uhuru succession deal is here to stay.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

The question was: what the hell is going on in Kenya?
The answer is: Its election year. At least I think so.

Ung'ora said...

What is all this fuss about the Cartoon? It was hilarious to me like many other cartoons. ODM is bankrupt of campaign materials that is why they will clutch any straw. Forget about the cartoon take what Nyambane and the Redykluss did about MOI. Which is worse? Mature up crazy ODMists. Why did RAO follwers behave like Osama bin Laden followers, brainless robots ready to even shed bleed for him? It makes RAO a very dangerous person to occupy the house on the hill.

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