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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Teaching Moisim

Former President Moi has appealed to Kenyans to absolve President Kibaki from blame for the mistakes committed during his five year term, saying responsibility had been assigned to people serving in his Government and they should take the blame for the wrongs
Poor Moi, here we see him finally being forced to publicly reveal one of the dark secrets to his 24 years of being the unwanted yet unbeatable professor of politics- simply pass the buck along to somebody else, let them carry a big cross, but never claim responsibility for what people don't know you did
The past 5 years have left us in no doubt that the incumbent President Kibaki was once one of the Professor's best students; he also excelled in hands off, eyes off and ears off style of leadership in the passive running of his Government
In looking ahead to 2012 and the future leaders of Kenya at that time, they must not allow themselves to falsely believe that they also can avoid the consequences of dodging their responsibilities. Former President Moi's example shows that he failed to realize even to this day that as head of state he was not only responsible for what he said or did, but also for what he didn't say or do-His irresponsibility could well be the reason why Kenya lagged behind in development the way it did during his long stint as Commander-in-Chief
During his time in power, the incumbent President Kibaki sought to make his Government take more responsibility for the improving the lives and welfare of Kenyans, assuming that those he gave responsibility to would be responsible and he would not need to crack the whip over their heads. How wrong he was-for many of his lieutenants, and indeed for all his 209 colleagues, the responsibility of governing a country justly was harder to bear than the self-inflated feeling of importance that came from many of their overnight rags to riches stories. I only hope this president has finally learnt that you can delegate authority but not responsibility. Should President Kibaki win the upcoming December general elections, he must of necessity consider cabinet portfolios as privileges not gifts to be dished out as rewards to his cronies for their loyalty to him. MPs who accept ministerial dockets should consider themselves as having an opportunity to give something back to the country they owe so much to, and instead of vice versa. Come January 2008, no alibi will be good enough for Kenyans to excuse a sitting public servant from absconding his official public duties and responsibility of uniting this country and moving the nation forward prosperously


Taabu said...

Luka reading in between the lines you realise that Moi is UNWITINGLY admiting his personal failure in many fronts as president. Giving Kibaki credit for doing alot if 5 years is akin to gobbling humble pie that his 24 years was all ruin. Again he goes further to tell us about the inner details of misuse of state power baptized as delegation. My foot! Moi can talk about something else because he used to be so PARANOIC that he read malice on any saint's script.

Me think scoundrels don't change whether in or out of office. They only become more irritating when passive thus betraying their nostalgic feelings towards active politics.

Finally Moi's speaking aganist EUPHORIA is a latent admission of wave of change and loss of political grip on RV. We haven't seen anything yet as the clock ticks towards Dec 27. Na bado.

PS: Chris, ni nani alichapa Charity State House. Toboa.

Marianne Briner said...

After having left Hospital yesterday evening, I came across this -

This matter is not only rdiculous -it is an offense to any decent human being.

Moi is trying to convince himself and the Kenyan People (hopefully for the last time) that Kibaki like he himself are not responsible - only their 'employees' are guilty .......

Like I already said two years ago in my London Declaration: He should finally learn to carry his own cross and not continue blaming others ..... as the Head of State he has to assume the final responsibility for everything especially when it comes to the Members of his Government .....

I do not say that he has to be made responsible for every single public servant, but he should have known and I am sure he knew what was really going on - but he preferred to keep quiet - even when it came to killing and silencing people.

In trying to absolve now Kibaki (and here again I refer to my Declaration of two years ago), Moi is trying to absolve himself and not only himself but anybody close to him - especially somebody like Biwott .......

And that's why I have taken the challenge put out to me by many people to continue fighting - not for myself but for a better Kenya. I have not given up hope since I have learned specially during the last few weeks how many decent people - people capable and willing to make a change - are around ........ so even if it is too late now since too many of the old 'sinners' are still around, let's focus on 2012 .........

And here - Chris - I also challenge you !!!!!!!!!! Are you ready to pick up the task ????????

Marianne Briner

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