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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kumekucha Is BACK!

Hi folks,

I have been out of circulation for a prolonged period of time and a lot has happened politically in the two or three days that I have not been around. I have just cleared my backlog of emails and am now settling in to start unleashing hot dossiers and the kind of posts that yu would not want to miss, starting from tomorrow.

One of the first pieces I will do is answer a comment left here by a reader who delves into my personal life in a scathing personal attack that I will answer good naturally without being personal in any way. I will also publish his allegations in full. That’s a post you don’t want to miss because some of the claims he makes will shock you! This is a guy who knows me very well, but he has really twisted the truth.

Sadly I got back a little later than expected and on this day that is Mwai Emilio Stanley Kibaki’s birthday, I’ve missed a golden opportunity to tie in this fact with some interesting spin ideas the president’s handlers have been churning out.

Not to forget the hot saga that was left out of the Kroll report.

Keep a date with Kenya’s leading political blog tomorrow.

The 5 most popular stories on Kumekucha today 15th Nov.

1. The ODM ad that Kenyan stations won't run

2. Clinton's spin doctor jets in for Raila.

3. Moi's spies in ODM

4. General elections 2007: The Latest prediction.

5. Mainstream media frustrating ODM.


sayra said...

Welcome back Kumekucha. We were getting tired and bored of too much ODM stuff, though Vikii and PWK tried unsuccessfully ... we need something different from all tha campaign lies and promises.

Vikii said...

Chris, please let the post on "That Guy" come early tomorrow. I will be up and running as early as 5 am. The people have a right to know not only the 'shocking claims' the guy makes but EVERY THING HE HAS EVER SAID IN THIS BLOG. And the people have an entitlement to THE TRUTH, dont you think?

Hey ni aje siuifanye ngware manze hiyo post? After hiyo chali yangu tutabonga . Baadae!

Anonymous said...

Chris I hear from reliable sources that the reason you have been missing-in-action is because you were paid handsomely by PNU to be choirmaster for 60 minutes and sing "happy birthday to you" outside KICC as President Kibaki walked along Uhuru highway yesterday-i wonder, did you get close enough to him to give him your vote? just slip it quickly inside his pocket without him noticing he will open it when he gets to statehouse
otherwise, sisi tuko hapa hapa preparing for the earthquake KPP's Pastor Pius Muiru spoke about yesterday-i am comfortable in my arm-chair bro,live front seat and watching the action unfolding faster than you can say "piga domo" 44 days and counting

Sue said...

Karibu sana, I think I saw someone like you holding that banner ya vijana at PNU rally yesterday.

Anonymous said...

well i can say i loved the time we spent together over the last few days. i must say i was impressed by your seductive skills. we should spend more quality time!!!!! dont you think so??

your secret love!!!!

Anonymous said...

API/APN has received reliable information on a plan that is encrypted leading to possible assasination of Raila Odinga, ODM presidential flag bearer.

This is very disturbing and cannot be ignored because the threat is real. The planners involve some of the present active Kenya politicians, connecting them to the Athur brothers who are still angered by Raila’s revelation of their secret deeds when they moved into Kenya, before being deported by the Security Minister John Michuki.

Assassination planners did not expect that one of their own would leak the plan to take Raila’s life before the general elections taking place on 27th December in Kenya.

What a shame that people should plan to take someone’s life simply because he is getting popular and may become the next president of Kenya.

Why is Raila being targetted now?

Raila has become a threat in the same way Ouko was and this is not about to be allowed to happen. Those involved in the plan are very serious about it and they will not stop unless the government stops them.

President Kibaki has been left in the dark by those who have engineered that plan. They want to please the president and ensure that the power remains where it is at the moment, but not caring what the president thinks about their strategy to eliminate Raila. Unless something is done as soon as possible, our source says that the plan will be executed even if it means sabotaging campaign helicopter that fly him around.

Such an act will not be good for Kenya and the Kenyan people. This shows how desperate power hungry people and how far they are willing to go.

More details will soon be revealed as we receive them, especially on those who are the main actors, the people we intend to expose by naming them and the places they held the meetings to strategise their move on the elimination of the presidential candidate.

This is a sad day for Raila because the threat is real and those who love him must now protect him well in order to stop the marching killers from reaching him wherever he is..

chris said...

Anonymous said...
well i can say i loved the time we spent together over the last few days. i must say i was impressed by your seductive skills. we should spend more quality time!!!!! dont you think so??

your secret love!!!!

Now, now, Kenyans are really idle people. Whoever you are, you are 22 years too late and I am already spken for.

LOL. Ati kumekucha was missing in action because of a woman other than Mrs Kumekucha. That is funny. very funny.

Taabu said...

Chris you have jumped headlong into the trap. The post wanted to corner you and have you distracted from what you know best. In my estimation that CLEVER provocation (capable of wrecking your house) needs no reply, ama? Welcome back.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Hi you! Yaani you disappear for days, promise to come back with a bang bigger than the big bang and proceed to make us wait for the whole day. I've been coming back here every so often but lakini wapi? Kwanza you wet my appetite with promises from the personal friend guy who is twisting your truth, halafu some secret lover who actually warrants a response from you shows up, na bado hujapost. Whats up with that? Whatever it is, I can't wait, bring it on!
PS: hope no one's got me figured yet.

deroo said...

While you were away, Raila singed another MOU (the guy is obsessed with MOUs) with an American philander and imported him illegaly into the country.

While you were away, Kibaki overtook Raila in the latest poll commissioned by the Nation and while you were away...we missed the Daily Service.

Anyway welcome back

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