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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Clinton's Spin Doctor Jets in for Raila

That this years elections will be the most competitive in our national history is not debatable. Now it has been pushed a notch higher by ODM securing the services of former US president Bill Clinton's legendary political consultant, Dick Morris.

Morris is a master of catchy sound bites who is credited with masterminding the 1996 US election triumph. On arrival in Nairobi, Mr Morris compared both Clinton and Raila by calling both "people's candidate". According to him they both focus on the needs of the average person.

Image is everything
Remember Madam President Johnson of Liberia beating popular George Weah hands down? Kenyan politics has surely gone global in terms of branding. The Sprite advert couldn't have been more apt: Image is everything. Forget about the head burdening the shoulders it is a race to win the heart. May the best candidate win.


Anonymous said...

Mwalimu, as if politics-made-in-Kenya was not already dizzyingly making the whole country spin on its head, now the puppet masters are introducing us to their magicians so we can see where the voodoo behind the turbulence is coming from
Granted, the ODM presidential candidate's spin doctor Dick Morris comes highly decorated with colourful credentials ranging from former American President Bill Clinton to Britain's Independence party,however, every rose has its thorn not least of which is he is now adversarial to the same Clinton that he once helped architect his rise to power
Spin, whether in America or Kenya is always intended to paint sweet pictures designed to make the gullible voters believe that an escape to alternative reality exists and is available only if you vote for Mr.X
The truth is there is no escape from the harsh realities of the muck, mire and mess we've made from ourselves from tribalism to corruption to all powerful presidency. we just must get leaders of INTEGRITY stupid who are willing to unite this country and move its people forward prosperously into 21st century. 10% economy growth, majimbo/devolution, free education yote ishindwe! we've heard all those promises before, you don't need to spin them to us again weka ingine

Anonymous said...

and indeed Image is everything-Raila Odinga could do with smiling more when on the campaign trail-sing when you're winning haven't the polls put you consistently ahead as Bw. Phil is won't to remind us?
See how jovial baba Jimmy is? it makes him look like a big cuddly teddy bear you just want to give him your votes for free. Kalonzo is still handsome he ia assured all the women in Kenya will vote for him and their numbers represent more than 11%

deroo said...

Kenya is not America, not Georgia and not any other place that Morris could have succeeded.

Wanjiku does not care what he will be told by the communication gurus. The thing and I love the reference to George Weah's armagadeon, is that nothing will change the situation in the country.

Wanjiku wants her husband to be paid for the milk delivery, tea, and coffee boom. She wants wake up in the morning and be rest assured that Kamau (her son) will not askl her for school fees that Mwai Kibaki has already settled.

Not now and as Morris knows, polls are decided many months before the ballot day and this one counts. Unless he has come to correct the blunders of Raila in the last three weeks, then he will make a change, but if is to convince people that he can rinse water out of a stone, then POLE.

Being American is nothing different or new to us. In 1987, Henry Kosgey as minister for culture drafted another American Dick Berg and in the Kanu spirit of stealing, now being sowed in ODM, the bloke skimmed the All Africa Games clean. Simply, he took the games committee to the cleaners and is now somewhere in America.

Another point is the gigantic stature that Raila Odinga wants to make this election campaigns. Phil tells us that the elders never spoke to Moi and they have made Raila and elder so he will win.

Elijah Masinde Musambwa, a convict, from the Bukusu sub-clan never predicted Wamalwa Kijana would be president or VP. But he made some illiterates jump into River Nzoia.

Nyongo, a candidate for the UN post can apply his social scientist acumen to win the pools, so can Billow Kerrow, the best brains in Kanu help ODM win over a candidate who was scared by Jael Mbogo whoi never made it to the august house.

Going by the predictions that have been awash in this particular blog, why draft an American if the elders have decided. If Steadman has assured Raila of week-on-week lead, why make it look different.

Taabu said...

"CHEEKY" Luka are you sure the fairer sex represents only 11%? Stop being mean lest you earn the fire. Otherwise as you say it is all systems go and tribal gate keepers will have to stop the horse(s) from bolting. But will they succeed?

You can package Bill Jefferson because the GOP and dems have defined policies. But the same cannot be said for our ETHNIC coated brand of politics. Let us see what fabric Morris can yarn out of this murk. Mark you these chaps come at PREMIUM cost. Good luck to him in his business venture.

deroo said...

Guys, a friend of mine working in the States has sent me this...It is very TRUE. IT IS IN THE US PRESS

...Morris rose to fame as an architect of former President Bill Clinton's successful 1996 re-election campaign, but resigned in the middle of it after a tabloid published a story of Morris' year-long affair with a $200-an-hour prostitute.

He has since become a political consultant to U.S. and foreign candidates, an author and commentator on talk-shows.

"His presence here and subsequent involvement in the campaign will inject a degree of professionalism never before seen in Kenyan politics," Odinga told reporters on Tuesday.

Morris said he had approached Odinga when he heard he was in the United States on a recent visit, and that he was "very likely to win this election."

"I think the reason is he has a clear reputation for courage and for integrity and for change," Morris told reporters. "I am delighted to be here in Kenya and to help you get rid of the corrupt government."

Vikii said...

Dick Morris is not as big an asset to Raila Odinga as you guys think. When Dick Morris is opened up for kenyans, Raila will regret why he hired him. This is yet another blunder by Raila Odinga and with this rate, Kibaki doesnt need an aggressive campaign. Dick morris is a man of questionable moral standing. He may have helped Clinton (Who had done a wonderful job in his first term as president) but then the US is not Kenya.

When Morris is exposed, Raila will be pushed to defence mode once again and then mtaanza kusema Dr. Tom Wolf is having breakfast in state house.

I am loving the whole game, are you?

Anonymous said...

Raila is the smartest politican in Kenya today. Just imagine where would we be without this mujaruo? Life would have been so boring we would most likely would have been fuataring Nyayo with Uhuru as we wait for Giddy to succeed!
I always think that Raila has finally been caught but wapi, the guy always pulls out another rabbit from his magic hat!
I am rushing home to Kiharu tomorrow and i will confirm the impact of my friend's grandfather on his bid for the Presidency. We havent seen this guy for a while even in Kiharu but I hope this Ogwambo man wins I just want to see how he performs as President! Otherwise in the unlikely event that he doesnt he will pull some more serious rabbits come January 2008!
Yeah, Vikii, i love this game too!

Magothe said...

I think they are too many Kenyans who don't like being troubled by whats between their ears and most seem to be on this blog-Vikii excepted of course.

For every good thing that can be said about Dick, they are two bad ones. Its called a double-edged sword.
Dick is for hire and doesn't care or never cared which cranny or crevice or hole he/it (oops) ends up in.

Anonymous said...

Dick Morris is a disgraced fellow whom no politician in America would dare hire. It comes as no suprise that Raila would hire him to join his band of thugs. No wonder ODM supporters seem excited, don't birds of a feather flock together? Perhaps Raila might just suffer a similar fate..."His tenure on that campaign was cut short two months before the election, when it was revealed that he had allowed a prostitute, Sherry Rowlands, to listen in on conversations with the President."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, D Morris is in the house. pure hot stuff right there. I think president Kibaki is done unless he hires Karl Rove. Rove is one of those rare people who can match D Morris.

Anonymous said...

How far does "Image is everything" go? As far Dick Morris' escapades with a prostitute (google away), letting the hooker listen in on his conversations with Clinton and his subsequent resignation?
I am no expert but this could be one of Raila's master strokes or his uncanny blunders.

Anonymous said...

Dick Morris, a quick check on this guy shows he's not all credible which serves as a minus for Tinga. We'd also like to note that he's ranked as the 7th largest delinquent tax-payer in the State of Connecticut.Surely you don't want to say you are Mr.Clean and a fellow has dirt all over himself. Out of concern, why would a guy work 'free' when the stakes on the Presidency's at stake? What interests do the Americans have in this election? Or is it cos Kibs leans towards the East in the last few years? Which other foreigners do we have in the political think-tank besides the ODM team? Check out (Dick Morris, enjoy !

Anonymous said...

I wonder what our beloved muslims will make of Raila courting them during the day then sleeping with the enemy/Americans at night. Another big lie is that Dick Morris is doing all these for free...Why free? What does he care so much for not to charge a fee for his services just like in other engagements? I wish ODM could clarify on that sinister motive.
Millions of Kenyans smell a rat on this. Just like in Majimbo/ugatuzi or whatever you want to call it, ODM have shot themselves, not on the foot but on the head... Good!

Anonymous said...

I hear this guy Dick Morris has a fetish for "Toe Sucking". I just love this drama.

Anonymous said...

Americans hates his guts. He was rated as top 10 conservative idiots. They guy has a bad CV. See the link below

His is also anti Muslims, anti paying taxes (read abolish ETR) and cant keep his mouth shut by divulging secret government information to prostitutes. More on info on the guy

You can also see more of how idiotic his is in

Anonymous said...

How many men in Kenya have that high Moral standing to throw the first stone at Dick Morris?
In Kenya we are yet to put Moral stds as one of the qualities of good leaders, the day we do that then someone like Dick Morris would not consult here.
On the other hand he is not going around Dandora and Bukhungu campaigning he is only strategising and anouncing him in public was ODM's way of removing the thunder from the feet of Kalembe Ndile's press conference. ''Nawambia huyu Raila ameleta mzungu sasa'' Au siyo?

Anonymous said...

I am happy the ODM have now bought a white American to try and reverse their fading fortunes. Kenya is a proud African Bantu nation and we are not a colony of whites. The Moslems can now see the evil agenda of the ODM. They know how the American have been killing their muslim brothers in Iraq. ODM are losing votes after the importation of the Yankee. Could be, they should have imported fetish priests from Nigeria or graveyard witchdoctors from RSA. Kioko. BC, Canada. Kazi iendelee...

Vikii said...


Chris has always mantained here that he is open to all sorts of opinions. I for one do not buy that crap. Chris is very intolerant;

One, he has always allowed his spanner boy Phil to pollute this blog with all manner of complaints and meaningless ODM ads. Dont get me wrong, I know Phil has as much right as I have to post whatever it is he wants to, but the million dollar question is; arent there anti-Raila people who send Chris posts for publishing? Methinks Chris is holding back posts that are not so favourable to Dictator Raila and his fellow Odinga Dictatorial Movement pentagon thieves.

I know people will brand me a whinner or even curse me for disturbing the waters,but I have no apologies to make to anybody. My fears are informed by complaints recorded by people critical to Dictator Raila whose posts and comments have been thrown to the trash bin. One good example is Kioko who says that 80% of his comments never find their way here. While I share very few of Kioko's political views, i believe he is entitled to air his views no mattere how unpalatable they are. Some people believe Kioko is a hardcore tribalist BUT then the very same people are as well. One good example is Chris and Phil who feelnkikuyus 'have wronged and robbed others and so they should be ready to repent before a truth and reconcilliation commission'. Now if that is not malice against them, tell me what is. When this moderation thing began, we were told that it was aimed at sieving out sexually offensive posts. Are Kioko's comments sexually offensive?

Two, Does anyone honestly believe that Derek, for instance has not been posting comments here? In my opinion his comments and posts are being blocked. This is unacceptable and ridiculous sabotage in my opinion. There is a blatant attempt at suppression of dissenting viewpoints in this blog. I am also told that there are plans to kick those of us who are critical of Odinga fundamentalism now that the campaigns are at a critical stage. The idea is to achieve success by misleading people to hell and we are considered dispensable irritants and distractors. well, this is not my blog. Go ahead and do it but we will not take it lying down. We will fight back before we are kicked out. Sabotage has to be met with sabotage.

Anonymous said...

Vikii has hit the nail on the head.
I have been posting comments, only to realise they dont find their way to the blog.
Chris, it will add some gem to the site if you allow all people to share their thoughts.
Otherwise blocking anti-ODM comments makes odm dictatorial fears look real, as in I a PNU supporter wont have a say in ODM govt? Give us at least the opposition if not the Govt.

Phil said...

The problem with Vikii, once he has come to the painful realisation that his 1st and 2nd preferred candidates and their manifestos are nowhere in comparison to what has been unveiled today by ODM, he starts crying wolf with some very outrageous and unwarranted attacks.

Both Vikii and Derek (or is it Deroo) names are listed at the top of this home page as contributors.My understandin is they can post/comment without waiting for Chris' approval. Since I started posting articles here - none of my articles or comments have ever been censored by Chris and he never knows what am going to post next nor does he advise me what to post.

Strangely, all contributors who shout loudest about kazi kuendelea never make use of the facility that Chris has given them. I believe in what my preferred candidate has to offer thats why I post what I do. Some of the same contributor see every other post and comment from their narrow ethnic views. They also never bother to post what they think are their candidate's best selling points - probably because they have none!

We have been repeatedly asked to ignore these cyber mercenaries that Vikii is talking about. I agree and fully abide by that advise.

Taabu said...

Vikii you have all the right to complain provided the premise is sound. FYI being a contributor makes Chris POWERLESS over your posts. I thought you said umeiva kicomps ama? Try posting your comments above and see for yourself that censorship only exists in your mind. That is an irrefutable fact.

Infact it is a great challenge because whatever you post stands to identify or haunt you throughout. And to save face you also have the LUXURY of deleting it anytime. So bro stop being the uninvited speaker of the silent majority. If you don't know ask. It never hurts.

As a contributer youu have the previlage to even see fellow contributor's drafts before they hit the main Kumekucha page. You hate whinner so don't fall into the try, or do you want to?

Vikii said...

Well I will ignore Phil because he is obviously not serious about what he is saying.

Mwalimu Taabu, sijawahi sema nimeiva comps na kama nilisema that was a lie. In fact if you can ask Chris, I had problems setting up my google account. Please dont laugh, I dont even have an email address besides the one chris helped me create. I write stuff and give it to my very hard-working office secretary,Scholastica Mueni who then posts everything here.

With all that Taabu, I have not said any of my posts has been blocked. I understand mine are not moderated. BUT what about kioko's and Derek's? I also challenge you to verify on behalf of Chris if all kioko's posts which are actually suitable for whole-family reading (Very clean posts these ones taabu I am telling you) have been posted. Please confirm if the last ten comments done by DEROO are here. This is not empty whinning Taabu unless I am wrong.

With that said I pose a question to you taabu. Did you read The Face of kenya manifesto. Are you going to swallow your pride and vote for Steve? If you dont think he is worth your vote, will you vote for ken Matiba then?

kalamari said...

Other than Luka who has made so much money in this economy that he dare not talk about it anymore…lest he attracts the thieves Kibaki has created by championing economic disparities, I haven't read much colorful stuff about PNU and ODM-K. Their supporters, especially those in denial, are permanently on the defensive.
Vikii, an alliance with Kioko is mostly unholy but I feel you bro; desperate times call for desperate measures.
Deroo, wacha kutetemeka bwana. Dick is American by coincidence; his relevance to Raila is purely campaign skills as opposed to extremely voluptuous $200.00 per hour maids of passion.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Kalamari, the economy has been booming at me with a loud voice soon i will shout back at it and reveal to everyone here exactly how much i've kwachuad since 2003 January 6% sio domo
i notice that when President Kibaki tours parts of Kangemi, Dandora and Eastleigh, they camera lens are adjusted to make these areas look more prosperous than they did 5 minutes ago-i am in the same boat-image is everything au sio Dick Morris?

kalamari said...

Luke, I agree. Image and perception is everything in politics. That said, what say you regarding the image of Kibaki, the incensed and terrified president seeking to deport Mr. Dick Morris?

Vikii said...

Kalamari, dont they have an ACME pharmacy back in the hood? The last time I checked, there was one on Main Street and 2nd ST. You gotta check'em out bro.

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting reading what some of the PNU supporters have to say. It's even more interesting seeing how desparate PNU is to retain power. I wonder how many people supporting PNU have travelled the country and seen how poor MOST kenyans are. KIbaki did not keep any pledges or even visit other parts of Kenya to address's only now that he needs votes that he's out in force. If anyone loves Kenya, we have to vote PNU out I don't care you vote for as long it's not Kibaki. This guys wasted the best chance Kenya had to get back on the whole country works for a few people. The problem with this situation is that the poor will get fed up and crime will become unbelievable as people fight to feed their families. No right thinking Kenyan who has seen how bad Kenya is doing can believe that lie about Kazi...kazi gani?

Anonymous said...

Vikii! I am not a tribalist and have never been one! It is unfortunate for anyone to think so. If i was, i would be supporting Kalonzo or Charity, yet I do not because i have my principles. I support our President because of economic growth he has brought in his 4 and a half years in office. He inherited a backrupy economy with a growth rate of -2%. He has managed to bring this to about +7%. Vikii, if I say a cow is a cow, does that make me anti-animals? NO! it doesn't because a cow will remain a cow because it is a cow! If a kid is hawking groundnuts in the city estates, should i say he is selling memory chips? No! groundnuts are groundnuts. I am just being truthful. So i say so and so is a kihii because he is not circumcised, it doesn't make me anti-kihii! I have only spoken against a backward culture that has failed to change with modernity. Some of these cultures are know to endanger the existence of those unfortunate enough to practice them. For example, wife inheritance is a major cause of the spread of AIDs in these primitive communities. I do not wish to name names as I do not wish to be misunderstood. Kioko. BC, Canada. tuna sema apana kwa majimbo na ukabila. Kazi iendeleee

Anonymous said...

@the 1st anon.
I like the faith the ODM fools have in Raila. They truly believe that Raila will win and then voila! everybody's rich! Overnight, the price of milk will be 2 bob, bread 5 bob,unga free, dual carriageways all over, a fresh water lake and green vegetation in NEP,no paying taxes and rent, no ETRs,producer prices-milk 50 bob a litre,tea 150 per kilo,sugar 2k per ton, maize 3k per bag...... Oh, Kenya will truly be heaven when Raila rules!

Anonymous said...

Kioko mimi nasema PANUA AKILI yako. Your pea-sized brain oscillates only between foreskins and bantu. You cannot write anything sensible outside the two. I understand you are retarded but stop getting OBSESSED with one person whose hatred unwittingly makes you rope in a whole community.

There is nothing you can do about it except shout yourself hoarse till you spit the cut choking your brains. I won't tire reminding you you that you mental faculties makes apes look geniuses. Stop it fool and address something else, eat your foreskin if you must. Numskul.

Anonymous said...

2002 Elections: Kibaki hired Marcus Courage (foreigner) as strategist, see below link.
Wacheni Upuzi watu kama Kioko. Kwanza the Prezo has a Gachungwa so waht biz does he have talking about Morals. His ministers visit Koinange n a wakiulizwa they reply on TV using obsenities mentioning pples names.
As for Kioko i think u r bitter bcoz you cannot perform as a man hence yr obsession with the p- work. Shidwe Panua wewe!!!

Anonymous said...

Kioko your cheap thinking makes you think tribalism is only live when you support one of your own. What a fool for a guy. You are only fooling yourself numskul. You are so obsessed with hatred for a single guy that even imagining his names makes you cough incessantly in a bid to expel the cut choking your little brain.

Simple experiment for you Bw Kioko. Just remove Raila from your fears and see you have nothing to cry about leave alone the OGRE you are drumming support for. What a disgrace to your mother. Poor lady for losing the baby and carrying the AFTERBIRTH home in the name of Kioko. Meza wembe fool.

Bruce Roba

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Even if sex scandals have never spelled doom for any Kenyan politician, Dick Morris has basically stolen from his country by refusing to pay taxes. What then can he tell us about fighting corruption and working for economic development? The economy does not grow on trees (largely), it grows on taxes (even more largely)

Taabu said...

Yesu couldn't have been more brilliant. Who will cast the first stone on Dick Morris? Tax evasion in the US appear to be more immoral than stealing the same locally? Two wrongs never made a right, or does it?

Vikii said...

How is the so called Dick Morris going to influence a change of political opinion in Kenya's remotest village of Endau in Mutito constituency for example? These two lost men as the president calls them have a funny way of thinking. Television politics will not send a demagogue to State house, it wont.

I am happy with these elections for one thing though, they will put the right people in government and the right people in the opposition. Raila Odinga, with some polishing as demanded by the office,can make a good leader of official opposition in Kenya. Mwai Kibaki is tested and found to be a good president and kalonzo Musyoka is undoubtedly a good foreign affairs minister in a Mwai Kibaki-led government. That will be happening in less that 50 days.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Vikii the sentiments you express totally represent no change whatsoever from the current status quo; don't you desire to see even a little bit of change to break the monotony from the present live political circus featuring the same old players or have you like Uhuru Kenyatta lost altogether all taste for alternative leadership and variety in the same? I am surprised that you seem to consider your favourite candidate Kalonzo Musyoka as being only fit to merit a ministerial docket in the coming future administration as opposed to seeing him one day occupy the highest office in the land-even I think that given ALOT of time(definitely not now) and MAJOR adjustments Kalonzo will one day be able to lead this country quite inspirationally
Anway, back to my usual lopsided half-interest in all matters octogenarian and dinosaur- the incumbent Mwai Kibaki has been tried, tested and found wanting as commander-in-chief-conversely he would definitely make a very good minister for finance
I agree with your views on Raila Odinga but please, desire some change if not for our country then for your constituency

Vikii said...

I hear you Bw. Luke. Lemmie first tell you this bro; We are exactly on the same page on the subject of Kenya having been undeservedly governed by underachievers in every sphere of leadership. Equally, we are on the same script about our being in Catch-22 situation as far as these elections go because apart from Ken Matiba, there is NO other presidential candidate with the interests of Kenya before everything else. Now you and I know that because it is Kenyans we are dealing with, Matiba will be an "also ran".

Where we SERIOUSLY differ Bw. Luke is when you advocate for a complete disinterest in the political process now just because we are presented with freaking good-for-nothings. We cannot live in a vacuum Luke and that is why we have to identify ourselves with the "Less devil". You know deep down your heart that Jimmy Orengo, Wanyiri Kihoro and Dr. mukhisa kituyi are exemplary leaders. BUT they have been forced to suck up to and associate with laughably dishonest political companions just so they can remain politically relevant and have another day on the political podium. On the same breath Bw. Luka, I have been forced to choose Kalonzo because every political discussion in Kenya is about the three candidates. I know Kalonzo's weaknesses just like everybody else does. But any HONEST person will tell you that Kalonzo can make a better leader than LATTER DAY KIBAKI and ALL TIME RAILA. I know Kalonzo's biggest weakness is his arrogance especially towards fellow leaders. Mwai Kibaki is a humble, highly principled and strikingly brilliant man but he has allowed himself to be held hostage by his family and his evil political friends. Raila Odinga is a colourful comedian. He is a fighter who has managed to make a considerable number of Kenyans believe thet he fights for them. BUT he is a man very easily corruptible by power. He can turn Kenya into one big joke. He is an excellent material for opposition leadership though.
So now when I am forced to choose between these three i have to go with kalonzo. You and me know that Kalonzo cant win. That is where Kibaki comes in. BUT because I actually have some fundamental political beliefs, i am pleased to announce to you I will not even be voting for Kalonzo. I will vote for Ken matiba, not because I am some psycho from mars who believes that Matiba can win the elections, but because I have a conscience that I love to respect.

Now,vision 2012 is very much a belief I share with you Luka. We are together in that noble cause. But you have to understand that we cannot stagnate for five years. We need a care taker government unless you want Githongo to inherit an incurable country. That is the only reason we indulge.

That said Luka, I still hold that we need a leader in the true sense of the word. Will you spare a few moments and tell me why you feel Githongo is that leader?

Anonymous said...

Asante Bw.Vikii for that hearty and incisive rejoinder. Before i delve into my reasons for supporting John Githongo as far as vision 2012 goes, let me first of all agree and disagree with you respectively on a number of points and issues you have raised in your stated opinion
I agree that as far as these elections are concerned there are no presidential contenders with the interests of Kenyans first before anything else HOWEVER i believe that that also includes Kenneth Matiba who, lumbering into the election race at this late hour comes without even so much as a word of persuasion about reasons why voters should elect him as their president this time around-i ask, is he running on the back of the strength of nostalgia from his past attempts to ascend to the presidency in 1992 or is he simply insulting the voters by assuming they will shut-up and respect their elders regardless of their lack of agenda?where is his manifesto(not that these matter very much but indulge me)? which rally has he held where in the country to talk to who about what?
Secondly Bw. Vikii, i agree that we differ when it comes to my advocating for complete disinterest in the political process BUT on my part i advocate for this not just because we are presented with dishonourable tribal scoundrels UNmasked and masquerading as respectable citizens and potentially electable leaders of our country; i also take issue with us the people of Kenya and our personal value system when it comes to voting-i think all Kenyans smoke opium before they go and vote and that is why year in year out we elect both lesser and greater devils.Even before we get to the booth we fail to equate those seeking leadership with personal integrity, responsibility and focus on national issues. In other words i don't think Kenyans are really ready for a change because we are not bothered enough-we still think tribalism is the master key that unlocks the prison doors to a world of development. But 2002 was a landmark year-Kenyans saw the power of what we can do if we're FED UP with status quo and HUNGRY for change-now a LITTLE ECONOMIC GROWTH here and there has eradicated all traces of sense that were previously there a mere 5 years ago
The issue with my focus on 2012 is that a leopard does not change its spots just because its left the village-this current brand of political underachievers angling for the leadership cannot supply Kenya with the lifeline she needs badly needs to keep from sinking underneath the abyss of lost hopes, needless deaths and sacrificed dreams she has been struggling to rise from-new leaders, new thinking new direction(there's a freebie for KJ, Mdomo and Kajairo)
John Githongo i hold no brief for-i only admire the man's professional ethics that saw him not try and make Kenyans believe he is willing to fight for them in detention or in exile, but he used his brain SMARTS to actually show these culprits that there are still some Kenyans out there who if given the chance intend to fully uphold the sacred oath they swore when they took the duty of the public institution they serve to protect the integrity of the office they hold for the people of Kenya and the country. now give me more people like that and tutabonga sawa-Orengo, Kihoro, Kituyi(although he needs to watch his step)
I hope this has not BORED anyone

Anonymous said...

By the way Bw. Vikii, John Githongo simply proved that he was not smart for smart sake but smart to do HIS JOB-how many leaders can we count who don't actually piga domo and call that doing work? Kalembe Ndile we know is culprit number one-mdomo is not equal to kazi and now his book(is it a picture book?) is doing the talking for him-are these people that anyone in their right thinking mind should get excited about when they form policies and create strategies for Government?over to the people

Taabu said...

Politics is a game os perception, period. Entertaining the imagination of euphoria premised on nostalgia is live as a political sphinix who will never arise from the ashes.

Stanley Njido did his part and Kenya is much better for it. Shame on Kenyans for betraying him. But his imagination fails him badly. It is unAfrican to laugh at a HUNCHBACK but sometimes you can't stop yourself, can you?

Matiba ails from the same problem as his generation: NOSTALGIA. He definitely has his name in Kenyan history books. But that ends there and any extension is based on fantasy. This obsession of 1960s/70s is our collective bane.

Once a scoundrel always one. Deep inside Matiba I read a man full of vegeance and wanting his POUND OF FLESH. On whom, you guess right. At the end of the day it is Kenya on sale at the price of expediency.

Principles yes but politics is no respector of nostalia not retrospection. Poor Kenya and Kenyans for being loaded into the roller coaster for the cyclic circular rides. Who will save us from these scoundrels?

shaka said...

The sudden obsession with the hiring (for free) of Dick Morris to strategize for ODM is another mistake by the PNU strategists.By focusing on opposing anything from your competitor you are indirectly marketing the other group.
I have beeen following keenly the campaigns by the two groups.The president's handlers should stick to issue based campaigns as oppossed to waiting for ODM to do or say something then turn their criticism into a song.
I have not decided who to vote for.What I have been looking forward to is a candidate who will convince me to vote for him based on what he intends to do for Kenya.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see Kibaki has so many opponents. Raila is really wanting to be president.

Let us look at this clearly.

Steadman wameweka agwambo mbele.
Americans hate Kibaki for actually helping Kenyans to get more and more free from any debilitating American croonies and we are looking towards China for guidance, even military wise. And also Kibaki made deals with Libya mapema for oil. Kweli tuko mbele.

So, if Kibaki wins, he has actually beaten Raila, Kalonzo, Pius, Steadman, and the Americans ... all in one blow.

Kweli Raila ana shida. If he is defeated, atachekwa kabisa. All this psycophancy!! Kwani Wamerikani hawajui mipaka za Kenya's hazitawai kuwa mali ya wazungu. Kenya ni ya mwafrika.

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