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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mainstream Media Frustrating ODM

It is now emerging that the so called mainstream media in Kenya is giving Orange Democratic Movement a rough time by declining to air most of the party's campaign advertisements. These ads are normally paid for in advance and it is unclear why a supposedly 'free' and private media is behaving like this.

Whereas TV stations are carrying all sorts of PNU propaganda against ODM, nearly all of ODM's major advertisements are rejected by Kenyan editors on flimsy grounds that they too radical or too hard hitting. One such PNU publication is a fake MOU purportedly signed between Raila Odinga and Kenyan Muslims. Any one who lives in Kenya will not have failed to have noticed how newspaper editorials are cleverly worded to promote the image and policies of government while those of the ODM and ODM-K are given a cursory mention in general pages.

The latest advertisement is one perceived to be the answer to PNU 'domo' clip which has been totally rejected by Nation/NTV, Standard/KTN, KBC and even Citizen Media. This clip will be uploaded to this forum shortly and readers will be able to gauge for themselves if Kenyan media editors are serious about promoting transparency and democracy.

The good news is that; we in Kumekucha, in the spirit of providing alternative space to opposition parties especially ODM that has emerged as the strongest challenge to President Kibaki's re-election plans, will continue to highlight these issues and provide Kenyans with appropriate information so as to enable them make informed decisions when electing the next government.

Today, we post a sample of one of the ODM billboards that has been repeatedly vandalised especially in areas which the ODM candidate is alleged to have minimal support, but the younger generation in those areas are emerging strongly to voice their support for Raila Odinga and ODM.

This is NOT propaganda but the reality of Kenya under the NARC government for the last three years. The image tells you that 8700 Kenyans have died in the hands of Kenyan security agents and that it might be YOU next if you do not take action NOW. It further depicts the terrified, bloodied and oppressed faces of the poor Kenyans, including women and children being hounded by security personnel.



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Anonymous said...


The media will refuse adverts that would create a breach of the peace or that are intended to mislead. For instance the billboard you have is in PNU colours and even has the Kibaki 'signature' but it is not done by PNU. It is done by ODM. That is dishonest advertising. If you compare this with the corruption advert with Githongo et al by ODM, that is a legit advert which no media house will touch. When the bill board alleges that 6700 kikuyus have been killed since Kibaki came to power and no explanation of how they died, if you ask me, this is inciting tribal hatred!

ODM can be more professional and stop competing with cyberkids playing with email forwards to play dirty!

Taabu said...

That is the POWER of incubency Phil. What do you expect the media guys to do? Make money, do business and get rattled? Once bitten numerously shy.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know of the real snake that crawls on the ground but has anyone heard about E-SNAKE that swallow whole computer mice?Bwana Phil go ahead and publish boldly here what the conventional media will not touch even with a 10 foot pole the length of KICC-this is what the internet is about, freedom indeed first Kroll saga, then Chartehouse shenanigans now ODM silent screams let freedom of speech be put to the test (hsssssssss, rattleeeeeeee)

I hope these revelations won't silence Bwana Kalamari or cause Vikii to revert into his on again/off again role as NSIS agent? over to e-cop and BB

Anonymous said...

That is OK. I think the media have realised the folly of spreading ODM propaganda which is based on tribal sentiments. Furthermore the ODM thinks that it is free to put adverts on the media. Let them pay! The media is much more sophiscated that a fish market. Who except a fool or a jaluo would want to taste the sugar coated cobra saliva of Raila Odinga? Can these ODM kondoos tells us about the episode of the naked kenyan politician found naked on a cold night in a Johannesburg graveyard? What was the idiot doing there? Please my dear Kondoos, please tell us!! Kioko. BC, Canada. Kazi iendelee..

Vikii said...

I believe in balanced coverage. But certainly what Phil is crying for is a commercial venture that needs to be entered into by willing parties. If these media houses have actually taken ODM's money and refused to carry the ads, then that is actionable in court. They would be able to get a compensation of untold proportions. They do not even need to look at The money-Back policy, just disregard it and head straight to court. I am not saying this because it is the ODM involved (They deserve equal treatment with everyone else), but I honestly believe a commercial ad is a straight case of Willing buyer-Willing seller.

That said, how come my good friends Phil, BB Taabu, and Bw. Luka have never questioned The Standard's open bias for Raila and ODM as well as The Citizen's open bias for Mwai Kibaki and PNU. I have questioned The Standard's interest in the whole saga here, I have never questioned The Citizens because their viewership and readership is only in Central Province.Of course it is private business that is being conducted at the discretion of the business owners-We are free to buy or not to, but doesnt anyone feel these media houses are abdicating their responsibility of offering balanced coverage? If you look at The standard, for example, man it is all about Raila. Any mention of any other politician is in the "Other stories Today' column. Contrast that with The Nation which is an epitome of fairness and you get what I am talking about.

It looks to me like every section of our population has some vested interest in virtually every aspect of life. This is not very healthy for the country's progress.

And Phil, just take heart. You are not going to convert any Kenyan with an ad. Your ads look pretty much like that 'The dog ate my homework' hogwash.

Taabu said...

Vikii true to form I need see any gaulent I don't pick. Did you say that ....I have never questioned The Citizens because their viewership and readership is only in Central Province....? And is that CORRECT? Unless you leave in Kenya from without, I don't think you are saying the truth, or are you?

Next you say that Nation is epitome of fairness.. Well you chose to read what you want and desire but your two observations are very skewed if you ask me.

Both Nation and Std are biased and you may be ONLY right in the difference in MAGNITUDE of bias. All these houses are business ventures first and pretending that they have no selfish (commercial) interest to serve is the height of naivity.

True, the standard may not be your kettle of fish but Nation is not a chapter in the Holy book either. I have read Nation for morethan 3 decades and it was worth every penny of mine but i the last few years trust me it is only enjoying residual credibility from past investment in OBJECTIVITY and circulation/vendors network.

I hold no breif for the Std but you cannot fault them either having been there for more than a Century. Not that there is any magicin 1902. But Std had to naturally fight back after being attacked, ama? You don't kiss the the blades of the matchet used to break your skull, or do you?

In my subjective estimation, the Std did marvelously well in not going overboard with vegeance- and they are capable (damn the consequences). Hate him like him (Kanu warts notwithstanding) Kwendo is not your average political journalist. Presently only Odindo is up there above him.

Put simply Std positioned herself as a POLITICAL news magazine albeit a daily. Give me a Gakuu and Oscar equivalent and I will show you those who have the NOSE for political news and cotacts. A journalist is as good as his contacts don't you agree?

For the records I relligiously read the DN for its other gems (magazine everyday). You yoo have all the democratic right to proclaim it being an epitome of fairness. Not for me though.

I fear your judgement is premised on comparison of two worst case scenario. But two wrongs never made a right, or do they? I rest my case.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

True Taabu, its all systems go! Yesterday it was the government intercepting the ads before they are aired,like thye pass through govtland.Today its the mainstream media frustrating ODM. Its the vandals.Tomorrow?

However "... The good news is that; we in Kumekucha, in the spirit of providing alternative space to opposition parties especially ODM that has emerged as the strongest challenge to President...". Did I imagine someone saying that this is not an ODM blog? That it's indeed neutral and non-partisan? Good luck, 'we in Kumekucha'!

Anonymous said...

yes Bw. Vikii, there is open bias in the media-Standard, Nation, Royal Media etc and it is WRONG yet they cannot help BUT not be neutral because the press still lack the protection they sorely need from political interference by the powers that be and the recent media bill that was passed coupled together with the makeshift watchdog known as the media council of kenya represent only the start in what remains a long way to go before free and fearless independent voice of the people can be expressed
one thing is for sure though-if the incumbent wins his re-election bid, the dream of a free and independent Kenyan press will remain a pipe

kalamari said...

Short of the ODM Tribune, my dear friends have every reason to escalate xxxx just so that they feature on the front pages of the available dailies. The reality is, the police state that Kibaki has created shows no mercy to impartial scribes. There's the constant risk of being whisked to Ali's office or even having your publications set on fire by camouflaged rattled snakes with nasty bites. It is because of such fears that chaps like Chris are on self imposed exile online…..where there's reduced risk of being slapped silly by very angry women with bad hair styles.

It is unfortunate that to remain relevant and in the papers, the opposition has to create euphoria, increasing interest and therefore readership that eventually forces media houses to carry opposition stories….at the end of the day besha ni besha. So the next time you see Ngilu sweating profusely while performing the Kamba jig outside Michukis office, please don’t laugh. Instead cry. Cry because the current administration has created an atmosphere that denies you an opportunity to read opposing political issues, reported in a fair and balanced manner by fearless scribes.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Hi Phil/Phillip/Philemon Othieno Wesonga/Doila, I've looked at the video clip and picture over two or three times again.Granted, they are deeply disturbing, and it is utterly unimaginable that a govt, any govt, could be capable of such bloodshed on its own citizens, mungiki or innocent. There should definitely be a way to bring the culprits to justice.

BUT, and a very big BUT in this case, what I don't understand is why 'Kikuyus' is so trendy to use this way or that. "8700 innocent Kenyans (Kikuyus)..."Is Kenya suddenly Kikuyu? I thought it was Kenya versus Kikuyu/GEMA, or that Kenya is big enough for all of us.Now we blame them, now we pity them.Take a pick, 'we in Kumekucha'!

That aside, why do you and ODM find pleasure in using other people's suffering purely to gain political mileage? To use a term I learned only recently and totally out of Kenya's context, I think of you and your team as nothing bigger than vote-whores.Because tribal clashes are not a thing of the past five years, yet that's a line you would use to scare voters into voting fr you. I was around in 92 and 97 when my relatives had to come back to Central because they were the wrong tribe to have land in the Rift Valley. Do you by any chance remember the Likoni clashes? Selectively applying your 'cry for justice' to the past five years only won't win you a lot of votes. Give us the bigger picture, big boy.

I honestly hope that the mainstream media gives your material not only a blind eye but that also a deaf year and gives you all a cold shoulder. Yep! Press freedom can take the exact opposite direction, and the mainstream media has every right to reject your blood-filled, violence-inspiring campaign material. Were I the proprietor of any media house, I would avoid your stuff like the plague. But I'd be careful to be very diplomatic about it, reimburse your money and talk about the company's policy bla blah blah.

You've probably heard of a country called Rwanda and the media 'events' leading up to the genocide over there back in 94. Ask their press, bro.
I won't invoke the name of God and the party that Christ is apparently opposed to, but I sure hope you guys lose, and lose big. Wapi huyo Steadman?

Anonymous said...

Phil...Phil..Pls don't cross that line.


kalamari said...

PKW, I would say 'vote-whores' is a tad too harsh a word, but that's just my opinion. All the same, in your wildest imagination, is it realistic to assume that some of those killed in land clashes, within the last five years, actually voted for Kibaki in 2002? If you accept this assumption and also assume that the dead went to heaven, can you imagine the type of report card they presented to angel Gabriel as concerns the performance of the Kibaki administration in matters of insecurity?

Your charge that ODM is using people's suffering purely for political mileage is not true (for lack of a better word). We all voted for Kibaki whose contract with Kenyans included the elimination of those very sufferings. Since that mistake, we have seen the escalation of banditry and violent land clashes…..all the while, Kibaki rested his balding head on that Turkish feathered pillow at State House. It is the duty of ODM to remind Kenyans that in the company of Moi, Kibaki will never offer a solution towards the resettlement of those evicted from Molo. It belittles your stature to say that ODM is scaring voters. The voters are already scared….esp. those in Mungiki infested areas and those whose neighbors include members of Simeon 'Kibaki-superstar' Nyachaes' red-shukad supporters.

Now it is obvious that for you to win and win big, ODM must loose and loose big. Are you finally bold enough to accompany PNU to the slaughter house? That said, why would a person of integrity and political astuteness, such as yourself, support the deletion/omission from the mainstream, your opponents political adverts.

Kip said...

What do you think fellers?? This is Kenya we are talking about... Freedom of speech is not anywhere close as long as munasema kazi indelee........ We need a new genereation for change ODM-Power... thats the only way to freedom of speech....

Anonymous said...

Phil....Phil...Please don't cross that line, if you love Kenya then you don't want to interfere with Kikuyu's. The Mungiki issues is a household matter don't be dragged into it.....if that ad' air's it will annoy a lot of people( Over 8million) including your friends in this blog. As an elder and married to a Kikuyu don't think twice; drop this idea. That ad' will give a lot of ammunition and will instead wake the Dragon against ODM, don't forget this is not the 50's when they used woods and sticks to fight off the British.
For your information am a young Kikuyu man who has lived in North America for over 15yrs and worried about my motherland. Thank you

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

"...That said, why would a person of integrity and political astuteness, such as yourself, support the deletion/omission from the mainstream, your opponents political adverts..."
Because I'm opposed to the slightest notion that the solution to violence and bloodshed is more violence and bloodshed. No, dawa ya ukabila si ukabila, when shall we learn?! Obviously '82 didn't quite get us there. In some instances bro, the outcome of you action, in this case your political campaign material, is as important, if not more so, than the intended motive. ODM is trying real hard to divide Kenyans along tribal and religious lines and, while I understand that there is a presidency at stake, this form of majimboism is totally unacceptable.

Those are your words, not mine, about winning. Or rather an addition to mine-that for PNU to win big, ODM must lose big. See how propaganda begins? Surely, you are not blind to the fact that there are three main 'parties' on the race to state-house. But true,I hope ODM loses and loses big.

Time for another big BUT; I'm on record for saying hapa hapa that whoever becomes Kenya's president will be PKW's president, with all due honours. Deal?

kalamari said...

PKW, since ODM is clearly not calling anyone to arms, where is your 'notion' coming from? And why do you complicate things by haphazardly throwing into the works, the number 82'? Really, what's your motivation here? Mara ODM is splitting jamaas religiously, then tribally and now majimbo is unacceptable. Please wacha kurukaruka kati hapa.
Anyway, I sympathize with your anxiety to find everything tribal where none exists. Exactly what in the two adverts shows a tribal portrayal of anything? If your problem is being reminded of the bloody scenes visualizing what has happened with a president, complacent to matters of insecurity, you should keep in mind that the victims/survivors need no video footage.

kalamari said...

PKW, just to tickle your fancy, if you still consider ODM-K to be on the mad dash for the presidency, then you are as blind as a blind mouse on a very dark night.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Yes, Kalamari, your jamaas' continued attempts to pit Kikuyus against the rest of Kenya, that in my books is tribalism. How about making a MOU with a single religion? Actually selecting a few from a group that purports to represent a whole religion to make a binding agreement with them simply so as to get their votes? Divide by tribe and religion, and get votes. I maintain this is a tribalism and religious bigotry masquerading as political strategy, and and hope its gonna get you precisely nowhere.
I'm not a good sociologist or psychologist either, but what kind of society would you expect to build by bombarding your members with images of blood and violence in print, on air and online.Thankfully, Kenyan mainstream media seems to know better. What's more, there are only so many of us who can afford the luxury of internet connections for the alternative space offered by 'we in Kumekucha'. Majority of those few are 'out there', not voting.

PS: Thanks, but no thanks, I need no sympathies.And-Shouldn't I expect Kalonzo to present his papers to ECK and later address a rally at Kamukunji, after all?

Philip Roy said...

If you are connected to any ODM insider tell them to buy advert space on Google.This will enable them get out the advert videos, for the world to see.

deroo said...

Eventually, the Kenya Press and the East African Standard that Phil poured platitudes on here a few months ago is biased.

What would you do if you were the editor, MD, or even the editorial board member? The media owner has decided that he and his father will support the incumbent.

The incumbent once got rattled and taught the poor guys a thing or two about violence and all went mute.

At the other end, Wilfred Kiboro, for a long time at the helm of Kenya's top blue-collared outfit, is handling the PR for the PNU boys. So what is your complaint Phil?

Did you know that in 1993 Daily Nation returned a cheque belonging to kenneth Matiba when he was advertising the launch of his People Daily? then, as a newspaper outfit, they have a right to do so. They have their own reasons that will not be dictated outside the media house.

African media is stll learning and the managers are taught to give treatment to whoever butters the bread.

Afterall, PNU has spent more on adverts in the last one month in the country. More than other parties in the campaigns.

If you did not relaise, at the time when ODM and its presidential candidate were riding high, it was the media that were proppingit up and now, they are the same people echoing the blunders.

How was the ETR Blunder treated? You can imagine that it was said abroad that a presidential candidate has promised to abolish ETRs and who was he telling, confirming a stereotype that no one ones to associate with. 'The wahindis dont pay taxes and Raila has promise to help them squirrel away cash after failing to pay taxes'.

Anyway, if any blunder will come of this elections, then it will be the blunders that to much publicity has done and too much that has not been done.

Take the way a visit to Wamalwa Kijana's mum was treated. Is it the same person who had a bloody fight in Thika with her son now wooing her?

Phil, you might not have noticed, but I will advice you. Watch closely all news that is disseminated about the candidates starting this weekend. Read the way the pictures speak loudly and analyse all.


deroo said...

Just watched the video posting. Even Ndingi Mwana a Nzeki and the Pope as the Editors of the newspapers could not have published that.

Phil, does it mean that Raila Odinga, believes that covert state actions can be challeneged for the sake of selling himself. NO. Then I will also show the abuse of power by publishing a photograph of James Orengo being barred from going to his home in Ugenya. Should I?

This kind of things have happened in the past and kindly have a word word with anyone at BBC in London over the IRA military actions and the Tsunami that followed airing such stories and pictures (BBC and British - Mark You) the rock and foundation of professional journalism and the epitome of human justice respecively.

Publising the Kerusoi video will simply mean that the government is behind the atrocities there and what is the backlash of that? Uprising. Would you love that in Kenya? NO.

Taabu said...

Poor Kenyans, we engage in self dialogue that only defeats our purpose to progress. Bigotry has been taken to another level. People have taken to cheap measures to reading malice where none exists.

What a wasste of passion? Please reserve your passion for the known 3 Fs: faith, family and flag. And don't reduce national pride (flag) to your kin and tribesmen.

We shameless shout bigot while offering plastic shoulders for anything perceived directed at our tribe. Whoever asked what is in a name couldn't have been more brilliant. Trying to measure literally to a cluster of leters purposely coined to tribally gate keep is not only cheap philosophy but shameful too.

This nonesense of them against us will one succeed in consuming us all. Ask yourself whether tribals and economic cleansing has been perfected before 1992. Experiment that bu operating a matatu or shop where you don't belong and experience fire first hand.

It olny gets murky when others join in the massacre right? Ati Rwanda my foot! We are surely past those KBC foottages of 1990s. Scaremongering belongs elsewhere. Toa hiyo weka ingine.

Granted, supping with the devil to score political goals is not unique to Kenya and Kenyans. But don't think for a moment that you are fooling anybody. Peddling that cheap MOU with Muslim propaganda can only wash in the villages when mouthed from the pulpit that is immune to scrutiny. By the way the people complaining loudest should know better that MOUs are made to the DISHONOURED, ama?

Yes Kenya is big enough for all of and too small for some of us. Belabouring that truism is akin to unwitingly turning into a SHAMELESS IRRITANT mistaking it for CRITIC. Ngugi would often ask his pedestrian critics where they were when he was penning his gems that they end up pretending to tear a part.

The message is simple: initiate a debate and evaluate the weight of your points from the comments it solicits. The cheaper option is to remain open-eyes (not minded) and tribally gate keep with cheap snipes at perceived bards directed at your horse. Kenya ni yetu all.


Anonymous said...

i am happy with the way our proud Kikuyu woman reasons out. I believe thats the way to go if unity amongst diversity is to be achieved and these is something our kikuyu men should copy, as you are too busy throwing aimless stones and we live in glass houses.

njoro- mzee wa kijiji said...

I uphold and yearn for a balanced coverage for everyone. They are all Kenyans and they mean well - i believe deep down- Raila means wel for Kenya just like Kibaki, Kalonzo,Muiru etc. Having seen the adverts and the video clip, am dissapointed by the fact that they target the same community that everyone is crying over roof tops that has benefitted from the said government - yet they are minus 8700 of their loved ones. Am pretty sure an ODM government would have responded to mungiki the same way the Kibaki government did or would even have hit harder , an ODM government will respond to carjackers or armed robbers the same way - or - what alternative would they have had - fete them in Grand regency?? My friends you never know what it means to lose a loved one through these gangs. Scaring would be voters in the name of an ad may be politically right but morally and socially wrong. Kenyans - There is life after 27th Dec - Lets compete on issues rather than non refined propaganda, fears and phobias. I hope am wrong, i fear am right.

Phil said...

Thanks for your comments guys. Thanks Taabu for that lecture. I hear you!

Media plays an important role in good governance and democracy.

ODM has been a party which brought issue based politics into the local scene, before unknown elements sympathetic to PNU started targetting ODM and its presidential candidate below the belt.

Nevertheless, ODM is a mass movement and a party that draws its members from all corners of the country (and the globe), including those areas that the powers that be a trying to portray ODM as unpopular. None of the adverts mentions any tribe. They however revisit the gross injustices committed during the life of this regime which happens to have given itself a tribal tag through its own actions, with total disregard for the rest of the country. Rules are made to be followed by all parties. Media double standards is evident, particularly the vernacular FM Stations which are now broadcasting what is very very near to hate speech against the ODM. Pure hatred!

Which begs these questions: Doesnt the ODM have a right to compete with PNU in a democracy? Is Raila not a Kenyan to offer his services as president? And now that he has, how does that make him a tribal leaders as opposed to a Kenyan? And those who purport to be PNU / ODM-K and KENDA supporters and have been provided facilities here by Chris, why do they fear to post articles in support of their preferred candidate and policies? It is a free forum!

Meanwhile, just prepare yourselves for more. The truth shall eventually prevail and this country shall be liberated.

deroo said...

Phil, let me go 'live' for once. I have read the above post and I offer my own sympathies if anything is misunderstood. The media as it is, operates under a normative approach that includes their own regulation strategies in the mainatance of tranquility and justice and above all, normalcy in the country. And so does Chris when he demonstrates his powers by deleting stuff that he feels are not for other to post.

Selling the policies, yes. Kazi iendelee is part of selling the same policies with tangible development to boot. I believe that this freedom that you are enjoying is part of Kibaki's own input in you having to enjoy the freedom of speech as enshrined in the constitution. That is even before Raila includes it in the next contitution 100 days down the road.

Phil, if anything, Raila Odinga and his ODM team have given their opponents the arsenal to launch and kamikaze like assault on them. Look at everything that has been said in the last two years since the referendum. It is being used to tie the tails of the ODM team or the Pentagon.

If anything, I said here months back that when the boffins at the DP propaganda team roll up their sleeves, one should expect the worst. It was three months ago! It will soon happen.

On a new constitution, something that Kenyans have done well without, flourished economically and achieved unprecedented developments without, it is not practical.

That is a new constitution by April 2008. Then, I will ask a few questions. Between election time, swearing in, the naming of the cabinet, all grand events, how fast will the bill go through parliament discussion, the vote, the presidential assent and eventually, including bureaucratic and constitutional regiment that follows all that. 100 days? Hapana.

Then, I wish to look aloof. In Meru, there are no good roads, but when Raila will be president, he will employ his energies and have KQ export miraa on daily basis. To where. Nairobi? No. All miraa from Meru is transported to Nairobi by road and thereafter to their international destinantions which are at the moment shriking considering that US, Canada and soon UK will ban the use of the stuff within their territories. The only other destination is Somalia, which has been reached years on end by road.In short, Meru people have had their business thrive without KQ being in better support than they do at the moment.

Kibaki sympathisers and his campaign team have a plate to show the people, so, there is no need of us, or me in particular telling you what Kibaki will do. The thing is KAZI IENDELEE.

If I were to spin a propaganda which borders on truth, I will start by asking, things I mentioned in another post about telling Indians that they will have the power to evade taxes. One of the most serious crimes a citizen can be charged for worldwide.

And then ask, what is Jos Konzolo, the Economic Advisor who has a case in the courts, thinks about that.

Then the spin and murk drags in the Pentagon and the Rutos the Noah Arap Toos and the Midiwos, Deya and so many things that all point at the blunders that Raila has committed in the recent past in his campaigns and early start.

You said that we wait for a campaign better than Moshood Abiola (or this part of the world). Phil, it is now out there and things will only change for worse.

Another thing is about the opinion polls. Said here. The first few weeks, it was Raila, Raila, Raila. Ask, what did Kibaki do. The only thing they said is come out thee in large numbers. So many times that there was no development being said.

It is the same opinion pools, rubbished when Kalonzo was on top, rubbished when Kibaki was on top and now praised with Raila on top that will cahnge the tide of the wave. They have just incensed the Central Province blokes and their ilk across the country. It is going. Come out and vote and for sure, they will come out.

And the OPPOSITION LEADER is saying that the incumbent has done a good job. He is more that Chris Murungaru! POLITICS!!!

Anonymous said...

I will be happy when odm will be defeated in the Dec Polls being insincere and using 'creative' politics to try topple Kibaki's Govt, especially using ethnic lines.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

None of the adverts mentions any tribe.8700 Kenyans (Kikuyus).Just one of your blatant lies.

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