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Friday, November 09, 2007

Kenyans Speak Bluntly About Elections 2007

I love nothing more than going out to chat politics with ordinary folks from all walks of life. This time I managed to get some pretty good comments from PNU strongholds as well. What I have done below is to give you all the comments and opinions I got right across the political divide. Many were unprintable, even in kumekucha.

Before I list the comments, I would like to appeal to all Kumekucha readers for support to launch a Middle ground movement to sell the idea to Kenyans that whichever side wins, life must continue. One thing I was able to sense is that to many people if their side does not win, there will be no Kenya left which is pure nonsense.

Having said that, let me emphasize once again that there is a lot of suffering going on in the rural areas of Kenya and whichever candidate wins, they should address this problem as a priority. It is OK for the economy to grew, but surely we cannot turn a blind eye to starving Kenyans, especially when they are in such high numbers.

If Raila wins the presidency, there will be no peace in Kenya. Nairobi will be full of stone throwers 24/7. The capital city will also be moved to Kisumu. Luos will sh** on our heads.
Dagoretti, Nairobi.

There are enough young progressive people in Dagoretti to ensure a KJ victory irrespective of which party ticket he stands with.
Dagoretti, Nairobi.

If KJ stands with the...

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Phil said...


Do you know a time will come soon (I think its overdue) when this publication - Kumekucha - will have to confirm its support to one of the candidates/political party for Kenya's 2007 elections?

It is a worldwide practice and is accepted journalism that newspapers, magazines and other news sources to publish what they call editorials.

I know many people think this an ODM blog. I beg to differ. The sooner you announce a position the better. An editorial policy influences readership (in this case hits) and you should not fear anything in this regard.

Taking a position by voting for your preferred candidate is democratic and shows that you are taking your responsibilities as a citizen seriously.

For that reason, I encourage you/Taabu/Luke/Ritch to endorse the candidature of Raila Odinga so we may get over with it.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Phil, let me reverse and extend your same invitation back to yourself but this time from me-i encourage and implore you to please be brave and join me in endorsing the candidature of new, young, fresh faced MPs in 2012, who have accumulated a tiny amount of years agewise for their lifespan, and who still have plenty of life remaining in the years to come. unfortunately by that time none of these current dinosaurs of Kenya's past political history may still be alive and well, barring some sort of miracle (see Mwalimu Taabu's post "Our False Prophets and Fake Miracles" for further details)
I don't believe that any of the 3 potential presidential candidates and their political parties (excuse me i meant 4 i don't know why i keep forgetting Pastor Muiru) truly represents the hopes, dreams and aspirations of both me and my children. It has been clear to me from the start that all current MPs have reached the limits of political life, and no more great work of development can be done by them, if at all.They maybe mature in the realm of age, but they remain childish in being able to unite this country and move it forward prosperously to 21st century. no matter their education or background,their minds have grown dark and petty, fighting real or perceived enemies of tribalism, negative ethnicity and pre-supposed ethnic prejudice. Collectively, they have all but ruined the first half of this great country's life, and now at the ripe old age of 43 we are still a mature grown adult baby
i am sorry but i see nothing positive in ODM, PNU, ODM K

deroo said...

I cannot endorse the candidature of a leader who is flip-floping everyday. Phil, you were writing acres of pages here that Kenya will see the best campgain system ever witnessed in this part of the world.

The only thing missing so far are the stones aimed at people speaking against Raila. Only because Kibaki is the incumbent and Kalonzo Musyoka, gentle nature and 'corwadice' cannot allow him to prescribe violence.

Raila has made an utter mickey of himself in the last three weeks that I wonder what it would have been if the abrasive Moi jaggernaut was still active. Everything, I mean all that he has been doing in the last few days show that this is a missing link.

Scrambling a few people to vote for you in Kasarani is different and I do pity him that you are the same people who were saying that Kibaki is laid back, he is not in icharge, he is sick, he does notv have planners. we read it all here.

The dude could not have convinced the multitudes that have been following if he was not in charge.

The simple fact that the guy belives in a laisezz faire approach to his duties should not be miscalculated and misinterpreted to mean that he cannot.

Truly, you guys woke him up and as Faraj Dumila taught me 'usiamshe aliyelaya, utalala wewe' and after the referendum, simba akinyeshewa usidhani paka.

I pity the Raila team, considering that this dude has the state machinery at his disposal, I have seen the change of tome (openly) in the newspapers and soon, uchafu, uongo na porojo.

Finally, I cannot endorse a LIAR. He says that if he wins, multinational companies will invest in Kenya. Because of him, or because of the country's positioning and a major market for cheap labour or what.

They will invest, they will operate as they do and will continue to do so because Kenya is atrategically placed as a gate way to East and Central Africa, the Sudan and many more. there is cheap labour and many more things to invite investor, not Raila.

Did they not invest when a despot like Moi was in charge, Yes they did. Period.

A LIAR, Constitution in 100 days, even if Gilbert Deya does a miracle, it will not happen. In that case, Ruto's ambitions are in futility.

kalonzo said that companies will bo working 24-hours why? They cannot do that unless there is demand to be met and as Christian as he is he LIED.

That is why Emilio ataendeleza kazi. Iendelee. Hapana kelele, mawe, porojo.

Sorry Kaluki will be jobless. Any offers are welcome.

Imagine, a LUO president. Tutatembea wapi. Chris, they will block Nairobi West and drink along the street. It will be like a CARNIVAL in Nairobi West every day.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Philemon Othieno Wesonga aka Phillip Doila, otherwise Phil: I can bet another spare I Ksh that 'Chris' is going to endorse Raila, after his favourite candidate went to get his master's degree in whatever.I have no way of verifying that John Githongo has actually enrolled in any master's degree programme.
Either way, that will be old news. Mimi, nitakuwa hapa hapa tu. Propaganda ikija, mimi naikataa. Kabisaaa!

Sue said...

Chris thanks for mentioning this

"Having said that, let me emphasize once again that there is a lot of suffering going on in the rural areas of Kenya and whichever candidate wins, they should address this problem as a priority. It is OK for the economy to grew, but surely we cannot turn a blind eye to starving Kenyans, especially when they are in such high numbers."

It is true that there is a lot of suffering in the rural areas, the other day I was arguing with an asian friend who told me "any person claiming they have not felt the economy are fools" I asked him what do you mean. Yes me and you living in Nairobi may have a good life because we have jobs to sustain us and can see Nairobi is more beautiful, cleanner with more trees, but doesnt it mean that living conditions have gone down?

I told him the only home you know is Nairobi, you do not have a rural home anywhere in Kenya and lucky that all your relatives live in the city with electricity, water and everything you require in life.

We have relatives in the rural area who are suffering and if you think that because you have felt the economy in the City and your votes count, you are mistaken because those suffering in the rural areas due to poverty, poor infrastructure and clashes. Those are the millions whose votes count.

He had nothing else to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Sue, what rural area do you come from? Kavirondo gulf? The rural folks are happy with the Govt. as they have been able to get money for milk deliveries, sugar cane, maize, wheat etc. Of course one has to work hard in the rural areas especially as many places do not have lakes where the lazy can go an in a few minutes get enough food for a week. This is why fishing kingdom of jaluos is backward because of the ease of getting chakula. Kioko. BC, Canada. Kibaki tena na tena.

deroo said...


I wish to clarify a few things to you please. Kenya, has had improvements in very many sectors and the places in Kenya that have traditionally been dependent of their own naturally endowed resources are not suffering.

It is unfortunate that North Eastern Province and parts of Eastern and Coast provinces went through a drought that rolled into Sudan, Ethiopia and further south to Tanzania and Malawai and Zimbabwe. Thats nature and there is little me, you and anyone living being could have reversed it.

We tend to believe what is written in the newspapers alot. If you read the papers, you will learn that maize farmers, wheat farmers, tea factorise and even sugar factories have all enjoyed bumper returns in the last five years.

Tourism, the backbone of the economy has also swung back into action and things have trickled down to the common man.

For those regions in the country that serve any of the sectors in terms of raw materials and supply, the locals have enjoyed better lives as have the farmers, coffee growers and other related sectors. In short, the Kamithu Eggs Farm in Limuru, the chicken factory in Athi River and even the bacon factory in Kahawa West have seen better returns from their produce.

It is a pity, if as it has been said you come from Kavirondo - it is such a imperialist reference that I feel saddened to read about it - then it is sorry that Nyanza residents stretch their arms to accept food donations. Unless it is through the perennial floods in Nyando, then it is sad, and embarassing.

The thing in Nyanza is that leaders over the years have invested their time, effort and resources in politics and forgotten to whip the locals into any poverty eradication schemes. Tell me of one, and I will tell you a liar.

If your reference in the comment was from Nyanza (per se), then I wish to tell you that Nyanza (Luo) has only had the Odino Miriu hydro project, the grabbed Molasses plant that only employs Odinga family members and road constructions in the last five years.

Going by the projects above, Nyanza has no reason to cry foul over investments.

Compare that to a fact that almost every Central Kenya MP has a multi-million business that employs tens or hundreds and even non-politicians like Erasmus Mureithi has flowers farms, factories and even dairy farms that employ thousands in Nyahururu and areas across Rift Valley and Central Province. Then ask yourself, what Jakoyo Midiwo has done apart from chasing skirt along Koinange Street. Then Gem resident have every reason to remain poor!

Another thing Susanah, when schools close in Nyanza, they all rush to non-existent jobs in Nairobi. Take a Kikuyu lad, whose dad has three dairy cows, he will first go through working in the family farm, earn through the same to pay for college and eventually gain a career. If you walk into Nyatanga Salon today, I am sure there are three of four girls who left school early, or never went to college or any vocational training institute. The my question is, WHY SHOULD A KISII HAVE FOOD AND NOT A LUO AND THEY COME FROM NEIGHBOURING REGIONS.

There is a saying is Swahili that MWIBA WA KUJIDUNGA HAINA UCHUNGU. Too much politics and no work make DEREK a HUNGRY and POOR man!!!


Anonymous said...

Kioko you mental relapse has reappeared and true to form you are back spewing/coughing your cut here. Spare us your STUPIDITY for the next 44 days and please feast on your FORESKINS meanwhile we won't miss it. You are simply a deraged BIGOT who thinks that being able to rant in some cheap tribal hatred makes you a street hero. Nada, you went through school but unfortunately no mark of school pricked the coconut burdening your shoulders.

Your loyalty to lower primary civics limited to bantus and others betrays the lack of any substance in between your ears. We accept your consistency to make the marklet complete in representing the MAD folks but please pretend if you must that you have an ilking of intelligence. Spit the foreskin fool.

Bruce Roba

Anonymous said...

Didnt see the Nation polls in the week as they promised us weekly polls.

Word on the ground says kimeumana sana on theground for PNU. Affliliate parties are in a revolt mood because of prefered status of KANU.

Some former officials of DP ( secretariat have formed UNITED DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF KENYA (UDP), in apparent revolt agains Nyamweya who is pushing DP to PNU.Mambo ni njogu as the week will tell.

Elsewhere,Smear campaign working well for ODM. Free publicity.

They should know that apart from spreading Raila's name,they are also attracting sympathy votes for him

Anonymous said...

The weekly Nation polls were there including the doctored one of Consumer insight showing Kibaki Leading in Rift Valley.I wonder which rift valley they researched on??
You know what I hate is the stereotyping of communities. Yes the people in Nyanza are poor bcoz the leaders politic??How about a village called Chaka in Central( I heard on Lui Otieno live- The poorest in the whole of Kenya?? Do their leaders politic too??
It is imagined that Kukes are hardworking while the rest of Kenya are lazy. Please answer this one question for me which always comes to my mind when I hear this- How many Luos/Kambas/Kales live in Kikuyu houses? How many have been depending on them for food school fees and all their needs??
No one get rich by hard work- if hard work made people rich rural Nyanza would surely be at the top.
Someone asks how come Kisii is rich- stupid fellow do you know the climatic conditions of these areas. Kisii is a highland they grow tea /coffee/ pyrethrum etc. Sample Homabay neighbouring district rely on a one season rainfall. The previous regime killed off Cotton which was earning revenue for the locals this regime has perfected this despite AGOA initiative. You wonder why Kenya cannot even take advantage of such free trade arrangements and rely on Indians who open briefcase Companies and engage in sexually harassing our sisters??
No one wishes to be poor and this pride of we are rich and hardworking etc will one day come to haunt some pple. Have you ever thought that people could systematically boycott yr houses/public transport systems etc. You know everything is two a buyer needs a seller . Without the buyer where does your so called hardwork take You??

Anonymous said...

..stop wasting time on what is obvious.. Jaluos are lazy and like complaining about food and petty things. There are poor because when a jaluo dies all the livestock is eaten up by the mourners and the wife inherited! The wealth in the jaluo is nothing beyond buying expensive TVs, Music systems, House furniture, suits, Expensive motorcars.. and they invest nothing. In the rural areas they do not even have toilets!! Kioko. BC, canada. Kazi iendelee..

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