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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dead English Football Finally Buried, Coach Fired

The charade that has become English football ended in tears last night when they were sensationally beaten at home by Croatia 3-2. And domino effect of that painful show has seen manager Steve McClaren fired this morning.

Poor Steve, he must have seen it coming after gambling with his neck already well laid on the chopping block well before the whistle. By optin for green horn keeper Carson instead of experience (albeit off form) Robinson, McClaren paid the ultimate price.

And the Aston Villa goal keeper Carson did nothing to prove a point besides helping the Croatians score in the 8th minute. By halftime England was down 2-0. It couldn't get any gloomier for the proud English.

Boos and jeers at the breather saw him bring in Beckham whose experience salvaged the game albeit temporarily. You never dodge the noose three times. England only needed a draw to qualify. After loosing to the Russians in Moscow early this month they were as good as down and out.

But then Israel gave them a lifeline last Saturday by beating the Russians 2-1 in Telaviv. England now had the opportunity once again even to top the group if they were to beat Croatia 2-0. Lakini wapi. Pride comes before a fall and since missing out in the 1994 world cup in the US they have to wait to see if they will qualify for 2010 world cup in South Africa.

The saving grace in this misplaced pride is the fact that at least out there people take repsonsibility for their failure unlike ours where shame is a word left to rot in the dictionary.

Bookies and pundits are already rooting for Jose Mourinho to take England places. But whether Jose's strong character will be compatible with obtuse English pride that borders on arrogance, only time will tell.


Vikii said...

What a shame! What a disgrace

Retainning Steven McClarren was out of question, but I am hurt when everybody tries to put the blame solely on him. I listened to Captain JT being interviewed and I can say that though he tried to sound a little diplomatic by insisting it was a collective failure, he had a problem with his manager. How else do you take a captain to mean when he says he will talk about it at the right time?

These peformances by the English team should make everybody in the English squad resign. Whoever becomes manager next should fire Robinson, Beckham (Despite him being the saviour), Frank Lampard (and I like him), stevie Gerrard, Gary Neville and even John Terry himself. They should radically strive to build a new team tailored on Joe Cole, Wayne Rooney and SWP. It sounds ridiculous but that is the only way to shed off the gabbage that the Beckham/Lampard generation has become.

I watched England-Brazil(1-2) and England-Denmark(3-0) in 2002 and I will say those were dream performances that were following another super performance against Argentina. Where did the spark go? They have come to be one useless bunch of late. Lampard saved them in Euro 2004 but since then it has been one crappy performance after another. Now is it about the manager or stupid arrogance by David Beckham, Terry, Lampard and Rooney who are paid exorbitant-ass salaries and now think the country needs them more than they ned it? I mean these fellows have been putting aup a string of inexcusale performances. The kind that is just laughable.

Who should become manager? Methinks Mourinho should resist any advances by the FA. I think Jose has what it takes to silence the English press (He has done it for three years and managed to potray them as stupid) but managing a national side should be the last thing on his mind, at least for now. A workaholic like him needs to be in competition every freaking week and Jose being as competitive as he is, he will convert those meaninglesss friendlies with Trinad/Tobago and Angola to be 'bloody' affairs. Where is Fabio capello? That is the man England needs. It should be him or Marcelo Lippi.

Taabu said...

Vikii Marcello appears to loathe anything to do with the Queen. He turned down Burmingham jana afte Bruce (ex-MU captain) decamped to save Wigan from relegation.

As for Fabio, he must still be smarting after getting fired by Real for winning the La Liga. On Jose (yawn) he has been sounded out but expect the equally PROUD Portuguese to take his sweet time and make sure he comes on 'his' terms. If he wants the money he will go for it but as you rightly say national coaching is less competitive.

But if you want REAL action/bood and favourable FIFA rankings (based on actinity) then Jose is the way to go. But do they listen these subects of her Majesty?

Taabu said...

Vikii Fabio Capello has made it known that he wants the job. With the proud FA promising to do a branch and leaf search for the right candidate let us see. They have have also made it clear PP (read nationality) will not be a consideratio but winning a big tournament is a MINIMAL requirement. Mmmh! Eyes wide open.

Vikii said...

And that's good news, dont u think?

Taabu said...

Rafa has also hinted that he would succed Steve McClaren if he would improve his English. Meanwhile Jose has been been described as a caged lion who would not draw enough blood outside club management. That vantage and proud Jose for you.

Vikii said...

Capello is the best for England, Taabu. Fat Rafa wants to be like Mourinho when he grows up. He talks too much but unlike Mourinho, his talk is dry. He can never come up with stuff like
'its omelettes and eggs....'
'The dog is fine, he is in Portugal...'
'Ricardo carvallho needs a fresh re-assesment of his IQ. I think it is very low....'
"Arsene Wenger is a vouyer...


Capello can succeed even when the press is against him.

Anonymous said...

Should there be a Salary Cap in Football?
Personally I think there should be! It’s just getting to be stupid money in football at the top of the premiership!
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Make things fair! It shouldn’t be about money!
All there is all that money in the premiership and barely any of it stays in the UK so it’s not even helping the economy!
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