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Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend violence in Kibera

I do agree with Phil’s comments on Kibera and being well conversant with Kibera residents, I was very disappointed with the violence that erupted again in Kibera when Mr. Money bags Livondo decided to move with his entourage of vijana na Kibaki to Kibera after holding a rally at Uhuru Park.

I do not support political violence in any form or from supporters of anyone even my favorite Presidential candidate. I also agree that it is every ones constitutional right to vie for a civic or parliamentary seat anywhere in this Country. Freedom of movement is also every Citizen’s right.

On the other hand, I believe that all political rallies or demonstration should be licensed. ODM was not allowed to hold their rally at Uhuru Park because the authorities claimed it was not licensed (even with all the papers from City Council allowing them to hold the function) and two other groups in favor of the government were approved.

Approved or not the Livondo group got the go ahead to hold their rally, but were they allowed to hold a demonstration to Kibera and another rally? Obviously this was a move to create tension in the area and cause ethnic animosity.

I had a meeting in Kibera the next day and was debating whether I should go or not, I thought there was ethnic tension amongst groups supporting Livondo and ODM Presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

I went to my meeting anyway and the area was as peaceful as ever. The only commotion was at the Dos office (people call the place DC), people waiting to be ferried to Nyayo Stadium to attend the Presidential launch. In fact some touts told his friends endeni DC watu wanapewa pesa.

I later enquired from my friends what happened the previous day. They told me most of those throwing stones where Livondo’s supporters and not Kibera residents. Earlier in the morning Kibera residents were told to go to Ngong Hills hotel to be given money by Livondo’s people, they got the money but men snatched all the money from women.

Livondo addressed a crowd in Kibera and decided to introduce his wife, he told the crowd that his wife is called Ida. Immediately he said that, he was jeered and booed by the crowd saying ana tumia jina la shemeji wetu (he is using our in-laws name), referring to Raila’s wife Ida, I was amused by this and wondered if his wife is really Ida or he thinks he can get more sympathy from Kibera by baptizing his wife Ida. Some of Livondo’s supporters removed T-shirts when they reached Kibera for fear of being seen in that group.

As much as it is Livondo’s constitutional right to vie for a seat anywhere he likes, he should not interfere with peaceful loving Kibera residents by using abusive language in the name of acquiring votes. Then claim it is his opponent inciting his supporters to stop his bid.


Phil said...

Thank you Sue. Vikii take note please.

The Uhuru Park rally licence was not meant to hold a match to Kibera.Livondo appears to be suffering from a copy cat illness that makes him to deeply want to be what Raila is.

Yesterday's rally was meant to be a launch for the president's re-election campaign. Unfortunately, some politicians took advantage to use the platform to hurl insults to some communities and abuse some leaders - hate speech. Instead of selling their own policies, PNU is only interested in attacking their political opponents in the crudest language yet.

Both Kivuiti and Mukele as Chair and Vice of the ECK have their terms expiring this month. The president is the one who is meant to renew their terms. How then can we expect fair management of the electoral process or punishment of those found to be engaging in election malpractices like it happened at Nyayo Stadium or Kibera this last weekend?

kalamari said...

What a weekend. Now that Kibaki has snaked through Eastlands in a convoy of over a hundred cars, prodding his balding head through a state funded limousine’s sunroof to see the millions of poor souls yet to benefit from the much touted 6% economic growth; is it possible that he was overwhelmed with guilt? Is it the same guilt that forces him to use the Livondo types to redistribute the national cake in the form of ‘Kshs. 50 attend-campaign-tokens’ rallies and multi colored T-shirts? Did Derek attend the launch with 100% absolute conviction that the man in partnership with Kamlesh and Moi will deliver equal opportunities in employment and business all parts of Kenya ….this time around? Is Vikii in unwavering faithful belief that one of the major goals for Kibaki is to continue fighting corruption…like he has in the past five years?...esp. now that Kalonzo was spared the rod.

Now, for what politics is, it seems to me that the main aspect of the Kibaki campaign is demonizing Raila, the good for nothing dangerous and violent man who will turn Kenya into another Rwanda. Let us forget about the purported increased democratic freedoms and instead let’s bash Raila, the betrayer no-toilet-building dictator. If the launch is anything to go by, it’s clear that the presidents’ campaign will be run on fear. Whereas, it is a workable political trick, it mainly backfires when the accusations are false. As waKenya wamegutuka, the backlash will be disastrous for Kibaki. As Vikii and Derek will attest (eventually), their votes for Kibaki will really be votes against Raila. None of these fellows believe a word Kibaki says; however; their minds and thoughts have been propagandanized to the point that seeing Raila in sight makes them tremble in confusing fright. Fear not my brothers. The man from the lake comes in peace and with bagfuls of delight.

Vikii said...

I respect Sue if not for anything else for being on the ground with the people. However, I must point out that my sister Sue is more astonishing than understandable. I read this post an unbelievable three times and I am yet to understand its theme. I would have expected her to tell us specifically how Stanley Livondo 'insulted' the people of Kibera. To me, asking people to vote for you is not an insult, no it has never been.

Unless Sue has a solid proof that the 'demonstration' by Livondians was not licenced, then I will call that plain intolerance.

Finally, Sue, due to the undue influence jokesters like Phil are having on her, she now believes raila Odinga's wife has a monopoly to the name Ida. Why are you complaining Sue, as in what is your point here? I understand that she is also called Betty. Now that I used to have a chic by that name, was she impersonating Raila Odinga's wife? In my opinion it is a crime for the likes of Phil to mislead the women citizenry to these unimaginable levels. It is just a pity that we can also fight over names.

Kalamari is still smarting from the Wendover losses he incurred over the weekend. I will teach this chap CRAPS next time so he could earn money more easily. Wasting time supporting Raila Odinga is not one of the brightest ventures bro.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether Livondo's rally was licensed or not. Incase it was not, trust me it is not Livondo sleeping on the job here. That would be the policemen's shortcoming. As regards names, i think some of us are taking it too far. This is politics so expects lots of satire, it spices the whole thing. But outright provocation is not necessary. I am also working in Kibera and the truth is that both (Livondo's and ODM) sides were bankrolled. At least Livondo paid on time, ODM youths were still waiting for payment by Monday. Being in politics is lucrative in this country and those who want a place are using all their muscle (including financial) to attain it. More violence to come? A certain yes, if you ask me. What with the stakes being this high.

Anonymous said...

Some of the facts in this article are a little bit distorted. Livondo had for 2 weeks prior to visiting Kibera, advertised in the radio and TV stations that he is specifically going for a clean up campaign (I am sure all the authorities were aware). he appealed for donations of items (not cash) to assist in the clean up like brooms, masks etc...
he first went to Kibera in the morning where his team was pelted with stones before attending the afternoon rally at Uhuru Park. The rally at uhuru Park was licensed at the organizers had already paid Ksh. 54,000 license fee..

Anonymous said...

Why is it wrong for Livondo's wife to be called Ida? is Ida a protected name in the new constitution? I know a barmaid at huruma estate with a similar name. Of course she has many bed-customers as people associate her with the wife of a well known jaluo conman. anon

Anonymous said...

Have you guys turned this blog into a campaign tool for ODM and Raila? Its your right of course, but at least be decent while doing it. Which is the most violent constituency in this country? Answer:KIBERA. Even remote villages in the countrysides are not as violent as Kibera. Dont apportion blame to Livondo. I fear if Raila wins the presidency, his suppoters will turn the whole country as violent as Kibera. He never talks against it. What does that tell you? He is as violent in nature.

Kwetu ni mombasa

Anonymous said...

This blog is now aN ODM/Raila campaign tool? you are going to lose readership because of the crude way you going about it. Campaign for Rails but be decent while doing it. Which is the most violent consistuency in this country? Of course KIBERA. raila never ever talks against it. To him it is normal, natural kabisa. Wait and see the violence after the votes are counted after December polls, whether he wins or loses.
The word 'MAJIMBO' is the most dangerous word to utter in Kenya. They are using it to campaign but wait till somebody starts telling all the Luos to go back to Kisumu from Mombasa, Kambas to go back to their place etc. Selfishness of people like Raila will destroy this country. Mark my words.
Kwetu ni Mombasa

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