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Sunday, September 30, 2007

President Kibaki Hits The Campaign Trail Without A Clear Simple Message

President Kibaki: Can he recover the lead when Moi implements his latest game plan?

Plus Moi’s Latest Game Plan That Could Turn The Tables On Raila And ODM

The president’s vocabulary has changed dramatically. No longer are we hearing words like Pumbavu, mavi ya kuku etc.

Yesterday I could hardly believe my ears when I heard it on tape as the president made a passionate plea for votes during the Kanu delegates conference that he had gate crashed to address and then he said “please give me your vote.” And he used the word “please” twice in the same sentence.

This is something so rare with this president that I could not help but gape in wonder.

Many analysts are of the view that it is too little too late and it will be difficult for him to recover the lead. More so as secret dossiers exposing corruption in his inner cabinet are leaked. Sources say that the "leaks" will start immediately parliament is adjourned sine die to pave way for the mother of all general elections.

In one day President Kibaki attended and addressed Kanu, Narc DP and Ford Kenya delegates conferences.

Folks the presidential campaign has now shifted gears to full throttle.

Sadly Kibaki handlers are blundering again. The president looks way to desperate, which is a bad thing and hardly does anything to promote confidence amongst the electorate, something which is very important.

But even more worrying, the president does not have a message. He just keeps on repeating that line he loves which is a thinly veiled reference to Raila about how some people should tell Kenyans what they have done since 2002 other than travel the whole country inciting Kenyans. This has gotten extremely boring and it will hardly win votes.

The president should tell us what he plans to improve on during his second and last term. More so the lessons he has learnt which will enable him to correct certain things this time round.

Meanwhile information reaching this blogger indicates that retired president Moi is already pushing Kalonzo Musyoka very hard to join the Kibaki team. All indications are that Moi will succeed. He knows too much about Kalonzo and Kalonzo respects the old man too much to fail to obey him.

Indeed Kalonzo’s behaviour in the last few days seems to suggest that he is merely consolidating his position in Ukambani so that Hoo Ndii Emm and himself look even more attractive to a suitor.

It is said that the Kibaki team will secretly offer Kalonzo much more than just the Vice presidency. They will also be guaranteed several seats in the new cabinet in the event that Kibaki wins a second term. This will include a senior cabinet slot for Julia Ojiambo and two other Kalonzo cronies as well as Mutula Kilonzo being appointed the new AG.

The question analysts should now busy themselves with is; can Raila defeat a Kibaki/Kalonzo alliance? This is a very diffiult question to answer. More so when you consider that there are many in Hoo Ndii Emm who will NOT follow Kalonzo to PNU. This group is also highly unlikely to vote for Raila.

Story that will help you understand Mwai Kibaki politics better.


Phil said...

After watching the launch Chris, I agree with waht you say. There's no agenda nor new message for Kenyans. The only message is anti-Raila speeches. Only a plea for continuity. Another scary fact - Nyayo Stadium was full of hate speech. Watching President Kibaki laughing his head off when the likes of Nyachae, Tuju and the rest are literally ready for warfare, one wonders if some Kenyans were born in this country by mistake. All I can say is God help this country.

Derek said...

Phil, what more hate message does the Raila camp, apart from propaganda. Like...he was behind the roads constructionb, he was behind the CDF and he forgets that he is the one man who denied Kenyans a constitution.

Above all, he says that he can give Kenya anew constitution in a short period of time. If for 20 yaesr Moi a dicatator could not, then who is Raila in a 'democratic' parliament. Please give credit where it is due.

Again, please let other people enjoy listening to their leaders. I did not watch it, for obvious reasons, but let it be. Kibaki did not gatecrash anybody's NDC, he only visited parties that are frindly to his candidature.

Taabu said...

Another season of overflowing African metarphors. These quips have the potential fo go either way. And you dread a bomarang. Meanwhile all the horses are out racing in the open. Horseless spectators are the better lot as sweat and tears roll down cheeks in torrents. Na bado.

Taabu said...

Vikii would you please explain exactly what you meant by....
"I cannot help but draw the conclusion that in kumekucha, the most intelligent people are, in order, Phil, Kalamari, Chris, Taabu and Sue and the stupidest are, in order of stupidity, Vikii, Derek, PKW and Kioko. I will agree with you on this very 'advanced' kind of reasoning.....

I am waiting bro lest I take it for what you intended it to be. Caveat: I remain you BB by choice and it remains non-negotiable. Over to you PLEASE Vikii.

luke said...

Somebody has made themselves judge jury and executioner over Phil, Kalamari, Chris, Taabu, Sue, Vikii, Derek, PKW and Kioko in the case of brains v stupidity? I enter a plea of nolle prosequi on their behalf

Chris, do you really expect to hear NEW sweet sweet lies from either PNU or ODM+K? i think you are confused brother, this is not yet 2012. You'll have to wait till then to hear NEW sweet sweet lies. Kenyans know these current dinosaurs' lies aren't worth the breath they are spoken with

What are they going to "promise" us this time?
new constitution within 100 days?(been there, didn't do it, the less said the better)
500,000 jobs a year(hello, that figure was surpassed in 2003.besides, the economy is growing.NEXT!)
One term presidency(This is not Utopia.NEXT!)
Fight corru...(don't even dare finish that sentence.Only God can make that happen now)
Rehabilitate infrastructure (our roads are the best in the world)

Please Chris, remain resolute in your thirstlessness for change in Kenya. Hold the course brother; everything is perfect as it is. nothing needs to change-everything in Kenya is perfect as it is.

Vikii said...

No Taabu, this was not an attack on you as a person, no way. I was just questioning the double standards that define Phil. According to him it is only people who do not oppose Raila Odinga that are intelligent, democratic and credulous. That is why from yesterday,Billow Kerrow will go by the description "The best brains in Kanu". That is why Cyrus Jirongo, William Ruto and Henry Kosgei are patriots who should not be taken to court over corruption in January if Raila Odinga wins. That is why you will hear statements like 'Kalonzo who was Kanu minister for many years' forgetting that Musalia Mudavadi was minister for 15 years against Kalonzo's 9. My point was those people with a soft spot for Raila Odinga are the true heroes in Phils mind while everybody else including me and Derek are under the payroll of the government to tarnish the good name of the great Raila Odinga according to Chris.

I just hope that is an elaborate explanation as sought by you.

Anonymous said...

I started explaining to my ghanian collegue about this K/PANU thing and before i could utter the first word i was confused in my own thoughts.Let me give it one more try, this is a party with one parlaimentary candidate who is also the undisputed presidential candidate you mean to tell me out of all those astute people supporting him none of them is ambitious enough to think he can lead kenya?, this is similar dictatorship like Moi's "inept rule".If i was them i could even have stage managed a presidential nomination to hood wink the ever guilible kenyan public , the whole scenario is too much like moi days , and nowadays the unofficial PANU symbol is the one finger salute.Now back to the structure of the party , now all these small parties will fight it out in the constituency level and still remain friends united in one cause , this is not possible atleast not in politics.Its like PANU grassroot nominations will be held in the actual elections ,is it just me or this thing is indeed a house of cards like Gado depicted it in todays nation.

Anonymous said...

like i said before, this is an ODM blog! full of crap!!!

Anonymous said...

The message was clear and simple even for a kihii to understand. President Mwai Kibaki talked of: (1)Free secondary school education from January 2008. This adds to the free primary school education that is already in place.
(2) To double the GDP in 5 years.
(3)Kenya to be a regional hub for manufacturing and service.
(4)Economic development in all parts of Kenya, even in regions where the laziness and cheap politics are order of the day.
(5)He summary was a simple cash word "MAENDELEO".
H.E. President Mwai Kibaki tena na tena na tena. Pata Nuru na Uhai (PNU).Kioko. BC. Canada.
PS. Plans are at an advanced stage for a PNU branch here in Canada.

Anonymous said...

I could feel hatred breathing through the screen at Kibaki's launch.

Why cant they just concentrate on what Kibaki has to offer?

PNU wasted a huge opportunity to sell Kibaki....... on Raila bashing

Anonymous said...

vikii. Phil is an idiot. I no longer read his postings as they are full of 8-4-4 reasoning. sue

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sue said...

He may have stopped using abusive words like pumbavu and mavi ya kuku but his comrades are very abusive, are not sorry about hurling insults in public and unleashing crudely armed warriors on harmless people (lucky to be above the law).

People like Mwakwere who recently answered a caller in KTN inteview Koinange nilienda na mamako. Nyachae thinks he did not do anything wrong instead is the media who hate him and reported lies (even pictures know how to lie). They were at it again yesterday at Nyayo Stadium.

The speeches by this council of elders was full of arrogance, we will see what value such talks will add to the President and his PNU party. To me it is a minus!

luke said...

oh my....why are Simeon Nyachae and Ali Mwakwere so crass?

Phil said...

To all Kibaki Tena supporters, particularly Kioko, Derek, Vikii and the numerous this interesting short story, re-consider you stand, then cast your ballot wisely. This, I can assure you, is only the beginning, mambo bado. Uchafu ya hii serikali ita tolewa yote ki wazi wazi.

It is no secret that for a collective total of nearly 30 consecutive years, Moi and Kibaki have placed Kenyan public assets ON SALE, literally at throw-away prices, to their kin, personal companies, and friends (locally and abroad).

Sometimes, the fortitude and patriotism shown by forthright Kenyans have succeeded in stalling their bid to throw away our public assets for a song, and in other instances , we have failed to stop their discounted give-away of national jewels - through their use of state machinery including a corrupted parliament.

History repeats itself in quite interesting ways.

We can remember how the Kenyan public lost its 49% stake at Firestone EA (held under the state corporation ICDC) to one scrupulous "enterpreneur" called Naushad Merali and his so called Sameer Investments company in 1995.

In 1995 Moi ordered the now defunct PRC (Parastatals Reform Committee) to recommend that ICDC offloads its49% Firestone shares at the NSE. That was just a gimmick because according to the Auditor General, Corporations 1996 report,.... Naushad Merali and his Sameer group got pre-emptive rights and bought all those shares for sh 100 million. (for source see below)

Their true value according to the Auditor general was Sh 500 million ( gross undervaluing). BUT WAIT A MINUTE. Three years down the line in 1999, the same shares were re-floated and sold at the NSE for sh 1.5 Billion. Merali made a 1500% profit in 3 years. Merali's genius here is the genius of grabbing and looting since he could have still made profit by buying the shares at their regular value.

Merali's Sameer then used the money to buy East African Cables from a British Holding company in 2000 for sh 110 million when Moi refused KPLC & KenGen from buying the British company's electric cables (economic sabotage). EA Cables true value at the time was sh 274 million.

FAST FORWARD to 2003. The first acquisition by Kibaki and his cronies at Trans-Century was the purchase of East African Cables from Merali. Kibaki had by then simultaneously appointed Trans-Century's god father Eddy Njoroge as KenGen's Managing Director (overt & unveiled conflict of interest). The rest is history, know how EA Cables & KenGen are performing at the NSE.

Track down the business interests of Trans-century and you will see the Sharks, Homeguards and Sultans partitioning and selling Kenya under the guise of privatization.

In the twilight months of Moi's Presidency, just before Kibaki came to power, Moi had a rush to dispose off ( sell for ten pieces of silver) Kenyan public assets in a frenzy that astounded many. In the twinkle of an eye, Kenya-Re and Telkom shares were being offered for sale at exorbitantly discounted rates.

The disposal of these Kenyan public assets was riddled with overt corruption mainly through gross undervaluing of the entities. Coincidentally, at the epicenter of the privatization exercise in the late 90s, early 2000s was Nicholas Biwott's daughter, Ms. Esther Koimett, the then Investment Secretary -whom Kibaki found prudent to serve as Kenya's new Investment Secretary thanks to his renewed political dalliance with Nicholas Biwott.

In 2000/1 Esther Koimet almost facilitated the sale of Kenya-Re ( a public asset) to Zim-Re (of Zimbabwe ) in partnership with Monarch Insurance (owned by Gideon Moi) for less than one-third it's value. Gideon Moi and his shielders Zim-Re of Zimbabwe almost bought the entire Kenya-Re for 800 million shillings when it was valued at more than 2.5 billion shillings in 2001.

Who halted the sale? After the Parliamentary Investment Committee (PIC) failed to stop the sale on procedural grounds, three MPs filed a successful court injunction blocking the sale: Prof. Anyang Nyongo, Wafula Wamunyinyi and Musikari Kombo. The ruling was made by Justice Hayanga.

Thanks to the three MPs, we were luckily to have survived the transfer of Kenya Re into the hands of Gideon Moi in exchange of ten pieces of silver.

But we were never always lucky, we lost some battles to the Moi privatization frenzy.

Telkom had off-loaded much of it's shares in Safaricom (the mobile phone giant) to Vodafone, and within the shady transaction, a secretive entity known as Mobitelea ( Moi Biwott Telecommunication East Africa ), controlling 5% stake in Safaricom was born. Kenyans failed to read and pre-empt the illegal transfer of public assets into the hands of political families without their paying of a single dime. The Moi family and their two little partners in Mobitelea raked in Shs 850,000,000 last year alone thanks to that illegal transfer. The money is at their disposal to bribe weak and unprincipled political leaders, to create further confusion in the country, the perfect environment to enable their continued milking of our coffers.

Gideon Moi's Mobitelea is now subject to yet another controversy, since the government wants again, to offload some more Safaricom shares to the public in an attempt to further hide disclosure facts.

History is repeating itself. This time around, it's a Kibaki privatization frenzy!

This time yet again, some patriotic and forthright Kenyans like Raila Odinga, are demanding full disclosure about ownership of Mobitelea and strict adherence to the provisions of the Privatization Act 2005, before any Safaricom IPO's are floated. Finance Minister Kimunya's own floatation rules are quite suspect, listing only 47% shares available for the public, with 50% shares going to the so-called high net investors, the likes expected to occupy Kibaki's re-election fete - the million-per-plate dinner. Kenyans are being taken for some dumb fools here.

Raila has threatened to file an injunction in court halting the offer citing both procedural issues -failure to abide by the Privatization law and the failure to comply with the full-dislosure requirement of privatization.

On privatization, Kibaki has specifically succeeded in hoodwinking many unsuspecting Kenyans when he releases public reports citing "successful" privatization efforts and IPO floatation. This he did with the recent KenGen and Mumias offers, where his government craftily pretended to offer 97% shares to the public -when in essence they had a huge pre- allocation for high net investors (friends of Kibaki coming in names like TransCentury Investors and Baraka Afrika) who ended up acquiring huge stakes, 30% and 25% shares
respectively,......from the two companies.

This my dear friends is what is called transferring (giving away) public wealth into the hands of a few politically connected individuals. This largely contributes to the astronomically increasing gap between the rich and the poor in Kenya . It grossly undermines our economy in the long-run despite the short-term busy season it offers at the NSE.
I'll quote Macharia Gaitho's Jan 24th, 2006 Sunday
Nation editorial piece
quote from article.........

"one of the Ministers involved in the (Anglo-Leasing) cover-up is quoted as saying that 'President Kibaki is above money' and 'does not touch money'. The problem is, he depends on others to worry about how his political projects will be funded. And he asks no questions about the source of funds. Some of those fellows (he depends on) are now running some key state corporations, and are also linked to the investment groups that seem to have the inside track on a very opaque privatisation of public corporations. " end of quote. (Mr Gaitho is the managing editor, Sunday Nation)

Do the names TransCentury or Baraka ring a bell? The companies that have questionably acquired within four years under Kibaki's presidency : major stakes in all recently privatized parastatals besides, 20% stake in Rift Valley Railways, majority stakes in East African Cables, 2.13 million shares of Kenya Power (KPLC), 10% of Development Bank of Kenya, and a sizeable chunk of the mortgage giant HFCK.

What about Kibaki's friend Moi and Mobitelea? What about Kibaki's friend Biwott who's Kobil company also recently secured a Shs 3 billion oil supply deal to KenGen?

Githongo's own insight, has told us in Kiraitu's words & admission,...that the very Kenyan taxpayer, was to be robbed in excess of Shs 5 Billion, fund Kibaki's 2007 elections. According to Githongo, more than 200 billion shillings has been lost under the facilitatory watch of these two Wazees Moi and Kibaki.

Did Daniel arap Moi make a mistake in endorsing Kibaki for a second(read safe)term...?

Taabu said...

ANSWER: Yes and no. Yes because he a Kenyan with a voting right and no if his schemes are selfish meant for self preservation. But this being the season of anything goes propagandawise one cannot be sure, ama Phil. And just a wild thought. Could it be that those campaigning to evict Emilio are just being envious of the deals and simply want boots and feet swapped? Tell us bro, please.

Now Phil, tell me doesn't Vikii, Derek and Kioko have a right to ride their own horse different from yours? Even if ODM was to win we still need a steady opposition to check on you guys ama? And thinking of which I shudder to imagine who/what the OP would be then. Just a thought.

On your corruption dossier I cannot deny nor nod yet given the present season. Only time will tell. I loothe pointing fingers because the other other digits may end up embarassing me too.But as you do your expect the same from your opponents because this is no Sunday school. More mud will be flying her with all furry. Na bado.

PS: Vikii thanks for associating me with a horse I don't need neiher fancy. You have the right bro to do say all you want except I wonder if I really deserved that association. Well, just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Phil. Please stop using my name in your silly articles. You are one person i never read as I do not have time to engage in a debate with a kihii. Chris, I wish to formally complain of the insults from Derek, taabu, and kalahari. I think it is time you blocked their contributions, otherwise this web will degenerate into a stone throwing ODM rally. Kioko. BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

Phi. Thanks for your brilliant piece. but.. but.. you left out molasses!! and you also forgot the massive theft of roads funds.. Can you enlighten us on these two!! I challenge you to tell us about these scandals. I dare you!! anon.

Derek said...

Phil, of all the things you have ever done right in your life or in the blog to be precise, you have missed a point, said too many wrongs, propagated big-time and even lied. All these things you have written in the post above, demean your ego.

Why do you have such an unbridled attack on private enterprises by Merali. the other time you ripped apart the Kikuyu for investing in Kenya. In this post, you have shredded Merali, as if he does not offer employments to Kenyans. Honestly, dont you think that investors should not grow rich in capitalistic world. Then in this case, Exxon and BP and Shell which exploit poor Nigerians and South Americans shoudl cease existence and Nike that exploits Taiwanese and Moroccans should also be killed to suit political advances. On another point, how does Merali come in.

Phil, Mobitelae is owned by a British Man who has a registered office, (offshore) in Guernsey. I did talk about barber shop (and salon) rumours here some time back. can you avoid that

Anonymous said...

Yes. Merali has offered employment to many. In the Thika factories there are many jaluos who are employed to carry heavy ngunias in and out of the place. You cannot use pundas in a factory and hence the need these fellows. Phi, you are an idiot to attack those who offer employment to your race. anon.

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