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Sunday, September 30, 2007

ODM Nominations Attract Big Numbers

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is now reportedly collecting millions of shillings daily in nomination fees from aspiring candidates. According to an insider source at Orange House secretariat, demand for the ODM ticket is so high that for instance, Chepalungu Constituency, currently represented by Sammy Kipsang Koech, has attracted a record 42 candidates! Another constituency in the Kericho area is said to have attracted 21 candidates as at Friday this week. Each of these interested parties paid Kshs. 100,000/- and the list reads like who-is-who in constituency’s academic, business and political circles. Rift Valley Province is currently leading the pack in the number of nominations forms collected followed by Coast Province. Our source further reveals that sitting GNU MPs have quietly collected forms while a ‘good’ percentage of aspirants are said to be women especially those from rural areas.

Meanwhile, even as James Orengo is ‘re-elected’ as SDP Chairman, secretariat workers at Orange House rushed to assist him when he arrived to collect ODM nomination forms for Ugenya constituency in the past week. Another surprise said to have collected forms by proxy is NARC and NPK Chairperson, Health Minister Charity Ngilu.

Not to be left behind, New Ford-Kenya MPs Soita Shitanda (Housing Minister), Mukhisa Kituyi (Trade Minister) and Dr. Bonny Khalwale (Assistant Minister East African Co-operation) have all collected ODM nomination forms and paid the prerequisite one hundred thousand shillings for their respective constituencies. KADDU Chairman is also said to have collected ODM forms using proxy.

The ODM Election Board chaired by (Rtd) Justice Richard Otieno Kwach is bracing for a major test during the forthcoming parliamentary and civic nominations. The party’s NEC has decided that the nominations will be conducted countrywide by secret ballot. This in itself will be a logistics nightmare as it will be the similar to conducting a national general election in all 210 constituencies, with an average of 10 contestants per constituency, and tens of civic aspirants, if the mad rush for nomination forms that is already underway is anything to go by. The ODM is said to be working on a strategy that will prevent a fall out after the nominations. There is also a clause that commits aspirants to back the winning candidate.

ODM has made it clear that it is a single political party as opposed to a coalition. The party’s NEC has set a deadline of 10th of October 2007 by which all those aspiring on the party's ticket are expected to return their nomination papers. This date may be amended depending on when the president dissolves parliament.


derek said...

Vita vya Panzi, ni furaha ya kunguru. Let them fight for the nomination papers. It is their choice.

I2 2002 Peter Kenneth collected nomination forms from Kanu and Narc. He ended up being elected on a NARC ticket. William Kabogo was Kanu until after the nominations when he rushed to Sisi Kwa Sisi and eventually won.

At least, there is money to be wasted. Kindly tell us how many people have collected ODM nomination paper for Mathioya, Othaya and Kitutu Chache.

To Phil, now James Orengo is good! he has 'reformed'. Do you remember him sitting under a tree in Gem.

As Taabu says times and again, politicians are scoundrels and I believe his every word now. I will only sweat and swear for Mwai Kibaki. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

All the best for ODMers,thanx 4 a gud number of folks realising this.chungwa ni chungu kwa kibaki.

Phil said...

Derek, as ODM/ODM-K recently showed the world, it is indeed possible for political parties in Africa to conduct open and democratic primaries before facing opponents in general elections.

Whats the principal reason that this party PNU been formed? Has there been any NDC or is it in order for the incumbent to gate-crash other political parties NDCs to show that he is with the people?

What do Musakari Kombo, Simeon Nyachae, Uhuru Kenyatta have in common. They are party chairmen. Their respective party constitutions mandate them to be automatic presidential candidates. Kibaki himself does not allow room for any challengers. No signs of grooming any heir apparent. No deputy leader of official opposition in training.

On the other hand, ODM has proven itself as a government in waiting. Moi and Kibaki have got no agenda to talk about apart from launching imagined attacks on Raila/ODM. Unfortunately, one cannot stop an idea whose time has come. As Raila says, River Nile must reach the meditarenian sea.

Anonymous said...

What "ideas" does Raila have? Please tell us anything sensible he has ever said except "Kalonzo na mpira" "I can die for my brother Kalonzo" "Hii serikali inataka nyundo". Even worse, these phrases are mainly incoherent as the fellow speaks through his teeth. The fellow is power thirsty and power hungry kihii. The fellow is on a mission of revenge. He has formed a "pentagon", a well known organisation that is shedding blood of innocent Iraqis day by day. He wants a Rwanda in Kenya. He survives on cheap politics of spreading kikuyuphobia. My dear Luhyias, do not vote for an Idi Amin. Remember that the wakikuyus are Bantus like you. Look at what Raila's tribe has done in Nothern Uganda. Bloodshed for 18 years!! Kioko. BC. Canada.

Anonymous said...

It is true that many simple minded people have gone to ODM just as they did with DECI. It is the work of sweet talking conmen. Remember DECI, that fake pyramid that has broken the hearts of many Kenyans. Come January, many will realise that DECI has seven heads like the evil Dragon. These heads are: ODM, LDP, HUMMER, PENTAGON, AIDs, MOLASSES, ORANGE. This is kioko.BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Kioko BC, sorry u do not seem to have anything to say. Yours is a case of being green with Envy!
Only those with something to hide are scared, the rest of us just want a nation where resources are equally shared among all Kenyans, unlike what is happening rt now.

Anonymous said...

What do these ODM conmen mean by equal sharing of resources? Do they want to make Kenya a communist state? Do jaluos want to be given a share of Masai cattle wealth? Do these Jaluo idlers want part of the Kericho tea estates? Does this mean cost sharing of house rent with the Landlord? Does it mean sharing of inherited wives? I have a full set of 32 teeth and I do not want to give some of my teeth to toothless lakeside idiot. Could someone tell us what "equal sharing of resources mean"? Kioko. BC. Canada.

Derek said...

Kioko, you make my day at times. As much as I try avoiding your posts, your wits baffle me. What personal domez do you have with Luos. Never have I read a Luo hit hat you and they make you look small, when they dont answer you and you keep on. Where did this attack on the Luo come from. It is a pity. Is it Raila or the Luo tribe. I cant get where all thses come from.

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