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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shirikisho Divorces PNU Before the Wedding

Even before President Kibaki's shadow disappeared from the TV screens, the Kenya political theatre is alive with plenty of acts. Shirikisho has bolted out of PNU as Kombo sent all the civic bosses packing.

And what a preamble to a potentially action-packed next 60+ days? Well, we haven't seen anything yet. The political theatrics we have witnessed perfected by our scoundrels for leaders ni kionjo.

Theatrics in earnest before the race
Shirikisho may have opted out of PNU to retrace its steps in attempt to remain politically relevant. What with its baby Majimbo being weaned and trumpeted loudest by competitors outside PNU? The next few days will see more heavy weights drifting in the Kenyan political landscape like a rudderless ship lost in the doldrums. Kamata kamata........


Anonymous said...

Before the dust settles on Election'07, PNU will have reverted to form - a GEMA clarion no less. Kibaki has no snowball's chance in hell of retaining his presidency.

I can forgive the old man from Othaya many things but I could *never* forgive him for sneaking back into bed with Moi. What was 2002 for? For the love of God, even Kamlesh Pattni is now batting for him!!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

What does it matter? Same old guys new tribal alliances aka politrickal parties. And that the common mwananchi shall be deceived to call change in January '08?

Anonymous said...

Majimbo and/or federalism ? that is what will break or make some places but to whose advantage? Will it benefit N.Eastern Province at all ? Some provinces will really be lucky while others will NOT. Think about it !

Anonymous said...

Yes it matters alot for the likes of IMBECILE Kioko. Poor chap, he so possessed with FORESKINS that his only wish would be to have a blanket made of the same so that he can enjoy the same in the BC winter. Kioko my man, both letters spell you very accurately. Sample this S=Sily Kioko and H=Half your impaired mental faculty. What else dimwit Kioko? Bring them on.

Kioko you asked for it and I you remind me of an intellectually stammering (stanted) student. No wonder you know no two words except what expels filth under your pant. I have never seen such an OAF deraged in cuddling his obsesssion that is the projection at the juntion of his lower limbs.

You are a DISGRACE to your friends, teachers, parents and country. Bring them on, spew all your intellect rolled in a single word. SHAME. But hey I am shouting at myself because Kioko has no COGNITIVE SKILL to dicipher anything not wrapped in his foreskin. Poor Kioko hata kanjura huwezi. Shetani ashindwe na chuchu yake.

kalamari said...

PKW, Consistency is not a virtue but it is nonetheless an admirable trait. On one hand you vehemently support Kibaki, shielding him from well deserved criticism, whereas on the other, you confine yourself to hopelessness at the seemingly sense of a Kibaki 'defeat'. Kama wote ni wezi, sasa tusipige kura?
You are indeed right that what's going on is simply the recycling of 'leaders', however, you must appreciate the element of political growth within some of these tainted individuals (except Biwott). Kwani you do not believe in redemption? Especially, in a country where democracy is taking root and voters are becoming more aware if not more educated.
You see, in 2002, Kenyans were extremely hopeful and believed that Kibaki would deliver. Unfortunately, by much measure, the chap has let us down. It is precisely for letting us down that Kibaki must go. A Kibaki defeat is a win for the Kenyan voter….. especially in realizing the power of the vote. In other words, if you do not perform to the expectations of the voters, you must go.
A Kibaki defeat is also a warning to Raila… i.e. if he becomes president and allows a continuation of Anglo-leasing, mercenaries, high office tribal appointments, clamping down on press freedoms etc, he too will be shown the door come 2012.
Once voters grasp the fact that they indeed can control the process, we have all won as the leaders will have no choice but to shape up. This is not a dream my dear sister but the beginning of a bloodless revolution. Kenyans are really fed-up and want nothing less than an accountable government.

For those ready to cast a vote for Kibaki, can you imagine the kind of bash Murungaru, Michuki, Mwiraria etc. will have at State House if they actually make it back? Having clandestinely run the government like a vegetable kiosk, can you imagine what they will be saying about the apathy of the Kenyan voter?

Every responsible Kenyan has a duty to vote for change.

John Maina said...

am 100% with you on this its just sad that many pple cant see that there will be a better life after kibaki come 2008, scarmongers and those preaching fear/hate of the unknown reminds me of Moi and his project in 2002 arguing that change will plunge the country into chaos, arent we better, same case with kibaki apologist "he is the best", "change will plunge the country". I dont believe any of that.

Kerich said...

Its amazing when you hear people resoning erll in these charged tribal times. I fully agree with Kalamari. It will be a big boost and a very strong statement to the political class what kind of standards the electorate now demands. No kenyan is infallible includeng RO but there will be immense pressure for an ODM governement to by far outperform Kibaki's. What saddens me about the PKU's of blogs today is their impervious nature to reason and the way they buy so easily to this moi-esque type o fear monguering that is PNU's central strategy. Let Kenyans vote for new ideas and new energy(sorely lacking in MK Michuki,Karume,Munyao,& co.)in the sojourn to proverbial canaan that I believe to be the common aim of all Kenyans.
Don't be used by the Jimnah's & Kimunya's with their we are the only ones ordained solemnly by God to run the country competently. If poverty levels were not raging at 46%, inflation at 12.4% and grand corruption in high public office of past and present day not swept under the rug,maybe they could merit such 'fish-market' statements.
Finally, the largest deal breaker for me was when Kibaki broke his oath to kenyans and is audacious enough to philander with Moi of the goldenberg and Kroll fame. Kroll articulates residence of stolen sacred public funds by Moi & co. running btwn 700b and 1t Kshs stashed abroad and instead of taking action to repatriate funds which Uk govt offered to assist in, kibaki responds by forming a political alliance of expediency with the snake himself that Kenyans so emphatically voted agaisnt. I hope that it is with almost equal ferver that kenyans vote out an arrogant and deceitful Kibaki administration in the hope of a better future.
In my heart the NARC dream lives on and I can only pray that ODM rekindles and lives up to it lest voter apathy set in.

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