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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Exeunt Kibaki, Enter Raila (but…)



I received this short message on my phone today:

“For Jaramogi hated Kenyans, that he gave his son Raila Amollo Odinga that whosoever believes in him shall live in eternal slavery, hunger, diseases and die in pain.”

Whoever is circulating this sms must be a sick fellow. That’s all I can say.


Anonymous said...

The hate campaign is hegemony of people with no direction and living in denial to further their microcosm of ego in a balancing their act and clinging to what they believe in. Truth frees, Kenyans never asked for what they were subjected to the last 4 years including social slavery that borders hopelessness by the bourgeoisie which they did not bargain for. We renegotiated and took a journey that would transform all Kenyans with equity at the base.

After 2002 Kenyans had hope, yearned for a new era and ushered new beginning where they were to live happy and modest sustainable and thriving lives. Of importance was transparency and trust that they bestowed on the agents of change which was washed off with megalomaniac tendencies by reckless leaders raping the economy with impunity; anglo leasing, Mungiki menace but name a few.

Social engineering experts see communities as interconnected web of social dynamics which constantly change and increase in complexity. The current regime failed to recognise the impact of trends of what the past offers the present. It failed to appreciate new capacities for transformation, in communities there were tendencies to try to improve existing ways to accommodate others in the space, whilst it is a common knowledge that one group occupied the space with complacency crushing others in the process; the end result is what is happening now all ganging against an assumed common enemy. It is therefore important to be aware that incremental change and the old ways of doing things no longer work as was seen during Moi days, Kenyans are crying for: -
a. Space, to express themselves to be heard
b. Level playing ground in the democratic process
c. Detribalising of the volatile scenario created by retrogressive leaders
d. Robust infrastructure open to all
e. Affordable and competitive market economy to stimulate growth through informal sector, social enterprise and private sector
f. Collaboration between private, public, voluntary sector and civil sector to empower and mobilise social economy towards structured entrepreneurial skills and vocational trades matched with local demands
g. Devolution of industries from urban economy into rural economy to stimulate market economy and agricultural growth
h. Interventions in primary health care for young, poor rich, old, women and children
i. Interventions at early ages for young people to manage curb poverty at early ages redirected to responsible citizenship
j. Affordable and competitive health as proposed by madam Ngilu

Therefore, until we see the need for change, no true change can occur because of the struggle and commitment that is necessary. Unless the environment allows people to be open to new ideas, there is no safe haven for thinking differently. Finally, until local communities begin to see value in talking about ideas, there will be resistance to real change people surrounding the president perfected in this through maintaining the status quo.
There is no longer a fixed and rigid standardized rules or pattern of dynamic, changing connections, it requires a change in our human consciousness where the value for humanity is paramount.

Transformational change reflects a change in the very essence of the institution, concept, method or technique, Kibaki regime failed to focus on building a core group of community in the spirit that kicked Moi out. The mantra was provided but the opportunity was thrown out through selfish and their self-seeking approach. The potential for our communities with the current situation as in the current euphoria, ODM in particular is to evolve an overall framework of innovation through community led and centred approach to manage their destiny.

Kenyans have led by example, though I should not count the eggs before they hatch but leadership in general will move from top-down direction, prediction, and control of outcomes, into the minis cure scales of facilitating and motivating diverse people in methods of adapting to changing circumstances.

In gagging the press there was a shifting context of information into new levels of political dispensation where people question what they are denied to adapt the new environment for their learning. In summary they become adept at adaptation where the idea of 'mindset' is discarded and replaced with the concept of 'mindflex. People will become comfortable with rethinking, reorganizing, and redesigning.

Raila understands the changes in this context brought about by the transformation of change to bring vitality in a dynamic society. It encompasses openness to new ideas of any kind; case in point is the blog that Raila is leading in. Agents of change are able to filter those that do not resonate with an understanding of a new reality. The dangers with constantly changing society are the need for certainty, which ODM is providing Kenyans with.

All the other communities with destiny will glue together to fight a common enemy; this brings them to consensus in order to inculcate tolerance, unity and inclusively for a common purpose. Monopoly of ideas, imprisonment of hope went away with awareness level in Kenya and sense of belonging amongst Kenyan community.

In conclusion, collaboration as shown by the pentagon brings diverse people and ideas to combine in different ways to evolve into a systematic integration of core competencies in order to combine desperate ideas into continuous innovation

Audi C

Vikii said...

I respected Jaramongi and I will not invoke his name in the failure that is Raila Odinga. i agree on the bit that raila Odinga is a massive source of poverty and suffering to many of his blind followers. He is one of those fellows the world would be better without.

Enough about raila.

After careful consultations, i have decided to drop my bid for the Mutito parliamentary seat. I will now , for the sake of unity, be backing the incumbent. I will fight another day.

This is why I arrived at the decision: One, my campaign has been hijacked by the forces of evil in this blog. Some fellows in New Jersey have 'urged' the people down there to vote for "one of Kumekucha's esteemed employees". These are the kind of fellows you dont need on your side.Every time they open their mouths, u lose 2000 votes. I decided to avoid humiliation. These are the people the president referred to as pumbavu yesterday.

The second reason was because the current Mp is not doing too bad a job.

Odegle said...

i have never understood how Raila brought poverty to his followers. anybody care to explain?

Anonymous said...

yours as always been is personalising things not articulating issues but looking at how the cake has been cut to deny you the chance(enemies as always). This is an attribute that will not take Kenya anywhere , tell us the alternative that you are offering; two why you think you are different and better.
If faced with adversity or barriers you can wriggle through.

Reactive policies have been the cause of most failed projects , we get driven by personal ego

Reading between the lines, if things were favourable you could have gone against the grain but as it stands the current mp is good ;the braha is full of juice.
If care to read my article above then you can see things differentlt, you chose to look at raila but I was postulating a discourse on social engineering ; a vehicle carrying people like him

Vikii said...

Let me go to work. I will be right here mr Anonymous and believe yo me I can very adequately respond to your posts on a good day.

Anonymous said...

In every province in this country, there are people living in poverty. Is it because of Raila. Stupid & simple minds.

salf said...

Audi C.

If you have cared to follow what Kibaki has done without bias, I bet you would appreciate the man. The landmark 100% increase in revenue collection speaks for itself. Tourism earning have gone up. Kenya has received international accredation by respected bodies like the UN. Private sector is booming, with many multinational companies setting base in Nairobi or strengthening their existing ones. Many civil servants have received pay hikes that would be a dream in the previous regime. There is more democratic space in Kenya that any other time before. Kenya is on course, bearing in mind where we have come from. Kibaki ought to be appreciated for what he has done, Waswahili said that Mgala muue na haki yake umpe. So it depends on how you want to look at it Audi. Raila in not fit to be president of Kenya, at least for now. Our constitution has lots of loopholes for people without restraint like Raila. Though Audi you are saying we put a discord between personalities and "real issues", well, the same personalities take the lead to tackle the same issues. Bad personalities, poor governance. In short, Raila is a smart politician, and many a people follow him blindly, like Audi. For instance in ODM, what the heck is PENTAGON??? What is ODM UK CHAPTER?? Sheer nonesense! It has nothing to do with the issues in Kenya. But for social engineers to feel excited and their minds kept a bay from tackling real issues on the ground, such phrases are coined. Kenya needs a man of peace like Kibaki, not a warload like Raila. Kibaki has no case against the western guys, but i can almost bet Raila may not be far from having issues with central guys.

Anonymous said...

warlord or not, RAILA is going to be the 4th president of kenya to be elected by an overwhelming majority of kenyans. the idea of us vs them is being promoted by kikuyus who are fearful of real change. they are comfortable that at least in central there is piped water, electricity, roads, schools and stinking rich elites whom the villagers really admire.

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