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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bwana Dawa Too Joins ODM

With an average of 12 aspirants for each constituency in at least four provinces, ODM is surely a thriving business enterprise. And ex-Mr. Fixit Mark Too has joined the gravy train. And with his Eldoret South already hosting an ODM aspirant, David Koross, Bwana Dawa couldn't have been smarter to pitch tent in Emgwen where he expects to sweet PNU's Stephen Tarus off his political feet.

Better late than never for Ahmed Khalif. He too has paid up for the ODM ticket with the parting shot at North Eastern PC Kiritu Wamae to be removed for playing politics. It is all systems go this defection season. Interesting times we must be living in. Na bado.


Anonymous said...

Chris. Kindly allow me to be initiating debates on this blog. I am disturbed that some important issues are being sidelined. For example, yesterday the Cardinal and the entire Catholic Church condemned majimboism yet none of your famous contributors (Phil Othieno, Taabu Okello, Kalamari Odhiambo etc) are talking about it. John Njue is now a Cardinal and could become the Pope in the near future. The nation needs to listen to the spiritual guidance of the Cardinal. Please do not forget that 60% of the Kenya population is Catholic and Cardinal John Njue is their spiritual head. Kioko. BC, Canada. Kazi iendelee na tuta malisa upumbavuu.

Anonymous said...

All former corrupt people of the former regime are flocking to ODM. But semi illiteracy,ignorance,poverty politics of sycophancy, opportunism, tribalism and personalities is our own undoing. People follow leaders blindly and will vote for them again.

President Kibaki is bore to me when he speaks in Swahili, Raila entertains me a lot and moves me to the edge of my seat with his "vitendawilis" and rhetorics. But at the end of the day, I choose Kibaki, he is a working President who has turned around the economy of this country. We have seen alot of positive changes. So the Man, in spite of boring personality, he has my votes.

macs34 said...

Good for you....

And seriously, why hasnt this blog talked about Njue's assertions?

However, to the second person who asserts that former corrupt guys are streaming to ODM is to avoid the truth... where is KANU Today? dont let me answer that!

Anonymous said...

Tom, Dick and Harry to ODM. Yeah karibisha all the losers no problem. You will be dumped with all of them. nad did I hear Musalia Mudavadi threatening civil servants that they wil be sacked for engaging in politics? Why the hullabalo then when his hexagonists were sacked for doing jack in 2.5 years in cabinet - gossiping, agitating, leaking secrets everything that goes against what they swore to do? Talk of intolerance!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Kioko you could have vouched for better partners. You must have defected from priesthood. What of your fantasy and excitement on matters FORESKIN? Ati spiritual guidence my foot! The Catholic church leadership the world over are unrivalled as paedophiles. For your petty brain that word doesn't mean Paes who carry files.

If Catholoc church equals the corruption and night vigil at newsroom while semi-nude that I would rather remain and atheist.

Church in Africa thrives on their flock's sense of want and prey into their emotional and economic insecurities. Empowering the masses would therefore starve them of ready audience. No questions are asked from the pulpit but when you become political. They were ashamed in 2005 and will again be defeated 2007. Same 60\% mark yuou.

As for Njue becoming Pope tell that to the birds and they will sing your praise and maybe bring you back your cut and part of your brain. We don't need preachers here especially the pea-sized variety like yours with foreskin for brains. Spit it out numskull and smell the coffee.


Anonymous said...

Roba, or are you Oroba? I hope you are not fighting the Church. Nero Caesar tried and failed. Your rude language is a mark of semi-illiteracy which the Catholic Church has tried to eradicate in all parts of Kenya including the Kavirondo Gulf. The Catholic Church is spread all over Kenya and so the rejection of Majimbo will be heard all over the Republic. Finally, when the Catholic Church talks, Kenyans listen. Kioko. BC, Canada. Kazi iendelee na tutamalisa upumbavuu.

njoro- mzee wa kijiji said...

Hee eeh Roba just be kind to yourself and your fellow human kind.

on bwana dawa, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Yesteryear opportunists and lords areslowly taking over ODM. When you look at ODM, the only stand alone is Raila - the rest have been born, raised and pampared by KANU through. Its Kanuism at best. A man is known by the company he keeps. Raila's company, just like kibaki speaks volumes.Remember the ODM-k mention of Gideon and the response it elicited. All these guys are KANU life members and opportunists. How i worry for Kenya. Frankly ni kubaya.

Phil said...

Cardinal Njue’s excitement at being promoted by the pope is regrettably making him start his new mandate on a wrong footing. He is inadvertently saying that the catholic church supports Kibaki’s government and therefore the bishops are approving the actions of a corrupt and murderous regime behind the shield of the pulpit. Sadly again, Cardinal Njue is exhibiting dictatorial traits by purporting that his own personal preference is that of the entire catholic church. What hogwash!

This is the most unfortunate utterance to come out of the mouths of our so called religious leaders since the last referendum vote. It is certainly a very hard slap on the face of majority Kenyans including muslims and minority communities who made their position well known to the Yash Pal Ghai committee regarding their preference for devolution.

I have tried to understand the alleged connection between majimbo and tribalism and to be honest, I cannot see any. Why dont these people want to acknowledge that this country belongs to people of different cultures and religions with varied needs? Or that the presidential system has been the main culprit in accelerating hatred and inequality amongst communities in Kenya?

During the referendum vote, we remember with regret clergymen taking sides with the banana side although the ‘official’ church statement was asking its members to vote by conscience. It is an open secret that Cardinal Njue is the most tribalistic of those catholic bishops and he has probably used his new leadership position to arm twist the rest to support an obviously ill advised position.

I am kindly requesting Cardinal Njue and the catholic bishops to keep their unsolicited advise to themselves and allow patriotic Kenyans to freely chart their own destiny.

bloggeratti said...

But phil, you forget, Bishop Njue is a Kenyan citizen and does have a right to his opinion. Just like you do.

If Njue, a religious leader, should keep his trap shut then riddle me this. Does every Constituent in Kibera support Majimbo? If not, perhaps Raila should keep his trap shut, too!

bloggeratti said...

Does ODM stand for Odius and Dubious Movement?

Save for its main face (Hon. Odinga) its turning out to be a motley crew of KANU has-beens!

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait for the fallout from both ODM's and PNU's nomination process!

Anonymous said...

What does Phil know about freedom of expression? Si anangoja tu RAO to think for him? ODM win = loss of freedom of expression - jail NJUE, extradite KIOKO he must face bado as Taabu says.

Phil said...

You wish. Who is more KANU between Kibaki and say Ruto or Mudavadi?

Ruto was in cabinet for only three months. Kibaki on the other hand still retains his KANU life membership certificate (we saw him wave a one finger salute last month at kasarani) and was Mois VP for more than 10 years. He is also the brainchild of failed white elephant projects like Kenren. Please, please, i am asking him to get a life first. As a grandfather, he ought to 'correctly' identify his extended family and advise his offspring to hook-up with straight forward Kenyan hunks!

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