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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Battle Royale as Pentagon Goes Hexagon

The flood gates are opened as House Speaker Mr Kaparo raised the political temperatures by issuing writs that officially declared the 210 parliamentary seats vacant. And job hunting as we usher in another season of defection with predicatble shamelessness.

The full Orange has expanded and gone Hexa (six) by admitting Ngilu into into its top organ. Meanwhile PNU is dolling out districts at a rate that makes Moi's look like tokens. Old habits are surely perfected by slaves of nostalgia. What with a continuation of creating TRIBALLY-nomenclatured districts like Samia?

Scoring own goal
But Orange family would be better advised not to waste their time on petty envy by attacking each other instead of squaring it with their common opponent. When ODM is not denigrating its sibling as punda, the latter is rubbishing the former's poll superior rating. Speak of superlative self-destruction.

And out of curiosity at the risk of being e-lynched, is the ODM supremo part-time Kenyan or running from without? Even before you shout Chungwa or Kasarai, Tinga is air bound out of Kenya. Phil share with us part of the itinerary, we deserve to know,ama?

Finally, that Tawala Kenya song, was it out of mere excitement, spicing the ocassion or inadvertently scoring an own goal?


Phil said...

Taabu, Arap Mibei (Raila) was out of the country as at when parliament was being dissolved. He paid a courtesy call on ODM sympathisers down in Pretoria South Africa. Cannot be named for respect of diplomatic protocol. For obvious security reasons, no one knows when, how and if he will travel.

ODM's pentagon campaign schedule for this week is not released yet, but Vikii may be interested to know that Charity Kaluki Ngilu is now a pentagon member (which happens to be a very prestigious appointment much better than serving in Kibaki's corrupt cabinet), and that ODM will be visiting Kitui for Campaigns on 1st November 2007 after touring Northern Kenya.

Lets sit back and watch premier league politics of how the ODM-K myth that Kalonzo controls Ukambani is going to be dissected.

Vikii, expect at least three defections which should be a pointer to you which constituencies ODM is targetting in Ukambani. (remember my promise?) In other words, ODM is targetting a majority in parliament next term and it intends to win parliamentary seats in all provinces of the republic of Kenya - a feat which some parties (PNU, FORD-K, SHIRIKISHO, KANU, DP, et all) can only dream about.

This strategy is actually the beginning of the war of the new bomas conference based constitution that ODM promised it would deliver to Kenyans, through a referendum, within six months of taking power, ie June 2008.

PS. Some characters were very quiet here at this forum when the Kroll report leaked out and when opinion polls showed the ODM candidate winning. Now we can see them coming out of hybernation. Typical Kenyans!

Anonymous said...

politikal wankastaz cum JAnuary u will all b politikally circumsiZed...vizuri na wembe...

Anonymous said...

Mwalimu, indeed i thank God that shameful public mistake#2 of our fledgling democracy commonly known as the 9th parliament has now come to an expected albeit "rich" end although only for the dishonourables and not for the constituents they represent
We as a democracy have been made to feel so stupid over the past 5 years even with the numerous cabinet and parliamentary changes we have witnessed that have only swooped one incompetent politician to be replaced by another equally incompetent man/woman-which Kenyan voter in their right mind wants to give yet another 210 political rascals another free meal ticket at our expense to earn salaries for the ant's work that they do? Anyway, that's their own affair-after all these upcoming general elections are not mine to be concerned with-my eye is firmly on 2012 the next generation of leaders. For now i soldier on thirstlessly with or without HIV testing or quality Kumekucha blog posts

Anonymous said...

It remains to be seen whether Kenyans will also bring an end to shameful public mistake#1 commonly known as the all powerful Presidency

Vikii said...

Is someone trying to force me to include them in my comments? That's certainly not the best way to catch my attention. Mine was a very honest award to
Ritch and taabu that is being demonised. I have something for u good pple--go draw ur own list that includes urself and those others like u.

Phil n gang, u r welcome to kitui any time. Al b there too to see how much support u guys have. They sell some nice chiled drinks at 'riverside'. Just a question though---who is charity ngilu?

jaolu said...

Just all the campaigning, I haven't heard any presidential candidate mention Vision 2030. Was this a Kibaki only vision? Does it mean that none of the other candidates plans to carry it out? Does this further mean that every Kenyan president will abandon such long-term visions and keep coming up with their own visions which won't be fulfilled either? Is it about ego or the future welfare of all Kenyans? Just pondering.

Anonymous said...

Jaolu or Jaluo - show me any presidential candidate that gives a damn and i will show you who to vote for. Long term vision? What's that? The mongrels just wanna settle scores period! Matumbo yao tu nio wanajali.
Vikii - Charity Ngilu = first female philandering minister who sold govt secrets to small boys in opposition for an orgasm in the car park. Pentagon my ass...

Vikii said...

Kathiani constituency is in the pocket Mr. Phil. You need to forget about that one. I understand Kyalo Kaindi's dilemma perfectly well. He has so far parted with almost kshs 300,000 in nomination fees . You see this fellow is grappling so much on which party to run on that he appears ridiculous(as of now he is interested in the tickets of three parties--Too many fallback plans if you ask me). At the last meeting in some politician's Karen home, he was literally kicked out and told to go ahead and join the ODM. You can never catch a mirage no matter how fast you run.

That leaves you with Kalembe Ndile, a guy who will be very lucky to get 1000 votes. The only respectable loss the ODM will have is that of Ngilu,Phil.

You have my number, right? Just give me a call when you LAND at Kitui. Tunaeza chinja kambuzi if you will not be too busy with the Public Address System----I understand the cheque comes before everything else.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Thanks vikii. Riverside is still operational? I used to enjoy their roast Chicken .. but that was long before anyone ever thought a kihii would be the subject of discussion in a website. Kioko. BC, Canada. Kazi iendelee na tuta malisa upumbavuu.

Resian said...

We have to give credit to ourselves;this years campaigns are issues based even if its only the one issue 'majimbo'its still an issue and the shows how kenyans have grown politicalwise in the years.

Raila has always been a bug in everyone's ear.But there's a thing we need to give him credit for;he is a perfect opposition leader.Always blows the whistle and keeps the govt on its toes.So i suggest we all keep him there.

Note:Does anyone know that Raila Had to have plastic surgery to be able to take the ODM publicity pictures.Its an inside story so you better believe me.

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