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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The 4th Presidential candidate

People have decided to ignore this Presidential candidate, apparently I had also forgot about him until I saw him on KTN yesterday night, where he confirmed that he is still in the race. He has also complained to the media of not giving him enough coverage like others. I am referring to Pastor Pius Muiru of Kuna Nuru Gizani which means there is light in darkness (I wonder how that is possible!).

Presidential candidates in the race in this elections are said to be riding on two types of animals depending on their strengths. ODM’s Raila Odinga and PNU’s Mwai Kibaki are said to be on horses. ODM-K Kalonzo Musyoka is on a donkey, Puis Muiru is definitely not on a horse, I will put him in category of his brother in Christ Kalonzo Musyoka riding on a donkey. I know many will tell me off for comparing Kalonzo with Muiru, but I will explain why this candidate should not be taken for granted.

He has a big following from dealing with the public on a daily basis compared to other politicians. From what I hear he holds services at Odeon Cinema at least two times a day and holds rallies country wide quite frequently. His rallies normally have a big gathering of people thirsty for the word and maximum miracles (like his slogan).

From my days in school I know he has faithful followers like guys of CU/SU (Christian/Scripture union). Who would not hear anything negative about their pastors or bishops and would follow their advice and teaching seriously. He also has a group of young singers Maximum Melodies (Kora award winners in 2005 for the best spiritual group in Africa). So we should not take this candidate lightly and expect maximum miracles in these elections.

What do you think about Pius Muiru’s presidential candidature in the coming elections?


chris said...

This is one presidential candidature that had a lot of potential which was just wasted.

What the good pastor would have done would have been to seek advice on how to launch a political campaign pof this magnitude.

He should have started off launching a political party and telling Kenyans why it would be ideal for them. He would have then remained silent for as long as possible on his presidential ambitions.

This campaign sadly lacks strategy and yet there are so many born again Christians who are excellent strategists and would have helped. Kumekucha himself included.

Now it is a little late to do anything because the ODm tsunami has swept everything from its' path.

Did you know that there is even a prophecy that one day very soon Kenya will be led by a "righteous man" pof very high integrity?

P.S. Sue, did you see that controversial comment I left at your blog on the Ugandan women versus Kenyan women issue? Ha,ha,ha,ha. I'm sure this comment here will also send tons of traffic to that piece. And rightly so, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I think he is so good at preaching hope esp to the poor that he should stick to it and forget the presidency. Makes no difference, I mean, he is not winning.

Else, defect (!) to ODM-yawa, and oh what a smart strategic move! Phil and Taabu can capitalize on and add to the defection watch column. Just think of all the masses going to Odeon Cinema for morning glory, lunch hour meetings and evening services daily, choir practice, women's group, the men's group,during the week, the Sunday service congregation, those who attend his crusades in other cities (when he came to Naks, he had the biggest crowd in the history of the town, political rallies icluded) -all now voting ODM-yawa! Maximumly miraculous (or Deya-speak mirakulas) in itself.

Sue said...

True ODM tsunami is sweeping everything in its path and assuring hope of light in dark areas. We hope for maximum change with ODM govt.

Yes Chris I saw your controversial comment, it’s unlike you commenting on blogs. What a "privilege" it was to have Chris comment on my blog.

Phil said...

How can we entrust the country's top seat to someone who has got no idea about putting together an effective presidential campaign in the first place?

I have been to one or two or Pastor Muiru's crusades. Impressive preacher and televangelist.

But I am yet to see him articulate his vision or that of his party to the Kenyan people. Poor politician.

His website (
has very little information. Most of the important pages are blank and links to Kenya's People Party including the manifesto are empty. Not much is know about this political party or the people behind it. Infact, very little is known about the pastor himself, apart from his church and wife.

The DONATE link is very prominent at the website. Could Muiru's bid be a route for attracting donor support from the large Christian constituency including the highly generous North American churches?

I respect his right to run for the big seat, but I have to say, it requires much more than biblical quotations to win it.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with the current way of thinking by "2nd liberation" Kenyan voters(awaiting 3rd liberation in 70 days and counting)
These don't want to take a risk and give a chance to newcomers. For sure Pastor Muiru's election campaign may not be as strong as PANU or ODM however what the man has to offer is an alternative to the messy affair of issueless-based politics we have gotten used to living with. I wish him safari njema this time round, but i would ask that if the good Lord wills may he run for political office again in 2012 besides Phil, Vikii and Taabu

Vikii even though you aborted your political ambition to capture Kitui central why did you refuse to share the launch of your vision and manifesto with the rest of us here at Kumekucha?my vote is with you come 2012

Anonymous said...

Guys, let's be sincere with ourselves. Pius (Payas) Muiru just wants to raise his profile so that he may win at least a parliamentary seat. His congregation is always big, yes. I remember sometime back when I was still young, my elder sister used to put everything down during the pastor's sermorns on Radio (KBC). This is turning out to be a replica of 2002. Payas will be the Ng'ethe of 2002, KM of Hoo Ndii Emm will be Nyachae of 2002. About the other two, let me not attract abuses by saying who'll be the NARC and who'll be the KANU of 2002. But everyone knows now what will happen. All the same Chris, tell me, where did David Ngethe go? Can you use your "Sources" and tell me. I definitely miss him. I still have that cartoon of 2002 where he'd gone to Kamukunji and only goats and hens attended. And Bw. Phil, the Nairobi Star talked of a Cabinet Minister and an assistant minister who's about to defect. Do you have any idea? I am very interested. I can't wait for Kirwa and Kituyi to come on board. The ODM team will be complete after that!! Ama waonaje?

Always, Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A Nanga, MP.

Taabu said...

Muiru is a self-made and proclaimed preacher. If I were him I would stick to doing what I know best but because I am not him I can only wish him well. In every contest there must be statistics aka also-runs.

That said religion is an emotive subject and believing that you can transform religiuos flock into political strenggth is the height of naivity. The unfortunate truth is that Muiru is in business, pure and simple. His present objective is empire (business) expansion. Pretending otherwise is to engage in self-deception.

Permutating some 20 odd words with RIGHTIOUSNESS before every punctuation doesn't translate to votes. No queston are asked from the pulpit but scrutiny is a must out of it.

Preying into people's emotional and religious insecurities is sinful. But making yourself a delicious prey is a personal choice. Religion is premised on dogma (=FAITH + TALES) while politics is real life of scoundrels often premised on reality=FACTS + (SOME) TRUTH.

Otherwise Pastor Muiru has all the constitutional right to join scoundrels. On kuna nuru gizani well I could reverse it to suite the underlying and deceitful and commerciial objective: KUNA GIZA NURUNI. The light at the end of the narrow tunnel could as well be that of an oncoming train.
gO mEfaith and tales

Vikii said...

Was that post really done by taabu? I am thinking may be the driver gained access to his laptop while the man was asleep.

As for me and my house, we will continue with our policy of avoiding religious debates. They are not my kind of thing.

Pius Muiru is entitled to his quest for political power. I can only wish him success but I will not vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Who is talking of Kenyabeing a democracy? Change that to MORNACHY:
SUBSTONE MUDAMBA MUDAVADI's death equalled sympathy votes to some toothless MUSALIA MUDAVADI
How did old man DIGNIFIED NYAGA end up with a 'skirt chasing most handsome former presidential candidate now pentagon member' JOE NYAGA?

I have only one vote - between now and Dec it wil go to either KALONZO, MUIRU ama KIBAKI. It was originally meant for BALALA who coiled his tail to please Baba na Mama aka Raila Odinga.

Anonymous said...

Pius Muiru is married to a woman older than his mother. Is the the role model for the youth.. I have my reservations on the intentions of this conman..

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