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Monday, April 03, 2017

Shoots Fired at Migori ODM Meeting Over ODM Primaries Tensions

Photos shows governor Joho with blood on his T-shirt. Reports indicate that Johos bodyguard was shot somewhere in the foot during the chaos. In another photo we see what appears to be urine (from the scare?) on the same governor’s trousers. Then there is the governors car with a bullet hole which seems to suggest that the bodyguards were not firing into the air only. Other photos show chaos at the scene of the meeting.

Looks like ODM primaries are 
going to be violent

All indications are that the ODM primaries in 10 days (slated for Thursday 13th April) are going to be pretty violent.

And the violence has started already. Today in Migori senator Anyang Nyongo and Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho who was in attendance at a campaign meeting in Migori town had to escape with bruises when chaos erupted. It was all triggered by the appearance of governor Okoth Obado which caused a section of the crowd to start throwing water bottles at the unpopular governor. Bodyguards accompanying Obado fired in the air and there was a stampede.

The issue here is that Obado is very unpopular but seems prepared to use all means possible to retain his seat and the short cut to that is to of course win the ODM nominations.

A very similar situation reigns in Kisumu where governor Jack Raguma (who stayed at an expensive hotel for months on end as his mansion was being constructed) wants to retain his seat apparently against the will of the people. Up against him is current Kisumu senator Prof Anyang Nyongo.

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