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Friday, January 27, 2017

Dirty Secrets Uhuru and Raila Don't Want You To Ever Know.

Excerpts from the Kumekucha book;

On Raila

Raila has been very smart about hiding his corrupt deals and because of this there has been a lot of desperation to prove his corrupt ways. And extremes like the one of the man I have just talked about are common.

The truth is that the man is a typical Kenyan politician and all typical Kenyan politicians use corruption through their high offices to raise cash for themselves and for their political campaigns. They also use dirty tactics for political gain. That should NOT be news to anybody.

Remember the maize scandal that caused a censure motion to be tabled in parliament against William Ruto? Raila Odinga was bang in the middle of that scandal. Caroli Omondi, the PM’s private secretary and PS in the PM’s office then, Mohamed Isahakia were both deeply involved and made millions from that maize scandal. One of the dark mysterious companies that imported maize at the time was directly connected to Caroli and a South African based businessman called Ahmed Kassam. Kassam has always had very close business ties with Raila. This is a perfect example of how a person uses their office to create a massive profit generating venture from nothing.

But what made matters worse was the fact that Maize is the staple food of Kenyans and therefore this scheme was making money out of the misery of Kenyans because the prices were inflated and at one point chapati in Kenya was much cheaper than Ugali because of the big difference between high maize flour prices and wheat flour prices.

But what is even worse is the list of names of people who were granted allotment letters in that Raila-Ruto deal to profit from maize from the National cereal and produce board (NCPB) that had been declared unfit for human consumption. Miraculously many of the names on the list were never mentioned in parliament when legislators attempted to pass the censure motion against Ruto. Those names included those of Raila’s daughter Rosemary Akeyo and numerous other close family members of Raila (fully listed in the book).

On Uhuru

My sources told me fairly early on that Museveni had convinced Ruto that two ICC suspects could indeed be elected president and deputy president of Kenya and nothing much would happen. Especially if they (the two ICC suspects) played their cards right.

Ruto is no fool or amateur in the game of politics and he quickly convinced the powerful house of Mumbi operatives close to Kibaki that the fate of the community and especially that of Uhuru at the ICC could not be trusted to “outsiders.” More importantly he convinced the president’s mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

The truth is that initially there was plenty of doubt about a Uhuru presidency from many quarters within the Kibaki administration. All expert analysts agreed at the time that having ICC suspects as president and deputy president was irresponsible and would place Kenya in an impossible situation. Besides the country had already had two Kikuyu presidents out of a total of 3, would the country accept a third Kikuyu president in four?

Ruto took matters into his own hands and started inciting Uhuru’s powerful Kikuyu supporters on the ground. He told them to reject any idea of Uhuru handing over the reigns of power to somebody else. He then went on to leak the top secret legal agreement between Uhuru and Mudavadi.

And Ruto’s timing was intricate. He left it to the last minute when powerful people including president Kibaki were still mulling over the possibilities and the consequences that would come with them.

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