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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Once You Know Where They Are, GO GET THOSE CUSTOMERS

Once you have your audience of prospective customers (read this previous chapter) preferably located in one place as close to each other as possible, the real work begins.

Actually you have only two remaining obstacles to overcome to get your customers flocking into your business in high numbers right away. You will need to;

a) Attract their attention to your business without making it so obvious that you are selling something

b) Get them to take action and make a purchase right away or within a very specific time period.

Let's start by understanding why you should NOT make it so obvious that you are selling. And let's start with YOU. Do you like being sold to? Of course NOT. Nobody likes to be sold to. In fact human nature is such that they quickly build an invisible protective wall/barrier around themselves the minute they realize that somebody is trying to sell them something. It is almost like you are trying to rob them of the hard-earned money in their pockets.

So instead of shouting "buy, buy from ME" just change the narrative and focus on the problem your prospects and potential customers are facing that your product or service will solve. Sounds simple but the truth is that you have to be very creative to pull this one off. But don't worry this eBook has plenty of ideas that you can copy.

The Coca Cola company is recognized as one of the most effective companies in the world when it comes to selling very high volumes of their products. Have you ever seen a big Coke advert saying BUY A COKE, IT IS THE BEST. THE COMPANY HAS BEEN AROUND FOR OVER 100 YEARS. No??

Actually if the Coke company was given to a Kenyan today and he or she was given a free hand to sell the popular soft drink, I would bet you those are the kind of ads you would start seeing on Billboards all over the country.

What the Coca Cola company does is post high quality photographs of an ice cold coke bottle filled with delicious coke. A prospect out there in the hot sun will find it difficult to resist that. Sometimes they take a step further and show you people enjoying themselves with a coke. And then they have catchy phrases that are easy to remember and are all about enjoying life and being happy with...?? Yes, a Coke drink.

Later in this eBook we will give you plenty of creative ideas of how to go about attracting the attention of your audience and getting them to buy right away. But for now I will give you just a few general examples that can be applied to many different kinds of businesses.

1. Use A Flyer
Flyers are cheap and easy to produce quickly. They can also be pretty effective in getting your message across to your audience instantly. BUT do not use them the wrong way. Do NOT use them to sell and tell people how you are the best and why they should buy from you (boring). Instead give beneficial information and solve your prospect's problem directly.

If you have opened a brand new butchery and you want to sell meat you need to reproduce photos of delicious succulent cooked meat (hint: Kenyans love nyama choma). Talk briefly about the benefits of meat (the Masai tribe eat plenty of meat and they are the healthiest tribe in the world). And then turn the flyer into a discount voucher. Anybody who produces it at your shop within a certain period of time gets a discount or FREE matumbo.

If you are a boutique selling clothes do a deal with non-competing businesses and offer a free scarf to anybody who presents the flyer talking about the latest designs in fashion at your boutique. So how do you gain when the scarf is free? Well a fraction of the customers who walk in to claim their free scarf should be able to see the other stuff you have on sale and some will make a purchase. Others will come back later to buy. I have deliberately chosen the fashion boutique example because it tends to be one of the most difficult to market and get customers flocking into.

From these two examples you should be thinking of your own ideas to apply to your business.

2. Cheap Free samples
Samples sell like crazy. Distributing free limited cheap for you samples to your prospects will attract their attention and in many cases get them to purchase right away. Later in this eBook you will see countless examples of how this powerful technique has been used right here in Kenya to get customers flocking in and in large numbers.

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