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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Get Customers, More of them, Tons of Them, Right Away: Free eBook

Are you depressed because you just can't get enough customers? Or do you just wish you could get much more than what you already have. Or perhaps you have zero clients right now and you do not know what to do. Or maybe you are amongst the lucky few who have plenty of customers but would not mind more.

Then this amazing eBook, HOW TO GET PLENTY OF CUSTOMERS RIGHT AWAY  is just for you (please bear in mind this book is NOT about selling or begging people to buy from you!! I too HATE selling. And this valuable book can be absolutely FREE. I will explain in a minute. But first let's deal with the first question that may have popped up in your mind.

Can a book really change your life? The truth is that books have changed the lives of countless entrepreneurs for centuries. The Toyota "Kaizen" (constant improvements) and just in time manufacturing strategy that has seen it emerge as the most admired car maker on the planet was inspired by the founders reading what American Henry Ford was doing then in the USA. Today Toyota is everywhere, chances are that you too drive a Toyota or know countless people who drive one. It all started from some ideas in a mere book. And there are thousands of other examples I can give of how books and ideas have changed lives. (By the way the examples given in this book are all local and very Kenyan.)

I also want you to carefully consider the following statement;

"Your profits and sales from your business will always be as high as your practical innovative and creative selling ideas (copied or original) can take them and there is really no limit to what you can achieve."

I can start by promising you that there are NO theories in HOW TO GET PLENTY OF CUSTOMERS RIGHT AWAY, just practical lessons and life experiences of those who have succeeded that will help you get customers flocking in like crazy. Written in very simple, jargon-free, easy-to-understand language and yet the ideas and tips are guaranteed to change your business forever. The author learnt from the best in the world in getting plenty of customers, even if it is for a half-baked ideas -- the Americans. Oh yes the whole world respects the Americans when it comes to marketing and attracting huge crowds. And the author even had the opportunity to compete in the American marketplace, marketing and selling. But this book is not about selling or marketing and if you hate selling as much as I do, then you must, like me, be already wincing. RELAX! This book is about ideas that turn the tables so that the customers are the ones looking for you, sometimes desperately. Yep it is about turning the hunter into the hunted. I am very serious!!

The truth is that NOT SELLING is how you succeed in business in our modern day world. People are sick and tired of being marketed to and being sold to and people trying to sell them things. It gets very annoying sometimes. Long gone are the days of running around begging people to buy. It doesn't quite work any more. Well read the amazing practical ideas and case studies in this eBook for yourself and you will see what I mean. And kindly note that this email is NOT selling anything to you because the eBook I am talking about here can be in your hands seconds from now without you removing a single cent from your pocket. I am NOT selling because I am NOT asking you to buy. I am VERY serious.

Whether you are running a small duka or kiosk, working as a salesperson somewhere or even running a big company employing hundreds, you will find this gem of an eBook the most interesting read on the subject... EVER. And what is more is that it can easily be downloaded to your phone so that you read it in bits and pieces (as you apply the tips) and at your leisure when you have a moment to spare.
You may suspect that I am trying to push something worthless in your direction for FREE and you would be wrong because this eBook is selling briskly at a whopping Kshs 995/- See for yourself HERE.

I can hear you asking yourself the question; Do I really have time to read a book? My answer, can you spare the time to change your fortunes dramatically? Besides this eBook is in PDF format which is easy to download and read on your smart phone every spare minute you get, like when you are stuck in a traffic jam doing nothing. Just take your time and read one idea at a time, implementing one idea at a time.

Get all the info you need to download the eBook HERE


Anonymous said...

Quite a story-teller. Enjoyed it even as I discoevered a lot! Fanatastic Book.


Anonymous said...

Create time we have a meeting at our offices. Have already emailed you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,thank you i found the book quite informative on real life experiences of different situations.

I highly recommend you consider using more technology-use/social media marketing and branding successes. I would love to read those.

Overall the book gave me a different perception about selling my business.


Anonymous said...

Well received. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I have never read anything like this. And it is not that I have not read self-help business books. Nimesoma nyingi sana.

Your book opened my eyes. I have mpesad you my big thankyou.

When is the next book coming out?

Anonymous said...


I already copy/pasted one of the ideas and I can tell you things will never be the same for me ever again. Thank you so so so much.

Anonymous said...

This is going to sound fake but it is the true. I stayed up mpaka 3am reading and re-reading this book. I was so excited. The next morning I was at my stall and I got my first customer that day from what I read here. Let the person who wrote this book be blessed mpaka ashangae.


Anonymous said...

Hakuna story ya branding hapa. Can you really market these days without branding???

Chris said...


Thank you very much for your honest-from-the-heart comment.

BUT is this not what my book is all about? Branding means expensive advertising, expensive artworks etc. But the people I am targeting want results without spending. So in this book I have put branding aside. Later when they have tons of cash from using the tips and ideas in this book, branding will come naturally.

The only thing that concerns me right now is one. Do the ideas and tips work??? Most of my readers say YES!! and that is more than enough for me.

Chris said...

Anon@8:29 PM

I am already working on the second book (it is almost done) on this HOT topic and it is even better.

Meanwhile if you look at the last few pages of the ebook You will see two other books I am sure you will be interested in.

Anonymous said...

I feared that this book was long and I would get bored reading it. I was wrong. Sikujua nikimaliza and then I realized that the pages were not that many, ama it was the fact that it grabbed my attention until the end?

Ni book poa sana!!! Well done.

......Mose wa Jericho.

Anonymous said...

I will confess. I got your eBook to prove myself right to my friends that it was just another scam by somebody. 3 days later I am in total shock when I realize what this information has done to my sales. And it was all very simple, too simple to be true infact, hence my continued shock. I found where my customers were congregated as your book says, and then gave them an offer copied straight from your book. The next thing I know we are doing sales at my spares shop like we have never done them ever before. Sadly I also lost a lot of sales because we quickly went out of stock for many popular items. Wish I had prepared. But then how would I have known?

Thank you. I will contact you via email for a special request today.

Anonymous said...

I have always been a man of few words.

This thing works.

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