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Friday, November 11, 2016

What Will Happen To Undocumented Kenyans In The US?

...As Hate crimes against Muslims in the US surge
Trump will break Obama record on deportation
It is no secret that curbing immigration into the US was the single big issue that got Donald Trump elected president. It matters little now that it is immigrants who have made the country a super power over the last handful of 100 years. Indeed the truth is that the only indigenous natives in that country are the red Indians made famous in the old cowboy versus red Indians movies and comic books.

It is instructive that about a decade ago the population of Kenyan "students" in the US hurtled past that of the Nigerians to claim the number one spot. Bottomline there are a lot of Kenyans in the country and a vast majority of them are undocumented. Hawana makaratasi (they don't have the papers to make their stay there legal).

Few people know about one Obama record and many will be shocked to learn about it. Actually the outgoing president deported some 2.5 million people between 2009 and 2015, more than any other US president in history. This caused some Hispanics and rights organizations to start calling him "Deporter in Chief".

Now Kumekucha informants are sure that Trump will deport many more and maybe double or even triple that Obama record. Other analysts are saying that the new president will be under considerable pressure to fulfill this particular campaign promise from the large chunk of white working class voters who propelled him to his stunning victory.

Who will wash the dishes? Who will harvest the crops and clean the toilets. Definitely not some blonde, not even the dumbest ones. So the big mystery is what will happen next as Trumps' big economic prosperity plans take off.

My heart goes out to all those Kenyans cowering in some corner and shivering with fear. Finding a good sympathetic lawyer and reserach on various legal technicalities that will help keep you in the country is probably the best and only course of action at your disposal.

Ultimately it seems that Kenyans at home need to brace themselves early for a mass exodus of their brothers and sisters returning home from the land of apple pie.

In other news hate crimes against Muslims living in the United States have surged. Read more.


Anonymous said...

What will happen to undocumented Kenyans in the US? Simple they will get their a**es kicked out of the US of A. They better start packing Trump is serious guys.

Anonymous said...

How could the white retarded citizens of America elect a like-minded guy like Trump to the presidency? You guys have no idea what you have done. But you will find out soon enough. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

America is for Americans. Folks should just stay in their own countries. The new president understands this simple truth.

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys read the news? Trump has promised to deport 11 million immigrants, most of them Latinos, but am sure there are plenty of Kenyans too. 11 million is A LOT!!!

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